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Posted in: Up to 8,000 migrants advance in U.S.-bound caravans across Guatemala See in context

The US needs to overhaul the immigration laws to enable orderly immigration that allows humane handling of famlies, not mobs with the goal of breaking US laws as their first act.

The US can't save everyone. There are practical limits.

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Posted in: India starts world's largest COVID-19 vaccination drive See in context

Surprising that India would make this political choice without the science to back it up.

And they are risking the lives of the health care workers rather than wait until the science on their home-made vaccine is in. Hope they don't do all their science that way.

They've had some issues recently. Read their patent health computers had a breech last year.

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Posted in: Five Hong Kong democracy protesters seek asylum in the U.S. See in context

Why would they go to the US as opposed to staying in Taiwan?

Language and Taiwan might be attacked. Taiwan doesn't want trouble with the CCP.

HKers often don't speak Mandarin. They speak Cantonese and English. US will always be able to stand up to China and there are lots of places to disappear, if they want a quiet life. A great Cantonese restaurant in Beatrice, NE would probably do well.

Or perhaps the tolerance for free speech is the draw?

Or maybe they've already got ties to the USA? shows that the US grants about 50k asylums annually.

They will miss Hong Kong from before the crackdown. My friend from Macau had no trouble integrating into the US, finding interesting work, and doing well. He does miss family and foods, plus eggs in the US don't taste the same. Health codes - overzealous. Not an asylum seeker, just a well-educated, hard working, person with skills sought by US companies.

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Britain's plan to send aircraft carrier group to Asia See in context

If China was a good neighbor, these political cruises wouldn't be needed.

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Posted in: Xi asks Starbucks to help promote U.S.-China cooperation See in context

All US companies should be planning how to leave China. Especially KFC. It is amazing how popular KFC is there.

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Posted in: U.S. carries out its 1st execution of female inmate since 1953 See in context

Yes, this shows the craven bloodlust of Trump and his minions. For me the penny has dropped and I am now against capital punishment.

Hardly. Lethal injection isn't bloodlust. Trump has only asked the Federal jails to follow the laws put in place decades ago.

There's nothing stopping people with good arguments from getting the law changed. A poll in 2019 was the first one where a majority of Americans were in favor of life imprisonment instead of the death penalty.

106 countries have abolished the death penalty. There are about 200 countries in the world. BTW, Japan has the death penalty. A map of the world with death sentences carried out 2013-2018:

Excluding China, three countries were responsible for more than 80% of executions - Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.

Estimates for China say over 1000 death penalties were performed from 2013-2018. That's compared to 22 for the USA.

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Posted in: Hong Kong national security police make 11 new arrests See in context

The National Police need to arrest Carrie Lam. She caused the rest with her Beijing handlers.

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Posted in: U.S. carries out its 1st execution of female inmate since 1953 See in context

Some humans are broke. It is what it is. There are broken people worldwide.

Vengeful justice would have been her receiving the same treatment as her victims.

Lethal injection was mercy.

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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

The rules need to be tailored for the impact.

Someone with less than 10 follows and reshares (whatever those are) don't need to be held to the same accountability as someone with 500 followers or 500,000 followers. It is about responsibility to the truth and not being hateful to anyone when you have more people seeing what is written.

Saw a few years ago that Twitter or Facebook claimed over 2B userids. They don't need to worry about any with only 50 people in their social group. They need to worry more and more as the number of followers increase for an account. Accounts with lots of followers need to be banned when they lie about important things.

Accounts like "The Onion" are satire and are supposed to make things up - but that is known by people who read The Onion. That's different than lies from a lawyer representing any govt official. I thought lawyers weren't allowed to lie in public statements - doesn't that get them disbarred?

If the DNC or GOP want to lie, they can do that on their own servers. If their servers get kicked off a connection to the internet, they can find other providers which will host them.

Access to social networks is not a right for any individual. There are lots of things that aren't rights.

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Posted in: WhatsApp stresses privacy as users flock to rivals See in context

Facebook claiming privacy? That's a laugh.

We use nextcloud talk. Text, voice, video chat. Free Software. No concerns about privacy, since we run the servers. Clients for every platform, or use the web interface. For more privacy, use a vpn for the connection. We run a vpn too.

There are other choices for all this stuff. Don't just follow the crowd. That's how people ended up on facebook.

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Posted in: Man with axe smashes New Zealand Parliament doors See in context

Good to see the vehicle barriers worked.

Almost anything can become an "offensive weapon." I've used a rolled-up newspaper.

I thought NZ whipped covid? Was he out of work?

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Posted in: Travel body calls vaccine requirement by airlines discriminatory See in context

What I don't get is why are so many people concerned about other people getting the vaccine because once you've had it yourself there should be no risk to you?

