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Posted in: Should websites remove the anti-Islam video that is fueling anti-U.S. protests in the Muslim world? See in context

@williB I stand corrected, from the information that I could find, Muhammad was a prophet of God, and most Muslims believe he is the last prophet sent by God for mankind. If this is not correct, please let me know. I would not want to offend anyone’s religion.

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Posted in: Does racial bias fuel Obama foes? See in context

I do not know that the President will get the entire black vote again this time around, I am a White-American but I will vote for Obama again. I do feel that because he is half black by race that this has been an issue that he has had to deal with for the last 4 years. The thing is, there are Black-Americans that do not support the President because he is not a 100% Black-American. I feel that the real issues of nothing being done in Washington, is not so much the President, but a lack of wanting to work together to do what is best for America by the House and Senate. As my writing details, I did not say that I was an Irish-American, you are either Irish or you are an American. The hyphen divides a nation. So, with that said, the President is an American not an African-American. He is black by race, he should have the same respect as any American in this country. It is sad that in America today race and ones color of their skin has to still be an issue.

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Posted in: Should websites remove the anti-Islam video that is fueling anti-U.S. protests in the Muslim world? See in context

@lucabrasi , got ya, thanks, have a great day, always nice to be able to talk with people. The world as a whole should be more open and just sit down and talk.

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Posted in: Man who cooked, served his own genitals sent to prosecutors See in context

There will be no court case; the evidence will not STAND UP in court. The Prosecutor will have a BALL with this one. It may be hard to tell HEADS from TAILS. Can the jury put all the PIECES together? In the end, the accused will just pass all the evidence.

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Posted in: Should websites remove the anti-Islam video that is fueling anti-U.S. protests in the Muslim world? See in context

@lucabrasi My basic point was this, if you believe in God, regardless of what name you give him, then violence and God do not go together. I respect all religions and one can call there God by any name. As I said, you would think at this point in the history of the world, that a culture that is so old would have learned something by now, that violence and hatred accomplish nothing.

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Posted in: Should websites remove the anti-Islam video that is fueling anti-U.S. protests in the Muslim world? See in context

When is the world going to wake up and realize that this is not about the Muslims, it is not a religious war, and Mohamed has nothing to do with this? This is about a group in our society that has nothing better to do then try to push their belief, whatever that is on other people. A culture that truly believes in God, regardless of what name you give him, would never react this way. America is still at the top of the list in nations that God loving people want to come to. It is because America is so great and has always been a leader that makes us a target. When you are at the top, someone is always trying to knock you down. This is a group that hates itself. So when you dislike yourself, you go after the guy at the top. America is not perfect; we have made our mistakes and will continue to make more. When you are a leader, you make mistakes because you do not have the benefit to follow the path that others have taken first. Our only BIG mistake, is that we as a nation or let me break it down more, our politicians refuse to learn from the short past that America has. Compared to the Middle East, we are still a baby, but look how far we have come. Yet, for some of the people in the Middle East, a very small group, they have not been able to figure it all out. Sad when you think that mankind started here. You would expect more from people that are suppose have the wisdom of age. The God that looks over this great land, Mohamed, is a loving God; Mohamed must really be upset with the death and destruction that is going on in his name. One is not born with hate in their heart, it is learned and tough.

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Posted in: Lifting lid on sexual harassment within police force See in context

A police Department is only as strong as it weakest link, in this case, the link is the Chief of Police. There is no room for any kind of disorder in any form in any Police Dept. The Chief needs to go and any other officers that are breaking down the respect of the Dept. This is 2012 and there is no more room for this type of behavior. No Police Dept. should allow its officer to act in this way.

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Posted in: Romney pounces on Obama over disappointing job news See in context

I am an American and I can tell you that unless all Americans get out and vote in November, nothing is going to change in American Politics. It is not who we vote in for President, but who we vote out in the House and Senate. Any sitting Congressperson and Senator needs to go. This country has a choke hold on it by the dirty dozen, who are they; they are the people that have made a lifestyle living in Washington. We sent them to Washington to do a job that would ensure that America is kept on the right path and allow us to continue to shine. All that they have done is to drag this great country down and put us in the mess that we are now in. They went to Washington, not to do what is best for the country as a whole, but spend their time, thinking about the next election and how to get reelected. America is 50 great states. We are not 13 colonies anymore and what happens to one state out of 50, affects us all. I am not a republican or a democrat, I am an American and I just want the best for this great country of ours. I do feel that Obama needs to be able to have another 4 years in office. I do not see anything in Romney that makes me feel that he can do any better than Obama. Again, until we clean out the old guard, nothing will change. Please Amreica, Vote in November

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Posted in: Bill Clinton urges Americans to stick with Obama See in context

Do not knock Bill Clinton; he was the only President that ever accomplished anything in the Oral Office. With that said, as I have said before in my comments, until the USA changes the power of the House and Senate, you can put whoever you want into office as President, but nothing will change.

