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Posted in: Piece of Osprey wreckage given to U.S. after crash off Japan See in context

Ospreys have a history of mishaps, including fatal crashes.

All aircraft with more than a few years of flying have a history of mishaps and fatal crashes. Facts to compare to other aircraft, preferably similar types of aircraft, would actually be nice. Compare the Osprey to a Harrier (AV-8 and variants) ... except a Harrier is a fighter, not a transport.

V-22 Osprey 3.16 accidents per 100,000 flight hours.

AV-8B Harrier 11.44 accidents per 100,000 flight hours.

F/A-18 Hornet. 3 accidents per 100,000 flight hours.

B-52 "BUFF" 4.06 accidents per 100,000 flight hours. A B-52 is a very safe aircraft.

B-58 Hustlers 21% of the entire fleet were lost in flight. It was operational less than 10 yrs, but during that time, set a number of international records (Bleriot Trophy, the Thompson Trophy, the Mackay Trophy, the Bendix Trophy, and the Harmon Trophy.) I have a different perspective on Hustlers. Dad was a B-58 pilot. He said it was an "unforgiving aircraft", but if you followed the rules, you'd not get into bad situations. He also knew that if war broke out, it was a 1-way mission.

Marine Corps’ MV-22 Osprey has a lower mishap rate per 100,000 flight hours than the Harrier, Super Hornet, F-35B, or CH-53E Super Stallion.

Perspective is important. So is comparing accident rates for aircraft used in similar environments. An aircraft that sits in a US desert, protected from salt water most of the lifetime, will have completely different failures than an aircraft that spends 1/3rd of it's time on a ship deployed to the ocean.

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Posted in: North Korea says interference in its satellites would be declaration of war See in context

Use some ground-based or aircraft-based HPMs to knock out or degrade their new satellites. Let them figure out what happened in 30 yrs. There are unclassified papers on these types of weapons.

Technically, the US and NK have been at war since the 1950s, so nothing new there.

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Posted in: Iran says Israeli strike in Syria killed 2 Revolutionary Guard members while on advisory mission See in context

Is Syria in Israel?

No, but many attacks on Israel are launched from Syria, in addition to the 6-days war in 1967. Syria has fired thousands of rockets and mortar shells at Israel.

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Posted in: Crown prince says review of official royal duties required See in context

However, this is expected to be opposed by the United States and China.

70 yrs ago, the US cared. "God" status was bad for Japan, completely ending the war and long term peace. Today, the US doesn't care at all about the Japanese royals. Do whatever you like. Keep them if you like or let them get jobs. Whatever. Less than 0.00001% of the USA cares.

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Posted in: Japan's biggest ruling party faction allegedly pooled secret funds, sources say See in context

Until the public decides to fund fair political contests equally, there's always going to be graft involved. Remove financing from politics.

Make those who want to run for office collect signatures from voters in the district to receive any public funding for their campaigns and agree to never accept outside funding. This way, the politicians will actually represent the people in their district, not corporate or special interests.

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Posted in: Thousands of fake Facebook accounts shut down by Meta were primed to polarize voters ahead of 2024 See in context

There's no way it could be China. Facebook and Instagram are illegal there, so if anyone was doing it and it wasn't cut off within 5 minutes, that means the Chinese govt approved it. I just can't believe it. No way would our friends in China try to undermine "internal issues" that has nothing at all to do with Asia or China




Also, we can see that X is doing less, since they aren't about to ban/delete fake accounts created in violation of the platform's account and use policies. Things that Musk doesn't like are banned. Things that get Musk paid are allowed. Simple. I don't have an issue either way, just want the platform to be honest.

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Posted in: Hungary will not agree to starting EU membership talks with Ukraine, minister says See in context

A county currently at war shouldn't be allowed to join NATO for the good of all NATO countries. When the war is completed, 1 day later, sign them up.

Hungary is saying what Putin wants them to say - at least the current nationalist leader is saying what Putin wants.

Hungary, which is also a NATO member, has opposed many EU initiatives to support Ukraine in resisting Moscow's forces and gets most of its crude oil and gas from Russia.

This President has been bought and paid for by Putin.

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Posted in: Ruling in Russian Olympic figure skater Kamila Valieva's doping case could be delayed to February See in context

I think she did what her coaches required. Nothing more. Nothing less. The coaches should be banned for life. OTOH, over 2 yrs of delays is just Russia putting off repercussions yet again. There's no reason they couldn't expedite the research and gotten to a ruling in less than 3 months. Bogus denials from Russia, over and over and over. "We have no plans to invade Ukraine." Remember that one?