Because there are some people who, for medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated. Everyone who can, needs to be vaccinated. Especially people who travel. Wouldn't be good to travel to another place or country and bring this disease with you. There have been examples of that in recent years and I'm not just talking about COVID or SARS or other infections of this sort, but cholera was brought by rescue teams from 1 country to another when they were their trying to help.

If your family or friends are killed from an outbreak due to a traveler, perhaps you'd feel differently?

As for GA-400, I never used that road, but I did vote for the Governor who removed the toll booths. In my county, every tax has a time limit included in the law for when it ends. If more taxes are raised quicker, that ends the taxes automatically. The laws have 2 ways to end. Max time and sufficient money.

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Posted in: U.S. ramps up vaccinations to get doses to more Americans See in context

The Feds are sending vaccines to the states. It is the states who are responsible, as they should be, for distribution to the right people, in the right order, at the right locations.

The Feds don't have any place in health care for 99.99% of Americans, unless they are veterans getting care at a VA or military hospital. State laws control health insurance. Doctors are licensed in each state. When a license is taken from a doctor, that is from the state licensing board 99% of the time. The Feds can take licenses through the DEA, but that doesn't happen.

Some state health departments aren't good with organization. They probably have always farmed out that work to each county, but I truly don't know. I know that in my county, the organization is excellent across almost all of the govt efforts.

My state saw some rural counties having a surplus of the very first vaccine deliveries, so they were clear that the next group could be vaccinated rather than ship viles back to the larger cities. In a county with 2000 people total, being flexible is smart. I'm guessing those locations weren't able to provide accurate counts back to the state for all the people who wanted to be vaccinated in the early rounds who were also eligible by their job, so they guessed and that was a little high. Some rural areas here have the highest infection rates. People think transmitting disease is a big-city issue only.

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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

45 has repeatedly told us about law and order and his supporters have done the same, saying blue lives matter.

What does seem to be lacking in the Blue Lives Matter people is the respect towards the Black Lives Matter efforts. The Black Lives Matter organizers are made of from 50 smaller groups each with a slightly different agenda - with some I agree about and some I find abhorrent. Overall, the goal for all these groups is change to make for a less violent, less hassle, more fair lives for non-majority people where society sees character, not skin color.

Blue Lives do matter. So to tan, black, green, rainbow, yellow, red, white, and albino lives. But the Black Lives Matter folks concentrate on one group which can seem exclusionary to all the others. Considering history and facts, it doesn't seem unreasonable to concentrate on black lives at this point in history. That doesn't mean the other groups aren't important, just not the concentration of that specific group. Look at the statistics between black and non-black interactions with police. Something is off. Police techniques need to change. Some cities HAVE changed once mandated by the Feds years ago. They didn't have violent protests in those cities where police work with the communities and have made real changes in how they police dangerous parts of their cities. That change happened in 2013.

I see it as the difference between funding breast cancer research and funding pediatric brain tumor research. Both are terrible. Both matter. I'm not going to say that breast cancer research is less important because I choose to donate to the pediatric brain tumor foundation.

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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

Considering the president has the right to do whatever he wants, then pardon whomever he wants, and finally pardon himself, I don't see how a technocracy is any worse than an emperor.

But he can't. He can only pardon federal crimes, not state crimes like trying to blackmail the Georgia Secretary of State into finding 11,000 votes while threatening him with bogus criminal charges and personal harm like mob boss.

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Posted in: Republicans face growing corporate backlash after Capitol assault See in context

Why both parties? Do they think the Democrats had something to do with what happened in Washington?

Yes. They are part of the stand still too. Dems held up covid relief for 8 months. It takes 2 for an uncompromising fight.

I'm scared that Pelosi is

a) still in office - she's 80 yrs old

b) the 3rd in line to the Presidency

c) the next two leaders after her are over 79 too.

d) believing she has a liberal policy mandate from the last election. It was anti-trump, not pro-democrat. How many seats in Congress changed?

I'm thankful that anyone except Trump will be in the WH. Biden is better than Pence. Harris is better than Pelosi, 1000x better.


President trying to blackmail the Georgia Secretary of State into lying needs to be included in the charges. All the counting and audits of the Georgia ballots has provided GA voters a good deal of comfort that the new systems are truly accurate and the people running those systems are honest.

We need to throw out of office career politicians, with either term limits or simply voting them out.

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

I'd like to see Trump impeached, but even if he is not, I can't see enough people supporting him for future public offices anyway, so what's the difference? Other than making him bear the shame of being impeached twice.

If fond guilty, he loses benefits of being a former President. He won't get a state burial, no honors, no library, no pension, no free medical care, and he will be a convicted felon so he can't hold any federal office - ever - even by appointment from his buddy Pence.

