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Posted in: Wisconsin pharmacist arrested on charges of sabotaging COVID vaccine doses See in context

LudditeToday 02:06 pm JST

These people are sick. Probably another Covid denying conspiracy theorist.

Nah, probably a liberal? Why would you even go there? This is not political (until we hear from the perp).

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Asylum and allowing immigrants in only works if they assimilate. If not, they are simply looking for handouts. If Japan wanted to be serious about this, they would basically tell these people that they have a finite time (maybe a year) to learn the language up to a certain level. Then they are allowed some work. If not they are freeloading and need to be sent packing.

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Posted in: South Korean sex slave campaigner charged with embezzlement See in context

Seems this issue bears resemblance to an ongoing issue in another country.

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Posted in: Anger over police killings boils over in several U.S. cities See in context

So my question is this: The video was released and it showed police brutality. No doubt. The police man was fired, and charged with murder. 3 other policemen at the scene have been fired and charges are pending. What exactly are the riots for? Protesting an unlawful killing makes sense. Riots do not. And what "justice" is being sought? The DA in Minneapolis is handling this, Trump has said the FBI is going to investigate, so how much more is being gained by violent riots and looting of stores?

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The Who, an organization that is supposed to be independent, has been a mouthpiece for the CCP since the start of this. They new in November that they had the makings of a pandemic but kept quiet about it. Here's a decent read on the cover up by China:

So where China slipped by few days others procrastinated for up to a month. China is least to blame.

That is laughable. If China only had a "delay in recognition", then why was it two months, plus 41 individuals were already in hospital with this new virus by 2 January:

Yes, the CCP lied. They let this spread. Hopefully the world wakes up and sees the CCP for what they are, a brutal communist regime hell bent on global domination at all costs.

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Stranger: As I said in another post, Trump is not weak with Mexico. I think a fully renegotiated NAFTA proves that. Making Mexico pay for the wall? Usless diatribe (like a lot of his tweets) does make him infuriating, But he is trying to get things done. What matters is action. He wants things accomplished, and NAFTA was a huge strong point.

For the border, he wants a wall. The Democrats in 2006 and 2013 were all for making border security better, but dropped the ball by not funding it. So now to get this right it will take some adults in the room (not Trump, Pelosi, or Schumer) to figure out a way to negitiate across party lines and get something in place. Does this sound about right?

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

What is not being talked about is the fact that Mexico offered asylum to this caravan of people, but they turned it down. That is where the fault lies in any instance of any imigrant trying to enter the US illegally, they had an opportunity to have visas, work permits, education, and medical care. But no, they believed the rhetoric coming from those in the US that are in favor of allowing uncheck immigration, legality be damned.

Do it right, do it legally, and all is good. Do it illegally by storming the border and overwhelming the immigration authorities and you may see more tragic results.

I do agree with Strangerland above where he states that we have limited information about the child who died. Not enough is known to judge if there was culpability with the authorities at the border, but if that family chose to stay in Southern Mexico with asylum granted (which is the case), this would not have happened.

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

The parents work for CBP? This is news. You're one of those that blames an inmate for dying because of the negligence of the authorities detaining the inmate. Sound logic.

Um, no. The inmate is at fault because they committed a crime. So do something bad, receive bad prizes. Not too hard to figure out. Go with the caravan through Mexico, where the locals will offer asylum and everything to settle your family and reject it? See above about the prizes.

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

So Trump says that the kid died and it's the Dems fault. I don't agree with that, but the blame should be with the parent of said child. Mexico offered asylum to anyone who wanted to stay in their southern most states. Visas, education, medical care, and jobs. And the language is very similar. But the people CHOSE to go much further north.

Not the fault of anyone in the USA, IMO.

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

Actually, Stranger, Trump was able to get a newer version of NAFTA through. And got Mexico and (begrudgingly) Canada to agree. Better trade. Much more important than Trump bloviating about Mexico paying for the wall. It's a statement he should have followed through on, but didn't. That is a bad thing.

While I really cringe everytime he gets on Twitter, his unconventional way of getting things done is getting things done. I'm definitely not in 100% agreement with his methods, but wether the left likes it or not, trade issues are coming around to being more equitable for the USA.

