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The world record altitude for any helicopter is 40,820 feet.

While there are many military jets that can reach 60K ft, I think the highest helicopters can only get to about 35K ft and that's not hovering. DT will certainly know more. Typically, helicopters are 10K ft or 25K ft flights.

A U-2 plane doesn't have any offensive weapons.

An F-15 has a service ceiling of 65,000 ft, but they can get much higher. A pre-production F-15A "Streak Eagle" reached 103,000 ft after flying to 98K ft (30,000 m) in 3 min and 28 seconds to set 8 time-to-climb records. It coasted the last 5K ft up.

Russian MiG and SUs have beaten most of those time-to-climb records now. However, the F-22 would likely beat them, but neither Lockheed nor the USAF have any interest in sharing F-22 capabilities in public. The F-22 is known to be able to accelerate during vertical flight, however. These numbers are interesting, but not usually relevant towards killing the enemy unless all missiles are expended, but fuel remains, so that guns are the only remaining offensive weapon. I suspect that is highly unlikely.

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Bach doesn't stand for anything, except money. Some issues are clearly wrong. Invading a country without provocation is wrong.

Russia has caused over 200K people to die, roughly an even number on both sides. That action cannot stand. The Russian people clearly don't value their freedoms nor will they hold their leaders responsible. The US had a terrible leader - 1 term and he was voted out.

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Nuestra Familia prison gang. Death penalty.

Where were the good guys with the guns?

It is California, not Texas. Californians have been brainwashed about many things, including firearms.

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Posted in: U.S. tells owners to park old Hondas until air bags are fixed See in context

This is happening... again?!

No. It is the same story trying to get people to bring their vehicles in for the free replacement.

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The Chinese payload is over 3 buses in size - so it is huge and dangerous, if the balloon has a failure.

My non-expert opinion after reading a few stories about it is that it is a science balloon that ended up over the US by mistake. I also suspect that the electronics inside it have all been fried making them useless. Chinese satellites cover the US daily with spy cameras, so the visual sensors on the balloon probably don't have the same resolution capabilities as their satellites.

Almost anyone in the US can launch a small payload high altitude balloon legally by taking a few precautions and contacting the FAA to get specific approvals. Students do this across the country as part of science projects. The rules aren't hard to understand.

under 4 lbs

under 6x6 inch payload

no cellular communications while in the air

a predicted flight path and altitude are expected, but it is expected they will be inaccurate. ;)

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Posted in: Hong Kong's largest national security trial to begin with 47 pro-democracy figures in dock See in context

If any adult citizen of the city cannot run for office, that isn't a democracy. Govt rules that require the current rulers to approve who can run are anti-democracy. There are already sufficient aids for incumbents to win that preventing challengers, regardless of their wacky ideas just isn't necessary.

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Posted in: U.S. Figure Skating blasts delay in awarding of Beijing medals See in context

In Jan 2023,

Earlier this month, a Russia Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) disciplinary panel ruled that Valieva committed a violation in testing positive for the heart mediation trimetazidine


Given that WADA only received a copy of the RUSADA panel’s ruling this week and is still waiting for Valieva’s case file before deciding if it will file an appeal, it could be many more months before the team event winners are declared.

So, the Winter Olympics were a year ago, Russia OC and anti-doping agency has been dragging their feet all this time. They need to be banned from all international winter sports until all outstanding questions are resolved. ALL OF THEM. That way, they'd have proper incentives to come to conclusions faster.

It will be the first time in Olympic history that medals for an event will not be awarded.

Acting like this happens all the time is untrue.

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Posted in: U.N. member states urge Japan to improve treatment of migrants, asylum seekers See in context

Asylum seekers deserve a quick resolution - acceptance or deportation. If they cannot pay for deportation to a country that will accept them, give them an offer of work to earn plane fair or simply deport them back where they came.

If you aren't invited, then you shouldn't show up demanding anything.

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Posted in: Russian oligarch ordered to forfeit $5.4 million to U.S.; Ukraine may get funds See in context

@dagon, nice attempt to deflect from the story.

Russian oligarchs have been supporting a leader who has invaded another country and is killing tens of thousands of people, both Russians and in the invaded country.

They need to be held accountable for their actions, though $5.4M is nothing to them. Russian people need to demand a stop to their invasion and get their military removed, so they don't all die.

The world needs to snag a few $B from each Russian oligarch to pay for weapons needed by Ukraine to fight the invaders. Some of that money is needed to keep Ukrainians warm, fed, in their own country as they fight against the invaders.

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China should be embarrassed. They are being petty. I can see Putin smiling just a little every time a story like this happens.

OTOH, I still see Russians banned from international sport. In an effort to keep the Russian athletes having any competitions, they are, all in Russia and countries tightly coupled to Russia. Every few months, I see some competition in the sport I follow, with the same 15 Russian athletes competing and perhaps 3 non-Russians, who aren't very good competing for last. It is a bit sad. There's a competition happening now in Pensa (about 300 kms SE of Moscow).

