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Posted in: Most automakers fall short on climate goals: report See in context

Moving off oil takes a concerted effort. Change is never easy. But without the first, bold, steps, change will never happen.

I will probably be in the last 25% of non-ICE drivers. Early adopters always pay a premium. OTOH, how long has the Toyota Prius been out? It is since 1997 in Japan and 2003 in the US. They've made hybrid vehicles all this time, so they've had 20 yrs if real-life experience with all the systems involved and 20 yrs to improve them.

I don't want to just pick on Toyota, but they were the first really practical hybrid cars anywhere.

The climate doesn't care about our feelings. Leaving a mess for our great grand children isn't cool.

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Until individuals have complete control over their data with force of law, there will be no privacy online.

The only way I know to make that happen is to force payment for collection of the data directly to the individual and prevent any 3rd party sharing of data at all, with force of law.

We've learned that companies lie all the time. They take data and claim they don't know who it is, but because they buy data from 20 different providers, they get a much fuller idea and correlate the data from different sources down to an individual.

In the US, with just 4 pieces of data, which aren't considered sensitive, it is possible to know the name of an individual. Zip, M/F, birth date, and 1 other item (that I won't name). 3 of those items can be bought from govt records like the DMV and/or voter lists. For any states, the voter lists were free until about 5 yrs ago. Then they added a nominal fee for access to prevent wide spread abuse. Of course, people like me were grabbing a copy of all the records when they were free just to see what it contained. Basically, a text file with x million records for the state. Not everyone registers to vote and children obviously aren't on the list. says that 50% of the US population only needs 3 items of information to be uniquely known, not including name(s).

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Posted in: Japan to join U.S.-led economic framework during Biden visit See in context

Equal access to markets for all, without any govt subsidies. Seems pretty simple. Japan and China won't allow that. The US should not allow subsidies on foods like they do through many different farm programs.

I doubt US products will compete on price alone in other countries. Just look at the difficulty that Tesla has in China. Perhaps 20% of the issues are really true issues and the other 80% are ways to slow down Tesla while domestic Chinese, supported by the CCP, competition gets a foothold because family has CCP contacts.

And let me know when Google, Facebook, and all other crap platforms are allowed in China without censorship for true things.

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If China is unhappy about a meeting, it is probably a good thing for the region and world.

Jeeez if there is one thing the Chinese are really good at is whining! Oh and copying stuff and ignoring copyright and human rights and …. Oh dear there seems to be no end they’re good at everything!

Don't forget Zero-COVID, which is working without any issues at all. /s

If China wants all this to go away, there's a simple solution. Become a direct vote democracy and have laws with teeth to protect anyone who reports graft and abuse of power. All representatives should be selected and voted in by the people, not a committee of 200K scratching each other's backs.

The govt is supposed to work for the people, not the other way around.

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Posted in: Russian soldier pleads guilty at Ukraine war crimes trial See in context

I doubt any Ukrainian caught with a tank in Russia would get a trial if he was intentionally killing unarmed citizens, targeting hospitals or raping people there.

Soldiers in other countries who maliciously kill non-combatants get charged and tried by their own military courts.

Good for Ukraine showing what civilized countries do and not just executing this 21 yr old man.

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Posted in: Japanese universities determine cats know names of other cats See in context

"The naming of cats is a difficult matter. It isn't just one of your holiday games. You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter when I tell you a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES. An ordinary name and a fancy name. That's two.

Do you want to guess what the third one is? But above and beyond there's still one name left over, And that is the name that you never will guess;

The name that no human research can discover -- - But THE CAT HIMSELF KNOWS, and will never confess."

-- Logan's Run (simplified from T.S.Elliot)

So, cats are bad at human names. Shocking. /s

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Posted in: Electricity, gasoline and many food and drink items now cost more in Japan. What are you doing in your daily life to cut back on costs? See in context

Nothing, really new specific to this, but the price increases have been most notable at the grocery store the last 3 months or so. Everything seems 10-25% more expensive or they've decided to reduce the contents, but not the package size by 25-35% and keep the same price.