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Posted in: Should the emperor apologize to South Korea for Japan's colonial-era abuses? See in context

A big NO from me...........we should learn from our past and go on..........

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Posted in: Who do you side with in the Apple vs Samsung patent disputes going on around the world? See in context

Every country has been taking technology from the begining. I am not saying that it is right, but it goes on. In the case of Japan, Any technology that they had gotten from the USA, they have just made better. American companies would invent a product and then just sit back and think that they were the worlds greatest. It happened with copeiers, the auto companies, computers and so on. This is the big plus, we here in America put our selves into situations that allow other country's to steal technology from us.. Back a number of years ago, and I will not mention the company, there was a group of Chinese enginears that were taking a tour of this VERY importent company in America, has to do with flying and the military, anyway, they discovered that one of the Chinese had put double sided tape on his shoe as they were going into a very senative area. He was trying to pick up mental fragments on his shoes to see what type of metals were being use to build this product. Having this knowledge could put the military side of the production of this product in damger. The theft of technology goes on all over the world.

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Posted in: I’m happy to keep workers on after 65, but I don’t think many are physically capable. Also, it may take away job opportunities for younger people. See in context

The issue is just this, if older workers do not retire, then there is no place for the younger worker to go and get a job. This is a real issue in the USA and no one wants to talk about it. Because of the world market, older workers have to work longer to rebuild there nest egg. On the other hand, if compenies hired younger workers to work along side the older workers,then experence would be passed along and it would be good for all. The younger workers would have a real internship and as they progressed, then the older workers could retire. If done right, it would be a win win for all. We in America do not respect the older generaation and the experence they have. There is just some knowledge that one can not get from a book or a computer.

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Posted in: U.S. troops punished over Koran burning, urination video See in context

Marines urinating on corpses, I do not agree with. But in war just about anything goes and this is a dirty war. One minute your best friend is alive and talking to you and in the next minute, he is dead and gone. It takes it toll after a while. As far as the burning of the Koran, my understanding from some reports, it was an accident, I know that this story said other wise. Any way that you look at it, I am tired of our Goverment kissing veryones ass when something like this happens. We sit home here in America and see our young men and woman dieing for a country that could give a shit less about Americans. Policial correctness is killing this country, you cannot say anything because you might offen someone. For: AlternateUniverse and Star-viking, it is the military men and woman that are willing to fight for your freedom that gives you the right to post your remarks. It is called freedom of speech. Try doing that in other country's, Look at the 17 people that were just killed in Afghanistan this week, just for danceing, Is this the type of country you want to live. I do not think so..............

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Posted in: Tropical storm overshadows Republican convention See in context

We as Americans are our own worse enemy. When you look at the turn out on Election Day and the numbers are so low. It is sinful here in America when you think that there are country’s that do not even hold elections. If people would just real our Constitution, they would really understand that the President of the United States has a very small amount of power. If real change is to happen in America, it is not by replacing the President, but voting out the Senators and Congressman that have been in office for so long and they are responsible for the mess that this country is in. They only do what will get them reelected and the hell with doing what is best for America. Wake up America……..

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon hits Okinawa See in context

SushiSake3, God loves the people of Okinawa, God dislikes the Republicans, How could any one dislike the people of Japan. God is pissed and he is coming back. The politicans of the world are first on his hit list. There greed is at the top of his list. I hope that the people of Okinawa fare well with the Typhoon.....God Bless

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Posted in: Toyota Japan’s sexy new topless ad featuring transgender model shocks viewers See in context

The body is a wonderful work of God, why do we make it out to be so bad.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor demands tighter discipline from U.S. military personnel See in context

I was on Okinawa back in the early 70's as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines. I do not agree with what the Marine has been charged with. But for the Govenor of Okinawa to grandstand on this issue is not fare to the thousands of u.s. military troops of all branches of the service that are trying to do the right thing. I really enjoyed my time on Okinawa and fell in love with the people of Japan and the country. We need Japan and Japan needs us. By the way, this issue was an issue when I was on Okinawa. Back then there was the same talk from some in Govenment of Japan about the same problems. Money is not the answer to any problem, but the U.S. pumps millons if not billons into the Japan econmony every year. I know for personnel experience that the locals that make a living from this money that is pumped into Japan would have a different opinon about the U.S. pulling out of Japan. And, I am not talking about the bars and not so nice places that some of the service members hang out at. Gov Hirokazu Nakaima is grandstanding and is pulling the, look at me people, I am your Govenor and I am doing something. Politicians are the same in any country. His remarks are way out of line..........Doc

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