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Posted in: Six arrested under Hong Kong's new security law for 'posting messages' online See in context

Hong Kong needs lots of "public disorder" until their leaders get the correct message that Beijing is wrong on laws that suppress freedom of speech.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 buried alive in Papua New Guinea landslide See in context

And in this tragedy, I believe Australia in particular should initiate a rescue operation with military use of helicopters and transport of equipment for excavation, remediation etc.

China should be doing that. Put their military to good use.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan in show of support for new president after China's military drills See in context

An agreement signed in the early 1970s that had no real meaning then and has never meant anything outside China doesn't count. It was worded in a way to make China open for trade. Nothing more.

The resolution from 1971 says that China is represented by the mainland. That's fine. Taiwan can represent Taiwan in the UN and with all other countries for trade regardless of UN status.

Not being recognized by the UN just means that the UN doesn't recognize Taiwan. Nothing more.

More and more countries need to formally recognize Taiwan as a country. Europe is doing it slowly with 2-3 more countries announcing it this week. The more that happens, the higher Xi's blood pressure goes. Not good for his health.

There's no viable way for Taiwan to be formally recognized by the UN. That's because there's 1 mandated requirement that will never be met. The requirement to be recognized by all 5 permanent security council members, each has a veto and since mainland China is a member, that will never change while the CCP holds power. That doesn't prevent all other countries from recognizing Taiwan. Seems odd that a founding member of the UN would be blocked from being a member. The RoC was a founding member, not the CCP.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 buried alive in Papua New Guinea landslide See in context

Perhaps PNG will set and enforce mine safety standards now? While they are at it, the laws should ensure that 50% of any mine profits are shared with the people of PNG to help them raise living standards.

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Posted in: In Mexico, a wave of political murders eats away at democracy See in context

Funny how people expect America to solve Mexico's problems. That would be foreign interference. I will agree that America is a huge problem for Mexico with illegal drug and immigrant transport north and money and firearms transported south.

Until America gets a better solution to both illegal immigrants and drugs in the US, the cartels will be making huge amounts of money to buy weapons and shot Mexican politicians who they can't buy.

I feel bad for the politicians. If they don't take a bribe, they will be killed. If the do take a bribe, they are under the local cartel's control ... and will get more and more funding to get to higher and higher office - even to the President of Mexico. Don't do what the cartel wants - they will kill your brother, his kids and wife to make a point. The message is very clear. The cartels also have people that infiltrated all levels of the police and military, so it is nearly impossible to do a full round up of all members of a cartel. They will always be warned.

Short of importing police/military from a friendly nation and handing over all police power to them in a province as they go door to door to remove all weapons and arrest the drug cartel members, I don't see a solution. BTW, the cartels own some judges too. After all, they have families too. I don't know if door-to-door enforcement would be effective. Mexico is a huge country. Lots of places to hide for months until the govt declares "success", then the cartels would just return and start influencing police, mayors, governors, military all again.

Perhaps the only solution will be to add some yet-to-be invented chemical to the drinking water of the US that makes illegal drugs ineffective, cause illness, or even make skill change color so peer pressure could be applied to drug users.

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Posted in: Lucas on 'Star Wars' critics, diversity, and sneaking into Cannes See in context

"avant-garde" - aka crap to most people. With Lucas explaining that Star Wars was for 10-12 year olds, things make more sense. Ewoks and Jar-Jar still, always have and always will suck, but I can understand the choice.

American Graffiti was for an older generation than me.

At the time, Star Wars was good. I preferred Battlestar Galactic (the movie). Less "fantasy" and I never did get "the force" to work.

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Posted in: Efforts to draft a pandemic treaty falter as countries disagree on how to respond to next emergency See in context

The WHO is politically weak. They can't stand up even to a country that isn't really funding them, China. Basically, China didn't like the mandated early notifications and shutting down their border.

China doesn't like science under the current political leaders there. From 2016-2020, the US had the same issue and that lead far too much of the world to make bad choices.

The WHO needs to look at the actual results from COVID by the countries which were most successful in avoiding deaths, but not destroying their economies, while still having some international connections.

What the US did was fund the best vaccines for COVID and bring huge resources and scientific testing to that effort. In less than 1 yr, multiple, safe, effective, vaccines were available. These vaccines had scientific proof, shared results for review by world experts. 2 other large countries put out much less effective (50% and less) (cough - Russia and China) vaccines.

