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Posted in: Unwelcome mat: White House tries to counter Netanyahu visit See in context

Lest we forget the fine negotiating skills and give in first mentality of Neville Chamberlain Something Mr. Obama seems to be emulating). We all know where that went.

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I guess this is better than it being a "dead" issue. As long as this drags out, the better the chance he comes out of this alive.

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Posted in: Japan envoy in Jordan hopeful about release of hostage, pilot See in context

I agree this is a tough spot for Japan, however Jordan is a strong country and they can have some influence/sway being an Arabic country. Hopefully they can gain Mr. Goto's release.

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minello7JAN. 26, 2015 - 03:27PM JST Just imagine if the government passed legislation stipulating all new buildings,i.e.: houses small factories had to be self sufficient, i.e. :solar,etc, with all utility companies forced to take back on the grid all the surplus electricity generated by the new building regulations.

The thing is (I left Okinawa in 2011 and have been living in Germany since) is the "greenies" seem to think that solar/wind power is nearly 100% efficient, and just by putting them everywhere you solve all of your con tries energy problems. This is not how it works. See this link:

A recent break through in advanced solar energy production has raised up to 46% efficiency. 46%? Um, that would mean you would need a lot of sun everyday to achieve that, but then some will be lost through transmission medium (think power lines). This number will not make it to market for a while due to economies of scale. So even this lofty number is not really attainable. So Germany depends on coal. Yes, coal.

Slide 5 of this link shows Germany "installed" power generation systems, however because of inefficiency, the next slide shows what is really powering the country (uranium and coal).

So I say once the technology is here, where you have really good efficiency and a reliable grid for transport then the "green energy" solutions will be more viable.

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They have to accept the laws of the countries they choose to live in.

And that is the real crux of the situation. The muslims that carry out these extreme acts are doing so in Western societies that reject and forbid this under law. Muslims are hiding behind their religion, meaning that they believe their religion is more important and should override host country laws. Here's a good read on that.

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Posted in: Mother of suicide boy files slander charge against 3 bullies See in context

How about the schools hire former wrestlers and body builders? The kids that are being bullied can report the actions to them, and point out who the bullies are. Then they go on a watch list that the new hire has to "take care of". Basically, the bullies have the spectre of a very large person they can not intimidate watching thier every move.

It might work, and there are a lot of unemployed wrestlers out there.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

I miss living there. Damn.....

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Until China recognizes other nations sovereignty (this includes Taiwan and Mongolia), they have no business telling the US or anyone else to be "culturally sensitive". I think the "String of Pearls" policy will keep them from ever doing this.

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johninnaha: To you, no US planes is good, right? So maybe Chinese planes will suit you. I digress.

But they can keep flying F4's and F15's....... Not really an alternative.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy to N Korea to visit S Korea, China, Japan See in context

It means it will take two years for them to decide to come together in 6 nation talks, and then get rebuffed by NK, and start the process all over again. Progress.

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes to Okinawa governor for official's 'rape' remarks See in context


Yubaru, there has to be another plan than defiling our coral reefs. How about putting a runway in Camp Hansen? There use to be an airfield there.

So the mayor of Okinawa City (Tomon) is ok with defiling the coral reef in the Awase tidelands for commercial purposes? And Pachinko / Casino's are the answer? Really? Low paying service industry jobs are better than durable jobs as MLC's? Hmmm.

Yubaru: Exactly. The US presence is a deterrent, or the Chinese would have already dug their heels into the Senkaku's and started rilling for gas/oil.

But the Okinawans are the ones that get screwed in this whole deal. The presence here should be a bit more equitable throughout Japan. If the Marines are kept here, then MCAS Futnema needs to move and allow the rest of the bases fold up (Naha Port functions go to the existing White Beach port, and the rest are functions that leave for Guam).

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes to Okinawa governor for official's 'rape' remarks See in context

I was beaten to the punch on the reality of the situation. The central government is going to go through with this, and I believe the translation of the comment is not really the issue. He spoke the truth, and he's paying the price for it. Too bad.

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Posted in: Director Oliver Stone lashes out at U.S. See in context

i wonder where he keeps his home? In the country he hates so much? If so, then he should move.

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@ Cleo

Disclaimer - I don't wear leather, but seeing others wearing it doesn't give me the same heebie-jeebies and feeling of distain for the wearer that Ueto's dead jacket does.

So you do not have a pair of shoes that has leather? Fur, leather, same thing. Humans want, we use. Done.

