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3 realistic? Clearly a typo ... er ... "5 realistic" is better. Got on a roll. Sorry. ;)

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AT&T can destroy any non-telecom company with poor strategy. HBO has lost much of the greatness/premium feel it had BEFORE AT&T got involved.

Any media company that wants to half their value can seek out AT&T to buy them.

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Had a t-shirt from Kyoto U :

"Kyoto University

A University with a good taste."

Translations are hard and fail very often. Only a native speaker in the target language can ensure idiomatic use.

"The good taste and spent a pleasant moment you wish the owner and staff."

Perhaps they could gamify the translations? Some "Learning {insert language}" apps try to do this, but if they could sneak in some needed translations with a "make it better" button, then better translations would be volunteered? Could be a win-win.

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Nobody likes abortions. There are 3 realistic solutions to avoid abortions:

a) Massively subsidized long-term birth control actually saves the govt money. $800 cost to the state is much less than the $$thousands/month for a single mother to raise a child.

b) Morning-after pill, "Plan B", is $50.

c) RU-486 with medical consultation before the 11th week of pregnancy. No pricing available.

d) Abortion for as long as is safe to for the mother. Any hospital that accepts state or federal money should be required to perform abortions. Cost can be $0 - $1500.

e) Adoption commitments from all the people who are anti-abortion. Step up. Take care of the babies.

Life isn't always neat and planned. The last people who should be making these decisions are old men.

People who are anti-abortion and pro-death penalty are hypocrites. Same for pro-abortion and anti-death penalty people. Babies didn't do any thing wrong, but most people in line for the death penalty ARE guilty of heinous crimes. Forgiveness for proven murderers, but not for innocent babies?

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Posted in: U.S. triple jumper banned from Olympics for missed drug tests See in context

Failing to follow rules has repercussions. Accountability.

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And where would Mankind be in this endeavor if we had all worked together from the beginning?

Cooperation works most and best when there is a shared "other" for competition. Pure cooperation seldom works alone. The competition aspect is absolutely mandatory to achieve the most.

There are examples throughout history. The effort to be 1st is one form. Beating another organization is another form.

Or perhaps that's just my competitive nature?

Competition is human nature. We have sporting events as an outlet to reduce other, undesirable, efforts. Accomplishments in space are another outlet that has been safe, mostly.

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China is looking for a number of things from every international competition. They spend many BILLIONS on sports internally.

1) Have a great showing, lots of medals. After all, Chinese athletes are paid by the state.

2) National pride. China wants to show the world that their political system, via Olympic wins as a proxy, is better than all others.

3) Vaccine politics. All the Chinese athletes will be vaccinated using Chinese made vaccines. Regardless of the true outcome, none will be tested positive for COVID during the games. If any are, it will be claimed a political result, since their SinoVac is perfect. And if it is good enough for Chinese Olympic athletes, then it is good enough for your poor country too. It is certainly cheaper than the Euro/US premium vaccines.

4) 2022 Winter Olympics is in trouble for both COVID and political reasons. The exact same issues today will have 6 months to stew and gain more pressure. They've put BILLIONS into their hosting effort already.

This virus might be the reason that all future Olympics end. Fewer and fewer cities are falling for the IOC bidding process. The costs to host are always under-estimated - often by 30%.

I'm just as happy watching annual World Championships as I am the Olympics. Actually, the quality of competitors is often higher away from the Olympics. The IOC has lost track for why they are there. As long as professional athletes are allowed to compete, the entire Olympic competition has a stain.

When the US hosts the games in a few years, the national pride will certainly be important. That is always important to the most competitive athletes. But the US University system also trains thousands of foreign Olympic-class athletes every year who go on to represent their counties. They happen to get educated and graduate debt free too - which seems like a huge win for everyone.

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Mr. Musk's team will be the first humans on Mars.

The first people on Mars will likely die. Yet, they will still choose to go.

The way I see China in space is as a prompt for western countries to do more, better, amazing space science. And China will always have a need to prove to the world they are good enough, so they will also do some great space science.

