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TokyoLivingToday 01:44 pm JST

Don't mess with China..

The decadent and moribund self-proclaimed "champion" of the western civilization won't be a rival against the unstoppable rising power of the great Red Dragon from the East..

History repeats itself..

Time to the rise of eastern civilization..

You will see it with your open mouths..

Western Roman Empire 2.0.

Ha ha ha ha ha.... In China, some parts of the country still use human waste to fertilize crops, and you think they are a great power? The joke I needed today. Thanks.

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@Yubaru: Every governor runs on the "get rid of the bases" platform. they get into office, then turn around to the government and say don't cut off the sympathy budget. They all want the money for the bases. And the media (Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa Times play up to this rhetoric.

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Japan is not America. No one comes here for equality and social justice. Those who foolishly might can scream and complain all they want but it's not going to change anything. In fact as some have rightly pointed out, such behavior is counterproductive because Japanese will see it as a justification to keep people out. Look at the social turmoil all over America and American cities these days and ask: why would Japan want that?

Funny how the majority of the commenters here are western liberals that are crying about "social justice", COVID restrictions, etc. but because they are already in Japan they are siding with Japan to ensure their little bubble is protected. Just laughable.

And no, not every foreigner is in the "categories" listed by @Foreigner in Tokyo. The point is those that contribute to society should be allowed in. The fact that the Japanese government is doing these severe restrictions not based in science, but ulterior motives should shock no one.

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So it took Jack Dorsey stepping down for some common sense to prevail?

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And they think this will lend credence to their legitimacy?

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zichiToday 10:12 am JST

Five days with two tests.

So this seems plausible. But my experience has been this:

Test one day before departure (negative)

Tested upon landing at Haneda (negative)

5 days later tested, but no result until 7 days later (negative)

Still stuck on the base but I can walk around on the base only so not as bad as the jails (government "hotels") by the airport.

Now, on the other hand, we had a group fly in of 6 a day later, all had a negative to get on the plane, but one tested positive at Narita after landing (and standing for two hours in a crazy line), then one more tested positive 5 days later.

So maybe it's 3 tests, 5 days. Then day 6, as long as the last two are negative you should be good.

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How about a big dose of "we have no idea" if masks really do much:

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YrralToday 07:27 am JST

You can airfry French fries, they still are crisp, potatoes are the core of a Irish stew, I making tortillas soup, with ground chicken, black beans, corn, topped with rice and sour cream Google Tortilla Soup

This. An air fryer, some good fresh potatoes and bit of salt. Perfect. Oh, add about a teaspoon of oil. IT will taste great and very, very low fat.

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So all grocery shopping we do where they give us plastic bags we keep and reuse. Some for food waste, some for just garbage. Also, if you travel they are great for wrapping multiple things like bottles (think yakiniku sauce you can only get in Japan).

And Japan seems to have an affliction for plastic. This is a good thing.

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Posted in: Japan to cut 14-day isolation for Omicron close contacts to 10 days See in context

At least someone is thinking that 14 is a bit excessive.

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qazwsxJan. 14 08:51 am JST

Not blaming the gaijin, blaming the stupid US military for not requiring testing for those flying into Japan, nor quarantining like everyone else, both foreigners and Japanese nationals.

Those military, who often fly in on commercial flights, are putting everyone else at risk. When I came back to Japan last month, there were signs for those with SOFA status to bypass the normal testing at the airport.

Actually, you are wrong. When the military personnel fly on civilian aircraft they do the testing pre-departure (required), test at the airport (required), isolate for 5 days at a US military location for 5 days (required), and only after a negative test on day 5, they are allowed movement but on base only until day 14 (required). Then on day 15 they are allowed movement. This is codified in general orders to all assigned to Japan.

I really hate it when someone with zero connection to the military uses supposition and correlation to spew false information.

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This is the epitome of government overreach. At what point do they then say you're not vaccinated until you have had a booster. Second booster? It will not stop.

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RecklessToday 09:56 am JST

Sicilian are you stuck in the government hotel? Last year I home quarantined which was no problem. Stuck in a small hotel room with no fresh air is worse conditions than prison where you get an hour of fresh air.

I am fortunate. I am on a US military base, so I was confined to my room for 5 straight days. Once I got my third negative test I was allowed out of the room. Must wear a mask everywhere (of course) but I can't leave the base. So middle of next week I can go on to where I need to go.

I consider myself lucky, as Japan just seems stuck in a no decision is a decision loop. You all know the types "hmm, let's see, if we have a meeting we can discuss what we could potentially decide on. Once we do that we'll have another get together and deiced on what we decided on last time. We'll then present our findings at the next round table to discuss potentially what our course of action will be. Then well have enough to form a hypothesis......." No real decisions. Like the extension to the end of February.... Just long enough to say they did something.

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So I traveled in a group of three on the 3nd. All three of us tested prior to departure negative. We landed and tested again (negative). Then on the day 5 test one of us was positive, but had symptoms starting on the 3rd. Another group of us, 6 total, flew in on the 4th. All tested negative prior to travel, 1 tested positive at the airport, then one tested positive 5 days later. Everyone is following the isolation and ROM strictly.

And everyone was vaccinated, with one hot test being someone vaxxed and boosted. So the booster did nothing, or lessened the symptoms at best.

I think this whole thing is a farce. Maybe it could be test before, test at the airport, then test on day 5. Once that is done you are good.

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Aly RustomToday 06:46 am JST

Even entry of spouses and children of Japanese nationals or permanent residents in Japan is denied unless they are in "special exceptional circumstances."

"special exceptional circumstances"???? How about My spouse and kids are Japanese?? Shouldn't that be considered "special exceptional circumstances"??

