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Posted in: Tiger Woods arrested in Florida on DUI charge See in context

He eventually was cited for careless driving and fined $164.

And the booking photo is priceless.

White t-shirt isn't a good look on anyone at 3am.

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Posted in: White House braces for more scrutiny, Trump defends Kushner See in context

So, let me understand.

Talking to foreign countries is bad?

Doing background work before officially being employed is bad?

So basically every prior President-elect and their team has done the same stuff.

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Posted in: U.S.-led strikes kill 35 civilians in east Syria See in context

Still, 35 people dead. 5 of them children. Where is the outrage?

ISIS killed 33 people in April near the same city.

I'm outraged that civilized people can't find a way to peace. If ISIS wasn't violent, then there wouldn't be killing.

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Posted in: Why nuclear could become the next 'fossil' fuel See in context

There are multiple types of nuclear. Because the US Navy was the first to want nuclear energy, they wanted water cooled solutions - ocean all around. Made sense.

On land, being water cooled has all sorts of issues. Pumps fail. Too much water, not enough water, corrosion.

There are MSR (Molten Salt Reactors) which cannot melt down. It has been tested AND proven long ago. Because it didn't work for the US Navy, they weren't behind it and fought against it. Well, there's another reason too - MSR reactors can create some enriched fuels that politicians don't like.

Today, almost all of the world uses water cooling for this reason. But MSRs can also burn old fuels down to 76 yr half-lives, which is a good thing.

China is deploying full-scale TMSRs now. India is working on designs. In the USA, MSRs are still in the 1KW output testing phases. Getting approval to build a nuclear reactor is next to impossible for many reasons. The only places viable usually have other, old-style, reactors already.

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Posted in: U.S. considers banning laptops on all flights into and out of the country See in context

The blind leading the clueless?

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Posted in: Two men killed in Oregon train stabbings after anti-Muslim rant See in context

Many women choose to wear a hijab. It means they don't have to futz with their hair that day. It is freeing.

But, many women are pressured to wear a hijab too. Only the wearer knows how they feel about it.

Some days I wear a hat if I don't feel like showering or futzing with my hair. Same thing.

Oh, and I suppose there is some religious aspect to wearing a hat/hijab too. Perhaps?

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Posted in: Israelis rally for Palestinian state, end of occupation See in context

Separation seldom leads to friendly relations when the separation is over religion.

Full integration at all levels is needed. Starting with 4 yr old in day-care all the way up to the highest govt offices. Treating the other guy how you want to be treated.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy: 7 sources See in context

But Prez Trump is stiill better than the alternative last fall.

However, it seems to be time to clean house. President Trump has shown poor judgment in a few key appointments.

If anything illegal has happened, nail them all. Impeachment is just the first step.

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Posted in: Leery of N Korea, U.S. plans first test of ICBM intercept See in context

@Goodlucktoyou - If a nuclear bomb does go off, your solar panels will be fried and useless. Plus they will be blown away AND covered in ash.

Also, it isn't just an attack, it is also nuclear accidents. There was an accident in Damascus, Arkansas in 1980 that nearly irradiated 20% of the USA. There is a documentary out about it.Command and Control is the title.

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Posted in: Female-only 'Wonder Woman' screenings set off online complaints See in context

I fail to see how limiting a few shows to only women is oppressive towards any other group. There are plenty of theatres in Austin. Others are showing the film - there are 25+ other places in Austin showing the film with 3-5 showings a day.

I don't see how this limitation harms anyone and it will make some people very happy. Relax.

If you don't like it, take your business elsewhere.

After all, how many clubs/hotels in Japan won't allow gaijin inside?

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Posted in: Two men killed in Oregon train stabbings after anti-Muslim rant See in context

He is a coward hassling girls.

He is on the far, far, fringe. Nobody is suggesting this was a stable human or that any violence is ok between individuals.

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Posted in: Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? See in context

The Drake Equation for intelligent, active, communicative life in the universe: Run the numbers yourself.

It is hard to say, but the universe is a very big place. I've run the numbers and believe it would be highly unlikely that Earth is the only planet with intelligent life in the universe.

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Posted in: Leery of N Korea, U.S. plans first test of ICBM intercept See in context

Hitting a bullet with a bullet is childs play in comparison to intercepting an ICBM, especially a MIRV. ICBMs go about 6km/s and can target pretty much anywhere on Earth. Very fast bullets travel 1.2km/s and are limited to about 2km.

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Posted in: Female-only 'Wonder Woman' screenings set off online complaints See in context

So - someone rents the theatre and gives all the tickets to women. Fine. Hope they have a good time.

I don't see the issue, since this is a non-govt theatre.

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Posted in: Militants attack Christians in Egypt, killing at least 26 See in context

When will moderate Muslims put an end to their radical factions harming others?

