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@tmarie: enough already with throwing around the "racist" word at everyone who disagrees with you. The fact is this person was in Japan illegally -- that is not racist -- he was breaking the law and is an insult to all the legal, non-Japanese who went through the immigration process to live here legally. Maybe the Japanese police were overzealous in accusing this guy, but he admitted to having sex with her and having a key to her apartment -- it doesn't take Colombo to at least make him a person of interest....

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Talk is cheap; tortured, but no details? Furthermore, there is no such term as "migrant" worker here -- he was probably a visa overstayer. Finally, I'd bet the US national debt if he had to, without hesitation he would gladly spend those 15 years in a Japanese prison than a Nepalese prison...

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All you bleeding hearts out there check out this site and the links contained within to see who this Chen guy really is:

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Hey Chen you want to coem to the US? Did you fill out your Department of Homeland Security I-864 (Affidavit of Support)? Oh, I guess you didn't think that far in advance. Just figured you'd freeload off of US taxpayers just because you don't like your country's one child policy. Want to study law? Hey, so would I, but I have to work to support my family. Maybe if you stopped your whining about other people's problems the Chinese government would leave you and your alone AND stop bothering our government officials who have infinitely more important things to do.

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America stop meddling in other country's domestic affairs. I haven't heard of the Chinese Premier commenting on the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case or the occupy Wall Street Protests. The US has 10.9% real unemployment, 16 trillion dollars in debt and an entitlement system on the verge of collapse; do you think our government has more important things to worry about than some minor issues in China. Earth to Chen: if you really cared about these so-called "injustices" in your country why don't you stay and try to make some meaningful changes within the system instead of trying to run away. Suu Kyi did it in Myanmar....

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@HS: Oh Boo Hoo; Japanase have excuses for everything. I'm old enough to remember when they lowered the mound in MLB because it was such an advantage to pitchers. How about the pitch count -- virtually non-existent in Japan -- Darvish is practically a relief pitcher in US according to his pitch count...

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Mariners and now the Twins; two last place teams he's pitched against and his performance has been less than stellar, in fact, its downright disappointing. What adjustments does he have to make? Its baseball, not rocket science. The fact is he is not facing "real" ballplayers and not salarymen in uniforms....

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Posted in: Obama hits back in Russia 'hot mike' row See in context

@ SushiSake3: Voter suppression? What, like requiring a voter to show a photo ID?

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For some strange reason the media here is holding its breath every time this guy takes the mound, I would expect the Rangers to be doing that after basically throwing away 50 million dollars they have to put everything Darvish does in a good light. Since there is nothing else to report about any other Japanese players (Matsui who?) I guess the Japanese media have to fixate on someone...

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Posted in: Former Nazi death camp guard Demjanjuk dead at 91 See in context

If you had to make a choice of being a concentration camp guard or go to the Russian front, which would you choose?

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1) Obama was barely a senator for two years, never held a job in the real world and got into Harvard because of his ethnic background. The local ministers in Chicago refused to let him be a "community organizer" until he joined a church -- and we all know what church he joined... 2) Hillary Clinton was basically a housewife before she was offered a senator job in NY in exchange for not leaving her husband and I don't have to mention why...

If this was the end of Obama's second term what "highly qualified" candidates in the Democratic party would be vying for the nomination: Barney Frank? Nancy Pelosi? Charles Rangel? Anthony Weiner?

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I'll say it again. The average overseas deployment during WWII was only 16 months. This guy was over 36 months and with a traumatic brain injury to boot -- something had to snap. Obviously, thousands of our brave service men and women have served in Iraq and Afganistan on multiple deployments without incident, but remember soldiers are not robots, everyone reacts to stress differently. Unless you have been there, you cannot pass judgement on this soldier...

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Posted in: No Rolling Stones tour despite 50th anniversary See in context

Difficult to tour since the stages are not wheelchair accessable...

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Posted in: Darvish erratic in second outing See in context

He's finding out that he is no longer pitching in the Japanese cream cake league....

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Send a guy on four tours of duty into a war zone and what do you expect. Individual WWII ground troops in Europe didn't spend nearly as much time under enemy fire. The average time U.S. personnel served overseas during WWII (16 months). TIme to bring all our troops home...

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Posted in: 9/11 mastermind set to face U.S. military court See in context

Find him guilty and sentence him to a Braziian body waxing...

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Posted in: Student rejects Limbaugh's apology as sponsors flee See in context

I think the PC term Rush should have used for the young "lady" is not "slut" but rather she is horizontally accessable...

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Posted in: Whitney Houston's funeral to be broadcast live See in context

I guess I will have to fast track her for sainthood...

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Posted in: Russia pushes Syria for reforms as bloodshed mounts See in context

@mastertigurius: the only thing that is messed up "dude" is your warped sense of empathy for a group of people that would slit your throat in a heartbeat if you didn't obey their backward laws that does not tolerate other religions, demeans women and persecutes homosexuals...

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Posted in: Gov't says no to free medical care for children under 18 in Fukushima See in context

Government to the people of Fukushima: Drop dead quietly...

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Posted in: This so-called 'mancession' is going to cause continuing problems for the marriage rate and birth rate. Many young Japanese men say they want to have a stable job before they consider marrying. See in context

Probably money issues are the biggest root cause of divorce in America. At least Japanese men (for the most part) understand a stable income is one of the pillars to a stable marriage. America is turning into a country of "single mothers" which leads to lost opportunities for these children due to limited financial means to obtain a good education and the guidance from a stable, two-parent household...

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Posted in: Rules considered to cope with increase in Imperial Palace joggers See in context

@JeffLee & Harry_Gatto -- you must realize that according to the Japanese mindset their space is their space and your space is their space, too...

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Posted in: Darvish says he plans to head to Majors See in context

The Yankees just announced they are not interested. Why pay a mini-bar price for screw-top wine...

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I worked for a Japanese electronics maker for 20 years and turned 60 this past summer. Of the 24 others who retired within the same month as me at our company I was the only one offered a position to continue working. The Japanese government gives me 30,000 a month called "thank you" money for continuing to work; also, I receive a national pension of 70,000 a month which will continue to increase every year until I turn 65. The 60 retirement age is not unique to Japan, its the standard policy throughout Asia which is better than most of Europe where its considered a human rights violation to work past 55...

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@Bogi "He can sing and dance and he's clever" 1) there are thousands of great singers and they don't look like a whimpy looking "girly man" 2) if I want to see dancing I'll watch Dancing with the Stars 3) leave clever to magicians

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Posted in: Aum trials end 16 yrs after sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway See in context

@METinTokyo I never recall the US or NATO every using sarin gas, so what's your point if you have one...

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Posted in: Actress Chiemi Hori getting married for 3rd time See in context

She must have a wash-n-wear wedding dress...

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Posted in: Noda promises families of abductees he'll do all he can to resolve issue See in context

The key words here are "he'll do all he can" (read: he can or will do nothing) since Japanese are addicted to cheap clothing (Uni Qlo) and cheap shellfish shipped from NK via China. Boycott these products and these abductees will magically appear somewhere in China...

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Posted in: Apple announces death of Steve Jobs at 56 See in context

Your legacy will continue to inspire many...

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Posted in: Ghost car See in context

Nice car, but couldn't they get a model who hadn't just come from chemotherapy....

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