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the_sicilian comments

Posted in: Trump trial jurors finish first day of deliberations without a verdict See in context

I think if you have to use terms like MAGA and cult in your statements, you have no argument.

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Posted in: Japanese woman in Malaysia has death sentence commuted to 30-year prison term See in context

What's sad is I just told my wife about this story, and after reading only the first paragraph I said, "I had no idea what I was carrying". Then that's exactly what happened as I read further. Why would any reasonable person think carrying something through an airport not knowing the contents would be a good idea?

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly having sex with minor at welfare facility where he works See in context

BertieWoosterMay 11 08:30 pm JST

I'm sorry, I don't get it. What's the difference? "non-consensual sex" and "rape"?

Could be that the girl did consent, but under the law she can't? Not saying she did, but maybe that is what the police got out of this? She can't consent at that age, hence the charge? Not defending this at all, I think jail for a long time is what he should get regardless.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaMay 9 05:34 pm JST

It's literally a complete rejection that the price should be correlated to what it costs. I guess the extra fee on tourists is the xenophobia tax.

Joe Biden would approve.... j/k

Seriously, Hawaii has been doing this for a very long time, with the Kama'aina discount. So locals prove they are a resident and they get a discount. So have Japanese ID or drivers license, get a discount regardless of nationality. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Yes, efforts to eliminate DEI programs are rooted in racism See in context

It's basically racism, just ensuring if you are white you do not get hired. Similar to Affirmative Action programs that are now not allowed at US universities. And how about Harvard having different "scoring" of candidates, where if you are Asian, you have to score higher to get in than, let's say, a black or Hispanic student.

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Posted in: Upgrade eyed for U.S. Forces Japan commander: sources See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaApr. 7 07:44 am JST

Mr GoodmanToday 07:43 am JST

When Trump becomes president the agreement will likely get changed yet again

At the request of Xi?

I guess the fact that Joe's son was doing business with a China state energy firm translates to Xi wanting Trump. Sure, sounds logical.

I think this is a good idea, so the SDF has a peer to go to, as opposed to going all the way to the INDOPACOM Commander.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

It's not a real crime until they roll out the blue tarp and lay out each piece of garment. Then they can all analyze and come to their own conclusions.

Pun intended.

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Posted in: Japan vows to build peaceful future for Pacific islands See in context

The usual suspects at it again.... Anti US is all you have to talk about. But I say without the US presence the South Pacific is learning Mandarin. And looking at China's belligerent actions now, this is not that far fetched.

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Posted in: As diversity, equity and inclusion comes under legal attack, U.S. companies quietly alter their programs See in context

Desert TortoiseToday 07:03 am JST

For those sad souls who believe DEI is somehow racist

No sadness on my part. Any set aside based on anything other than pure qualifications is racism. When you extol "equity over equality" that is racism. When colleges and universities discriminate when you put "Asian" on a college application because you're "supposed to be smarter" and the school has a higher standard for SAT scores because of this that is racism.

When one group gets a set aside for whatever reason, that is racist. But it's OK in your view because you have some anecdotes about some horrible people and you paint a wide brush against a whole group. That, is racist.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping teen on train claims he’s done similar acts at least 50 times See in context

As a gaijin, I would be scared to intervene only because I could be blamed for it. But, I could walk over and get right in the guy's face. Make him uncomfortable. That might help. Oh, and call the police.

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Posted in: Landfill work resumes at new U.S. military site on Okinawa despite local opposition See in context

Bruce PennyworthToday 08:34 am JST

spineless government, not far off from becoming a us territory if this continues

The relocation was agreed to by the GOJ and the US. This was not exactly unilateral. If Japan wants to rearm their military and take on all adversaries on their own then so be it. Until then, they made an agreement and should stick to it. And the base is in a difficult spot where an accident would be devastating. At least with Kadena, the approach does not go over dense housing and urban sprawl.

Even Tamaki, and all governors before him, love to stand up and shout "Yankee go home", but they then turn around and tell Tokyo, "moto omiyori, kudasai"....