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Posted in: Trump touts 'big progress' after phone call with Xi on trade See in context

So even the Beijing media is saying that progress is being made.

Just more liberal outrage that Trump in his unorthodox (and mostly maddening) way is actually delivering. We'll have to wait and see how it pans out before a final vertict.

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

Bass: I love your comments, as all the liberals on here lose their minds. Ha.

So it's that fault of the President for wanting to protect the US from illegal immigration? You mean the secure fence act that people like Schumer voted for in 2006? While not as grand as what Trump is wanting, Dems were on board then. But they understand that a wall now would mean a political victory for Trump, the nation be damned.

The 2006 proposal that was passed but was not as grand was still the same thought: get a handle on illegal immigration. Now? Democratic political grandstanding.

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Spanki has it right. Turkey is holding the refugee card. And do not worry, Erdogan will let them all leave for Northern Europe and then there will be a real problem. Merkel thought everything would be OK but Turkey had to go and mention the word nazi, and now there will be problems.

Does anyone else see democracy and the religion of Islam are just not meant for each other? The only times of somewhat peace in that region came from ruthless dictators. Not saying it's a good thing, but something I see.

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Posted in: Bernie Sanders leads union push at Nissan plant in Mississippi See in context

The employees understood that their employer was non union and they took the jobs. Now Bernie comes along and tries to coerce the emplyees to unionize (happens near all non union plants where UAW goons harass these guys).

Just hold the line and don't do it.

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I see the robot being arrested for peeping, or joining the police to be a peeper. One or the other.

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Jcapan: do you think that Japan being a democracy has a little to do with the spending chart you cite?

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

I love seeing the left/librals here on JT in meltdown about Trump misspeaking, but sending a message that is true: Sweden has a huge immigration problem. There are parts of Malmo that are not Swedish, with schools that have nothing but Muslim students.

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Posted in: Mexico fumes at 'hostile' Trump immigration rules as U.S. talks loom See in context

Stranger: I think what Bass is trying to say (and the article points this out) is if the illegal immigrant came into the US via the Mexican/US border, then they get sent back without regard to their nationality to where they came from, Mexico.

I think Trump is at least trying to do the right thing. Imagine Japan letting in a half million Chinese every year illegally. And they demand that they be allowed to stay, have a "sanctuary city" in Osaka and Tokyo, give birth to kids in Japan and they automatically become Japanese citizens. Sound rediculous? Well, that's Americal and Trump is trying to change that.

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Posted in: What is your most memorable off-the-beaten-track experience in Japan? See in context

A two week vacation in Hokkaido, visiting places along the drive (drove 1200 km over the 14 days). Saw the Russian islands from Japan, ate very fresh uni, and went to an amusement park that had zero customers (middle of June at Rusutsu)

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Posted in: JAL screening passengers from nations subject to U.S. entry ban See in context

sfjp330Jan. 31, 2017 - 02:24PM JST There is a long process for refugees to make it to the U.S. Most of them are first screened by the UN high commissioner for refugees, which then refers them to various countries, including the U.S. The U.S. government then screens them through multiple intelligence databases, along with interviews and biometric identity checks. The entire process typically takes 18 to 24 months.There are no foolproof systems. but the current system is strong and there is no evidence any terrorists have made such an attempt thus far.

So if 6 of the 7 nations are pretty much a "failed state" as far as their governments go, what is the UN/USA going to check against? Where is the valid information coming from? The 7th state, Iran, is a state sponsor of terror, so they would not exactly be a trusted country to verify someones identity.