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Posted in: Triumph girls lend their support to Nadeshiko Japan See in context

You have to love what Japan does with the least, they maximize what they have. Nice.

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Posted in: Ministers to visit Okinawa again over U.S. base relocation issue See in context

Voice: So your generalization, not factual is now a proven point? Yuri at least also has facts to go with her side of the issue. You have conjecture, which is a bit like manure.

Yuri: So now the Americans are criminals. I really am having a tough time wrapping my head around your opinions of the US. War sucks, and to prevent more wars preventative measures need to be in place. And the US forces are those measures. The agreement was between the US and Japan. It was Japan that could have offered a different place for the troops, but it is they who must pay, as the US is your rental military. Don't blame the US for this quagmire called Futenma / Henoko.

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Posted in: Ministers to visit Okinawa again over U.S. base relocation issue See in context

voice: Funny how my in-laws (who were alive during the war), would disagree with your point of view about the camps and the treatment they received. You don't speak for the Okinawan people, your name is a misnomer.

Yubaru: The functions of the bases south of Kadena would either be moved to Guam or integrated into existing facilities (ie. Naha Port would be partially replaced with facilities at White BEach and Henoko). And not all of Camp Foster would close. Some of it would, but not all.

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Posted in: U.S. military views presence in Asia as top priority despite budget cuts See in context

@justaguy - Really? Hmm, I seem to think the US did the best it could, and Iraq is better off as the people are now figuring out how to run their country vice a despot who killed tens of thousands of people.

As far as bases in the Pacific, Okinawa will always be an important place. And without the US, things would be very different.

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Posted in: If you had a baby with an AKB48 member, what would your child look like? See in context

I'd pick all of the ones that are old enough. Doesn't matter which.

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Posted in: Gov't to waive visa fees for foreigners visiting 3 disaster-hit prefectures See in context

So Y3000-6000 is an enticement to come to Japan? And to the most hard hit areas? You have got to be kidding. Only in this country could they come up with something so stupid.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

For those that don't realize it, this woman has been flying this route for quite some time, has had the Japanese police watching here, and the Malaysians were on to her as well.

And over 7 pounds in your suitcase and you don't know it's there? Take a gallon jug of water and put that in your suitcase. It is close to 3.8 Kg, so that is the difference. She knew what she was doing.

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Posted in: American serviceman in Okinawa held for allegedly assaulting hotel security guard See in context

I bet the kid was an angry drunk (see story), so I can understand refusing to serve him. and he should be punished accordingly. No comparisons needed.

But what will happen is this: the curfew will return because of this type of behavior. One bad apple out of an orchard is all that is needed. I see all the good things here the Marines / Soldiers / Airman / Sailors do, but it only takes one to screw it up.

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sfjp: There wasn't a march of "thousands" down here. nothing like hyperbole being used as a fact in an argument. And didn't a recent poll in mainland have more than 50% support for US troops in Japan?

(expired article, but you get the idea)

I get that they are loud, crazy loud. If Futenma flight ops are moved to Henoko then that noise is over water and not a big deal. But I don't see anything happening, status quo for a long time. Sorry.

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Society Mike: You make it sound like there are so many flights that you can't think straight. Hmm, I live near the Futenma flight line and it's not that bad.

And for all those posting about the flight: It's the sound of being free. Get over it.

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Got to admit, that J-Ladies do the most with the least.

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Romdeau: Because he is Japan bashing. And illegal fishing is a desperate thing for some third world countries that do it to survive. Rough stuff.

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Posted in: Noda promises families of abductees he'll do all he can to resolve issue See in context

Agree with LFRAgain: This country has other needs, like those citizens of Miyagi prefecture. The fact that this small group of people can twist foreign policy is appalling. They have valid concerns, but having a pro-Pyongyang school in Tokyo kind of negates anything the PM could do, doesn't it?

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Posted in: U.S. policy on Taiwan sends wrong message to Japan, other allies: U.S. lawmakers See in context

Good one Jared. You honestly think sanctions against China would get rid of the Communist ideology there? You need to study some history, my friend. It may seem that would be the easy way to do it, however the ruling Communists control the military. Therefore the people would be crushed in a revolt.

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Posted in: Japan won't reopen talks with S Korea on sex slave issue See in context

soldave: You beat me to it. I was about to say 200,000 women and Japan can not be bothered to with it but talk about the handful of Japanese that NK abducted, and it's a national tragedy.

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Posted in: Ghost car See in context

Looks like a Chrysler 300.

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