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thedesertfox comments

Posted in: Drumline Live See in context

Even if Konishikislims down, unfortunately he's already done too much damage in the past to his internal organs. 

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Posted in: 19-year-old college student dies after drinking party in Aichi See in context

Sounds like this guy probably Jimi Hendrixed on his futon. Hard to find a culprit in this case. No search for fingerprints will be conducted, as you really can't dust for vomit.

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Posted in: NHK says sayonara to 'Eigode Shaberanaito' See in context

Moe looks pregnant

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Posted in: 27-yr-old police sergeant arrested for having sex with 14-yr-old girl See in context

Faderkinta- The cop pretended to be a college student, not the girl. Read more closely before you spout off.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite feel-good movies? See in context

Slap Shot

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Posted in: Disaster drills for foreigners See in context

Leaving the tent after a few bong hits....

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy loses part of finger in game machine in Nara See in context

Trying to figure out who's at fault here, but can't.

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Posted in: Boy in hospital after games in sand go wrong See in context

Sand does have some fiber and nutritional value.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from station platform in Yokohama; two women injured See in context

Damn, this dude didn't know his physics.

He was failing his physics class.

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Posted in: Elvis troupe See in context

Apparently in the early nineties these rockabilly blokes beat the crap out of a gaijin (Iranian man) and the police watched and did nothing about it. These guys are scum. And desperate for attention.

They're kind of like folk heroes now. They illegally park their rusting piece of sh*t pink Cadillac on Inokashira Dori with impunity.

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Posted in: Man stabs 27-year-old son to death in Okayama See in context

Sounds like self defense to me. Let the father go.

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Posted in: 6 dead, 2 wounded in Washington state shooting spree See in context

Using a rifle and a speeding car makes for much more dramatic entertainment compared to the boring knife stabbings that happen in Japan.

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Posted in: Southern All Stars begin 30th anniversary tour in Yokohama See in context

a pair of tickets was purchased for 5,508,000 yen

Definitely not money well spent.

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Posted in: Sleeping See in context

COins have fallen out of his pocket, and nobody's picking them up

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Posted in: Yomiuriland See in context

Nothing says "Tokyo Summer is here" like the taste of urine, band-aids and hair in the public swimming pool.

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Posted in: Bank See in context

Is the bloke in the photo the driver? He looks like he's bowing apologetically, but would the bow would be best at a 90 degree angle or even get on his hands and knees and do "do-ge-za".

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the most evil movie villain of all time? See in context

Ogie Ogelethorpe in "Slap Shot".

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Posted in: Homeless woman arrested after living undetected in man's closet for a year See in context

I remember when I used to live in a closet in the Upper East side in Manhattan. Those were rough times.

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Posted in: Man on nationwide wanted list for knife attacks arrested in Saitama See in context

That dude is 40? No way!

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Posted in: Cat hired as station chief brings passengers back to debt-ridden train company See in context

“She never complains, even though passengers touch her all over the place."

Can be said still about a lot of chikan incidents on trains....

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Posted in: TV announcer Ako Kawada found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

what a waste. she was cute

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