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Posted in: Kan says pro-nuclear mentality to blame for Fukushima disaster See in context

Nuclear disasters ruin the planet. Such a waste.

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Posted in: Record high number of AIDS cases reported over past 12 months See in context

Radiation exposure attacks the immune system. Just a thought.

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Posted in: Japan eyes 15% of electricity needs from nuclear power See in context

Even just one nuclear power plant is too dangerous, as proven by present and past disasters. Good citizens of Japan, keep 'em shut down. And plan for decommissioning.

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Posted in: WHO releases mixed Fukushima radiation report See in context

Not just Fukushima. The whole northern hemisphere is continually being exposed to radiation that spews from the Daiichi nuclear power plant. This happens when it rains, or when the wind blows. The nuclear experts of the world (are there any?) need to figure a way to cap this thing. And pronto.

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Posted in: Fukushima radiation higher than first estimated, TEPCO admits See in context

Maybe it was seven times more, or a hundred, because nuclear industries and governments say what they want. Or, in the case of the U.S, say nothing at all.

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Posted in: Japan's April trade deficit grows to Y520.3 bil See in context

Has nothing to do with the radiation plants. Just leave 'em off.

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Posted in: Oi assembly agrees to restart 2 reactors See in context

Radiation plants are too dangerous. Citizens must demand they remain off.

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Tokyo ahead of last reactor going offline See in context

Decommissioning the horrible and destructive radiation plants is the next step. All of them.

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Posted in: Fukushima advertising for police See in context

The danger in the area are man made, and didn't have to happen.

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Posted in: Japan to shut down last nuclear reactor See in context

Lots and lots of suffering caused by reactors, to say the least.

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Posted in: Japan's renewable energy options See in context

Solar, wind, whatever is safe. Individuals will be able to choose a small system for their dwelling.

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Posted in: S Korea starts building 2 new nuclear reactors See in context

Reactors are a huge mistake, as proven by the spread of radiation from past and current nuclear disasters. Examine, study, learn the facts. The data is a few clicks away.

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Posted in: Crisis-hit Japan debates shift to renewable energy See in context

Only the ill informed, or insane, would consider nuclear power. Especially after the last two disasters.

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Posted in: M5.8 quake jolts Kanto; no tsunami warning issued See in context

The quakes are a reminder to keep the reactors shut down.

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Posted in: Fukushima cucumbers relabeled and sold in Tokyo See in context

Those in the nuclear industry won't mind if we blame some guy for mislabeling vegetables.

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Posted in: Gov't holds meeting with Oi residents to discuss restarting nuclear reactors See in context

Just start building clean energy plants, and forget the failed radiation plants. Nobody wants them.

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Posted in: Temperatures soar in Japan; 30.5 C recorded in Oita town See in context

The headline "People are Welcoming the Warmer Weather" would be more appropriate.

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Posted in: Power companies warn of summer shortages of up to 20% See in context

The people do not want nuclear power plants turned on.

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Posted in: Japanese firms want 'safety first' on nuclear restarts: poll See in context

Nuclear power is the most unsafe thing known to man. By far.

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Posted in: Japan to be without nuclear power after May 5 See in context

Nuclear plants will be replaced entirely's just a matter if time.

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

Any guess as to what the islands will be used for?

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Posted in: Fukushima damage leaves spent fuel at risk, says U.S. lawmaker See in context

Parts of Japan will be lost forever. And it can happen to any country, all because of man-made nuclear reactors.

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Posted in: DPJ's Sengoku compares closing nuclear plants to 'mass suicide' See in context

Nobody wants nuclear power. We're done with it.

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Posted in: Radiation from Japan found in kelp off U.S. West Coast See in context

The ocean is wrecked. And so is the air, thanks to nuclear reactors.

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Posted in: Hashimoto raps gov't for thinking it alone can decide on reactor restart See in context

No such thing as "meeting safety standards", as proven by the continuing nuclear catastrophes.

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Posted in: Gov't sets new safety standards for nuclear plants See in context

The next nuclear catastrophe will happen, no matter the safety precautions. The only solution is to go the route Germany has chosen.

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Posted in: New nuclear regulatory agency delayed amid political infighting See in context

Man can't control nuclear power. And certainly can't guarantee it's safety, as proven by past disasters.

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Posted in: New safety standards for radioactive cesium in food products go into effect See in context

Root of the problem is nuclear plants. Solely.

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Posted in: Canada monitoring Japanese boat swept across Pacific by tsunami See in context

It'll be interesting to get readings from the boat (by someone other than the government).

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Posted in: Lithuania, Hitachi sign nuclear plant deal See in context

So dangerous, when power can be generated by safe means.

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