I buy more items in bulk now. Was already very frugal. But if I used to buy 5kg of something, now I buy 10kg. I cook more meals that get frozen too.

I watch for deals on different things and stock up. We have a year of paper towels, TP, some condiments, cleaning supplies, masks, and engine oil/filters for changes.

Drives Ms.Fu crazy, sometimes, until we go on a trip somewhere fantastic with the "savings."

Vehicle use hasn't changed too much since 2008. Just with the car insurance rates matched how little we actually drive. We're on the lowest plan already and we drive ¹/₁₀th that amount.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland push ahead with NATO bids as Turkey objects See in context

Turkey was frustrated that they didn't get into the EU. Some of their planned new laws at the time were the reason provided. The Erdogan jailed a reporter, that was it.

Part of the problem is that EU citizens have free relocation to any other EU country and the idea of being 1 hop from the Middle East before hassle relocation becomes possible for refugees is a little scary to Europe.

This is Turkey's payback moment, I suppose.

OTOH, perhaps Russia would like some more population and will invite the refugees there?

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Posted in: Shanghai says zero-COVID achieved but millions still in lockdown See in context

No, the whole world is not laughing at the CCP right now.

The parts of the world that don't get jailed for being a spy against the CCP are.

I am.

Is "Zero-COVID achieved" the same as "Mission Accomplished?"

Both seem worthy of laughter at the time, though we don't because of the real humans left with the failed results.

@painkiller, this story is about Shanghai and Chinese statements, not anywhere else. More "projection" from the doggie warriors following the CCP playbook.

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Posted in: McDonald's to sell all 850 stores in Russia See in context

Putin probably told McDonalds to get the heck out of Russia asap.

Actually, the pressure for all American companies to disconnect from Russia has been huge. Plus, importing necessary items to maintain the restaurants at the levels McD's requires is next to impossible.

Inside the US, most McDonald's are owned by small businessmen as a franchise. In Russia, all the McDs are corporate owned.

LCS owns 2,770 locations, and 35,085 franchises are currently operated, including LCS and affiliates owned. Of these, 21,685 franchised are conventional franchisees, 7,225 franchised are developmental licensees, and 6,175 franchised are foreign entities.

The point of eating McDonalds is consistency and speed. Outside North America, I don't think they are very cheap.

Eating at typical American restaurants outside the country tends to be much more disappointing than eating local foods, though there are a few exceptions in certain countries.

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Posted in: Biden acts to deploy U.S. troops to Somalia See in context

The US shouldn't be the world police. Why send the US? Shouldn't the UN be doing this task?

I'm not a fan of deploying military unless they are formally requested, all expenses are paid by the local govt, no direct actions are expected, and there is a specific US interest in the area.

I'm not against quick-action forces dropping in, taking out the leadership of terror organizations and leaving. The important part is leaving ASAP. Let the local military and African Union police handle the cleanup, arrests, and burials.

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Posted in: Jury sees photos of Heard's swollen face after fight with Depp See in context

I bet there is some truth in both sides.

I'd always considered both of them unstable humans. Assumed she married him to help her career and get rich. He married her ... well, he's a man, so that's pretty obvious. She's from Austin. Fantastic, fun, city. I can see her being a high-maintenance attachment.

"I never struck her" doesn't mean Depp didn't throw stuff at her or use some other object to hit here. It just means his hands never touched her skin. Throwing a phone? Was it a 1in x 1in phone or one of those huge, wall mounted, dial phones?

One of her jobs is working for Loreal. She knows makeup.

Dogs poop all sorts of places. Some people setup ramps to small dogs can get up on their beds. Don't know if that's what happened here. We'd place a trunk at the foot of the bed for the dog to use to get up.

At least they didn't have any kids.

