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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor hopes next U.S. president will back ban on nuclear weapons See in context


The US must have weapons, as it is the worlds protector. The evil ones will not give up their weapons. If the US gave up its weapons, a country like Iran would attack us without hesitation.

Thanks for your post. I have just a couple of questions: Who made the U.S., the world's protector? And by "evil ones", who do you mean, and who is to judge are the "evil ones"? Yes, George Bush declared Iran, Iraq, and North Korea a part of the axis of evil, but why did he only decide to claim that Iraq owned weapons of mass destruction (and thus invaded it), but not Iran and North Korea? It just doesn't seem rational thinking, when fewer than 13 percent of Americans can locate Iraq on a map, and less can do so with Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor hopes next U.S. president will back ban on nuclear weapons See in context

Honestly interested in hearing responses. I will be honest and say that yes, it is terrible that so many Japanese civilians died and suffered during the attacks, and its normal for them to remember what happened each August. It would be strange if they didn't. But, given the time, and all that went on, and what was likely to happen, more people would have died if they weren't dropped.

True, but who or which country should it be that decides who should, or shouldn't have nuclear weapons? If one country is allowed to have them, then all should be allowed to have them. And when all are allowed to have them, then others would love to have more of them. And thus, a nuclear arms race is born.

Who can really say, that the U.S. (and really the President of the U.S., in this case, Bush) is the one who should be given that privilege? God? If democracy is to be preached, then it should be practiced. I propose that a world vote be held as to which country, or country's government is allowed that right to monitor the storage and/or use of nuclear weapons. It is only then, that it would be fair.

And millions have lived in peace in Japan for the last 60 years even though the US still has all those terrible nukes.

True, and so the Japanese have proven that it is possible to live in peace without weapons (e.g. guns, nukes), yet countries such as the U.S. continue to insist on having them. Why?

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Posted in: Do you think the Olympic Games will be a success? See in context

I hope they will be a success. Unfortunately, I long for the days when they only allowed amateur athletes to compete. It was so much more inspiring to see someone young and raw trying to compete and achieve. These days, it's all business. It's such a shame.

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I love the nebuta too. They instill me with such awe and wonder... I wonder why they are so angry, and I wonder if they could make one look a bit happier?

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