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Posted in: Former TV announcer Mao Kobayashi dies of cancer at 34 See in context

It was looking hopeless but still very sad. Best wishes to the family.

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Posted in: Trump says he did not record conversations with former FBI chief Comey See in context

Saying Trump lies is like saying he breathes air. He just voices whatever notion happens to be wafting around in that cavernous unoccupied space beneath his toupee at any particular moment. Tactics? Strategy? He don't got 'em. No wonder he creates so many problems for himself when he has to interact with thinking sentient beings.

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Posted in: Does Japan’s five-yen coin need a redesign? See in context

No need to change the design. And the fact of having the hole in common with the Y50 has a nice neatness to it. Maybe they should put a hole in the Y500 as well.

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

The recent special elections were all to replace congressional members appointed to the administration, i.e. they were all Republicans. Not too surprising that Republican candidates won again in districts previously held by Republicans. Clearly not a straight fight, and while the Democrats would have been delighted to win any of the seats, they odds were always against them. As if anybody needed that to be spelled out!

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

So it's not new, and it's not his. I agree it is an idea.

As everyone has pointed out, physical barriers already exist everywhere they could be built and would have any impact. The 'wall' will never be built and of course Mexico was never going to humour Trumpty with his fantasy of them contributing financially. As for solar panels, the sun basically shines from the south in the northern hemisphere, so they would all be on the Mexican side. Is he expecting Mexico to patrol and maintain the panels as well?

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Posted in: N. Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath' See in context

He's not a psychopath, but he is a sociopath. Kim Jong-Un on the other hand probably is a psychopath. Still, it's worrying that Trumpty is able to get us all to even half-agree with any utterance coming out of Pyongyang. Quite an achievement.

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Posted in: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to expand to Japan this year See in context

How did they pick Cleveland anyway? Any of the following would be a lot more appropriate:

Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, London, Liverpool...

Still it will be good to have something in Japan. The John Lennon Museum was fun while it lasted.

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Posted in: Fiat Chrysler denies report it has decided to pull Chrysler brand from Japan See in context

Opel, Ford...

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Posted in: With clock ticking, Britain, EU play up chance of deal See in context

The 'softer' the better. As was clear at the outset, the very best the UK can hope for is a Norway or Switzerland type of arrangement, i.e. less good than what it has now. Nothing has changed that.

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Posted in: Princely visit See in context

Isn't is customary to wave both countries' flags on occasions like this? And have representatives of both lined up?

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Posted in: Opposition pushes for further scrutiny of Abe favoritism claims See in context

Guilty as hell.

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Posted in: Abe to reshuffle cabinet as ratings slump: media See in context

Yes how is shuffling the pack of random LDP place-fillers and time-servers supposed to improve the popularity of Abe, which has suffered as a result of his not-one-but-two school favours scandals, and the very unpopular (for good reasons) secrets bill, constitutional amendment plans, and conspiracy law?

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Posted in: Abe's support slumps amid doubts about school scandal See in context

constitution does not have a reapportionment clause like the US constitution.


Supreme Court has declared some elections to be unconstitutional because in come cases 1 country vote equals 7 city votes.

So clearly it is addressed in the constitution, and courts have on numerous occasions found elections to be "in a state of unconstitutionality" which supposedly differs somehow from simply being "unconstitutional". The problem is that there is not a proper mechanism to correct these imbalances in vote values and to pull them back into line each time following demographic shifts. You are right though that the current situation permanently helps the LDP and is a grotesque distortion which needs to be fixed.

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Posted in: 3 former members of SMAP to leave talent agency See in context

The sole purpose of the agencies is to prevent talent freely reaching the market, and to extort the maximum amount of money from the TV channels by strictly controlling the supply. At the same time they control all access to the media by the so-called talent. It's a monopoly on both sides, ensuring the worst possible outcome for all.

With ancient specimens like these though, not they have any talent having grown up in the system, what they do have is name recognition, meaning they no longer need the agencies and the agencies would struggle to control them. Appearances in the media likely to be sharply curtailed, however, for anyone daring to take on the machine.

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Posted in: 1st antiterror drill held at nuclear plant for drone attack See in context

That's one heavy duty selfie stick!

