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Posted in: What do you think about the coronavirus contact tracing app that some countries are urging their citizens to download? See in context

It is possible to hide dynamic loading and unloading of code even when the source code is provided. It is called obfuscation. It is a common practice.

I have no reason to think that AUS or India's tracking apps aren't anything other than exactly what they claim, but without putting those apps into a controlled environment for 6 weeks and watching their true behaviors, I wouldn't be able to say.

Companies have profiles on us all. I think Twitter and Facebook only have shadow profiles for me, caused by other people.

Normal people have no idea how much data is available on them. None of us are really that interesting, until we are for some other reason.

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Posted in: U.S. cuts WHO ties over virus; takes action over Hong Kong See in context

The WHO is part of the UN. The UN is just about the slowest way to get anything decided, much less done. As a UN agency, the WHO will never be allowed to get data from outside the UN membership countries and their leaders. It is broken, by design. I don't think the US should completely leave the UN, but the US contribution should be 1/4th what China contributes. Same for the UN.

There are many nations abusing the "Developing Nation" status that the UN provides. Yet, there are no current methods for the UN to remove that status in an orderly way. Developing nations don't have nuclear warheads, space launch capabilities, human rights violations against millions, or a single-party system of govt and aren't currently at war or supporting/hiding terrorist organizations.

I'm sure there are a few more subtle tests to be applied so abuse of the Developing Nation status doesn't help undesirable countries.

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Posted in: Britain may offer 'path to citizenship' for nearly 3 million in Hong Kong See in context

Good on the UK.

Hopefully, Canada, NZ, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the US will follow, though the UK definitely should lead.

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Posted in: U.S. police officer who kneeled on black man's neck charged with third-degree murder See in context

The US interpretations of legal protections by the SCOTUS has gone too far towards protecting law enforcement since they first began doing that 60-something years ago.

Police training has become far too aggressive and needs to step back to the Andy Griffin methods for initial contacts, not Judge Dredd methods. And the courts need to drastically change their protection of police at any cost rulings.

If there are 3 cops on 1 guy and they cannot subdue him within 30 seconds, then there's a problem. The cops need to be better trained or get more help.

Every death while either being held or captured by police needs a federal investigation. Local and state officials have proven they cannot be trusted with those investigations.

We owe this to our fellow citizens. One day, it might be you, your spouse, your child, or grandchild being arrested by the police. Don't they deserve the best, safest, treatment, possible too?

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Posted in: Twitter has more tools to use against Trump, if it chooses See in context

Certainly twitter could begin a lawsuit that would last at least until ... say January 20th ... if the executive branch attempts any real interference.

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Posted in: NSA: Russian agents have been hacking major email program See in context

In the last few months, I've seen a huge increase in email hacking attempts. This week, most have come from - and - networks. That's Korea and Russia. Both with well over 100K attacks each.

It isn't an accident. It is deliberate. Accidents do happen with 1-20 incorrect attempts. We see a bunch of those too, from all around the world.

Nobody gets a VPN into Russia to perform attacks, but Russians almost always use VPNs to get IPs outside Russia. The attacks from Korea look exactly the same as the attacks from the Russian IPs.

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Posted in: NSA: Russian agents have been hacking major email program See in context

Exim isn't THAT popular for Unix systems. I've been running corporate email systems for 25 yrs. Never touched exim. Sendmail is what the big guys use and postfix is what 80% of everyone else uses.

Gmail does their own thing. They wrote their own SMTP program to ensure privacy violates were possible ASAP.

Only idiots would put MS-Exchange directly on the internet. There would be a postfix (or sendmail) email-gateway on the internet that filters all the in/out SMTP traffic.

Email is a few different protocols.

SMTP - used for server-to-server xfers and for a client to SEND.

POP3/s and IMAP/s - used for clients to RECEIVE email.

Client machines, like MS-Outlook or Thunderbird or K-9 Mail use both SMTPS and IMAPS to send and receive emails over encrypted connections.

Exim is only for SMTP/S traffic, not for POP3/s or IMAP/s traffic at all. Exim was patched last fall, so being hacked this week by that bug isn't Exim's fault, it is the admin's for not running 2 commands which would patch the entire system. Literally, 2 commands.