As long as weapons don't get in the way, this focus is win-win for all sides. Some things can only be learned through trials. Of course, it helps if someone else already accomplished it.

I'd really love it if Chinese rockets didn't drop from the sky, uncontrolled, and hit in populated parts of the world. That's the main complaint.

The other complaint is why does China claim WTO "Developing Nation" status when they have nuclear power, weapons, and a world-class space program? Are they so poor to need that still?

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How about checking how many Chinese work for NASA?

Zero. Chinese citizens.

There are a number of Taiwanese immigrants who became US citizens, however. I worked directly with a few. Also French, Israeli, Burmese, Vietnamese, Liberian - naturalized US citizens. The two Burmese people were freakin' brilliant and really nice too.

Of course, there were lots of 2nd generation US citizens from around the world too. The US doesn't hold the child responsible for what a parent does.

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Posted in: Chinese spacecraft lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program See in context

Congratulations to the Chinese space team! No matter how you slice it, a successful landing is very difficult and amazing that it worked on their first attempt.

Hoping for a long, successful, mission. Good luck!

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Posted in: Japan secures extra Pfizer vaccine doses for 25 mil people See in context

Would someone remind us of why a "vaccine" is needed for something that has a 99.97% survival rate?

1.36% is the death rate I've calculated for Tokyo.

1.96% is for the entire country - so the 99.97% survival is old data.

What is the acceptable death count from a preventable virus?

What is the accepted number of missed days from work due to illness from a preventable virus?

The approved vaccines effectively prevent the need for hospitalization. That means more hospital beds for the most serious people and medical professionals aren't overwhelmed with thousands more preventable cases.

But you can be selfish, if you like.

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Well if this is not a fine example of a statistically significant sample, I don't know what is!

True. I'll still believe them over someone paid $0.50 per post.

A democratic and prosperous Ukraine is a threat to the current authoritarian rule in Russia.

Russia is fighting a hybrid war against Ukraine. Lies, propaganda, energy blockade, terrorism against Ukrainian citizens, cyber attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure, deny, deflect, when there is clear PROOF for each of these things being done by Russian State organizations. Ah ... like deniers in comments - all part of the hybrid war.

Russia as an occupying power in Crimea according to UN resolutions. UN General Assembly resolution 71/205

Russia shot down MH17, killing 298 people. A trial was held where the people responsible were charged and found guilty. They will never leave Russia, to avoid prison as required by the court's findings.

1.5M people have been forced to leave their homes in Crimea.

Russia routinely violates The Minsk Agreements. This is fact. (Protocol of 5 September 2014, Memorandum of 19 September 2014 and Package of measures of 12 February 2015)

Russia violated territorial integrity of Moldova and Georgia using similar "protecting Russian speakers" in those countries as pre-text.

Russia loves when the "West" is busy with other things. That let's them make movements that cannot be countered quickly.

Friendly nations don't invade their friends. Russia and Ukraine are not friends. Get away from the govts and the people will probably get along fine.

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Posted in: States, business try to sort out what new CDC mask guidance means See in context

The science:

The study found that real-life use of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines provided 94% protection for the front-line workers immunized at the beginning of the vaccine rollout. A single dose provided 82% protection,the CDC-led team reported in the agency's weekly report, the MMWR


"COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading COVID-19."


The reason -- viral load. At least three major studies have shown that fully vaccinated people are not likely to test positive for corona virus, which indicates they are not carrying it in their bodies, whether they have symptoms or not


"And I think the other piece that's really important is the data coming out of real-life situations like Israel, showing that anyone who does get breakthrough asymptomatic infection -- which is very uncommon -- has dramatically reduced virus loads and virus shedding, so this really is interrupting transmission,


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Posted in: Japan secures extra Pfizer vaccine doses for 25 mil people See in context

More vaccines stocks means more storage is needed also more people will involved. What's happen to current stock?