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'witch hunt' but lawyer insists no probe See in context

Normally Trump's underlings are embarrassed by contradictory tweets and rants from the flying toupee AFTER they have gone on record defending the official line, only to find out in the most uncomfortable way that they official line was something utterly different. This time, the lawyer's claim was made despite the twitter rant contradicting it having been made BEFORE! So leaving aside that Trump's tweet had two huge logical and factual errors in it within a very few short syllables (Rosenstein is not the one investigating him and couldn't be; Rosenstein didn't 'tell' Trump to fire Comey since he had already decided to do that), what on earth was the lawyer doing trying to re-write history when Trump has already sprayed dandruff to the effect that he is indeed being investigated. Monty Python was never this good!

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump fashion brand halts talks on deal with Japanese firm See in context

Well that is the correct conclusion, however late. But even without any governmental angle in Japan or elsewhere, Ivanka is still attempting to profit from the Trump name while working as an advisor to her father. So the whole business should be closed down. Then we have the sweatshop labour in Indonesia putting the stuff together. And the design rip-offs. And the fact that it's not selling anyway. What a great business!

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Posted in: Charlie Chaplin narrowly escaped assassination by Japanese 'terrorists' in 1932 See in context

Very interesting story. Had no idea.

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Posted in: Chance of smooth Brexit fades after British election chaos See in context

Brexit was always based on a big lie that a soft Brexit would be possible. That was clearly never the case. If some kind of Brexit still has to go ahead, it should be as soft as possible, i.e. effectively no Brexit. Things have taken a distinct turn in that direction over the last week. About time.

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Posted in: Dennis Rodman arrives in North Korea See in context

Dennis is not a stupid guy.

How would you know, Donald? Beyond your realm of comprehension.

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Posted in: Another U.S. appeals court refuses to revive Trump travel ban See in context

Maybe it's a rule of the Trump administration that nobody must know more than the flying toupee on any subject. And since he knows nothing whatever about the law or the constitution, nor is anybody else allowed to. Hence the catastrophic failure of this 'policy'.

And as for the cabinet love-fest, well no parody writer would get away with anything so ludicrous, on the grounds of a lack of realism.

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Posted in: Qatar's unifying World Cup vision erodes as nations cut ties See in context

I have no idea of the merits of this dispute with Saudi and others, but one theory is that is all arose out of Russian hacking of Qatari governmental/media websites and their officials never made the comments attributed to them. Who knows. Saudi itself has certainly done more than its fair share of 'destablisation' via support to dodgy outfits.

But in football terms, Qatar was always a dreadful choice. Tiny country, very inhospitable climate, atrocious working conditions, no football tradition, and barely a blade of grass! So yes let's take the opportunity to quietly retreat from that appalling piece of Blattery and move it. Almost anywhere else would be better.

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Posted in: White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping See in context

You voted for an outsider and with that comes situations where he falls flat on his face and will be criticized for it.

The problem is that there have been no situations where he stays on his feet or remotely looks as if he has any idea what he is doing.

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Posted in: Trump suggests support for isolation of Qatar See in context

Why is this blithering idiot pretending he had anything to do with it? Total fantasist.

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Posted in: Qatar's unifying World Cup vision erodes as nations cut ties See in context

Cancel the world cup and move it somewhere sensible.

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Posted in: White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping See in context

The guy on the left in the photo talks a lot more sense than this waste of oxygen. The guy who's been dead for 150 years and whose head is full of rocks.

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Posted in: Anger Management Day See in context

Is parents getting angry with their own kids the biggest manifestation of what would require 'anger management'? Nice acronym, by the way (jama). And nice person to publicise it though not sure how she was picked.

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Posted in: Bolshoi Circus to kick off 6-city tour of Japan in July See in context

Wild animals are not toys.

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Posted in: FIFA in contact with Qatar over 2022 World Cup See in context

Let's take the opportunity to cancel what was always a ridiculous idea to hold the world cup there. Bullet dodged!

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Posted in: Bill Cosby goes on trial for sexual assault See in context

And here we were thinking there was nobody less popular than Donald Trump.

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