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Posted in: Abe pressed to pay out more cash as coronavirus hits economy See in context

Abe think he is going to pay his way out of this?

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Posted in: Trump cuts off U.S. payments to WHO during virus pandemic See in context

Hate him or love him, when he says he's going to do something, he'll do it.

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Posted in: Trump cuts off U.S. payments to WHO during virus pandemic See in context

Let China pay for it!!

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Posted in: IOC official Coates, who will be in self-isolation, says no deadline for decision on Olympics See in context

the IOC member need to be check by the NSA guys bank accounts, something is not right here.

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Posted in: Two fathers in Europe demand action against Japan over parental child abduction See in context

Minami Smith

Didn't you understand?

I am the one who have to call her, because she won't even do that!

Aand on top of that I agreed for her to come to live with us, because of my kids need her mother too, something that it seems Japanese dont have a clue a child needs.

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Posted in: Two fathers in Europe demand action against Japan over parental child abduction See in context

Well i learn from other cases, what I did was nationalize my three kids get then a passport from country of origin and here they are with me, the mother now want to come to live with us, i told her it's fine because of kids, i let her talk to then every day via Line,she is the one who never calls then, i always have to make the calls,anyway, the good thing is, in my country no one can take a minor without the writing concerns of the other parents if one is not traveling.

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Posted in: 112-year-old Japanese recognized as world's oldest living man by Guinness See in context


My grandmother is 115 and she dont get the title, hmmmm, I guess Guinness only applies in Japan?

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Posted in: Huawei says 'survival' top priority as sales fall short See in context

@Reckless, i prefers the NSA have access to my data than the Chinese anytime of the week.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over death of girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter See in context

That's why i have my 3 kids with me here, no way in hell they will go back to Japan until they can take care of then self.

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Posted in: Mother, 1-year-old daughter die after apparent leap from apartment building See in context

Henny Penny

You will probably hear of more Japanese cases not because they are more common but because the Japanese and US news media is structured very differently.


In the US the media be all over that kind of news, unlike japanese media sweep under the rug and try they best to paint negative news about japan as unfortunate and that was an accident, never called like it's MURDER!!

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Posted in: Mother, 1-year-old daughter die after apparent leap from apartment building See in context

@Strangerland stop the excuses, "but in other country" it's very rare for women jumping from building with they kids, in japan is like is a hobbies, having kids in japan is like having a pet, you know that, i'm not saying everyone, but i would say 90%, they feel having kids is an social obligation.

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Posted in: The high-tech materials at the heart of the Japan-S. Korea row See in context

Alex80, the same thing that happen to Italian auto industry, will happen to japan.

All of the big Italian Automobile player are now German own, so don't talk to much about this kind of subject.

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Posted in: Japan steps up claim to S Korea-held islets at 'Takeshima Day' event amid tensions See in context


tell those same people to go to the northen island to do the same that are just 16 KM from japan coast, i don't think they will, they know who they play with, Russian will sink they boat, the Japanese government knows who they can bully.

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Posted in: Woman in mental institution who killed another patient says she is 'robot' See in context

That beats the "I was drunk I don't remember" card...

if not because this a tragedy where someone lose they life, i would be crying laughing... never mind!

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend arrested for forcing daughter to take cold bath, binding, beating her See in context

that is the main reason my kids are here with me, no way!!!

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Posted in: Russia, Japan make no visible progress on territorial dispute See in context

Abe will call Russia's bluff, send in Japan Defense forces, occupy the place and see what Russia is going to do. Russia is weak and cannot withstand a naval or land combat with JDF. They cannot nuke due to big bad US. What will they do?



This one is funny!!!!!!!

lol lol lol lol.......

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Posted in: Trump to leave G7 summit early; fires back at Trudeau See in context

This is so wrong in so many level, how people can say so many bad about they president because he is trying to defent the interes of his country, i can see that is true, liberalism is a mental illness.

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Posted in: Fatally abused 5-year-old girl wrote notes pleading with her mother, stepfather to stop beating her See in context

This is the number one reason i sacrifice myself and i take care of my kids after my xwife wanted to go back to japan, "because she missed Japanese food" lol, i said sayonara, no one is going to abuse my kids.

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Posted in: Japan sees record population drop amid declining births See in context


I did my part in creating 4 Japanese Italian kids and the gov't still treats me like I haven't contributed to society.

i created 3 and i took then with me to my country before they made a robot out of then.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan sent home after asking for paid leave See in context

@Heckleberry Japan is a third-world country with fist-world economic.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist referred to prosecutors over record speeding of 239 kph See in context

@toshiko: you are right, germany have better roads.

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Posted in: Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hooters in Japan to celebrate release of his new video game See in context


I think 'Hooters' in Japan should be renamed to 'Little Hooters' or 'Hooterless'. If you go there expecting to see hooters, you will be disappointed. It's false advertising...

hahahahahahaha.... ou just make my day Sr.

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Posted in: Sales tax hike 'obvious' choice for Japan debt woes: IMF See in context

@Burning Bush:

here is no debt. The biggest holder of Japanese debt the Bank of Japan.

The bank of Japan is 100% owned by the Japanese government.

Other big holders of Japanese debt are Japan Post and the Japan Pension Fund, both government affiliated.

It's just a paper game. Japan sells debt to itself.

Are you 100% sure about that?

Remember Japan lose the war, and guess who give japan the constitution?

then guess who implement the Central Bank in Japan, not only japan but every country in the world except 3 other country wish are in the axis of Evil.

keep dreaming that the Japan Ginko is own by the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Peruvian family files lawsuit against deportation order See in context

what the hell???

those two kids are Japanese by birth, they were not born in Peru, until the world stop the Japanese government getting away with everything do this will never change, this is the 21 century not the EDO, I left Japan and took my kids kids with me before i did something i regretted to my kids teachers and the principal, here I just do to the Japanese what they do to foreigners in Japan, treat then like what they really are.

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Posted in: Inada resigns; Defense Ministry probe denies her role in data coverup See in context

What took her so long?

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Posted in: Woman, two daughters arrested for abandoning body See in context

Middleoftheroad Money is the root of all evil!

Sorry about your wife.

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Posted in: Fukushima’s most popular beach reopens for first time since March 2011 disaster See in context

Opening that beach is Criminal!!

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Posted in: GSDF plane disappears from radar in Hokkaido See in context


That's a Beachcraft King Air B200

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Posted in: N Korean missile fears in Japan: 'Whatever will be, will be' See in context


you old enough to remember what North Korea did to the US in the 50, tell Trump to attack and let's see if those ICBM and Rocket are fake, lol

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Posted in: Abe urges sticking to diplomatic action on N Korea See in context

One thing is call the Devil and another is seen him coming!!

Right Abe?

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