There will be weekly orders. They don't show up all at once. Put as many into arms ASAP and trust that more will arrive between 3-6 weeks later.

BTW, what is the alternative? Your plan?

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Posted in: Coe says COVID-19 vaccine a big factor in making Tokyo Games happen See in context

The IOC and J-Govt should issue a joint statement ASAP - vaccination required to compete without a known, medical, reason.

I know the US Track team has cancelled their planned Japan training camp.

“I’m going to get the shot and I think just for the whole purpose of my teammates, because if one person gets COVID, then it could mess up our team and everybody may not be able to participate.” 


Track star Allyson Felix, who hopes to add to her nine Olympic medals this summer, said that when her group is eligible in southern California, she’d sign up right away. Gymnast Simone Biles, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, said the same.


The vast majority of the more than 100 athletes who participated in the media summit said they had already been vaccinated

Those quotes are from a story published over a month ago.

The trick is to get everyone from countries without vaccine access to be fully vaccinated pre-trip to Japan. Many of the best athletes will be training in countries where vaccines are available. The US has thousands of foreign athletes training here, mainly for college scholarships. Saw that US colleges spend $110K/yr per athlete. All of those people will have been vaccinated if they were in the US the last few months.

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The Olympics are *dedicated to the promotion of physical education**,* not the gathering of wealth.

So the super wealthy are covered. They should stay home.

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The DarkSide ransomware affiliate program responsible for the six-day outage at Colonial Pipeline this week that led to fuel shortages and price spikes across the country is running for the hills. The crime gang announced it was closing up shop after its servers were seized and someone drained the cryptocurrency from an account the group uses to pay affiliates.

“Servers were seized (country not named), money of advertisers and founders was transferred to an unknown account,” reads a message from a cybercrime forum reposted to the Russian OSINT Telegram channel.


It isn't known who took the money. Could be law enforcement or one of the founders decided it was just too hot to be left there. $17+M was in the account from over 80 other malware attacks. Darkside claims it wasn't them taking the money.

A few hours ago, we lost access to the public part of our infrastructure,” the message continues, explaining the outage affected its victim shaming blog where stolen data is published from victims who refuse to pay a ransom.

Hopefully, the bad guys lost.

REvil is the malware service provider that Darkside used. They have prohibited use against organizations like health care, so it is likely their infrastructure, which is world-wide, was not involved.

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Posted in: States, business try to sort out what new CDC mask guidance means See in context

The school system here has already posted their policy which is copied word-for-word from the CDC guidance.

A parent writing about the new school policy:

As far as they are concerned, I am fully vaccinated and will no longer wear a mask when I pick my kids up.

That's a direct quote. Selfish.

What this will effectively mean is that every one will be required to wear a mask inside all businesses until deaths end and new infection rates are so very low that we 100% know herd protection has kicked in.

Anti-vaxxers will lie about being vaccinated, get infected, and spread the infection to people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine is becoming an 'anti-Russia' See in context

Ukraine has always been anti-Russian. Do prisoners like their guards? My next door neighbors are hard working, family-oriented, Ukrainian immigrants. They will provide an earful to anyone who will listen about Russia.

I don't expect the Taliban to like the US either.

Water is wet too.

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Singapore has vaccinated over 27% of their citizens.

2 infections per 100K people reported last 7 days in SG - reported today.

I'm inclined to think they are overreacting, but with vaccine supplies very limited and only 47K/day jabs happening,

SG is getting a BioNTech vaccine manufacturing facility in 2023. That won't help this pandemic, but for long-term Pfizer/BioNTech delivery in the region, it will help greatly by avoiding some of the political mistrust that other vaccines have run into because they were made in a non-Muslim country.

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Posted in: Cryptocurrency ethereum hits new record high again; dogecoin slumps See in context


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Posted in: Japan to cut number of visiting Olympic Games officials to less than 90,000 See in context

Sounds like a huge party for IOC people. I bet they are overflowing with "volunteer" judges at every Olympics. This isn't the time for a huge party.