Only they can solve this by making violence socially unacceptable.

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Posted in: U.S.-led strikes kill 35 civilians in east Syria See in context

All loss of life is terrible, but this is fighting. Using family and civilians as human shields is cowardly.

Was unable to find any other sources for this news story today. Even RT wasn't carrying it.

IS placed explosives 4x more powerful than the bomb is left out of the March summary.

IS forced people from their homes into the building targeted was left out too.

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Posted in: Say thank you or be identified, police tell owners of lost items See in context

When I return something face-to-face, a thank you is expected and then we go our separate ways.

If someone goes to a little extra effort to turn in a lost item, then I would be obligated to go to a little extra effort to thank that person - but without any uncomfortable "face-to-face" interaction.

I'd write a letter and let the police direct it to the other party so *my and their privacy* isn't given up just to have an item returned. I suppose a phone call from the police station would be fine. Just not interested in using my phone to call some stranger.

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Posted in: China says U.S. warship entered its waters 'without permission' See in context

International law doesn't recognize man-made islands.

The reef is claimed by 3 other countries.

  • Republic of China (Taiwan),

  • Philippines and

  • Vietnam.

The law is clear. China just doesn't like it.

China is THE FARTHEST away of the countries making an ownership claim. They are running a standard playbook as a way to slowly build up infrastructure over decades.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise reveals 'Top Gun 2' to start filming soon See in context

Dad was a pilot. He was forced out of the military at age 55. The last 4 yrs, he didn't fly. Thinking Cruise is pushing the limits on this for military pilots - unless it is cargo.

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Posted in: Man facing eviction for not paying rent tries to rob two convenience stores See in context

Isn't being convicted of a crime is one way to get "free rent"?

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Posted in: Trump budget calls for deep cuts to social safety net See in context

The State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency would each see their budgets cut by about a third, while defense spending would increase by more than $50 billion, or 10 percent above 2017 levels.

Seems these changes are backwards. Cut the DoD and increase the EPA and State and NASA and Interior.

Fortunately, Congress makes the budget with the Prez's advice.

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Posted in: China calls for new talks with North Korea on nukes See in context

Thank you China for any help you can provide.

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Posted in: Business, leisure travelers ponder flying without laptops See in context

I travel between 50 and 75K miles a year usually. Travel with a 13in chromebook - under 2 lbs, 10+ hrs of battery, 128G of storage running a full Linux desktop. It is a beautiful thing, if you don't need local access to MS-Windows programs. I have remote VPN access to Windows programs. As a security guy, I really don't want Windows on a network that I cannot trust.

Security could just weigh each laptop as their method to limit risk. Asking us to power them up is fine, but someone inclined could make a sufficient part of the battery out of non-battery stuff and leave less than 10% for "show and tell" with the security people.

Tried to travel with just a tablet on a long international trip. Had all sorts of issues that I couldn't solve.

If you want to know how to harm a plane, it really isn't hard to imagine ways. There are TV shows with vague examples: 7 Days, The Unit, Strike Back, and probably 50 others.

@zichi - all bags ARE searched in the USA behind counter area. There are scanning machines and dogs trained for drugs and explosives there. The machines have a high false-positive rate. If you enter your trip from a small airport without the scanners, your bags get searched when/if you arrive at larger hubs. However, I will agree that not all international airports do scan bags. Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, South Korea, Turkey - are places I'm not worried. Places like Nepal - I worry.

I'm still amazed at how much wasted time we are willing to put up with world-wide over this highly infrequent issue.

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Posted in: Nearly 740,000 foreigners overstayed U.S. visas last year See in context

Freedom is a draw. Guess all the cop shows and killings on TV aren't sufficient to scare people away from the USA.

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Posted in: China killed CIA sources, hobbled U.S. spying from 2010 to 2012: New York Times See in context

Good fences make for good neighbors.

Best for countries NOT to surprise each other.

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Posted in: Trump seals $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia See in context

Peace through strength.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

We are still working on getting Pres Trump to speak softly. I'm not hopeful.

But at least someone else will have the arms, not him.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia as troubles mount at home See in context

Maybe he will stay overseas?

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Posted in: Singapore car 'vending machine' dispenses with tradition See in context

Ah, how the other half lives...

It isn't the other half. It is the other 1%.

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Posted in: Business, leisure travelers ponder flying without laptops See in context

During the flight, there's plenty to do. Never had an issue filling time. It is the 2+ hrs pre-flight, after checking luggage that I'll miss my chromebook. Usually don't bother during the flight with it.

I'm very interested in the size limits on this.

OTOH, there are many, many, many ways to harm an aircraft, especially a pressurized aircraft, in flight. Any engineer should be able to think of at least 20.

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Posted in: World's rich confident they can scale wall of global risk: survey See in context

I agree. Not worried.

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