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Posted in: U.S. layoffs hit two-year high in January after tech firms slashed thousands of jobs See in context

Anyone in tech in the USA who isn't a paperweight can get a job in 2 weeks. Takes about 2 months to find a great job.

They were all hired due to fear that none would be available. Many tech companies flush with cash over-hired.

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Posted in: Hong Kong woos tourists with 500,000 free air tickets and vouchers See in context

I have no plans to return to Hong Kong now that Beijing has forced their broken politics onto the SAR 35+ yrs in advance of the signed agreement. Beijing is full of liars. That's what the world learned the last 20+ yrs.

Perhaps their lies were always bad and I didn't notice it until Xi was inserted to power. Hard to say.

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If H₂ can be generated using solar power for the household requirements, including the vehicle, this would be a completely green solution. Imagine just having water as the only utility connection to your home and having solar split it into Hydrogen for local house and vehicle use and storage. If 7 days of storage were possible, we'd be self-generating power for any home need (HVAC, cooking, house power and for driving).

Honda had/has the FCX vehicle. It was H₂ powered and had a methane (nat-gas) conversion "wall" that took natural gas from the house feed and created H₂ plus hot water for the house. It was only available in California and only as a lease vehicle.

Because H₂ is so small, containing it isn't easy. It always leaks, even through steel and glass. Those leaks are a major safey concern for indoor vehicles and H₂ tanks, since ignition in air is possible.

But NASA has been using fuel cells since at least the 1970s. The Space Shuttles used fuel cells for APUs on orbit to generate power.

If the price is reasonable and the safety issues (especially venting) are addressed, I'm more likely to get a fuel cell vehicle than an EV.

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Posted in: South Korean court says stolen statue must be returned to Japan See in context

Rule of law on example.

Stolen national artwork is being returned around the world these days.

In many situations, it was better for the world to have that art taken by stable cultures, put on display and cared for all these years, sometimes centuries. But once the location where the art was stolen becomes stable, it needs to be returned.

I'm thinking about the British Museum and some other Museums around the world that need to return art to the place of origin. Another alternative is to lease the priceless objects for 50 yr time frames, to remove the issue until stability can be reconsidered again.

Hopefully, places with war have taken steps to get their artwork out of war zones already. Leased to reputable museums, not private collectors, never to be seen again.

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Posted in: North Korea warns of 'overwhelming nuclear force' to counter U.S. See in context

Good old US provoking more wars for its geopolitic convenience..

What? SK didn't invade NK. It was a tactical mistake for China to encourage NK in their civil war, but THEY started it, not the US.

China wanted to expand communism to the entire Korean Peninsula, but the US saw it coming faster than they expected and moved to counteract that invasion, before it happened.. Their civil war has never officially ended, so NK really is an outlaw province to SK. Of course, NK might make the same claim about SK.

NK is a vassal state of China. Without Chinese support, they'd have lost and all of Korea would be more like SK, Japan, and Taiwan today. I bet NK people would rather have that political and economic system.

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Posted in: Canada moves to take in 10,000 Uyghur refugees See in context

@Awa no Gaijin - China is abusing people today, en masse. Further, they deny it in the face of lots of proof and testimony. Lying to "save face".

Canada is trying to rectify their passed transgressions. Facing current and prior mistakes shows an enlightened culture.

How does what Canada is doing help fix China? That's the real question. Seems nothing can fix the broken leadership in China, short of complete replacement of the CCP (or whatever name they want to go by to hide their current guilt) and single-party system.

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Posted in: EU unveils plan to counter U.S. green subsidies, China competition See in context

The US isn't being harmed by the Russian oil sanctions nearly as much as Europe and Japan. The US isn't being a very good global neighbor to our friends. Macron and Biden discussed this at their meeting, but it didn't change anything on Biden's side.

US subsidies for "green" companies and technology that impact cross-border trade seems like a violation of WTO rules. Of course, the USgovt is trying to encourage US companies to "go green" faster. Germany did that with power generation. A new study in the US says that generating electric power is cheaper using solar and wind than burning coal for every coal plant in the US, except one.

Also, the NRC has just approved a smaller nuclear reactor, NuScale SMR, for generating 60MW. These SMR designs use passive cooling and aren't under high pressure, which is a nice design trait. If all cooling is lost, the reaction will slow and stop without any risk of explosion. They are about ⅓ the size of a full-scale AP-1000 reactor. Will be built in a factory and shipped to the final location. Up to 12 of the reactors can be installed to allow for maintenance to be shifted between the different reactors. Recent economic studies have risen the $/MW from $60 to $89 thanks to 2022 inflation. That puts the NuScale SMR reactors at a similar construction price as the 2 new Vogtle nuclear reactors which famously over ran their budget 100% ($14B -- over $30B and over 6 yrs late).