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

Lock them up. Everyone who made false claims without any proof of election fraud needs some time to ponder.

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Posted in: Travel body calls vaccine requirement by airlines discriminatory See in context

"We should never require the vaccination to get a job or to travel," said the industry body's Chief Executive Gloria Guevara, speaking on a Reuters Next conference panel.

We already do. Yellow fever vaccines are mandatory if you visit places where that can occur.

With covid, the vaccine requirement won't be forever, just 1-2 yrs.

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Posted in: U.S. ramps up vaccinations to get doses to more Americans See in context

My county is taking reservations for anyone over 65 yrs old. They are setting up huge parking lots for people to get the vaccine while staying inside their vehcle, parked for at least 15 min, then leaving if no problems happen.

But older people don't drive here and many will not cross major roads because they know they can't safely drive in crazy traffic. Read where a married 89 yr old couple asked when the vaccine will be available in their neighborhood. They don't want to drive to the planned parking lot.

Also saw a number of 63 yr olds asking if they could get into the over 65-appointments.

The good news is that the health care people are nearly all vaccinated and the cops and other first responders are in full swing. Of course, only volunteers. Some of those people are choosing NOT to get vaccinated for specific reasons.

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Posted in: Republicans face growing corporate backlash after Capitol assault See in context

The GOP is dead to me. Not another dime.

They allowed this to happen by not beating Trump up on his 1st day in office. Sure, they got the SCOTUS filled with their people, but the other costs were too high and we'll have some of them for 20+ yrs.

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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

Govt shouldn't be using private Internet properties for communications. They should be holding a press conference and updating govt run, govt controlled, websites.

I'm against govt pushing notificatons via cell networks too - unless the govt is going to buy every person a cell pone and pay for a cell plan too. It is discriminatory.

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Posted in: Vaccine mistrust in Japan dates back decades See in context

"No vaccine is 100 percent safe. Vaccine programs won't work if that's what people want," she said.

True, but 99.9% safe AND effective is pretty close.

Vaccination is one of the best uses for medical money. Vaccinate 5,000 people or give 1 over-50 person open heart surgery? I'd pick the vaccinations every time.

Anyone who had chicken pox can get shingles later in life. I'd be interested in seeing the study claiming different.

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Posted in: China simulates possible Tokyo atmosphere to train athletes See in context

Are they eating Japanese food too?

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Posted in: U.S. judge blocks Trump administration’s sweeping asylum rules See in context

Biden is expected to reverse some of Trump’s restrictive asylum measures, including the “Remain in Mexico” policy, but recently said his administration would need “probably the next six months” to re-create a system that can process asylum-seekers to prevent a flood of migrants arriving at the southern border.

You can't fix a badly broken system in 6 months. 50 yrs ago, the US Asylum laws made much more sense than they do today. The US immigration Laws need to be changed to be more reasonable. Asylum seekers shouldn't be able to shop countries. They should be randomly spread around the world. Immediate families need to be considered together, all in or none in.

A reservation system is needed to ensure the people arriving are get proper help starting out, jobs, schooling for their kids, and a social support system as they add themselves to America. Accepting unlimited numbers is crazy, unsustainable.

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Posted in: Pompeo lifts 'self-imposed restrictions' on U.S.-Taiwan relationship See in context

About time. Taiwan needs to bump up all trade and try to become recognized by the UN.

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Posted in: Message from 'Trump' See in context

Reminds me of a Hong Kong movie - Full-time Killer. a different President mask was used in that film.

Pretty sure the guy in the mask is being satirical.

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Posted in: Man who sat at Pelosi's desk faces charges; FBI probes officer's death See in context

And the excuses begin. Someone said that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

I looked up the legal requirements for insurrection earlier today. Everyone who entered non-public areas of the Capitol without permission violated that law. The penalties, if found guilty, are up to 10 yrs in jail and/or a fine. These idiots probably need 30 days in jail and at least $2k fine each.

In general, I'm against "fence warrants" towards google, but not this time. Anyone dumb enough to bring their cell phone and/or be in a photo deserves the jail+fine. 2 yrs of parole cleaning up trash at their state buildings back home would be good too.

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Posted in: Republicans recoil from Missouri Sen Hawley after riot See in context

Josh Hawley - added to the list of people who should never have any govt job again. EVER.

His statements since have shown that he hasn't learned a thing. When you were in kindergarten, Josh, would you have had a friend who lied all the time? Would that have been ok?

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Posted in: Woman killed in siege of U.S. Capitol was veteran who embraced conspiracy theories See in context

Trump will pardon them all as he tries to pardon himself before leaving for FLA.

What's really sad to me is that 30% believe all those lies and nobody will be charged with inciting a riot.

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