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Keks down

Legs Akimbo

Aircon up the jocks


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@Sven Asai

Any concerns? Just pull the plug and AI is again completely stupid and non-existent.

Yes, but it would be an end of the world scenario. If we have AI then why not make it smart enough to help us out with our problems.

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 Science pretends to provide answers to questions which are beyond our comprehension. 

As I said before, if science explained everything we wouldn't need science.

Electricity was beyond our comprehension. Fire was beyond our comprehension.

Strawman arguments about the most extreme questions in science don't invalidate all the achievements in science so far. It is the same level of debate that pseudoscience nuts use.

Religions explain nothing because they are just pure fiction.

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Thing is, if God does exist and was involved in the origin of things,

Which God? Ra? Osiris? Horus? Odin? Loki? Frigg? Zeus? Hades? Pluto? Kali? Shiva? Amaterasu? Inari? Izanagi? Danu? Lugh? Gitche Manitou? Quetzalcoatl? Huitzilopochtli? Svarog? Allah? Yahweh?

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Nobody in science ever thought they had all the answers. That's religion. If we had all the answers, we wouldn't need science.

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None of which still excuses the Russian invasion.

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Arnold, are you also supporting Palestinians?, or the abandoned Afghans, many more by uncle Sam

You could feed several herds of cattle with all that straw, man.

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Perhaps herd immunity as SJ mentioned. But many experts are also pointing to a recommendation made the Tokyo Medical Association chairman in August.

The many experts that talk in your head? Ivermectin doesn't work.

But you do realize it is made by Big Pharma all the same

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The broken record brigade really loves quoting South African doctors recently.

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And what are we as society to gain from this technological feat?

'Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?'

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Fewer cars means less carbon dioxide emissions.

Maybe not. I bought a new Yaris Cross last month. I could have got the petrol version straight away, but I have to wait until March for the hybrid.

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no point of stocking up on food or supplies in my opinion because most people don’t know the Fuji is a super volcano

There is every point of stocking up on food.

And Fuji isn't a super volcano.

Hakone is a bigger threat to the Kanto area if it popped. Calderas are nasty.

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Posted in: Strong quakes jolt areas near Mt Fuji, Wakayama See in context

If you look at the data, there is no major increase in quakes over in recent years.

That spot near Fuji has had quakes of the same size for at least the past 10 years.

Saying that, in Japan a large quake could happen at any time. The only thing you can do is be prepared.

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So if 80 % of the population is fully vaccinated and 80% of new infections are among the fully vaccinated, what does that suggest to you?

It suggests that there are more people vaccinated, so of course there will be more infections in the vaccinated group. It's basic mathematics. Vaccines don't give 100% cover from infection. Nobody ever said they did.

The fact that most deaths and serious cases are in the unvaccinated population, what does that suggest to you?

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Nobody on here is pro-vaccine.

We are anti-misinformation.

If the vaccines didn't work I would be the first to reject them, but the majority of studies already show that they do.

If you are majoring in psychology, I suggest you look up the typical traits of people who fall for conspiracy theories and the like. There have been several done.

The usual suspects on this site display them every day. Watching that is a much more interesting psychological pastime.

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According to the Japanese news. the infected person is Namibian diplomat.

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Posted in: World’s first NFT of a Japanese novel with English translation hopes to provide profitable opportunity for translators See in context

I sold a few stock photos as NFTs for silly prices, but I stopped because the environmental impact of these things is very high.

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Everyone knows there is a virus in the air. Elected governments have no duty but to reinforce health systems and back the hell off. The rest is my choice and yours. Fools.

(Scouse accent) Calm down. Calm down.

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South Africa isn't 40% vaccinated, it's just under 24%.

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Posted in: Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s comments on body shaming earn praise online See in context

People who point out other people's appearance based on their own values are really lame.

Err isn't lame a discriminatory word against disabled people?

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Shikansen trains already react automatically to earthquakes.

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Again, the shot doesn’t prevent the spread nor people from getting sick

Why again? You were wrong the first time.

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You guys whining about international players aren't rugby fans are you?

To play for the international teams you have to he born there, have a grandparent from there or have lived in the country for 60 consecutive months before playing or have 10 years cumulative living there to play.

You can't just 'import' players. Most of them have been playing locally for years.

It's a great system.

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It said they are here with The Japan Foundation. I first came to Japan with that organisation. They were control freaks back then without the pandemic. It was a 10pm curfew at their centre without a special pass.

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80 million fully vaxxed...the rest waiting and a tiny squealing coward minority who are scared of a little jab in the arm.

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No, just a new excuse for conspiracy nuts to get paranoid and go postal.

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It is easy to say it is a non-story after it is over.

It is the same as saying that COVID was nothing after wave is over because actions were taken to reduce the impact - a very blinkered view.

The Tokyo Olympics is being praised in security circles as a success. One reason is that they didn't wait for attacks to occur before acting. They took preemptive measures to identify threats. There was also a lot of data sharing between different agencies and countries that assisted with this.

Far from being a non-story, it is very much a success story.

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So is he saying that the cold virus can make you immune to the coronavirus?

No. You are trying to infer that.

The common cold covers several different virus types. The majority are rhinoviruses. Some are coronaviruses. It's not a great leap of imagination to think that he is using a virus with similar properties to create the vaccine.

Covid 19 is not the common cold.

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Nobody notices statues until they are taken down.

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Posted in: Gov't plans lifting alcohol ban even under state of emergency See in context

If you get worked up about alcohol being stopped at 8pm, you may need to see a specialist about that.

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