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Posted in: Big cross-border tunnel found linking Tijuana, San Diego See in context

When found, each tunnel should be sealed with 10 trucks of reinforced cement.

By federal law, U.S. authorities must fill the U.S. side of tunnels with concrete after they are discovered.


The invasion continues.

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Posted in: Taliban promise 'good news' soon on girls' education See in context

Waah, this article is about Afghanistan and education of females there, not anywhere else. A few years ago, women attended college, medical school, traveled as they wanted, held important positions in the govt and in businesses.

In Feb 2022, women were allowed back into college - segregated, subject choices limited and burqas made compulsory. ... but if younger women aren't allowed to gain the knowledge and skills to enter college, those classes will soon end. Also, since women aren't allowed to work, it is hard for a family to pay for education.

Data show women have lost jobs at a higher rate than men in recent months - some were thrown out of work due to Taliban restrictions in the immediate aftermath of their conquest - and some rights won over 20 years of Western-backed governments have been reversed.

When your country puts up barriers for 50% of the population from access to as much education as they like and opportunities to use that education, it is nearly impossible for that country to compete in the world. It is a poverty cycle. A working woman raises the incomes for not just themselves, but for the entire village where they live. Woman who aren't allowed/able to work are a drain on village resources.

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Posted in: Bezos and Biden spar over corporate taxes and inflation See in context

They don't need to raise corporate taxes.

They just need to close the current loopholes that all the major international corporation use to shift their taxes outside the country where they earn profits.

The only way a company in any country shouldn't pay taxes there, is if they don't have any services or product sales in that country.

The lawyers and tax accountant teams in these huge companies spend every waking moment trying to figure out a way to use the tax laws in every country to reduce the total tax paid as much as possible. Amazon has to be claiming they are losing money in America to not pay taxes. That's just false.

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Posted in: U.S. death toll from COVID hits 1 million See in context

Remember that the way US healthcare works, when there is govt support (funding) for a specific issue like COVID, is that any death that has any COVID included, even if less than 1% of the morality reason, gets added to the COVID death numbers. This way, the doctor or hospital or clinic can file for more govt money.

It is true that the prior POTUS certainly did much more harm than good related to effective covid steps. Shutting down the CDC from running the response, lies about dumb, so-called cures, and just being anti-whatever the doctors said to do. We are still living with the split he and his followers have caused over a virus that doesn't care about political parties.

We do need to recognize that the world pharmaceutical companies were very quick to create vaccines


doctors were able to create effective treatments, once that one Asian country known for withholding/spreading mis-information and jailing medical doctors for sharing with peers around the world. Though they did waste far too much effort on denying any issue and leaving their international airports open AFTER closing internal country flights so the entire world would get the virus faster. We were all going to get it. Nothing could stop it. No politician anywhere would cut all outside ties quickly enough to prevent spreading - not in China, the US, Europe. About the only places that were able to effective control the spread were islands - plus one of those islands, Taiwan, was used to the CCP lying about everything medical.

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Posted in: McDonald's to sell all 850 stores in Russia See in context

Hadn't considered the "better service" aspects that McD's brings. That part is interesting.

McD's was like the Ford Motor assembly line for restaurants. Consistency in service, taste and products. THAT is the real story here.

Go to any McDs in any country and the food should taste the same. Between different countries there seems to be something different about the beef taste, IME.

Being consistent is more important than being 1% better tasting. Just look at the burnt coffee that Starbucks sells. Same idea. They trained huge number of people to think they prefer burnt coffee - stuff that no reputable cafe would serve.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

Putin doesn't have any plans. That is clear. He just wants more power and is willing to kill to get it.

Captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine have been clear:

They don't know why they are there. Some are refusing to enter Ukraine. Once there, they know if they retreat, they will be shot. That leaves surrender is the option or killing people in Ukraine. Ukrainians who have a similar culture and often speak Russian.

