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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is finishing their Washington, DC headquarters. It is bigger in square footage than the Pentagon. DHS unprecedented powers, both published and unpublished, to spy-on and ruin peoples life's and livelihoods. Given the current depth of the federal scandals, is it any doubt that DHS warrantless Internet taps combined with biometric facial recognition scanning your image post in the cloud, is yet another way the U.S. federal government seek control over our lives. If DHS can't control it, they will put it out of business ala Bitcoin exchange. Or they'll simply jail or harass people until they get their desired result.

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"Savages" . . . O'bama pulled down Romney's panties and treated him like a savage??? What a stupid and laughable headline from AFP.

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Too many hypocrites here. Gents want Sora Aoi and Asa Akira in bed, but want Aoi Sakuraba on their arm. Good luck.

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