Cuba has a fantastic vaccine program. They do amazing things with very little. That needs to be supported. Imaging if they were given 10x the money to work on their vaccines - how much quicker could it has been produced for nations that can't blow $1.5B on vaccines - like most of Africa and South America. I'm surprised that those countries haven't committed, outside the UN/WHO, to fund Cuba for low cost vaccines going forward. Seems like a win-win-win-win-win. Heck, India needs low-cost vaccines and certainly has vaccine manufacturing expertise.

Recently, new bugs seem to come from China and Africa. Africa usually hasn't mattered that much because people there aren't mobile. China, OTOH, seems to be highly mobile and sends people around the world. In China, the cause seems to be poor lab processes and/or poor sanitation of their "wet" markets where many different live animals are mixed in tight areas, aiding the spread of diseases across different species. Until China corrects that with stronger sanitation laws that are actually followed, the world will be screwed.

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Posted in: Ukraine hopes to sign security pact with Japan before July NATO summit See in context

Cuba has sent troops

No, they didn't. Russians in Cuba lied to Cubans about jobs in Russia. On arrival, they were forced into the military. The Cuba govt is trying to get them all returned, unless the individual wants to stay. Cuban is pissed about this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-68949298 They are offered jobs paying $2000/month. In Cuba, the average monthly pay is just $25.

Russia is forced to do this because they don't want to have a mandated draft after they've killed and maimed over 100K Russians. The BBC has documented over 50K Russian deaths in Putin's "police action" in a foreign country - that most people call a war.

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Posted in: U.S. pushes for Ukraine aid, united front against China's trade practices at G7 finance meeting See in context

Don't let her age or size fool you. Yellen is brilliant. I'm a little surprised that the US don't add a 10% tariff on all imports from countries that have centralized, govt, health care too. After all, that's a form of subsidy just like direct govt subsidies that China provides .... and though China claims to have health care for everyone and should be taxed based on the higher of the claim or the reality, we all know that their health care for all but the 10% elite Chinese is lacking.

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Posted in: Taiwan's military, coast guard activate in response to China's drills See in context

Taiwan didn't attack China on Oct 7th, nor did they take thousands of hostages and Taiwan hasn't been sending rockets nor bombers into China for 20 yrs.

The CCP has never, ever, had any real claim to Taiwan and more than their made up 9-dash claims. They are delusional.

Since Taiwan won't attack China, it will be Beijing who starts any war. When that happens, millions will die. Claims of being "peaceful" don't seam realistic. China has been bullying Taiwan and friends of Taiwan around the world since Xi took - yes - TOOK office.

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Posted in: China starts second day of war games around Taiwan to test ability to 'seize power' See in context

Taiwan is NOT China. It cannot be any other way.

They have a democracy. People there have freedom of speech and know how treacherous the mainland govt is. Taiwan didn't unleash COVID on the world and doesn't bully neighbors, nor overfish not just inside their own EEZ, but thousands of KMs away in other country's EEZs. When was the last time Taiwan had a concerted effort to block citizens from leaving or migrating elsewhere. Uh ... never.

And when did mainland China ever have any govt under the CCP that controlled Taiwan? Uh .... never. Taiwan is NOT China. It cannot be any other way.

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Posted in: Judge weighs proposed changes to Google's Android app store to prevent anticompetitive tactics See in context

"could compromise user privacy" - that's funny, coming from google.

If you use Google-Chrome, may want to read the license agreement a little to see they use it to capture everything you do with the browser. It is in black and white on your computer/phone/tablet to be read.

The google app store also tracks not just what you install (even free apps), but every time they are run, for how long they are run, and where they connect over the network. Do you feel like your privacy is being honored yet?

Then there's the 30% google-tax for paid apps AND how they block apps from having ways to pay them directly. It is against the ToS for Google's app store ... and Apple's ToS, BTW.

Imagine if every mall you visited charged 30% as you left based on the price of the items you bought inside? That's crazy, right? After all, we already pay 4% credit card fees on purchases and somehow that is accepted too. These app stores shouldn't be allowed to charge over 10%. 30% is robbery. They are like loan sharks charging 30% interest - which is illegal.