Sick racist crup like this from the J gov is exactly why we want to immigrate to Canada and leave this rotting nation behind

Agree the wording is horrible. I just hope that when I do immigrate from the US, my adult kids are allowed in, as they have a Japanese parent.

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This should be very easy: The community should be able to legally partner with whomever they like. If it's a legal union then fine. And they can go through divorce like the hetero community. Why are people against simple legal standing? You are partnered with someone for xx amount of years, then allow marriage or common-law domicile. Same for everyone.

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falseflagsteveJan. 10 05:06 pm JST

The Sicilian

You should have read that properly mate, it says no signs it’s more virulent yet it’s more contagious.

Heres a link and there’s tons out there showing data from South Africa and U.K. that show that Omicron is far less deadly and it also doesn’t effect the lungs like other variants. The most common symptoms are the same as the common cold in the vast majority.

That is my point. It is more virulent (spreads easier), but is less lethal. That is what the study shows.

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Richard Gallagher

There is no scientific evidence that the omicron variant is less virulent than delta. There is only anecdotal reference from physicians and healthcare workers that it seems milder than delta. Since a vast number of individuals are inoculated against he SARSCoV-2 virus, this factor certainly impacts the virulence.

Um, this seems to disagree with your diatribe:

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So the reality of a USFJ lock down is this (I was in Okinawa for a few of them):

The active duty that live on base are only allowed to transit to/from their base of work and housing. They will not be permitted to stop at stores off base for any reason. Those that live off installation will be told they can go from their domicile directly to the base they work on, nothing more. Last time this happened, they made this punitive, and ~300 dependents (wives mostly of active duty) were kicked off island (lost command sponsorship) because they couldn't live without their Mocha-latte-frappachino garbage from Starbucks. They thought the drive through was OK.

Now, the bigger question is will they extend this to the civilians that live there but work on the base? Also the last time USFJ did this civilian restrictions lasted a week, then the island Commander was told he could not restrict civilians. I expect similar in this instance.

I'm still in quarantine at a base in Kanagawa-ken. It's still 14 days on base only, no public transport, etc... The reason this came to be was the military flying the active folks into Kadena directly and once sent to their base bypassing the 145 day requirement AND lack of testing. I mean, I've been tested 3 times in 8 days. This is not hard.

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Posted in: Pediatric hospitalizations up under Omicron, but it's not more severe See in context

The kids rate of mortality is fairly low, but looking at some of the data shows a lot of missing/unknown for a positive test and also a large amount of unknown if there are underlying conditions:

And in other COVID news, the agreement between Japan and the military is now restricting personnel to their bases. It has made national news in the US.

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Posted in: Tokyo changes age limit for kids going into opposite sex’s bath at hot springs and sento See in context

Don't see the big deal with the kids. Did this in Europe in the saunas. Men, women, kids. Just people enjoying the steam and heat. Now, you start having outside cultural influences and then you see this type of change.

But it seems reasonable at the age of 6/7. Some kids are hitting puberty a bit early and can be a bit awkward, however it should be the parent that has the decision in this case and not a government rule.

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7/11 should open a bunch of these in Taiwan and shutter the ones in the land of Winnie Xi China.

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P. SmithToday 04:39 pm JST

BlacklabelToday  08:59 am JST

what should a person do as “their part” to prevent transmission of COVID when a vaccine doesn’t prevent that?

Get vaccinated as it reduces the risk of transmission.

I know this is difficult to understand for people who insist that if something doesn’t work 100%, it doesn’t work at all.

So how's that working in South Africa?

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

This is what the police are trying to protect against:

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Posted in: Japan requests U.S. base curfews; Okinawa reports 981 virus cases See in context

So I came into Japan early this week. Here's what is happening:

Tested before flight. Negative. Paperwork. No apps though. Flew into Haneda, did more paperwork and another test. Took a special hire car to the military base. Once here restricted to my room for 5 days. Now, on that 5th day I have to get tested again. If that is negative, I get to leave my room and walk around the base only. Not allowed off base. Once 14 days has passed I can go to my final destination.

I think it's fine. Following the rules. The fact that the mostly single active duty personnel that come in do take a military flight directly to a base and this is where the problem starts, well, as said above this seems like a Commander's problem. You have to keep people away from each other.

On the good side, the omicron variant has seen a lot less hospitalizations, and this is the big number, along with less deaths among those with comorbidities. This will pass.

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Here's to the lessening of Omicron:

And the WHO saying the opposite. You have to love these guys and their sticking to the Chinese like glue:

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YubaruJan. 1 03:54 pm JST

Happy New Year (NOT) from the US Military on January 1st 235 NEW infections! 52 in the rest of "Okinawa"

Both the Okinawan Times and Ryukyu Shimpo have been anti- American since I first got there (1988). Along with every governor running on the platform of kick out the Americans, but Japan pay us for having them. Ugh.

With that being said I wish the on base commanders would be more strict with the military that arrive on the military flights directly to the base. That is where the issue is. My command sends Soldiers to/from Okinawa but they go commercial, get tested numerous times and quarantine like we're supposed to. This is not hard.

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Perhaps refrain from mingling with Japanese people, refrain from drunken riding around Okinawa, and just keep your head down on base working to do your duty to defend Japan.

Good for you, its an important job. All the best

Um, I lived there for 10 years. I do know what I have to do.... Dad.......

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I'll be there in a few days. I just got my test done before leaving. I expect to test when I land. And I have a driver taking me to the Army base to stay for 14 days, where I will be tested twice more at least before I go onward.

Anything else I need to do?

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It looks like the early studies are showing this variant, while more transmissible, has a much better result with less hospitalizations and deaths. I'll let @Virusrex weigh in, but maybe this really is going to bring us to an end of the government mandated efforts to stymie society:

And the scientific study behind Omicron being more transmissible:

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