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I'd say this is a Greta dream, where the alarmists quote the "97%" number and fail to go into the context of that debunked story.

I think the proximity of the earth to the sun (sun/solar flares and actual radiation from the sun) are the main culprits for temperature change. Is man having an effect? I'm sure there is some degradation of the atmosphere by man, and we should do what we can to reduce it. But it is not the alarming thing that will lead to the demise of the world.

I grew up in Western NY (near Buffalo) and was in the storm of 78. It happens. Lake effect snow. Scientifically proven. Look at snow totals for these two locations in NY: Fredonia and Mexico, NY. Those numbers are scary. In Japan, Hokkaido gets hammered with snow. Why? Proximity to water and air temperature. This is not too hard to figure out.

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"First of all, the U.S. has no legitimate right to demand a replacement be built if we wanted"

Once I hit "we" this ended any argument you may have had. Your feelings are not the topic. And you do not speak for Okinawa. The US presence is the greatest deterrent to any actions China make take. Now, oppose this if you like, but there's no magical Ryukyu Kingdom coming back, where the US leaves and the Okinawan's are left to their own devices.

My Okinawan family disagrees with your opinion. And that's the ones living there

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Posted in: Western New York death toll rises to 27 from cold, storm chaos See in context

Yeah, off a year. I didn't google it, just went from my memories of being a 9 or 10 year old at the time.

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voiceofokinawaDec. 30 08:10 am JST

> The Henoko new base in Okinawa is a case in point. There is no other reason other than this why it must be built in Henoko, Okinawa. The explanation that the Henoko relocation is the only solution from a strategic point of view and to eliminate danger and noise pollution at Futenma’s current site is nothing but a farce and shenanigans.

Here we go again, the "new" base. For the last time, the base already exists. They are filling in a part of the bay to create the runway and air facilities for the 1st MAW (Marine Air Wing). You know this but you keep saying this senseless "new" word like it's the truth. Now the reality is the base relocation is needed. The expeditionary nature of the USMC requires their air support to be with the Marines. You can't have them 1500 miles away. This becomes a very large deterrent to China, along with more SAM capabilities.

Farce and shenanigans? I recall that the agreement was done between the US and Japan in 1996. But the stonewalling of every Okinawan governor (they get elected because of this) does some shenanigans to delay the construction. The Futenma Air base is in a horrible location and needs to be moved. But want to know the dirty secret that will blow your mind Voice? You think the JSDF is not going to want that base and use it, as the cleanup and destruction would take so long (Makiminato cleanup and rebuild was what, 15 years plus?).

Yubaru, I hear you.

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YubaruDec. 28 03:38 pm JST

I'm talking about the overall U.S. military presence when I say JSDF is replacing USFJ. JSDF is virtually a part and parcel of the US Pacific Command headquartered in Honolulu, isn't it?’

No you are attempting to insert your own agenda here. It's off topic along with any commentary about Camp Schwab's landfill.

Your commentary about the JSDF being a part of USFJ is ludicrous.

Glad someone else sees this.

And in no way is this a provocation by Japan. They have the right to defend their sovereign territory. It just happens to be in close proximity to Taiwan. And ask Vietnam and the Philippines about some new "sovereign" territory being built from underwater coral and claimed as Chinese territory. Who's the provocateur?

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I grew up in that area. They get storms that are no joke, 12-48 inches in one night. The blizzard of 77' was a pretty big storm. As a kid I made snow tunnels in my backyard.

But if anyone is resilient, it is the people of Western NY.

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Posted in: Japan's births set to hit new all-time low below 800,000 in 2022 See in context

Funny, in Okinawa there seems to be a lot of young people with babies/ small children.

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People will tend to agree that Germany is probably a bit more scientific in their approach. They have it on mass transit, but that's it. The world has gotten over the virus and is learning to live with it. And continue to hamper children's development because of mask wearing.

I'm in Okinawa and the use is ridiculous. Outside, in a car alone. Just pointless. I wear it because I don' twant to be the "ugly gaijin". But it's a farce at best. Plus Japan does not release the numbers of those that died "with" COVID" vice those that died because if it.I'm willing to bet it's like the US, with inflated numbers of people who happen to have it when they passed, or was a minor contributing factor.

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YubaruToday 07:39 am JST

Got to love the picture! A Japanese Osprey....... and no "protests".

Don't think the Okinawa Times or Ryukyu Shimpo will run a story on those. Ha.

I do love the talk of it being a "bad" thing to have good arms and munitions. Take a look at Ukraine. Invaded by a superior force, but yet is actually winning. Why? Western armament. I think the US contribution is 5 times that of the EU (read on BBC). Some of that stuff must work. And all the we can all just get a long if we don't have an military is BS. You will get run over by China, or Russia (maybe by a Lada now). You prepare for peace by being able to wage war if attacked.