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Posted in: Daily marijuana use outpaces daily drinking in U.S., a new study says See in context

Cannabis isn't legal in all states, so 40% means about 50% of the country is doing more than their share of the partaking. In 9 states, it is still fully illegal. In 22 states, it is legal for medical AND recreational use. In 20 states, it is legal for medical use only and in most of those, it isn't like California had where you could get almost any doctor to prescribe it for anxiety. 51 is because Washington DC is in my source. https://cannigma.com/us-states-where-cannabis-is-legal/ There are still 50 US States. While medical marijuana might be legal in my state, there are ZERO licensed, legal, dispensaries, so the law is meaningless. Additionally, bringing medical marijuana from other states is still illegal ... so effectively it is illegal, regardless of the actual law.

I'd rather have cannabis users than alcohol users. The dudes just want some doritos and almost all become mellow.

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Posted in: Cannes gets steamy with strippers and sex motels See in context

I suppose that's one way for Sean Baker to making going to strip clubs a "business research expense" for tax purposes. Spending money is still required, but at least it would be a legitimate business expense, for tax purposes.

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Posted in: Finland plan to allow blocking asylum seekers at border draws mixed response See in context

If Finland didn't ask them to come, deport them back to the country of entry. Better, block them from entering unless they have an verified invitation from Finland already. Russia caused the problem. They should solve it.

I just hope that the very practical Fins don't get trapped by their own laws to ensure Russia doesn't use this and other similar methods against them. Hopefully, their laws allow the executive to block Russia abuses without too much trouble.

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Posted in: China rebukes Japan, South Korea lawmakers visiting Taiwan See in context

Beijing has an opportunity to learn from Taiwan, which is a safer, freer, richer by any measurement, country. Beijing could slowly copy Taiwan - slowing spreading their 1 country, 3 systems. Start in Hong Kong. Then from the eastern coast provinces, move more and more towards the systems in Taiwan, slowly adding more and more provinces every 10 yrs to give people time to acclimate to the changes.

The biggest changes would be cultural, since a huge shift in honesty is needed in the mainland, especially by the leaders there.

But Beijing is stubborn to the point of stupidity. They have a plan that works right in front of them. They write and speak mostly the same language. It wouldn't be THAT hard to take the best ideas in govt from Taiwan. Heck, much of the world can learn how to govern from Taiwan.

Oh, yeah?! We rebuke your rebuke!

So there! ;)

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Posted in: Japan weighs incentivizing childbirth by fully covering expenses See in context

Japan needs to solve this perceived problem by making it easier for families to exist.

It isn't just about childbirth. The next 20 yrs will have expenses and great challenges for all families. Time off work for life events, flexible schedules, childcare, after school programs, getting healthy foods. Maybe companies with over 20 employees need to cover 90% of childcare costs? For larger companies, having internal child care would be less expensive than paying to subsidize.

It isn't 1 single thing.

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Posted in: Tornado kills multiple people in Iowa as powerful storms again tear through Midwest See in context

I grew up in this part of the world. You listen to the radio and the town/county has sirens wailing whenever there is high likelihood of tornadoes in the area. The whole family spent hours in the basement with a little radio passing the time. The family dog would shake from all the thunder. Tornado alley isn't really used anymore, since there are tornadoes almost everywhere east of the Rockies from lower Texas to upper NY state. Places full of mountains tend not to have so many, but they still happen.

The tornadoes that did the most damage to my family was in Fairfax, VA and in Marietta, GA - both east coast states. None hit our homes in ND, SD, NE, TX. In Fairfax, the houses across the street and next door were wiped from Earth. Nobody was killed. We pulled the families out from the rubble. The local high school was destroyed.

In Marietta, the tornado mostly hit commercial areas, then bounced over our home (we lived in a valley) to do damage at the next hill peak about 1 km away.

People in Iowa are taught how to handle tornadoes. Children have tornado drills just like fire drills at school. What they don't have are Earthquake or Tsunami drills. No need. Different parts of the world have different natural disasters. Just like people in Japan are used to Earthquakes and have learned to live with that danger, people in the eastern US have learned to live with tornadoes. Both types of disasters have methods of mitigation that the locals know.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after her neck gets stuck in car window See in context

This is why there are child window and door locks, so from inside the vehicle, the back doors and back windows cannot be operated.

Of course, it is easy for us, here, without any panic, to think of these things.