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Posted in: What does weight-inclusive health care mean? See in context

So from the above Form 990:


What does an "activist" have to do with respect to healthcare? This is more liberal nonsense. If someone is overweight, then a doctor or PA (or the equivalent should prescribe the recommended care that is medically necessary. That would be the proper approach, and telling the patient what they need to do.

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Posted in: Escaped passengers recall tense moments in Japan Airlines jet blaze See in context

TamaramaToday 06:39 am JST

> As a non-Japanese, if I had to evacuate a burning plane, I'd much rather do it with a flight full of Japanese that with my fellow countrymen, that's for sure.

This is a great point. I fly a lot to/from Japan to the USA. And some of their airlines have zero criteria to be seated in an exit row. I see it all the time, old, frail, and people that would have a tough time reaching for their shoelace (or see their own shoe), let alone trying to help the crew.

I try to sit in the exit row whenever I can because I am physically fit and able to assist if the other two in the row can not.

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Posted in: Japan's 18-year-olds at record-low 1.06 mil on falling births See in context

Of all developed nations, Japan has the lowest birth rate at 6.9 / 1000. The only countries with worse rates are micro states Andorra, Monaco, and Saint Pierre-Miquelon. From Japan, the next countries are South Korea, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Greece, and lastly Puerto Rico.

I think there is some correlation to this and women wanting less children for various reasons.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines sets up littoral unit in Okinawa for islands defense See in context

Ken HolcombToday 08:51 am JST

Oh look. The ever present US military bashing has been awakened yet again.

Fine. Send all the US troops back home and let's see how long it takes a Russo-China assault to begin. And then let's see how long it takes all the bathers here to start whining about being left to the wolves........

Exactly. Once the bullets and bombs start coming, they will be begging for help. What I think they are not seeing is China has already stated and shown "ancient maps" that depict the Nansei Shoto string as Chinese. So it may only be a matter of time.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'He’s taken' See in context

1glennSep. 4 06:43 pm JST

What is the story behind the Love Hotels? Are they primarily used by singles, cheating married people, or perhaps married people looking to change the scenery, but keeping faithful to each other?

Most Japanese live with their parents until they get married, so Love Hotels were a way to do the deed without the discomfort of bringing in your love interest.

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Posted in: China maintains bans on food imports from Japan due to safety reasons See in context

kurisupisuJuly 8 06:58 am JST

China has the right to protect its borders the same way Japan has.

I receive scores of opened and resealed parcels from abroad but I accept that customs in Japan has a right to do so -same as China has.

You can't pay me enough to eat food from China. With low to no controls/oversight. No way. Japanese food products are superior.

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Posted in: Okinawa man hired to steal 1,500 Pokemon cards arrested in Tokyo See in context

sakurasukiToday 06:37 am JST

 He was then informed to pick up his payment at a separate rendezvous on a later date, but when Omori went there, no one else showed up.

He is being tricked, he should insist payment before he handover the card. Even to think that he isn't clever enough.

This is how drug mules get caught up, they do it for a promise. And because they are in such dire straits, they agree.

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Posted in: Japanese officials call for Mount Fuji crowd control See in context

I got to do it in 89'. Was great. Would never try to do it now, especially with the influx of Chinese and Korean tourists.

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Posted in: Japanese knuckleball pitcher Eri Yoshida plays on her own 'Field of Dreams' See in context

Good for her. I hope she can make it to some level.

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Posted in: Power supply forecast to remain tight for Tokyo this summer See in context

So if Japan goes down the same mad road the West is doing, trying to make people buy electric cars, will this not put a real pinch in electricity availability? If the actual high voltage "grid" is not improved, then in a few years blackouts will be common and the government will tell people to not charge cars at certain times of the day.

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Posted in: Trevor Bauer, shunned by MLB, introduced by BayStars See in context

YubaruToday 09:03 am JST

 He was cancelled by a woke mob in the US.

Hardly, if he was actually worth anything the powers that be would have overlooked it and signed him.

He is a PR nightmare that no one wants to deal with!