Only allow officials in who are fully vaccinated by J-govt approved vaccines. Latest studies show that fully vaccinated people effectively don't spread, even if they get a slight infection from all the known strains. Getting any infection is extremely unlikely for fully vaccinated people according to the CDC.

CDC documents 2012/05/13: There's a non-Vaccinated vs Full Vaccinated table in there which is pretty clear.

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Posted in: Positive virus tests keep 75 Australians off flight home from India See in context

Quarantine for 3 weeks, then vaccinate

I haven't read that vaccination time matters if already infected. Vaccinate on arrival with the first shot, hit with the anti-virals and quarantine - 50+ miles away from any city - at the travelers' expense.

It should go without saying, that all staff in the quarantine location should be fully vaccinated already.

I'm surprised that India isn't vaccinating like they did for Smallpox. Whenever a case is found, hit everyone nearby quickly and quarantine the entire area. Suppose it is too late for that method? Could work in Australia and NZ - after people 55+ are all vaccinated.

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Posted in: 42-year-old mayor gets COVID shot ahead of elderly See in context

So, stop making appointments if people are just gonna cancel. Have walk ins. First come first serve.

Sometimes life happens and a few people can't make their appointment. Perhaps they were on their way and got a call to pick up a sick child from school or their transportation failed?

I'd rather have the shot go into some arm than be thrown away. One of my sisters worked putting doses into arms and she suggested that I just show up at a location in the last 15 minutes to see if they had any unused shots. She said that sometimes people miss their appointments, but they have to thaw the bottles regardless.

The easy way to be there late in the day is to take your parents/grandparents to get their shots and fill your car with people too. Then if there are any extras available, there you are - ready.

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Posted in: Governors refuse to allot hospital beds for COVID-infected Olympians See in context

Well, the IoC says they are vaccinating all the athletes and coaches, which we have proof leads to no serious COVID cases - so no hospital beds are needed.

Today, the CDC produced new guidelines which are based on the most recent data from large scale testing. It shows that fully vaccinated people usually don't have symptoms from any of the COVID variants and if they do, then they don't get a "virus load" sufficient to pass on the sickness to others.

If you missed their nice graphic: Quote:

If you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did before the pandemic.

Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.

So - vaccinated athletes/coaches have little concern and bring little to worry about for Japan related to COVID.

Japan needs to worry about non-vaccinated people. That's Job-1.

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Posted in: Pipeline hack fuels gas crunch; U.S. suspects Russian origins See in context

Now the headline “suspects” it’s a Russian hack. It’s Russian hack because “that’s where it came from”?

You have to be joking.

The group responsible admitted they did it. They are in Russia. They may not have been told by Putin to do it, but all the information stolen was handed over to the Russian military.

This is just a guess, but a wouldn't be surprised if Putin gets a "cut" of the data ransom, which won't be paid.

Earlier today, I saw a job opening for the company seeking a Security Manager. In the security groups, there were a few jokes about that posting. I posted the link in another story here, for the curious.

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Posted in: What insurrection? Growing number in GOP downplay Jan 6 attack See in context

We need to treat these deniers just like we treat Holocaust deniers. The US Republic was at risk. That's pretty serious to me and I have little time for lies attempting to downplay that.

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Posted in: Prince Harry says he moved to U.S. to 'break cycle' of family 'pain and suffering' See in context

His kids will be screwed up, just in different ways now.

There are no perfect families.

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Posted in: Inventor of Post-it Notes adhesive dies at age 80 See in context

For some reason, I thought Michele had invented that?

Ah - I'm wrong. Again. Sorry.

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Posted in: 'Great day for America': Vaccinated can largely ditch masks See in context

Japan is a good example of what could have happened to the US if it weren't for those getting vaccinated. COVID cases are exploding whereas the US is opening up again.

From here, it seems Japan did ok until the last 4-5 months. Perhaps that is luck or perhaps it was J-govt skill? 550K dead in the US isn't good no matter how I look at it.

Lots of room for improvement from everyone and every govt.

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