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Posted in: Trump says he thinks 2020 election will end up at Supreme Court See in context

As for the SCOTUS nomination, Mitch provided Trump with an "approved" list years ago. They keep the list current for conservative rulings and interpretations. Any on the list are acceptable to the core Republican party.

The only people who should be left voting for Trump are 1 issue voters who are against abortion. Anyone with a conscience who cares about the US Republic surviving shouldn't vote for Trump, if only because the man is a liar and has cause 140K deaths this year. That's beyond the estimated 60K deaths. His actions and lack of actions are directly related.

The SCOTUS will get the different lawsuits and they may force nation-wide rules on voting as the outcome, while recognizing the critical nature of support by the citizens that the right to vote cannot be infringed. Period. SCOTUS only gets to control Federal elections, but the states will all follow those requirements for their local elections too.

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Posted in: Republicans sue Texas governor over expanded early voting See in context

We support voters having every opportunity to vote

That's enough. I'm with them. Anyone legally registered to vote, should be able to vote, safely. Whatever that takes is what the govt should support.

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Posted in: Biden says Black turnout key to winning election, battling inequality See in context

I'm a conservative and it disgusts me that anyone legally allowed to vote is prevented from voting. I'm pretty pissed at the GOP and President (who isn't really a republican) at this point.

Registering to vote is really easy already. There is sense in that. Once registered, keeping track of voter's addresses can become difficult, but if people follow the law and get a new ID when they move, there are voter registration forms at the DMV, library, county health, and pretty much every county building. Every time I renew a library card, I've been asked if I wanted to register to vote with the forms right on the counter and in the entry way. It is that way in the last 4 states where I've lived. Americans do move out of state. They need to be removed from the voter registration list. There isn't a national database for that because Americans don't trust our Federal govt to have lists of people. I have trouble thinking of any govt list that I want to be on. Our passports aren't tied to any address, for example.

Voting has become really easy too. Early voting runs 2 weeks here. Absentee voting runs for about 2 months before the election. Though I haven't received my ballot yet. It was expected earlier this week.

Trump should be ashamed at trying to block legal voters from voting. The GOP needs a hard look in the mirror for their part in this too. Few things disappoint me as much as this. Voter suppression should have ended in the 1950s. After that time, it is completely unacceptable.

When the election ends up in the SCOTUS, I'm certain they will hold the right to vote over any foolish timelines during this pandemic. The govt and we all need to be flexible.

I hope everyone votes who is registered to vote. Who they choose to vote for is their own decision. I've lost faith in the GOP. They need to be disbanded (or lose every election) until they move into the 20th century. Today, they are a nasty party out of touch with Americans.

I'm not a democrat and find many of their programs offensive and bad ideas too, but a party full of liars cannot be left in power.

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Posted in: Democrats propose sweeping bill to curb presidential abuses See in context

It doesn't go far enough.

Representatives and Senators need to be prohibited from all personal investment trades that aren't in a blind trust, controlled by someone they don't know. Would be best if they were required to put all investments into a Whole-US ETF and nothing else.

Let's talk term limits too, while we are at it. Every year, there is a bi-partisan term limit bill proposed and every year that bill goes into committee, never to return.

Let's fix the nepotism laws. Children and spouses isn't sufficient. Aunts, Uncles, Parents, and 1st cousins need to be included for all new posts. If someone has been doing a job for 10 yrs and happens to be a Representative's 1st cousin, leave them alone, but don't let any new cousins be running companies getting new contracts.

Let's get campaign limitations added. If you cannot vote in the election, then you cannot provide any funding for the campaigns or against any of the candidates in the election. Seems like common sense to me. And a $5K limit on donations for any single election. Giving $5K to both sides shouldn't be allowed. That goes for donated services and loans too. Limit self-funding to $100K. We don't need Trump or Bloomberg buying anymore elections either.

There are 20 more things, but that's enough for tonight.

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Posted in: Senate GOP lines up with Trump to quickly fill court seat See in context

Trump will have appointed 3 Conservative Justices to the Supreme Court when this is done.