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Posted in: California seeks new gun restrictions following shootings See in context

California has over 400K firearms. Regardless of the laws, people with firearms will not be turning them in. Distrust of the govt is part of American culture. It is also why there's no central list of gun owners. We don't trust our federal govt. I'd bet there are Californians with now-illegal firearms or attachments that weren't illegal 20 yrs ago, in their gun safes and closets.

All what America needs to do is to realize that living is so much better without firearms, greed and power go hand in hand and until politicians and firearm manufacturers are under control things will not improve.

You seem to think that every American sees and uses a gun every day. We don't. Firearms aren't part of my daily life and when I head out for work or shopping, it is unlikely I'll see one. Heck, it is unlikely I'll see any law enforcement people or cars either. In 20 drives in the area, I might see a cop-car once.

Wishing for all the firearms to magically go away won't do anything. American's aren't going to vote to have all guns made illegal either and they won't repeal the 2nd amendment. Wishing for that won't make it happen.

What can be done is to have common sense laws about limiting accessibility, mandated reoccurring safety training, and locked storage with new laws that have some teeth. Anything more and those proposed laws will be DOA.

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Mentally ill people shouldn't have firearms. This is an existing law. Someone screwed up.

Semi-related, in Georgia, a few firearm bills have been submitted to the assembly for 2023:

HB 44 - require universal background checks in all manner of firearm transfers and purchases

HB 45 - require a three-day waiting period for the purchase or transfer of certain firearms

HB 135 - establish the offense of failure to adequately secure a firearm : $500 fine, 2nd offense would be a felony with 1-3 yrs in prison.

HB 161 - establish the offense of making a firearm accessible to a child: $5000 fine.

I fear none will pass or be merged due to GOP and the powerful gun-lobby here. Glock's US HQ is about 5 miles away. I need to sign up for the factory tour. Last time I looked, there was a 6 months waiting list.

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China is extremely racist. Ask anyone who isn't from the "correct" ethnic group how high in business and govt they will be allowed to achieve. Of course, the Chinese Constitution says that racism isn't allowed, unless it disrupts "harmony" or is otherwise an issue to the Han CCP Govt.

Han Chinese don't realize that the Uyghur will end up saving China from poor central control decisions in the future. Same with Tibetans, assuming both groups are allowed to speak, read and write their native languages. Preventing that is against the Chinese Constitution, unless it disrupts "harmony" or is otherwise an issue to the Han CCP Govt.

See a pattern there?

Ask any honest foreigner living in China if they've been discriminated against based on race.

Canada is doing well to provide asylum. Now they just need to clear out the Chinese Nationalists from Canada.

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Seems odd that something so radioactive wouldn't be in a sizeable lead container with the international radiation symbol outside. ☢ That's u+2622 in unicode, assuming wasn't possible. This story makes if feel like is was a ball used in a flintlock rifle that was thrown into the back of a flatbed truck without any consideration.

BTW, radioactive materials are all around us on Earth. It is possible to buy small rocks with natural, radioactive, Uranium inside. The amount that can be bought isn't large, but it isn't tiny either. There's a cave in Gabon where they think a natural fission reaction happened.

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Nepotism is the most brazen of cons.

No, there are many that are worse. Sadly, there are plenty of examples around the world. I'm not saying it isn't bad, just hardly the worst.

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Buying souvenirs is an official duty?

Yes! Everyone doing business in Japan knows this. It is more about the trinket being at least as nice as what the other person gifted last time.

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I'm probably in the minority, but when a close relative of the sitting PM for Japan is overseas, especially performing official duties, he needs protection. That protection would include using a vehicle that has always been under the J-Govt control, is maintained by them and has a J-govt driver - assuming the driver has training in anti-attack driving and carries a gun to protect the person under his charge.

The fact that his son is on his staff at all is a problem, but not that he was being protected, with official govt manpower.

If people are upset over the vehicle being used, how do they feel about J-AF-1 (B773ER) being used to flying them around?

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Posted in: China accuses Washington of abusing technology export controls See in context

The US banned China and the Chinese from the International Space Station but years later NASA Administrator Bill Nelsonhas told Newsweek that he wishes China would co-operate with the U.S. space agency, in the same way that the Americans have worked with Russia for decades. China has its own space station now.

The US Senate (responsible for treaties) banned NASA working with China AFTER China was caught stealing avionics secrets from Loral - a US Space/Satellite company. Loral was fined $20M for their failure. Clinton was President and pushed for the state department exception to allow the Loral Satellite to be launched using Chinese rockets. Google "Chinagate". To ensure that no additional research for the satellite components stolen would be found, China blew it up during launch (unproven). That was an $85M loss. The US satellites had extremely sensitive encryption hardware on-board.