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Posted in: Global warming casts cloud over Winter Olympics future See in context

"Inclusive?" How have they not been inclusive in the past?

Some recent "games" were plagued by the host country demanding athletes not speak on anything political about the host country. Plus, the host country didn't seem to care about the citizenship of people competing for them.

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Posted in: 'Killers of the Flower Moon' named best film of 2023 by New York film critics See in context

Read Grann's book. Not much excitement and I fell asleep trying to get through it. No idea how the movie would be able to get an audience besides through guilt. It is one of those stories that should shame all Americans for the system our govt setup to make all that evil possible.

Can't believe Apple spent $200M on it. An indie director could have done it well for $20M, just with actors who aren't about the money and comforts of home, first. I like the idea of A-list actors being stuck in small town OK for 6+ weeks of shooting.

Glad I choked down the book. No plans to see the movie, even when it is free on a streaming service or TV.

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Posted in: Crown prince says review of official royal duties required See in context

At least he doesn't need to make any important decisions. The roles are all ceremonial and "rubber stamps" for what the politicians have decided.

Other people prioritize what's most important and either don't deal with less important things or they send a representative. Seems clear that this family could do the same - have it fluctuate based on the number of core family adults.

This isn't rocket science. Prioritize.

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Posted in: Singapore, Zurich world's most expensive cities: EiU See in context

I haven't been to Singapore in about a decade. It was expensive at the time. Hotels, food, definitely alcohol.

There's lots to see in Singapore, but I wouldn't want to live there. 4 days is enough.

Too much govt controls and subtle lacks of freedom. Sure, everything seems nice and people are mostly happy, but there are a bunch of little rules that claim to make the place nicer for everyone, but they remind me of that Star Trek episode when Wesley trips into a flower bed and gets a harsh penalty that doesn't reflect the accidental nature of his crime. If that's the price of feeling safe, I'd rather have a little danger.

The Govt in Singapore has as many public cameras as the CCP in China do on a per-person basis. Just assume you are being watched when there. There are 86000+ cameras in Singapore, which makes it the 11th most-surveilled city in the world. The cities above it in the list are all in Mainland China. Chongqing is #1. 168 cameras Chongqing has for every 1,000 people. Singapore is only 15 cameras for every 1,000 people.

I've never been to Switzerland. Seems like a nice place, but too closed to immigration for my tastes. I get the feeling their bank privacy laws are there to protect the guilty, but I really don't know.

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Posted in: Japan suspends its own Osprey flights after U.S. aircraft crash See in context

Osprey provide a unique capability, but it does seem they have a poor safety record. They can travel much faster and farther than helicopters, be launched from short fields and land in small areas. They are ideal for marine deployments.

Osprey carry up to 32 people, so when they have a crash, which tends to happen during transition or landing operations, more people are harmed. This increases the perceived failure rates. As with all aircraft, every accident will be carefully reviewed and fixes or processes will be modified to address deficiencies.

the Marine Corps’ MV-22 Osprey has a lower mishap rate per 100,000 flight hours than the Harrier, Super Hornet, F-35B, or CH-53E Super Stallion.

In the 33 years since the Osprey started flying, 51 service members have died in crashes. In the first 33 years the H-60 Black Hawk flew, more than 180 American service members and civilians died ...

Are Black Hawks considered unsafe even with 3x the deaths of the Osprey program?

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Posted in: Musk uses expletive to tell audience he doesn't care about advertisers that fled X over hate speech See in context

Odd, the BBC is reporting

Elon Musk says advertising boycott will kill X

X dying would be a good thing. It doesn't serve the public interest and has no place in politics, except for trolls. I don't mind factual speech. I mind lies. X shouldn't be promoting liars - including Musk. Death of the platform would be good. At least then we wouldn't have real news outlets acting like random posts on social media are "news". That's a good thing.

If you want to lie. Make your own platform. $5/month is all it takes.

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Posted in: New Zealand leader plans to ban cell phone use in schools and end tobacco controls in first 100 days See in context

Simplistic answers for simplistic minds.

There's no reason for a child to have a mobile phone in school. They are just distractions. They may also be distractions for adults, IDK.

For thousands of years, humans didn't have mobile phones. It isn't the end of the world to be without them for a school day. Everyone there will learn to plan ahead, which is something humans have done since before we started farming. It is a basic skill to have.

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Posted in: Google to start deleting inactive accounts in December See in context

Ahh, why use cloud storage in the first place?!

Exactly. Anything in the cloud can be gone at any time, especially if you aren't paying monthly for someone else to store your data on their storage, in their servers, in their building, at the end of their network. Plus, anything you upload to google gives google rights to use that data, so if you must upload anything, encrypt it in a way that google can't access.

