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Posted in: Pakistani, in Japan for 31 years, files lawsuit seeking special permission to remain See in context

What was his immigration status all this time?

If he was illegally in the country, deport him.

If not (did he win the asylum lottery that lets under 30 people a year in?), let him stay.

Be consistent or 1,000s Pakistanis will flood into Japan, overstay visas, and hide out for a decade.

There are hospitals in Pakistan, BTW.

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Posted in: House speaker as U.S. emissary: Pelosi emerges as force abroad See in context

Mitch McConnell and probably 300 other members of congress need to go. This article is about Pelosi. Just wanted to stay on topic, now you AND I are off topic.

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Posted in: House speaker as U.S. emissary: Pelosi emerges as force abroad See in context

Pelosi is proof the USA needs term limits on all politicians.

10 years of service in the state and out.

10 years of service in the federal govt and out.

20+ yrs in the House and/or Senate is too much concentration of power for 1 person.

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Posted in: China plans to make Shenzhen a 'better place' than Hong Kong See in context

expand people's participation in politics in an orderly manner under leadership of the Communist Party of China".

Tells me all I need to know. Do what the CCP says, or else.

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Posted in: Police make arrests as right-wing, anti-fascist groups rally in Portland See in context

Any group in America has the right to freedom of speech and the right to march. They got permits.

Other groups who don't like what they have to say showing up as a counter protest are fine, until they also become a group that DOES NOT have needed permits and cause violence just by being there. They should either get permits for their counter march elsewhere or on a different date. They have exactly the same freedom of speech rights.

IMHO, there is little reason to listen to either of these groups vile speech, but they have the right to say it, in America.

I don't see what 90% of the other comments have to do with this article.

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Posted in: House speaker as U.S. emissary: Pelosi emerges as force abroad See in context

The US system of Govt prevents 1 idiot from totally destroying the country. Checks and balances. Just look at all the things Trump has tried to do without the consent of Congress that Federal Justices have rolled back. It must be 10:1 now - 1 thing goes through for every 10 he tries.

It's like President Trump didn't attend his high school Civics classes where they teach how the US govt works.

OTOH, why is a House member going overseas at all? Senators have the roll of consent for treaties, not House members. I am happy that she is providing a different view to other countries. Wish she wasn't from the most liberal district in one of the most liberal states.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. of plan to offer robots for denuclearizing N Korea See in context

Japan is getting ahead of itself here. Denuclearization is a long way off.

I'm afraid I agree and don't expect to see it in my lifetime.

But the offer is a great offer for all concerned.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 paratriathlon test shortened due to bad water quality See in context

The location choice was the mistake made. It isn't like there wasn't decades of water samples pointing at the issue.

Test events should only have minor, tweaking, issues, not "you can't have it here" problems.

They'll need to pick a new location and schedule another "test event" in spring of 2020 to ensure issues remaining are solved.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 projectiles into sea; says it won't sit down with S Korea for talks again See in context

Reunification is up to both Koreas. If they want it, then they will make it happen, but it isn't the same as East/West Germany who were split up unwillingly. N.Korea tried to take over all of Korea and make it a dictatorship. The families want reunification. The leadership of the North doesn't, for obvious reasons. Seeing Kim and the top 200 military leaders in The Hague for crimes against the Korean people would be good.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters face crucial weekend test after airport setback See in context

1/3rd of Hong Kongers would immigrate outside China, if they could. Those who can are going to Canada, Australia, and Taiwan, in that order. Higher educated families were much more likely to leave.

The top three attractive factors of overseas countries for respondents planning to move were “ample living space” at 35 per cent, “better air quality, less pollution and beautiful environment” at 22.3 per cent, and “more liberty and better conditions for human rights” at 15.6 per cent.

Cathay Pacific CEO, Rupert Hogg, has resigned today. Lam should follow this excellent example.

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Posted in: Chinese paramilitary forces exercise near Hong Kong See in context

Hong Kong is part of China. I don't see that changing, unless Beijing allows it, which won't happen in my lifetime.

Rioting is unlawful and needs to be addressed by everyone, police AND protestors.

Protesting needs to be allowed, political leaders in Hong Kong need to work out a compromise since most Hong Kong citizens want change. They want to directly vote for their representatives, they want Lam gone, they want the extradition bill pulled, completely, and a law against introducing it again.

The Hong Kong police have lost the trust of the people there. After these events, it will take years to rebuild that trust.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 projectiles into sea; says it won't sit down with S Korea for talks again See in context

Does baby Kim need to be burped or changed?

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Posted in: Trump blames mass shootings on mentally ill; calls for more mental institutions See in context

By definition, anyone one shooting at another human outside war is mentally ill, unless they are protecting someone else or themselves.

Mental health professionals don't want to report their patients to a national DB. Should everyone seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist be placed on a NO FIREARM DB?

I'm in favor of "Red Flag" laws if someone is really upset and might harm anyone else. I don't know from where the funding for the extra police will come. Law enforcement is already overworked and won't have a place to hold the firearms for 90 days to see if the person calms down.

The NRA only has a few million members. There are somewhere around 100M people who own firearms in the USA, including a bunch of new owners in El Paso.

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Posted in: With Hong Kong, Beijing embraces Putin playbook See in context

If your govt is afraid of those being governed to the point that arresting opposition leadership and other candidates or tracking them via smartphones is requested, then perhaps it is time for the current leaders to step down?



African Politicians Tracked: I'm not against using cell phone tracking for police matters. It is only the political opponent part that bothers me.