That will impact the court the next 20 years.

The court is one of the institutions were my trust in their wisdom is nearly absolute, even when I disagree with the law they are ruling about.

The US Federal system is setup with 3 different time horizons for the different checks and balances.

The President and House are short-term. They are the "now" answers to questions. House and President want stuff done "now, now, now."

The Senate is medium-term with more control over a little bit longer periods. Senate wants stuff done in a few years, if it doesn't have to be completely now.

The Supreme Court is for the long-term. Their rulings impact Americans for hundreds of years. Even getting a case to the Supreme Court usually takes years to work through local, state, US courts and appeals before getting to the Supreme Court, which can reject to hear a case. There rulings have always considered the long term impacts and aren't always what the House and President would want.

Kinda a genius system designed for the 1700s, really. Far from perfect, but still doing pretty good considering that politicians get to tweak many of the rules they follow.

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Posted in: Iran strikes defiant tone at U.N. under crushing U.S. sanctions See in context

it would be the United States that surrenders to Iran's resilience.

Hope they can wait a few hundred years for that. In the meantime, the Iranian people are suffering because their govt is thick of head and wasting money on the wrong things for their economy and people.

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Posted in: Blast rocks Hezbollah site in south Lebanon See in context

Hezbollah centre containing munitions ...

it was an accident

Hope nobody was hurt. Having the munitions gone is safer for everyone, especially Lebanese.

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Posted in: Suga, China's Xi to hold phone talks Friday See in context

Can't they just text like everyone else?

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Posted in: Trump, Biden fight to define campaign's most pressing issues See in context

Trump will pick the new justice and the senate will have her/him approved.

For me, this election is about truth and lies. I'm tired of being lied at. All politicians lie, but there is one who's lies have killed 140K Americans beyond what was likely to happen. I did approve about 20% of what he did on other issues, but that isn't sufficient.

A President who devices the country is a huge problem. Russia and China are watching. CCP-China is being more aggressive because the US is divided. If that wasn't the situation, they wouldn't be so aggressive with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and build ups of those surface features.

CCP Chinese aggression is partially the fault of the US political divide.

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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

Thunderbird2 - exactly. Except I'm usually in the tinfoil-hat-brigade if there is some evidence in that direction. Just don't see it here. I can find all sorts of real-world evil, that making up stuff isn't necessary.

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Posted in: Hollywood action movie clips spotted in China airforce video See in context

Rep. Hank Johnson is an idiot. He represents a democratic area in Georgia - the 4th district. Georgians are used to slapping their hands against their foreheads and asking, "Hank said what?!"

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Posted in: Hollywood action movie clips spotted in China airforce video See in context

Did they purchase the rights to each clip or did they steal those too?

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Posted in: Survey shows 64% willing to work beyond retirement age See in context

My first job was at age 10. My goal was always to earn sufficient money to be able to retire, which I did over 20 yrs before most people do. After a few years, I started a business, but only work 20-50% of the time, as I prefer.

Working when it isn't necessary changes life completely, especially when you are self-employed.

I'm just happy that my mother taught me how to invest in stocks.

If you don't take 10 yrs off, say in your 40s and 50s, you'll probably be tool old to do many of the things you'd like to accomplish. I don't know how a typical Japanese salaryman could do that, but for risk takers who have a plan to have their own business, have some sort of work-anywhere, technical, capability, then doing this is definitely possible.

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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

I don't think there was any great plan. Don't know where it originated, but everything points to China and it being something that happened due to nature finding a way. Chinese authorities certainly weren't as helpful as they could have been sharing information and limiting what the WHO actually knew, but politicians everywhere would have most likely done the same thing to keep their economies up while hoping it would just go away.

Authoritarian govts have the ability to enforce stricter controls on the public in those locations than free countries have. How China locked down Wuhan and mobilized was very impressive. It was disappointing that effective treatments in China didn't appear to be shared openly with the rest of the world.