Convenience, security, privacy are all different. Always remember that.

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Posted in: China warns Australia to act prudently in naval operations in South China Sea See in context

All navies are allowed in international waters. No single country gets to decide what is and isn't international waters. China needs to learn this and behave accordingly. Why do we go over this every other day? Chinese aren't stupid, but somehow their leaders are? Really?

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Posted in: Finland to close its border with Russia over migrant concerns See in context

Finland is only closing the Russian border, not all the others. Seems smart when a country is clearly becoming an enemy, not a friend.

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Posted in: Putin accuses West of trying to 'dismember and plunder' Russia in ranting speech See in context

Putin is destroying Russia, not the "west". Putin loves plunder, provided he is doing it. If Russia doesn't want to collapse, they need to do a few things.

pull out of Ukraine and Georgia

Stop invading other countries

Remove Putin from office and send him to Siberia for some long-term personal reflection of his life mistakes and training on how to be a better human.

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Posted in: Fake AI-generated woman on tech conference agenda leads Microsoft and Amazon execs to drop out See in context

Tech companies discover that the conference organizers either setup or were duped by others who planned to have virtual speakers present. What should other speakers do if they discovered this? Attend? Speak, regardless of the poor diversity? There are few options.

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Posted in: Why do they give? Donors speak about what moves them and how they plan end-of-year donations See in context

When we give, it has little to do with taxes. We give based on what we have and where we feel it would do the most good.

Some years when the need was great, we give much more, like the tsunami in Indonesia where 200K people died. My hear physically hurt thinking about all those people.

We strive to give 50% outside our country and 50% inside. Our gifts outside are for known-to-work, life changing medicines and vaccines.

When $3/child can make them never need to worry about common childhood diseases again, it is worth it.

Inside our country, we fund research for causes that pull at our heart strings. Pediatric Brain Tumors and MS care and research. Disease doesn't care if you are poor or rich. No parent with a child hit by brain cancer doesn't need some support.

When picking organizations, I look for at least 90% of the money going directly to services/research, not salaries. Some of the largest institutions fail this. I got into trouble at one company that wanted every employee to give to a specific charity, but that charity was very inefficient. The following year after I'd been called into directory, senior director, VP, S-VP and finally the CEO's office for refusing, the charity was found to have been lying on their charity statements about where the money went and a number of leaders were charged with crimes. They never bothered me again. I showed them where I was giving my money and it was more than most employees gave. They did get desperate, asking me to donate $1 per paycheck. I'm stubborn that way.

For disasters, we give to organizations that have a history of getting the right aid where it is needed. Sadly, there is lots of waste with this, but that's the nature of disaster aid.

We will take the tax deductions, but that is last of our considerations.

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Posted in: Google to start deleting inactive accounts in December See in context

Google already deleted one of my accounts - perhaps 5 yrs ago.

What does "sign in" mean? I never sign into google using a webpage. My phone that is connected to gmail and google apps probably connects to their infrastructure a few times weekly, using phone apps.

Google makes money off everyone. They are not a public service. They are a business - one of the wealthiest businesses in the world. They are selling access to our data, our preferences and our details for a price.

There's no reasonable way to opt out from google. That's the issue. They should need clear approval to steal our data.

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Posted in: N Korean, U.S. envoys engage in rare, public sparring match at U.N. See in context

The US public has little desire to do anything with NK. We just don't care, unless/until they threaten our friends in the region. The US will never start a nuclear war. The public won't have it. There's no question and there's no need to guess thanks to polls which show public sentiment. This is vastly different to NK where the political elite make all the decisions for the country with no thought of what the North Korean people actually want. I have no belief that NK people want to opening embrace democracy or merge with SK, but they do want open relations and trade. The way to get those is for NK to relax and follow what Vietnam did with their political parties and behavior towards other countries in the region.

Seems intuitively obvious to me.

Prosperity for NK isn't far away, if only their leaders would relax (or die). The last 30 yrs, they've just shown their paranoia and wasted money on needless weapons, thinking it makes them appear strong. It doesn't. It makes them seem weak like the little dog that barks loudly out of fear.

Let outside countries help NK feed their people. History of NK people skipping meals as a way to show national unity is well known. Of course, BIG Kim never missed any meal, clearly.

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Posted in: Doctors warn of New Zealand health tragedy after smoking ban scrapped See in context

Smoking to excess (addition level) is dumb. Everyone know it. Laws should recognize that and make smoking too much illegal.

I've only smoked tobacco once and never saw the point. Why would someone choose to become addicted and diminish their health for a costly habit like tobacco? At least smoking cannabis has a point AND it is non-addictive for all but the heaviest abusers.