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Posted in: Chinese paramilitary forces exercise near Hong Kong See in context

IloveCoffee, The Federal US military is forbidden to take action inside the USA (The Posse Comitatus Act), so that is wrong. 18 U.S.C. § 1385 (adopted 1878).

What does any of this have to do with China and Hong Kong? Hint: NOTHING

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Posted in: Moon offers olive branch to Japan to end trade dispute See in context

South Koreans need to get over their past and move forward. If they don't like the prior settlements, take it up with the SK govt, not Japan.

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Posted in: Trump ties China trade deal to 'humane' Hong Kong resolution after troop buildup worry See in context

Remember way back when diplomatic negotiations happened in private, were mostly agreed, then made public? I remember not liking that, since the deals seems to always screw over the USA.

Trump puts everything out there, more than he should, but there's little doubt the world knows what his latest whim might be.

A recession is very close if we look at US Bonds, but 2020 is an election year, so there will be billions of extra money thrown into the US economy. Since 1928, only 4 election years have been down for the US SP500. Just an observation, not a prediction.

I wasn't worried about Beijing being violent against protestors. They've changed and want the world to know it. I don't think Beijing will give in with the current pressure, until mainland Chinese hear more about Hong Kong from external sources and Xi has internal economic issues which impact them too.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters offer apologies; China doubles down after airport clash See in context

There is nothing stupid about wanting self-determination and local control over locally elected representatives. Lam has to go. Nobody in Hong Kong trusts her.

Violence and destruction of property is wrong. Seems the fringe protesters are finally getting that message - weeks too late.

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Posted in: Global measles cases triple year-on-year: WHO See in context

Vaccines are one of humanities greatest inventions. Everyone who can be vaccinated, should be not only for their own health, but to help protect those few who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

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Posted in: What sort of wearable tech do you see being developed in the near future? See in context

There are thousands of medical devices in the pipeline already, which won't be perfectly accurate, but can warn of common, life-threatening, body metrics. Blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure. In you are diabetic, having accurate blood sugar without bleeding would be wonderful.

Apple and Google are both providing health "platforms" to enable low-power device communication to the smartphones.

I've read about a prototype contact lens which zoom capabilities.

There are already many hearing enhancing wearibles.

Toshihiro: Google made glasses that interacted with android devices, looked up facts, took both photos and videos in 2013. A friend has one. We found it creepy and asked that he not wear them to our social gatherings. They are mostly being used for industrial needs these days.

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Posted in: Should Japan send Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels to the Strait of Hormuz to escort tankers bringing oil to Japan? See in context

If the ship is headed to Japan and there has been a history of similar ships, also headed to Japan, being attacked, then what better role is there for SDF?

No need to join any coalition, if that isn't desired unless it helps Japan.

Japanese ships, protecting Japanese cargo.

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Posted in: Hunters, police search for bear spotted multiple times in Sapporo See in context

At this point in the summer, bears should be large, nearly huge, for their breed, from all the eating. Look for a good belly on a healthy bear in mid-August. A skinny bear won't survive winter.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

Lam can make almost all of this end tomorrow.

She just needs to step down.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

If protesters behaved this way in the US, (causing a disruption bad enough to close an airport ) I wonder how they would be treated? I'm not against the protest, just wondering how another Government would react?

People in the US have the right to choose who stands for elections and for whom they vote. There are also processes to have govt officials removed from office.

Only govt accounts say there was a reason to close the airport. Other sources say the protesters were not causing any issues, were passing out fliers with their grievances, and were completely peaceful.

Protesting is an American cultural thing, like freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the right to assemble. Americans DEMAND them, for popular and unpopular speech/protests. Hong Kongers do understand.

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Posted in: Trump admin weakens enforcement of Endangered Species Act See in context

Can't nature and business both win with some options?

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Posted in: Airline, luxury brands follow China's lead on Hong Kong See in context

Corporations have little choice but to follow the laws of the legal authority where they have a presence.

The laws of Hong Kong, to be clear.

People have been fired from their jobs in other countries without being convicted of any illegal activities. Not all companies choose to support the actions of their employees outside of work, especially when the govt calls those activities illegal.

It is a fine line to walk when protesting against the govt.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

When asked their names in interviews, the protestors should all say Xi.

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Posted in: More protests underway in Hong Kong with no end in sight See in context

Washington DC doesn't get to pick who the governor of Puerto Rico will be or even who can run for office there. That's the difference.

All Puerto Ricans are 100% US citizens. They vote in national elections and in Puerto Rican elections, have US passports. That isn't any different than what someone in a state does.

Hong Kongers just want the rights to self govern that was promised by the CCP until 2047.

Lam still needs to go.

I have few issues with the Chinese people. It is only the fearful ways the CCP governs which concerns me for these 1.4B+ people and the people of Hong Kong who clearly want a government they select. What's next? Will Hong Kong be get a highly filtered internet like the mainland has? Will they be forced to load govt spying apps on their smartphones? Will travel be refused if their social score isn't pro-govt enough? Will their jobs be threatened like those of Cathay Pacific?

Freedom isn't free.

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Posted in: Man arrested over illegal 'One Piece' manga-viewing website See in context

If something is free to view/download, that doesn't mean all those people would translate into paying customers. Somewhere between 1 and 10% is the normal conversion rate.

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Posted in: Armed man arrested at Missouri Walmart; no shots fired See in context

Perhaps he felt this was waiting at home:

Bear breaks into house and smashes wall There are bears in that part of Missouri.

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