It took a few months and tens of thousands of deaths before the US doctors figured out a number of effective treatments for people already sick. Stuff as simple as having patients suspended on their stomachs instead of their backs made a huge difference according to a close relative who works in hospitals as an MD. Many patients don't end up needing ventilators with this simple position change, for example. Lots of other little aspects have been found too.

Perhaps people in China don't have many of the health issues that a typical American would have, so the need for treatment techniques simply wasn't necessary there? Or perhaps enough similar COVID viruses have been spreading through Asia as common colds so antibodies had been more widespread there than in the rest of the world?

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Posted in: Navalny says nerve agent was found 'in and on' his body See in context

I'd completely understand if the clothing had been destroyed for health safety reasons, but if the local police aren't corrupt, they'd have triple-bagged them as evidence for a future trial. Not all Russians are corrupt, but I fear the people involved were told, clearly, by Moscow to find nothing and look for nothing ... or else.

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Posted in: U.S. Justice Dept weighs stripping federal funds from cities allowing 'anarchy' See in context

Protesting is a right for anyone living or visiting the USA. It is part of our democracy. We don't do like many other countries and prohibit visitors from taking part in peaceful protests.

As soon as violence or destruction of any property happens, that's when the police need to act, but with compassion towards the people who are just trying to get to safety.

Protest organizers need to bring their own security people to clamp down on undesirable protestors looking to cause trouble by being violent or breaking property. If they fail to do this, then law enforcement - police, state, and federal have a duty to bring order and break up the protesters.

Get 100K LOCAL protestors to show up and people will pay attention. Get 2K protestors, flown in from 40 other states, and it doesn't bring the same message.

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Posted in: Biden blasts Trump's plan to push Supreme Court nominee ahead of election See in context

Is it illegal or not? That's the only question. Hint: it isn't.

Trump is picking from the MM list-o-approved conservative judges. The GOP is looking to stack the SCOTUS to prevent liberal "abuses" by lower courts, activists judges, for the next 20 yrs.

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Posted in: March of 100,000 marks week 7 of Belarus protests See in context

Clearly the current govt illegal fixed the election results. New elections are needed, especially since they claim 80% landslide. What's the problem?

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Posted in: Thai protesters reinstall plaque symbolizing democracy See in context

My last trip to Thailand was eye opening. It was for business, so didn't get outside Bangkok much. The Red Shirts were having rallies. 3 people were killed. I have little opinion about how the Thai government should behave, beyond general democratic, fair, elections and whatever is necessary to prevent military coups.

I do remember a few unexpected things.

a US$15 "transaction fee" to use an ATM at the Bank of Thailand to get a little cash.

some of my websites were blocked from Thailand. Don't know why. Other websites, running on the same exact servers were not blocked. Nothing posted said anything about Thailand or would be considered offensive most places in the world.

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Posted in: Envelope with deadly poison ricin addressed to White House intercepted See in context

Don't use the USPS for anything like this. In addition to the normal charges, the USPS has extra laws and charges just for using the mail to do anything criminal.

Don't mess with the USPS. If this was mailed in the US, they'd be able to figure out who sent it. I don't know how good Canada's postal system is at dealing with crimes like this.

Waiting for the Democratic claims that this is part of Putin's efforts to get Trump re-elected to begin.

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Posted in: Russia approves first prescription COVID-19 drug for sale in pharmacies See in context

Any data about effectiveness?

Which did Putin take?

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Posted in: U.S. bans WeChat, TikTok from app stores, threatens shutdowns See in context

TikTok is banned in China, yet TikTok has content reporting that follows Chinese laws. Which means don't say anything bad about Xinnie the Pooh or the content will be removed and account blocked. OTOH, saying anything bad about other world leaders is fine. Why would TikTok care - they are banned in China after all.

It just doesn't make sense.

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Posted in: Biden makes push for voters on National Black Voter Day See in context

Every day here, I've received snailmail from both sides. The TV is full of political advertising.

If from the candidate's people, the ads are either positive or defensive about bogus claims.

If from the the party, the ads are negative and full of fear. Of course, these don't say National Democratic/Republican Party on them. They have some proxy name, but we know from where the money came.