Honestly, this would have been better if Saudi Arabia and Turkey were added. What the US is trying to prevent is something like this:

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Aly RustomJAN. 16, 2017 - 10:09AM JST globalization can work if it is implemented correctly. First of all, if you are going to have a FTA, certain things need to be in place for it to work. You cannot have a discrepancy in currency. In order to have a fair FTA, the parties involved must have a common currency to avoid an unfair advantage by the county with the weaker currency. This wil also help to stave off a currency war like we are starting to see today. You need standard labor practices that are implemented and enforced within all parties to the FTA. These standard labor practices should be designed to improve people's quality of life, not diminish it. A standard minimum wage, standard number of hours, standard working conditions and workers' rights must be observed by all parties included in the FTA. A standard tax system is also required to make sure that companies and governments alike do take advantage of the tax system of one country over the other. There must be an open borders policy between any two nations that wish to engage in free trade. This permits citizens of any country who have lost their jobs in their own home country due to the FTA to seek employment in another country which is a signatory to the FTA. If the flow of goods and services will go unhindered, so too should the labor force to ensure fairness. Free trade and globalization can be great things. They can provide prosperity and wealth, prevent war and strife, diminish racism and cultural misunderstanding, and generally promote social concern and discourse as well as the free exchange of ideas, goods, and services. The thing is, without the above 4 conditions in place, globalization becomes a tool by which the rich exploit the poor and by which the middle class is wiped out. you reap what you sow.

Sounds a bit like communism, or at least a pseudo-Scandinavian Socialism. Which without an incredible tax burden will trul lead to the demise of that nation state.

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As previously stated, there was absolute abandonment and joy in 2008, with the left forcing this new messiah down the throats of the American republic. And all of the inherited ills were his predicessors fault. And even 2 solid years of full control of the house and senate got him and the American people nothing.

This time, we get someone who is not a Career DC person, who will hopefully try and run the country in an unapologetic way (no bowing to Saudi royalty). Is Trump perfect, oh hell no. But he is a change that I think the country needed back in 2012.

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The problem with what Merkel did was this blind (or fully understood) faith that bringing a million Muslims (who don't assimilate anywhere except the Middle East) and expecting them to somewhat conform to German morals and standards has torn their country apart. I lived there for the past 5 years and its not a pleasant thing. So the first thing Merkel says is she hopes its not a refugee. How self serving can one be? The media there hides stories and the polezei (police) also hide the races/religions of those arrested because of the PC atmosphere of the left leaning government.

At least Trump wants to take this head on and address the hard issues.

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Posted in: Michael Moore 'invades' Europe to teach us all some lessons See in context

I don't begrudge anyone the American dream. I just find it hypocritical to criticise virtually every aspect of the country and the system that allowed one to live the American dream. Including having a go at the 1% when one is part of the 1%.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

Unless you live where there is a significant Muslim population, you have no idea how they do not adapt to their surroundings. As others have noted above, they tend (in large percentages) to not assimilate, demand that local governments kowtow to their religious beliefs, and pretty much destroy the lives of those around them that are non-believers.

I think Japan has it right by not opening their doors.

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Clio, that is actually pretty good. My wife brought me to the house to meet her family. My Japanese was pretty bad, but her Dad (from Amami Oshima) understood me. Both he and my Mother In Law (from Okinawa) really took to me. That was the thing: Being honest up front. They liked it and my wife thought they would (her sister ran off with a Marine, so being the second military guy I really had to go through the ringer).

21 years later and still going strong.

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Posted in: TELL opens telephone counseling facility in Kobe See in context

They need to be paid. This is good news and could touch many lives in a good way.

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In all reality, both US parties are terrible. The people really need to rise up and vote for people that are not in the back pocket of a lobbyist, or one of the many big corporations that get rich....

Oh, there isn't anyone. Pity. I think we as Americans have lost our way.

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It's no different in the U.S. The governor of a state doesn't dictate to the Pentagon how many bases are located in his state. The governors of prefectures/states have NEVER had that ability.

Exactly. This is a tough thing for the people of Okinawa. The island is very crowded in the lower portion with bases taking up a huge piece of real estate. But they provide some employment and local stimulus to the economy (I know, my rent was pure extortion) and protect Japan and Okinawa.

Should there be a reduction? Sure. Should the Okinawan government have followed through when this was agreed to in 1996? Sure. The local government has to stop the myopic view of only looking out for themselves, and not understanding the bigger game that China is currently playing. Ask Vietnam and the Philippines how those disputes are going?

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No issues with this, as long as it is truly equal. As Disillusioned has stated, don't throw it in my face every time I watch something on TV. We get it, get married, move on.

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