Read that Russia has lost 30% of their military hardware so far. 4 attempts to get military hardware over a small river have failed with over 70 trucks, tanks, and other vehicles destroyed. There are drone photos of the destroyed equipment.

Ukraine is paying a huge bill from the invaders. I don't think anyone expects them to win, but Russia will pay a much higher price than they expected.

War crime trials are beginning for captured Russian soldiers.

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Posted in: Shanghai announces gradual reopening of businesses See in context

Zero-Covid has failed. Claims that they are following the science is bunk. What any other country does or did isn't the point of this article. It is about the Chinese govt Zero Covid policy and what impact locking down residents in Shanghai for 60+ days has actually caused.

NotSo HungOver - a proud CCP Cyber warrior following the CCP playbook using a VPN which is illegal inside China. A few other posters in this article are also following the CCP Cyber warrior playbook. That's obvious. They are also called "Wolf Warriors". shows that many, many, mainland Chinese are NOT happy with Xi's leadership around COVID.

We can read what Chinese people say thanks to the the great translation movement. is their official account.

The account focuses on popular posts that it thinks can represent mainstream opinion in China.

Last time I checked, Twitter was blocked in Mainland China, so why do they care what is translated there?

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

In my early 20s, my stock broker company made a mistake and put an extra $100K in my account - far more money than I had anywhere at the time. It wasn't exactly $100K, but a little over that amount.

I thought about it for a few minutes. I could have lived off that money for a few years, but my reputation would have been ruined. How could I work anywhere again? How could I look in the mirror every morning?

Then called the company and told them about the error. The next day, that money was gone.

Invest it in bitcoin

Bitcoin is down 50% since November and dropping. Bitcoin isn't an "investment". It is gambling. There aren't any fundamentals behind it, just like there weren't any fundamentals behind the Dutch Tulip mania. If you like gambling, certainly buy or mine some bitcoin. I have. But I did it long ago out of interest, not expecting anything ... except a higher power bill for those months of mining. I still have those BCs and may sell in 30 yrs, like I might sell some artwork. It isn't an investment. It is a tulip bulb that could be worthless or $5M by that time. Who knows? OTOH, I'm positive that my BKR stock will be worth much more in 30 yrs - likely over 60x more, but at least 30x more based on fundamentals.

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Posted in: Australian PM launches campaign 6 days before election See in context

Aren't there election entry forms that need to be completely 6 months prior to any election there? I'm confused.

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Posted in: Israel police to investigate conduct at journalist funeral See in context

Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted? This investigation deserves better communications that tweeting.

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Posted in: U.S. awarded 2031 Rugby World Cup, if anyone cares See in context

Atlanta has a Rugby team? This is the first I've heard about it. I live in metro Atlanta. They need a larger marketing budget, it appears.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says Twitter deal 'temporarily on hold' See in context

Musk is manipulating the market for personal gain. That's illegal and the SEC should go after him for doing this.

There's a reason that many buyouts of public companies are announced AFTER the deal has been made. Musk didn't learn this, because he wanted to cause the stock to fluctuate wildly. With stocks, we can make money when it rises or when it falls. Just need to be positioned correctly. 30% in a month is a tidy profit.

I'm only anti-Musk when it comes to violating SEC rules and his belief that 100% freedom of speech should be allowed. 5 yrs ago, I though freedom of speech should be absolute, but then I learned that about 50% of Americans are extremely gullible and will believe dumb lies. We seen a few of those in posts here daily, from all political spectrums..

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Posted in: Pence to rally with Kemp in Georgia in break with Trump See in context

Mike Pence did the VP job, which is to support the President. Not much leeway with that job. In public, he needed to back his boss and in private, provide insights which we all know were ignored.

I suppose Pence may have gotten Trump to find religion ... or he found it only because those ultra right voters won't vote for a Republican in the primaries who doesn't mimic their crazy beliefs.