Preventing new smokers is smart, but laws probably aren't the best way. Humans will go to great lengths to be stupid.

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Posted in: Merriam-Webster names 'authentic' as word of the year See in context

authentic is a word that has been meant to mean "I want you to believe my crazy lies" or "I'm going to say something nasty that you won't like".

Authentically, I'm not a fan of that word.

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Posted in: Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios wins crown at Miss Universe 2023 See in context

Miss Nicaragua will request political asylum in about 11 months.

Miss Universe traveled from El Salvador to Miami, Mexico, and New York, where she now has her apartment.

The government of Daniel Ortega prevented Celebertti, the owner of the Miss Nicaragua franchise, and her daughter from entering the country on Thursday at the Managua airport, as denounced by opponents and the Nicaraguan press in exile in Costa Rica, the United States, and Spain.

Dictators need to dictate, sadly.

I'm more upset about the "World Series" ... that doesn't invite the world to compete than any "Miss Whatever" contest rules.

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Posted in: Turkey rules the table, but a poll finds disagreement over other Thanksgiving classics See in context

Sweet potatoes are horrid

These were never part of the family nor Thanksgiving. The rest of the year, we swap sweet potatoes in rather than those white potatoes - both are limited. Sweet potatoes are slow release starches, unlike white rice or white potatoes. We cook them the same as white potatoes and add seasonings the same.

When I'm in Japan, I lose 5-7 lbs (2.2+ kg) every week. Basically, I'm starving. Can't get enough calories. I suppose if I were raised in Japan and didn't grow to be over 6ft tall and athletic 50 lbs more than a typical male Japanese, then things could be different. I'm a fit 200 lbs. Losing weight means losing muscle for me.

Of course, I can't eat sweet potatoes or rice every day.

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Posted in: Turkey rules the table, but a poll finds disagreement over other Thanksgiving classics See in context

Thansgiving (sic) and Christmas are about family, not good food.

Depends on the family and the relationships between the different members. Large families have lots of "personalities". Sometimes those adult personalities don't get along very well.

There is some truth to "Thanksgiving is when we get together with people we love, but can't stand to be around more than a few days each year." Or perhaps that is just me.

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Posted in: Turkey rules the table, but a poll finds disagreement over other Thanksgiving classics See in context

Turkey, white meat for the meal, dark meat on sandwiches the next week with lots of mustard. Yum!

Turkey, Ham, Fondue can be used for big Xmas meal. Just depends on the home. I actually prefer the "Wife Saver" breakfast casserole.

Cranberries need to be canned - jelly-like and when the can is opened, a hole punched in the can bottom to let the full can escape with the can ridges. If it looks anything like natural cranberries, that is a failure. Some people prefer real cranberries - not us. Slice the can-form into about 6 slices and put on a crystal serving dish. Usually only 3 people will eat any. More for the true lovers. ;)

I miss Mom's dressing and real gravy with all those parts that nobody wants to know the names. She would grind up the turkey innards to make the dressing, adding spices and stale bread chunks. All stuffed back into the center of the turkey for baking. The fatty dressing is key for dressing, turkey, potatoes and crescent rolls.

Half the family cooks the turkey outside in an submerged oil frier. Very tasty, as long as it isn't overcooked and gets 30+ minutes to rest and cool before carving. Frying a turkey can be dangerous as many people do it too close to their house and house fires happen far too often.

The other half does the typical baking in an oven - if not a fresh, never frozen turkey, then it is already thawing in the fridge today. Visitors bring coolers so they can take some turkey home. One family invites 20+ guests over. They will have a Tom and a hen turkey to feed everyone. I prefer the smaller family-only visits. Then we can pick up the old fights from when we were all teens like it was yesterday.

In Pictionary - the three little pigs homes which is correct a) Straw, Brick and Wood or b) Straw, Brick and Sticks?

I know the answer. We all do, but someone, unnamed, has been a sore loser nearly 50 yrs.

If we do a turkey just for the 2 of us, we'll by a half breast, which completely changes the difficulty involved.

We are passionate about Thanksgiving food ... and the football games Thursday and Friday. Hook 'em Horns!

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Posted in: 'Barking deer' in Japan causing havoc for human population See in context

Invasive species. Bring out your guns. What native Japanese species do these deer compete against? Are they in danger of being wiped out?

On one week each month, infrared camera-equipped drones detect the heat source of muntjacs hidden in grassy areas from above and inform hunters of their whereabouts.

Seems like a good partnership. Perhaps Taiwan would like to help? What is their feeling about these deer? Do they want more or just the food?

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