The problem is the issue was domestic violence, and the courts said he did not commit what he was accused of. MLB is similar to the NFL, in that even if the courts find you not guilty you must have done somethingso they take an action not favorable to the player so their "image" is not tarnished.

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Posted in: When the new mask guidelines kick in, what should you expect? See in context

So reading from the Cochrane report, this was pretty telling:

Medical/Surgical mask vs. no mask

"We included 12 trials (10 cluster‐RCTs) comparing medical/surgical masks versus no masks to prevent the spread of viral respiratory illness (two trials with healthcare workers and 10 in the community). Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of influenza‐like illness (ILI)/COVID‐19 like illness compared to not wearing masks (risk ratio (RR) 0.95, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.84 to 1.09; 9 trials, 276,917 participants; moderate‐certainty evidence. Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of laboratory‐confirmed influenza/SARS‐CoV‐2 compared to not wearing masks (RR 1.01, 95% CI 0.72 to 1.42; 6 trials, 13,919 participants; moderate‐certainty evidence). Harms were rarely measured and poorly reported (very low‐certainty evidence).

"Ten studies took place in the community, and two studies in healthcare workers. Compared with wearing no mask in the community studies only, wearing a mask may make little to no difference in how many people caught a flu‐like illness/COVID‐like illness (9 studies; 276,917 people); and probably makes little or no difference in how many people have flu/COVID confirmed by a laboratory test (6 studies; 13,919 people). Unwanted effects were rarely reported; discomfort was mentioned."

"There is uncertainty about the effects of face masks. The low to moderate certainty of evidence means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited, and that the true effect may be different from the observed estimate of the effect. The pooled results of RCTs did not show a clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of medical/surgical masks. There were no clear differences between the use of medical/surgical masks compared with N95/P2 respirators in healthcare workers when used in routine care to reduce respiratory viral infection."

Basically, the report can't tell if they work or not. The limited evidence points to being of little to no effect. But that's all. Very interesting.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing underwear from laundromat See in context

It wouldn't be a news day without a panty thief of some sort. Remember the one guy that got caught and the police made a big deal of it, putting out a blue tarp and putting each piece of underwear out? It was on here. That was some serious crime busting.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs deploying medium-range missiles to U.S. forces in Japan: report See in context

I see the pro Chinese are active today. But they floated this balloon, so they are at fault. I say bring in the missiles. Japan will need them.

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context

So for those that defend using masks, here's this: https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD006207.pub6/full

Basically, the only masks that might make a difference are well fitted N95 masks. All others were pretty much useless.

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Posted in: What is the link between winter storms and global warming? See in context

I'd say this is a Greta dream, where the alarmists quote the "97%" number and fail to go into the context of that debunked story.


I think the proximity of the earth to the sun (sun/solar flares and actual radiation from the sun) are the main culprits for temperature change. Is man having an effect? I'm sure there is some degradation of the atmosphere by man, and we should do what we can to reduce it. But it is not the alarming thing that will lead to the demise of the world.

I grew up in Western NY (near Buffalo) and was in the storm of 78. It happens. Lake effect snow. Scientifically proven. Look at snow totals for these two locations in NY: Fredonia and Mexico, NY. Those numbers are scary. In Japan, Hokkaido gets hammered with snow. Why? Proximity to water and air temperature. This is not too hard to figure out.

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Posted in: Japan to deploy missile defense unit on Yonaguni: report See in context

"First of all, the U.S. has no legitimate right to demand a replacement be built if we wanted"

Once I hit "we" this ended any argument you may have had. Your feelings are not the topic. And you do not speak for Okinawa. The US presence is the greatest deterrent to any actions China make take. Now, oppose this if you like, but there's no magical Ryukyu Kingdom coming back, where the US leaves and the Okinawan's are left to their own devices.

My Okinawan family disagrees with your opinion. And that's the ones living there

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Posted in: Western New York death toll rises to 27 from cold, storm chaos See in context

Yeah, off a year. I didn't google it, just went from my memories of being a 9 or 10 year old at the time.

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