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Posted in: Trump says tax hike on rich possible as he steps up talks with Democrats See in context

Being a trump supporter is like being a knitted toy dropped into the washing machine on an active cycle. Never know which way up or which way round you are supposed to be facing!

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Posted in: Trump says immigration deal with Democrats close, without border wall See in context

The wall was always a joke and was never going to be built. No idea what is going on inside the tiny mind of the Donald, if anything, but long may it continue, whatever it is! Annoying people that he can't afford to annoy is a very positive development for the world.

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Posted in: Koreans in Japan wary of tensions with North, worry about backlash See in context

they were born in Japan but have not bothered to take Japanese citizenship which is very easy to get if you were born in Japan although not automatic.

It's not a question of "bothering". Have you ever considered why many people in that situation have not chosen to take Japanese nationality? Hints: dual nationality, culture, names, reasons for ancestors coming to Japan, etc.

I agree though that supporting North Korea is a slap in the face to Japan. Difficult to justify.

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Posted in: After tough talk on immigration, Trump waffles See in context

Trump waffles - mostly air and food dye. Like that thing on his head!

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker Inoki arrives in N Korea See in context

Can't imagine this doing any good but at least it won't do harm, unlike empty threats of military action, for example. I wish he would lose that stupid scarf though. With that chin, he already has a built-in trademark and doesn't need another one.

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Posted in: Japan's cutesy 'kei' cars hit rocky road See in context

Totally unsafe.

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Posted in: Koike skips tribute to Koreans murdered after 1923 quake See in context

Really bad. Though not as bad as the diabolical comment by ex-gov Ishihara who claimed that foreigners or 'third-party individuals' as he would call them would cause trouble after an earthquake, when in fact exactly the opposite happened, as noted here. Still, to say Koike is not as bad as Ishihara is damning with faint praise, to say the least.

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Posted in: Struggling opposition Democratic Party elects ex-foreign minister Maehara as leader See in context

Yes it's a really weak-looking pose. Supposed to be the opposite I expect.

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Posted in: Mattis disputes reports of being at odds with Trump See in context

No sources involved. Each man's words plainly reported. Perhaps you have not read the above article.

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Posted in: Mattis disputes reports of being at odds with Trump See in context

A direct contradiction by a key member of the whole administration of the president's words is, as you say, a huge deal. It remains one despite Mattis' feeble attempt to deny it. I will agree with you though that Mattis generally knows what he is talking about, which makes him a rarity indeed in team Trump.

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Posted in: More Chinese tourists turning to gypsy cabs See in context

Gypsy cabs - are those elaborate hand-painted wooden two-wheelers pulled by a horse?

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Posted in: Mattis disputes reports of being at odds with Trump See in context

Mattis must have panicked, thinking Trump would fly into a tizzy for being immediately and directly contradicted like that. But luckily for Mattis, Trump is the one person in the world gullible enough to fall for a simple denial of the facts. Perhaps because denials of the facts are what Trump does the way other people breathe air, he sometimes fails to notice when others follow his example.

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Posted in: Mattis disputes reports of being at odds with Trump See in context

The two entirely contradictory comments were quoted, as they are above. That's all. Nothing has changed.

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Posted in: Mattis disputes reports of being at odds with Trump See in context


On the other hand, the two men's comments were diametrically opposed to each other, as clearly quoted in the article. So it's not surprising that this gets reported factually. What else could happen?

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Posted in: New man on the job See in context

Now that's what I call a chair!

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Posted in: Trump to donate $1 million to Harvey relief See in context

That must have been painful, to make the first charitable donation of his life!

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Posted in: Halilhodzic lives to fight another day as Japan reaches 2018 World Cup See in context

Ridiculous that his position was said to be in jeopardy if they hadn't won last night. Japan still would have been well placed to qualify, actually. Anyway doesn't matter now. Good game.

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Posted in: Abe says he and Trump 'completely agree' on next steps over N Korea See in context

So Abe wants Trump to go ahead with the military strike he has been threatening, and never mind the consequences for South Korea or Japan? Also though Trump changes his mind every time he speaks, he has more often talked about a military solution than the alternatives. And Abe agrees with that?

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Posted in: Trump sows confusion by rejecting idea of North Korea talks See in context

never served in the ... military or even had a post. He was a pampered spoiled child 

Same point as Katsu above but yes, this perfectly describes Kim's adversary as well.

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Posted in: Trump defends decision to pardon Arizona's Arpaio; insists Mexico will pay for wall See in context

Mexico is less likely to pay for the 'wall' than Trump to pay the contractors he put out of business after working on his 'casino projects'.

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Posted in: Date announces retirement from tennis for second time See in context

basically doing nothing, no kids, no family, what the hell was she doing all those years?

Well she was married and maybe intended to have kids. I don't get the impression she regretted retiring the first time.

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Posted in: Trump defends decision to pardon Arizona's Arpaio; insists Mexico will pay for wall See in context

Accepting a pardon is an admission of guilt. Important to remember that. Trump is by definition helping a convicted criminal.

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte says police can kill 'idiots' who resist arrest See in context

The Asian Trump.

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Posted in: Globalized auto industry vulnerable to new Brexit borders See in context

Indeed, it was while Britain was an EC and EU member that it saw its indigenous car industry sink into decline, going from one of the world's major manufacturers to almost nothing.

Your intelligence is 30 years out of date.

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Posted in: Trump to visit Texas Tuesday to survey storm damage from Harvey See in context

No disaster could be worse than someone with a cheeseburger where the brain should be occupying the white house.

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Posted in: From Lolita To Gyaru: 4 trends that changed Japan’s fashion history See in context

  1. No

  2. No yes no.

  3. No

  4. No

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Posted in: Nagasaki Starbucks marks anniversary of World War II’s end with powerful message of peace See in context

other regions of political stability


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Posted in: Citizens of many U.S. allies trust Putin more than Trump See in context

This is a height contest between acorns. どんぐりの背比べ

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Posted in: Trump adviser Bannon says U.S. in economic war with China See in context

This is true though:

There’s no military solution, forget it.

And this:

Ethno-nationalism — it's losers. It's a fringe element.

Anyway let's hope this interview where he called a journo out of the blue, started ranting and then decided he didn't know he was being interviewed, will send Trumpo into a fury leading him to fire Bannon. Ditching Bannon is of course positive because he is so dreadful, and it will also be yet further evidence of the total incompetence and chaos of this White House. Still hoping Sessions will go soon, for the same reasons.

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Posted in: White House defends Trump's response to Virginia violence See in context

Where is the grotesque misrepresentation part again?

Funny how you saw different videos and drew different conclusions from every person who was there. But you would know better, right?

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