Anyone running an email system on the internet who doesn't patch at least weekly is a fool. A FOOL.

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Posted in: Cancer, coronavirus are a dangerous mix, new studies find See in context

Would love to see how having asthma impacts recovery and survival too.

Or specific allergies, say peanuts.

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Posted in: Amazon to offer permanent roles to 70% of 175,000 new U.S. hires See in context

These jobs aren't for the high paying computer parts of the company. They are for shipping and receiving, part-picking, and delivery drivers. Low-skill jobs with hard work required, constantly.

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Posted in: Japan 'seriously concerned' over Chinese security laws for Hong Kong See in context

The 五毛 are doing a fantastic job.

Laws from 50 yrs ago aren't the same laws as today. They'd never be allowed, regardless of the govt. Two systems, one country was never going to be followed. Every one knew that. We'd just hoped it would be 30 yrs before significant changes were made. The hope was that mainland Chinese would see the prosperity in Hong Kong and push the CCP to transform into a similar system of govt. Instead, they've gone the other way and the Chinese people all got in line, millions by force, and let their govt become a dictatorship.

The UK returned a forcibly leased property to the rightful owner country. At the time, there was nothing they should have done differently. The UK didn't have much choice.

I think most people here would agree, given a choice, the people of Hong Kong would choose to be part of the UK rather than part of China. No question.

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Posted in: Looting erupts during Minneapolis protests over black man's killing by white police officer See in context

As for the cops. They need jail time for their crimes. The training cops get to show overwhelming force has to change. They need to follow the Andy Griffith method of policing, which de-escalates interactions first. Had they done that, nobody would have died for a minor crime. Unjustified lethal force.

All lives matter. Saying "black lives matter" is racist, separates people into a different group and exclusionary towards others. All lives matter.

The proper way for the community to show how mad they are is to have a protest, show some anger, but not let emotions go into violence or property damage. Showing restraint and having specific members of the community help to prevent people from going too far would go much further than violence and property damage.

Looting will just those get companies to leave and never return to the neighborhood. More empty stores isn't good for anyone. Bet most of the people will miss that Target and lots will miss the auto parts store. Why didn't they loot the lounge?

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Posted in: U.S. Congress approves China sanctions over ethnic crackdown See in context

All US trade with China needs to be placed under rules requiring prior govt approvals as long as humans rights, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Uighurs and lying to the WHO are an issue.

US companies need to be forbidden from having any facilities in China as well. MSFT, Cisco, Tesla and probably 500 other companies need to get out.

The USgovt should deal with Chinese companies the same why that Chinese Govt deals with US and other foreign companies. Laws followed haphazardly, highly selective prosecutions, forever changing rules. Chinese companies in the US need to have less than 50% foreign ownership. Technology transfers for the next 20 yrs need to be mandatory.

While the US is at it, it should formally recognize Taiwan as a separate country. I'd like to see the CCP red faces when that happens.

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Posted in: Canada urged to lift Covid restrictions for NHL players See in context

"Americans need their sports"

No, American corporations want to make money off sports is the truth. Hockey is lots of fun to watch, especially in person.

I don't see why special rules need to be setup for any groups. Elitist behavior for "special people" shouldn't be allowed.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law toughening regulations on tech giants See in context

There are many more things that govts should do to ensure giant companies don't have even more unfair advantages over smaller companies and startups. This isn't just for tech/online companies.

Amazon is well-known for crushing competition AND competing their own business partners out of business by finding the manufacturer of the "stuff", contacting those makers, then ordering extremely similar "stuff" sufficient to make the little guy's orders unimportant. Those "Amazon Basic" items are perfect examples where a small company found a niche product that became popular, so Amazon stole it. These little products don't matter much to Amazon, but to the family company who initially designed, marketed, and sold it, their livelihood is gone. Not nice Amazon.

This shouldn't be allowed. Any "marketplace" solution provider should be required to be an impartial market, without any offers by the market owner allowed. Online, or physical shouldn't matter. Google's Play store shouldn't have any google software on offer. Same for Apple's, eBay, Amazon, and the 50 other online "markets."

Costco, Walmart and most grocery chain stores do something similar with their "house brands" for chips, cheese, canned, frozen foods.

I know I can stop dealing with google 100%. Already have.