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Posted in: Chinese ship with largest-ever cannon enters Japan's waters near Senkakus See in context

China won't do anything to Japan as long as the US is still there.

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BertieWoosterToday 09:21 am JST

Produce on base is very expensive and low quality, It's shipped halfway round the world and it's shipped frozen. Produce in Farmer's markets is fresh, much better quality and cheap.

Almost correct. They do buy a little in Asia, but not frozen produce. Yes, it is expensive compared to San-A or Kanehide. And agree the Okinawa fruits and veggies are far better and cost less.

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I find it funny that the rest of the world has moved on, but Japan is still struggling with COVID. I think this might have to do with not having real outpatient doctors, and every sniffle a Baabaa or Gigii gets turns into a hospital stay. This is where social medicine gets it wrong. Not everyone that has this needs to go to a hospital.

In a city of 14 Million, the stats in the story say 35 are hospitalized with severe symptoms. 35. So those are the ones that need the most care. and the death numbers. As proven in the rest of the world, if you dies of cancer but had a positive COVID test, it was a COVID related death. How about a reality check and have the miistry of health actually state who really passed BECAUSE of COVID, not died with it?

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Posted in: World’s first Takoyaki Guitar created in Japan; features a gas grill and octopus balls See in context

The title. You can't make this stuff up. I love Japan.

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Posted in: Toyota's Japan flagship Crown car to debut on global markets See in context

I would have liked the Athlete to have been sold in the US. Think it's a slick car, especially with some good aftermarket wheels, and maybe lower it about an inch.

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Posted in: Japan warns of swiftly rising COVID cases; Tokyo raises alert to highest level See in context

Agree. I don't see this going away, and doing simple preventative measures helps. But we can't go out ruining peoples lives with economic ruin. That would be wrong.

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"Nobody wants to eradicate the disease, but making an effort to control the cases so it can be safely managed by the health services is a completely possible goal."

Um, I think everyone wants to eradicate the virus, but we know that's not happening. And doesn't this statement prove your second point:

But he said hospital bed usage remained low, as did the number of serious cases and deaths.

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He is in the region anyway. He can discuss some other political issues while in Japan, so it makes sense.

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Had a recent visit to my physician, and she told me that over the past year, the incidence of the flu is about zero. So, knowing correlation is not causation, has COVID replaced the flu? I mean, basically being driven to a very small minority of sickness while COVID is getting headlines?


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At a press conference on April 27, Nakagawa repeated his view that people should continue to wear masks as long as the fear of infection from COVID-19 remains.

Given all the fear mongering in Japan over this, it might take 10 years to open up the country, let alone reducing or eliminating useless mask wearing.

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The number of cases is not that relevant. Hospitalizations with serious conditions and deaths are what is important. Simply having it may not cause harm, but because the deaths and seriously infected are really slowing dowmn, it's not something the media can play up.

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Russian state media outlets reported Saturday that 25 civilians had been evacuated from the Azovstal steelworks, though there was no confirmation from U.N. or Ukrainian officials.

More like civilians were kidnapped and forced into Russia. This is not going to turn out well for Russia.

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So the article says "territorial waters". This could mean an EEZ intrusion or the 12 nautical miles of the coast rule. If the later, they need a real shadow, like 7th Fleet.

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As noted, this was doomed to fail. You can get very biased news for free. Why pay?

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Posted in: Australian leader warns of resurgence in asylum seekers if opposition wins election See in context

So the same people that are all for "asylum seekers" flooding a country do not want it to happen to Japan. I think Australia is right to not want these economic migrants. Countries have borders for a reason.

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Having lived in Okinawa for almost 10 years, I found the people generally more sociable and accepting of those that are not Okinawan. Had many friends while there. I wonder if it's like this in Hokkaido?

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With the lowering of cases (and more importantly serious cases and deaths), Japan could slowly open up for tourism. Do it with the restrictions in place, and countries that are deemed safe. China would just have to wait.

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Posted in: Gov't welcomes Ukraine evacuees with eye on int'l recognition, election See in context

Japan will do what it sees best for it's population. For all of you crying racism, how would you react if China was at war an 1,000,000 came to Japan wanting asylum? Would you be all welcoming as you are with Middle Eastern people? I bet not.

Ukranians do not want to leave their country, and those that have want to go back. They will rebuild. If not, they assimilate, but that will not be a large number.

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And another strain... Run for the hills, mask up, don't leave your home..... Ugh.

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Coulda beenMar. 19 02:52 pm JST

You are assuming that the CCP are truthful.


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Posted in: Russian airstrike escalates offensive in western Ukraine near Poland border See in context

So Putin is telling his people he must do this because there are Nazi's in Ukraine and they must be stopped. What other party calls their opposition Nazi's and wants them gone? Brown shirts?

I think Putin pulling the nuclear card scared NATO and the US into not getting directly involved. I fee most of Europe would have put troops / air support into play for this but now it's nuclear holocaust they are afraid of.

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