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Posted in: UK unveils tough new rules designed to cut immigrant numbers See in context

The Tories playing to the lowest common denominator crowd to win the next election.

Nothing changes.

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Posted in: Shane MacGowan, hard-drinking poet of The Pogues, dies at 65 See in context

Played the flute along side him at a Fleadh Cheoil one year. He couldn't sing in tune, but the sounds he made were beautiful.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

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Posted in: Man claiming to be 'a woman inside' arrested for entering female bath at resort See in context

If she is still in possession of Big Jim and the twins, going into a female baths is going to have her put down for a nonce straight away.

It's ok identifying as a woman, but to most people dangling the meat n taters in the bath says otherwise.

What ever happened to kon-yoku anyway? I remember sitting in a bath in the boonies of Tohoku. The only other occupants were two old women with their well droopy danglers floating in front of them. Truly a gender-free experience.

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Posted in: Man claiming to be 'a woman inside' arrested for entering female bath at resort See in context

The trans females I know are beautiful and take great care to give their external appearance to fit their internal one.

I have worked with a couple of trans females. I support their lifestyle, but no amount of hormone therapy can hide the fact they still look like geezers in dresses.

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Posted in: 2024 Grammy nomination snubs and surprises: No K-pop, little country and regional Mexican music See in context

Country generally connects with listeners through more relatable lyrics, storytelling, and a range of emotions. A good thing, if you appreciate the holistic experience that music can provide.

Or it's soulless MOR rock in cowboy hats.

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Posted in: Rapid AI proliferation a threat to democracy, experts say See in context

been a true democratic nation on this planet, we, the surfs, have been ruled

Smurfs? Serfs?

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Posted in: Russell Brand accused of sexual assault on set of 'Arthur' in 2010 See in context

You guys fell for his anti-establishment crap hook like and sinker.

Nothing like a gang of incel maga freaks causing a commotion to throw up a smoke screen.

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Posted in: 'Friends' star Matthew Perry, 54, found dead at home See in context

Some people are prone to addiction. Add to that copious amounts of money and the pressures of's a story that has been told many times.

RIP Mr. Bing

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Posted in: TikTok moms nurture 'detox for kids' misinformation See in context

People still believe in detoxing?

We have an amazing system called the body that does it very well on its own, but those of a lower mental capacity still think shooting water up their chufters or eating scam diets can help.

I had a friend who did the Paleo silliness diet. Despite getting kidney stones several times, and his doctors telling him that the kidney stones were a direct result of his diet, he refused to believe it. What a tit.

These new scams being aimed at children is a whole new level of scummy marketing.

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Posted in: Japan to send SDF plane to Djibouti to evacuate citizens in Israel See in context

They are both as bad as each other. Israel has the power and should have responsible enough not to treat the Palestinians as they have done. But Hamas' latest actions are horrific in the extreme - nothing justifies it.

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Posted in: Japan decides to strip Unification Church's religious corporation status See in context

All religions are cults.

Religion should not be involved in government in any way.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to support AI development in next economic package See in context

It's not even true AI right now, it's just predictive AI. Still a long way to go before they come up with a true AI

What is true AI? Are you talking about a general artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a wide field - machine learning, deep learning, robotics, neural networks, natural language processing, genetic goes on. What's 'just predictive AI?' Chatgpt or Midjourney aren't, they are both generative AI. Predictive AI is a different type.

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Posted in: Johnny's to change name to SMILE-UP.; create new firm to manage performers See in context

Set up

Feel up

Beat up

Cover up

Rile up

Hurry up

Break up

Set up

Smile up

Throw up

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Posted in: McAfee launches AI-powered protection to spot and block scams in real time See in context

I understand the concerns; the rapid advancement of AI does bring about serious ethical and safety considerations. However, a total ban might prevent the development of technologies that could profoundly benefit society, such as in healthcare or environmental protection. A more measured approach would be to establish stringent regulations and oversight to ensure responsible development and deployment of AI, addressing the risks without sacrificing the potential rewards.