I know I can stop dealing with MSFT 100%. Already have.

I know I can stop dealing with Twitter, Facebook, Insta-whatever 100%. Already have.

I cannot stop dealing with Amazon 100%. It just isn't possible because almost every small-medium-sized company uses Amazon EC2 and storage for their websites. MSFT and Google are trying to compete in those areas. MSFT has huge growth, but I've been blocking their public rental servers for over a decade and haven't noticed any issues.

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Posted in: No screams please: Japanese amusement parks prepare to reopen See in context

A sharp drop in reported cases happens every weekend.

If you've already had the virus and recovered, seems like now would be a great time to visit all those normally busy places for some fun. Just think about ZERO lines to get on the most popular rides!

Folks need to remember the point of social distancing is to flatten the curve for hospital staff to be able to handle all the people. It won't stop the virus forever. That ship sailed in January.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist imprisoned in Australia over child porn possession See in context

You'd think by now people traveling internationally would know to have clean devices for travel.

Heck, I check to remove my OTC decongestants from my bags when traveling to Asia (most of the time) because they aren't legal there. Sadly, it means having to use drugs that don't work nearly as well FOR ME to prevent the symptoms.

If you only protect your computers, phone, online accounts with a password, then you've already failed the security check. Two-Factor authentication has been around a long time. It works. that article has options for everyone by a respected security guy.

Storage encryption is pretty easy these days too, but it is best to have a clean device. Be careful using any flash or SSD storage. Forensic techniques can pull data from multiple wipes off those storage devices. Deleted and wiped 5 times isn't sufficient for a team determined to go deeper.

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Posted in: In land of big data, China sets individual privacy rights See in context

There's always an exception for the Chinese Govt which doesn't require any written documentation. Seems if any govt official requests it, then a company is free to violate any Chinese law.

When 1,000 Chinese companies successfully sue the Chinese CCP Govt and WIN, then I'll believe these laws.

When the govt, especially in Hong Kong, is required to play by the same privacy rules, then China will be a different country.

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Posted in: Has the coronavirus made you rethink what's important in your life? See in context

Fox “News” confirmed this almost 20 years ago.

Perhaps, but CNN did it in 1980, 1984, 1988, 1993, .... 2001, ... every time something bad happens, anywhere.

These days, I try to limit any news about death and viruses. Once a week, I'll check out some new detailed information, consider it, then move on to happier subjects.

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Posted in: HBO throws out rulebook with streaming launch See in context

AT&T kills everything they touch, unless it is an effective monopoly.

If you want free content, tracks all streaming for a country with lots of free and paid choices. Select which you like and filter on "new"

Eventually, all content seems to get to all the services. We can wait a few years. Game of Thones will be free someday. I have time.

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Posted in: Asia stocks mixed on uncertainty over Hong Kong security law See in context

So much for 1 country, 2 systems.

What recourse does the UK have for this broken agreement?

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Posted in: Survey shows how Japanese couples feel about spending so much time together sheltering in place See in context

We're spending less on food and drink now that we don't eat our or stop at bars.

Eating and drinking outside are more expensive than buying groceries and fluids for use at home, unless the business expenses everything.

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Posted in: LATAM becomes largest airline yet driven to bankruptcy by coronavirus See in context

Hopefully, won't lose any FFM (LATAM Pass). This is the low-season for South American travel until mid-November. There are some lower-cost airlines, so when LATAM goes into Chptr-11, that's scary for thousands of people.

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Posted in: What do you think about the coronavirus contact tracing app that some countries are urging their citizens to download? See in context

Interesting to see people jumping to conclusions that the government wants to get as much information from their people as possible. This 'Covid 19 tracker' App is just that. It allows you to know if you were in close contact with anyone who gets diagnosed with the virus in the last certain number of days. It doesn't track your everyday movements. It just recognises whether you were in close proximity to the carrier (if they too also has the app.), not where you were exactly at the time of risk.

Exactly, how do you know this is true?