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Posted in: Kanagawa woman arrested for calling police 1,200 times in 8 days, saying 'Merry Christmas, Die!' See in context

Seems that after 10 calls, police should have been dispatched along with the white vans.

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Posted in: Rangers recover body of Japanese climber who died on North America's tallest peak See in context

He was climbing alone.

Don't climb very tall mountains, alone. Mountaineering 101. That rule is at the top of the list - along with don't use ropes from Costco/Home-Store as climbing ropes.

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Posted in: After Singapore Airlines turbulence accident, flight crews urge buckling up See in context

When we get into a car going 30 kph, we wear seat belts. Why would anyone think that going 900 kph wouldn't need seat belts?

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Posted in: After backlash, Trump pulls social media post with reference to 'unified Reich' See in context

Trump is tone deaf, just like the CCP. He is clueless about how to be a human being.

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Posted in: SDF officer denies shoplifting at drugstore, saying ‘I just forgot to pay’ See in context

If he didn't pay and walked out the door, it was shoplifting. Ban him from the store/chain and make him pay 10x the cost of the items in restitution. Regardless of the "why", it isn't up to the store or the law to determine any extenuating circumstances. If he has a medical condition, then it is his responsibility to figure out techniques to prevent himself from theft.

We've all left stuff that we paid for in a store. That doesn't violate a law.

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Posted in: U.S. aims to stay ahead of China in using AI to fly fighter jets, navigate without GPS and more See in context

The USAF has been using computer controlled dog fighting for over a decade in simulators. They've flown against humans and against different AI models in different aircraft. Moving them into actual aircraft wasn't a big step. Remotely piloted aircraft were planned in the late 1970s by the USAF. Whether the pilot was a human or a computer wasn't really a consideration. It was assumed that either would work.

Not using GPS has been a military navigation requirement for at least 20 yrs. Sure, GPS is easier and gets faster answers, provided it works and isn't been spoofed. That can never be assumed during war, which means other navigation methods have to work when GPS cannot be trusted. The US military trains that way.

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Posted in: More Japanese workers turning to job resignation services See in context

I've always resigned by bringing a resignation letter to my boss and handing it to him/her with my expected last day between 2 weeks (the common minimum) and 1-2 months when I've been a key person for the company.

Usually they are busy at the time and will come get me a few hours later to see the issue and if they can convince me to stay. I'm careful not to let anyone at work know that I've been looking for another position and I don't discuss it with anyone in the company.

Around here, in my industry, it is common to immediately escort the person from the building, shut off all their access and pay them the remaining 2 weeks salary. A few days later, an "exit interview" is setup where they dangle unpaid leave and other benefits paperwork, unless you sign their new non-disclosure agreement. That can be a significant amount of money.

Once I've turned in my resignation, sadly, I've never been immediately escorted out, though I wanted to be. All had me work until my suggested 2-8 week last day. Most tried to offer incentives to stay - lease cars they'd pay for, bumps in salary, more flexible hours. At that point, it is too late. NEVER accept the counter offer. Management has you in the "disgruntled" group and will seek to replace you ASAP. I know only 1 guy who did and he was replaced by the company within 4 months. Guess that car lease was nice while it lasted.

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Posted in: Japan Day Parade in New York See in context

America isn't threatened by other cultures. We welcome and celebrate the best of every culture.

I've never understood anything about Hello Kitty. From ZERO knowledge, it seems dumb. Perhaps just my ignorance, which is fine. I've never understood virtual pets either. If you enjoy it, it doesn't harm anyone else or their property, I say enjoy yourself.

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Posted in: Georgia's president vetoes media law that has provoked weeks of protests See in context

And to ensure she doesn't get shot but a Putin thug.

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Posted in: Georgia's president vetoes media law that has provoked weeks of protests See in context

Glad she did. They will try again next year, so it is important for Georgians to ensure anti-Russia Presidents are always elected.

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Posted in: Jesus is their savior, Trump is their candidate. Ex-president's backers say he shares faith, values See in context

I have trouble believing that Trump hasn't violated EVER one of the 10 Commandments. I'm not joking. He constantly violates most of them, in public, every day. The only one he may not have violated was the 9th (covet thy neighbor's wife).

How can a good Christian possibly vote for someone like that is beyond me. In the last 7 days, we have sworn testimony about him violating 4 commandments.

Trump is so wrong on so many levels that he shouldn't be allowed to hold any public office anywhere.

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