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Posted in: Amazon says ads coming to Prime Video streaming in 2024 See in context

Luckily I have never used anything with Amazon in the name and never will.

Not directly maybe, but you’re probably using AWS somewhere

Like here

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Posted in: YouTube cuts off Russell Brand's ad revenues after sexual assault allegations See in context

Brand went down the conspiracy nut rabbithole on purpose. He knew it was coming eventually and he wanted a rabid following to defend him.

The carefully timed video before the charges were released put focus on 'mainstream media.' And now his nutjob following is screaming it was the fault of the tv companies, rather than that Brand is a serial rapist(alleged.)

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Posted in: Tokyo's Asakusa Samba Carnival returns after 4-year COVID hiatus See in context

As AI has rendered me illiterate, as asked ChatGpt to express my thoughts on Samba festivals in Japan.

"In the vast tapestry of Tokyo's cultural endeavours, the Asakusa Samba Festival stands as a beacon to all things delightfully gauche. The festival, in its symphony of riotous colours and sounds, is undeniably a masterclass in the art of the unrefined. And then, amidst this kaleidoscope, one finds the saggy-assed middle-aged participants. Adorned in the most vivid makeup, their attempts at dance are reminiscent of epileptic turkeys performing atop a blistering tin stage. The Asakusa Samba Festival, it seems, is where elegance takes its leave and whimsical absurdity holds court"

I loves yer GPT

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Posted in: Johnny's decades-long abuse coverup relied on cozy ties with media See in context

Let's face it, anyone in the entertainment business, whether in Japan or abroad has sucked someone off to get a role.

The casting couch is as old as the industry.

So if you wanted the cushy famous lifestyle back in the day, you had better pucker up those cheeks, because here comes uncle Johnny.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift, Shakira shine at MTV Video Music Awards See in context

I have always thought that Shakira's singing sounds like a distressed goat doing a Kermit the frog impersonation after swallowing a clown car horn.

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Posted in: G20 leaders pay their respects at Gandhi memorial on final day of summit in India See in context

Gandhi was never 'pro-gun'

Context is your friend.

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Posted in: Musk lifts political ad ban at rebranded Twitter See in context

"building on our commitment to free expression."

Or maybe the platform is bleeding money and advertisers and he is desperate to accept any old crap.

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Posted in: Sogo & Seibu department store labor union to go on rare strike in Tokyo See in context

But the US-based company, Fortress Investment Group LLC, is owned by a Japanese company....Softbank.

The plot thickens...

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to deal with their beliefs? See in context

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.

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Posted in: Nuisance calls from China received in Japan over Fukushima water discharge See in context

Pesticide-filled, low level quality assured, slave-labor made, virus producing pot calling the kettle black?

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Posted in: Japan has tough task to convince skeptics on Fukushima water release See in context

@Rodney I think most people have forgotten there is still at least 280 tons of melted nuclear fuel under the reactors.

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Posted in: Foraging in Japan: Where to look and how to get started See in context

Article says sansei - it should be sansai.

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Posted in: Georgia charges Trump, former advisers with illegally trying to overturn 2020 loss See in context

America, can't you do better than Trump and Biden?

If you don't, China and India are going to turn you into a third world country. Jai Hind!

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Posted in: Robbie Robertson, lead guitarist and songwriter of The Band, dies at 80 See in context


The Band were a bit before my time, but one song stood out so much the first time I watched Easy Rider, I had to look it up.

This is an amazing version featuring Robbie and musicians from all over the world.

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Posted in: Fans bid seaside farewell to Sinead O'Connor with songs, flags and flowers See in context

I think she was a complicated soul who tried to console herself in religion, but was ultimately destroyed by it

The suicide of her son was probably the biggest factor in the end.

I met her at a traditional music festival in Ireland once. She was there with Enya - probably researching her Sean-Nós Nua album at the time.

I only spoke a few words with her, but she seemed very quiet and humble - not the firebrand she was often portrayed as.

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Posted in: Japan calls Russia nuclear threat 'unacceptable' on Hiroshima anniversary See in context

Russian bots are out in force today.

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