Disclosure: I worked for Loral, but not on that specific satellite.

The U.S. once declared Taiwan as China but flipped throwing Taiwan underneath the bus in 1972 and 1979.

This was the least worse way to get China to engage with the rest of the world. Nobody liked the compromise. Taiwan certainly was screwed, but they were unwilling to change their name and mainland China wanted to be the only "China" in the UN. There were hundreds of other subtle issues worked out in the compromise. After all, Taiwan's largest trading partner is mainland China by far with nearly 30% of all Taiwanese trade. That doesn't count the 14% going to Hong Kong. Mainland China had a big advantage in the compromise.

The US doesn't care about the "superpower" label. We are all in this together trying to have the fairest world for as many humans on it as possible, while leaving countries alone as long as they treat their people and neighbors appropriately.

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There is nothing in the Constitution that gives citizens the right to own any weapon anywhere anytime. 

Yes, it does.

No, it doesn't. Whenever the Constitution isn't clear, it is the job of SCOTUS to interpret it. Limitations on some weapons and locations where firearms are allowed have been ruled constitutional by SCOTUS.

For example, fully automatic machine guns have been illegal without a federal license for over 50 yrs ... maybe 90 yrs.

The US is a country with rule of law (nearly always). For now, handguns are allowed in almost any private home if the residents there want one, are adults and non-felons. A law trying to prevent that was struck down by SCOTUS in Washington D.C. But other laws restricting firearms and locations have been found constitutional.

NYC tried to have more restrictions on their concealed carry permits. They wanted to add "probable cause" as a required reason to need a concealed firearm. That was struck down by SCOTUS in 2022.

The Court ruled that the 109-year-old provision violated the Second Amendment, holding that States may not require otherwise responsible and law-abiding citizens to show “a special need for self-defense” in order to qualify for a license to carry a handgun outside the home. (p. 30). A license to carry a handgun may be denied for other reasons specific to an applicant’s background, character, or ability to use a firearm properly, but not for lack of a special need for self-defense.

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Posted in: Biden to end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11 See in context

Had my last booster in December. It was free. Wanted to get the flu shot at the same time. My insurance covers it, but only from their facilities, not at the local Walgreens, so I passed. That's $65 I chose not to waste. My insurance has a location about 10 minutes away - it is actually pretty convenient, but I just haven't crossed the highway to that part of town in about 4 yrs.

I'm not a liberal and live in a very red state, in a very red part of a very red county. I believe in science and think that vaccinations are in the top 5 inventions of all time by humans.

Not getting a booster doesn't mean people are rejecting anything. For whatever reason, it hasn't been a priority. Perhaps they had covid and the symptoms were mild, so they are treating it like most do with the annual flu. I think the last time I caught the flu was in the mid-1990s. I don't get vaccinated for it most years. I'm not rejecting the vaccine. It is that my situation doesn't make me have sufficient contact that I'll caught it, so it hasn't been a priority.

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Posted in: Brazil's Bolsonaro applies for 6-month U.S. visitor visa See in context

Why doesn't Brazil just ask for him to be extradited if they want him?

If he has money to spend and doesn't break any US laws and Brazil hasn't asked for him to be extradited, then I don't see why he can't stay if his visa is approved. The whole "rule of law" thing needs to work.

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Posted in: Florida GOP leaders want to get rid of gun permits See in context

I've never seen or heard about any God, Gods, or Dog handing a human a firearm. It is not a fundamental human right.

But it is a right for all legal, adult, non-convicted felon, residents of the USA to have a firearm. Having one any where you like or having it concealed are not rights as far as the SCOTUS has ruled.

There are different rules around the USA for good reasons. Rules that make sense in Florida don't make sense in California or in urban centers. Florida is full of dangerous animals, and I'm not just talking about humans.

So many posters here don't seem to understand the US Constitution and amendments. The first 10 amendments are called the "Bill of Rights" and were required in order to get the original US Constitution signed. The 2nd Amendment - that's the one that says we get to have firearms - was required because at the time, British soldiers were using their firearms to force people living in the Americas to follow their wishes. Americans didn't like that and knew that having firearms in lots of hands of the people would be 1 way to discourage the redcoats from returning. Should this amendment have been changed/removed about 40 yrs ago? I think it should have been., but by that point there were already millions of firearms spread in closets across the US by all sorts of people. Nearly all are sane, normal, people and a few are a bit crazy for firearms.

There is good news. I saw that firearm sales are down over 20% in 2022 and that people are turning theirs in for destruction.

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Posted in: Eva Green tells UK court 'B movie' could have wrecked career See in context

Either you have a contract or your don't.

If either party fails to meet the requirements of what the contract states, then they default and owe the other party compensation.

"Rust" has nothing to do with this movie. Completely different production teams in different countries.

If she didn't like the contract, then she shouldn't have signed.

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