Got a mass-mailing postcard from John Lewis today (he died from cancer a few months ago) that was about voting, doing an absentee ballot request and where to drop off the ballot once completed. Completely non-partisan, other than John Lewis being revered as a Civil Rights activist and Democratic House member before he died.

Russia didn't get Trump elected. Americans went to the polls, completed their ballots, to do that, following the rules known. Trump's team paid more attention to the places where it mattered than Clinton's team left wing did. The country's politics has shifted left the last 4 yrs. The GOP is going to be spanked, I'm afraid. Perhaps they will start listening to all the conservative voices, not just the anti-abortion, pro-gun, people who are loudest.

I hope that every American who is legally allowed and wants to vote, does.

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Posted in: Belarus to close border with Poland and Lithuania See in context

What about the Russian border? That's the one that needs to be closed.

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Posted in: Do you think the U.S.-Japan relationship will change with Yoshihide Suga as Japan's new prime minister? See in context

Not until Jan 21, 2021. Then respect will return for all US allies.

NK and China will become belligerent again.

Japan, SK, Taiwan, need to get along better and have a mutual defense pact that spreads to all the less wealthy SE Asean community. Eventually, say 50 yrs, China under a different political system, could join too. Wouldn't that be nice?

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Posted in: Ukraine, Belarus trade accusations over Jewish pilgrims See in context

These people are being used in a proxy fight with pro-Russian groups.

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Posted in: Belarusian opposition condemns Russia for backing Lukashenko See in context

The loan is just prolonging the suffering for Belorussians before the govt collapses there. If Russia really cared about their neighbors, they'd let the 26 yr rule end.

Term limits are necessary for all countries to prevent people from thinking they are the only leader and they get too comfortable for what needs to always be a temporary job.

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Posted in: Putin throws $1.5 billion lifeline to Belarus leader See in context

Since the election, which Lukashenko denies rigging in order to defeat opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, thousands of people have been arrested and nearly all opposition leaders jailed, deported or forced into exile. Police said they detained 774 people on Sunday.

Yep. Sounds like a "free people" to me. NOT! Sounds like politics in Russia, just with fewer people being poisoned.

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Posted in: Chinese fighter jets buzz Taiwan for a second day as tensions rise See in context

Appears that Taiwan has at least 3 ground-to-air missile systems for different ranges. Would be a shame if a live fire exercise happened daily whenever a foreign, unapproved, fighter was inside the territorial waters.

Of course, this assumes there aren't any commercial airliners within "lock" range. Nobody in Taiwan wants an accident like that.

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Posted in: Multitasking See in context

Of course there's a photo of a woman to go with this. For some reason women are superior to men when it comes to multitasking. Can any female readers shed any light on this?

One of my jobs, years ago, required listening to 6-10 conversations concurrently, each on a different voice channel. The job was to filter out what didn't matter to my team, but follow those things that did matter and provide advice on the subject over the correct voice loop. There were 600+ people working in this environment at a time and probably 2000 who did it regularly.

Everyone working in that environment did this. There weren't any tests, but it does take time to learn. For the first few weeks, I listened to 2-3 channels, then added 1 more. These were 12 hour shifts and we still had to do our jobs while listening. At 6 channels, things became much harder. Each channel had completely different, technical, conversations.

On average, women seemed to take longer to pick up the skill. Nobody had a definitive reason why, but there were theories. The 2 most popular theories at the time, were that men were used to not listening to others and that women wanted not to listen just for keywords, but to the details of every conversation by every person talking. I suppose both were partially true, just ask any wife how attentive her husband is when she's talking. ;) The women who did pick up the skill were really excellent at it and their jobs, but that could have been just that women in a male dominated environment ARE better than the average men doing similar work. I was always impressed by the women in that environment.

There have been lots of studies done the last 25 years on human ability to multitask. Younger people think they are better at it, but testing proves that they are better at appearing to be good at it, but miss important aspects of each task they are performing concurrently


end up spending much more time doing multiple things at once than if they'd done each, single-task, in order.

Nice photo, but can she pat her head and rub her belly? I always had trouble with that.

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