My issue isn't with Pence as a man. As a private citizen, I bet he's a good neighbor. It is with him as a leader and representative. His fundamental religious believes scare me like the Crusades and Inquisition. His views represent less than 30% of Americans. But at least he knows how the USGovt is supposed to work, unlike his former boss.

If he runs for President, he will lose. 30% isn't enough to be competitive.

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Posted in: U.N. holds emergency meeting on Taliban crackdown on women See in context

The point is; why do they force women to wear or not to wear anything, regardless if it's required by their religion or not?

Some jobs have uniforms and making the customer uncomfortable isn't good.

Forcing women to wear clothing they don't like is an attack. OTOH, I've had a number of jobs that required a specific uniform, which I didn't like to wear, but I did in exchange for the paycheck. The women working there had the same uniform, BTW.

If everyone in Afghanistan agreed with wearing burkas, then there wouldn't be any issue, but clearly lots of people disagree. All because old Islamic men get excited seeing the face and perhaps the outline of women? They cannot control their urges? It obviously isn't an Islamic thing, since lots of other places in the world have Muslim women not wearing burkas or hijabs. What's the point, besides men telling women what they have to wear?

why do we have, as diverse and different as we are, to adopt a particular way of life or standard, namely westerners?

You don't. Wear whatever you like. Just don't expect others to be comfortable when you don't conform to local norms and don't expect the uniform for a govt job to change.

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Posted in: Pence to rally with Kemp in Georgia in break with Trump See in context

I won't be voting for Brian Kemp this fall and seriously doubt any GOP running will get my vote. They've proven the last few years they cannot be trusted. Period.

I'm not saying that I like any of the democrats, but at least they didn't change voting laws over hype that voter fraud is an issue in Georgia - it isn't. Less than 100 ballots were found to be fraudulent and no election results would have changed. Some of the "fraud" was by people who recently moved pre-election, but voted in their old precinct.

Actually, the largest attempted fraud in Georgia was by the ex-Prez and that failed. It is going to a Grand Jury soon: These are criminal charges.

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Posted in: U.S., Russian defense chiefs speak for 1st time since invasion See in context

Having people below Putin accept calls is a good sign. Doubt it is anything more than a delay tactic. That's a typical Russian war method. They like the idea of taking a little and holding it so long that people forget they took something.

As long as one uninvited Russian soldier is inside Ukraine from the 2010 boundaries, it is too many. They should carry seeds in their pockets. Pretty flower seeds.

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Posted in: Israeli police beat pallbearers at Al Jazeera journalist's funeral See in context

Israel is wrong, in this instance.

They should have allowed the procession to continue and brought in more, heavily armed, police with riot gear, but held them back. If anything terrible happened, then bring in the army with heavier weapons. Emotions were high. That what happens at funerals.

As for the killing of the reporter, if the two sides don't work together, no answer is possible. The Palestinians have the bullet. The Israelis have the rifle. Hard to determine a match without both. Perhaps the answer is to get a 3rd party involved?

Reporters who were with Abu Akleh, including one who was shot and wounded, said there were no clashes or militants in the immediate area. All of them were wearing protective equipment that clearly identified them as reporters.

"immediate area" means different things. Any videos of the shot which could provide bullet trajectory information? A shot aimed at a militant may have missed and she could have been standing 20m behind the intended target. Or she could have been on a list for opportunistic killing. We'll never know.

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Posted in: Canada anti-abortion rally hopes for rights rollback See in context

Canada's laws are way too permissive

That's your opinion. Seems that 80% of Canadians think of abortion as "health care". I agree. I'd have no restrictions and let the mother decide with her doctor.

Other people's superstitions are fine, until they interfere with everyone's choices.

I'm not against other people offering to adopt and accept the full responsibility of that choice. They would only need to convince the mother and the father should have first crack at the adoption. If nobody steps up, she's free to end the pregnancy, even if it is "not convenient at this time."

No woman would make the decision without lots of consideration. It isn't my or your place to force a decision onto her.

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