I'm a long-time programmer and have worked on Android applications. Effectively, there's no way for anyone outside the development team to make those determinations. Static analysis works for noob-programmers, but for an expert trying to hide capabilities, it isn't sufficient. Further, it is not hard to make your application appear to not us the GPS, while asking another library to use it through dynamic loading and unloading of the code. The data can be retained, encrypted, and transmitted to different internet addresses at a later time based on triggers. Apps do this all the time. Google has required that location services (GPS) be enabled whenever bluetooth is enabled for about 4 yrs. There's no technical reason for these features to be tied together. They weren't previously, but are now. Why?

Sadly, I'd trust Google and Apple to actually make an app that does what it claims as far as providing any data to our different govts, but I wouldn't trust google not to be tracking the phone everywhere it goes ... er ... because they've been caught multiple times doing just that. Both Google and Apple have successfully fought the USGovt in court. They've both lost too.

Trust, but verify is harder when it comes to code.

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Posted in: Biden makes 1st in-person appearance in more than 2 months See in context

Qualities in a US President:

Over 35 yrs old.

Natural Born Citizen of the US.

I'm thinking those are the requirements. Anything beyond that is gravy.

I'd add

under age 65 on election day

Prior govt experience as US State Governor, US Senator, Committee Chair in the House or Federal Judge.

The second President Trump is gone, we need to add an Amendment to prevent anything similar from being possible again. Those requirements would also block VPs that have caused terrible actions to be taken.

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Posted in: Trump warns he may move Republican convention over COVID-19 restrictions See in context

If Trump is the defacto nominee, why bother? They need to review the party platform and fix it?

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Posted in: Uniqlo to make face masks using underwear fabric See in context

Read somewhere that some men had been using their GF's underwear for masks in places where masks aren't commonly worn and nobody noticed. Don't know if that is true.

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Posted in: What do you think about the coronavirus contact tracing app that some countries are urging their citizens to download? See in context

If you are staying home, like we are supposed to be doing, then there isn't any point, except the 1 day a month you go out for groceries and other necessities.

OTOH, if you are someone making it possible for everyone else to stay home, 1st, thanks. Second, thanks. Third, try to limit your exposure to any single person's "cooties" by limiting breaths in range to just a few.

Contact apps by the govt are scary. They can easily become abused for other purposes. What assurance do we have that the data and abuses won't happen? Just ask the CCP how they are using Hauwei technology in their detention of Muslims and tracking once they are finally "re-eductated."

Not all govts are evil, but not all govts are good either.

I won't be loading any app, but I routinely forget to take a phone with me, so that really isn't a big deal.

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Posted in: Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as Taiwan promises assistance to people See in context

Governments should reflect the wishes of the people. Hong Kongers want to be left alone, regardless of what the Beijing appointed leaders claim.

They don't want to leave China, but if that's the only option to retaining their freedoms, then there will be violence.

Then China will setup "re-education camps", kill some people, kill some relatives, and the violence will either escalate or end as the people become afraid of the CCP-stormtroopers. It will come to that.

China is causing the violence by not listening. Lam and this police chief need to go.

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Posted in: Anti-viral drug remdesivir effective against coronavirus, study finds See in context

For a little more detail, though I disagree with the title for the article.

Seems the drug quickens recovery by 3-4 days, even if given 10 days after the first symptoms were seen. People get better in 11 days, not 15. Didn't see any numbers for what percentage of people got better quicker in the link. In the comments, someone said it was 70%.

However, the overall recovery rate after 29 (or 30) days seems to somewhere around 70% for remdesivir patients and about 60% for placebo patients.

Morbidity rates are about the same, statistically. Need a much larger study to see if there is any impact or not on morbidity.

Also, didn't see the cost of a treatment per person. Getting a daily shot isn't exactly fun and paying $200/day isn't ideal for an 11 day treatment schedule.

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Posted in: Wuhan lab had three live bat coronaviruses: Chinese state media See in context

The lab is doing what it is supposed to do - research new viruses found in the wild and try to figure out ways to help humans. They were concentrating on SARS before a new sample was provided. Sounds reasonable. Just because they have viruses in a virus research lab, doesn't mean much. That's the purpose.

In an interview with Scientific American, Shi said the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence did not match any of the bat coronaviruses her laboratory had previously collected and studied.

I believe this statement.

It shouldn't be shocking to learn that the CDC in Atlanta has thousands of deadly viruses too. They don't publicize that fact, but obviously, it is true. There are viral study labs around the world.

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