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Posted in: Bloomberg gun plan: Permits, assault weapon ban, age limits See in context

The NRA isn't terrorist. It is offensive to call a legal organization that term.

Show were the NRA condones killing. Show where the NRA suggests using a firearm in a dangerous manner. Show were the NRA guides members to leave firearms unlocked, available to minors?

The NRA works to protect US Constitutional rights. Exactly the same as people who work to protect freedom of the press or free speech. Or freedom from religion. No different except the biased viewpoints we each hold.

Should people call you a name that isn't true? Wouldn't that be offensive?

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Posted in: U.S. likely to hit China over human rights despite trade talks See in context

China - Take down that firewall!

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Posted in: Bloomberg gun plan: Permits, assault weapon ban, age limits See in context

Don't most states already have a 7-day waiting period?

He's trying to do something, but missing a few key items.

Mandatory gun locks or a gun safe with capacity to hold any new firearms.

Mandatory capture of accurate statistics for all weapons used while committing any crime. There needs to be 1 form to capture the data so cities, states, and the FBI all use the same terms in the same way. Hard to know where to concentrate on fixing a problem without solid data.

Mandatory annual FBI report to congress on all sorts of violent crimes, including weapon use breakdown. We don't want the FBI being like the NSA claiming they need years to gather the data. Make it a law. No choice.

Shotguns are seldom used in crimes, regardless of what TV/movies show. The FBI statistic don't back any need for tighter restrictions for that style of weapon.

Banning firearms only keeps law-abidding people from carrying them. Criminals don't follow laws. This is a bad idea, unless there is data to prove the hypothesis. I've never seen anyone with a firearm on campus unless it was at the school's request. Someone with a conceal-carry permit should be allowed to carry their firearms. Many states have reciprocal conceal-carry laws. Get a license in 1 state and it is often valid in the 10 surrounding states.

Licenses alone aren't sufficient. How about having at least as much testing for safety as we require for drivers licenses? A safety written test and practical test on a range for the first license of a specific category of firearm, then different licenses and tests for the other firearm categories.

PTownsend - there are already laws that increase jail time when any deadly weapon is used. Assault vs Assault with a deadly weapon.

Bloomberg isn't wrong on this 1 issue, but this isn't even on my top 20 list of problems I want the govt to work.

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Posted in: Economist outlines skills sought in freelance workers See in context

A bill rate of $43.71/hr is really more like $32.78/hr after paying for business overhead. That's $65K/yr take-home before state, FICA, medicare, and federal taxes.

Consultants who bill hourly seldom get paid that little, since they work only when work is available most of the time. There's a lifestyle/work balance to be addressed.

If you work in IT as a programmer of 5 yrs experience, $75/hr is a common rate, but that can go higher - double if your skills are exactly what the client needs. Of course, for skills that everyone else in the world sells, like php or javascript or Java or C#, the rates are lower.

And this doesn't cover any travel or other expenses. Those are extra. It is common to bill on a fixed daily rate for on-site support, capped at 8 hrs (I've been burned were clients had 20 hrs of work to fit into 1 day).

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Posted in: China's facial recognition roll out reaches into mobile phones, shops and homes See in context

My name is Xi Jinping. My face is my password.

1984 was required reading in high school for most students in the USA. Do Chinese students have to read a similar book warning about govt overreach?

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Posted in: Google co-founders step down as execs of parent Alphabet See in context

They retain 51% of BoD voting control, so overriding any decisions is still in their capability.

Google employees are being convinced to unionize. No management wants that hassle. It will spread to all Alphabet groups.

This isn't really any change. Google will still stop support on fully working devices years before they break. Just ask anyone using any google-home devices, smartphones, or chromebooks.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes Uighur bill urging sanctions on Chinese officials See in context

A few years too late. It is symbolic, since it doesn't actually do much.

The US complaining that China uses pervasive mass state surveillance is like the kettle calling the pot black. China just does it in the open.

The US has a massive system of re-education/right-think schools. They are just called "Public Schools" there where children are brainwashed into beliefs the educators and left want on many subjects, against the parent's will.

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Posted in: China's facial recognition roll out reaches into mobile phones, shops and homes See in context

All that data is going to be leaked. There will be massive fraud using it.

OTOH, perhaps China will be able to stop the millions of hackers inside their border from attacking my servers? If that works, then I'd like to suggest rolling this out to a few other countries also heavily attacking internet servers.

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Posted in: China suspends U.S. military visits to Hong Kong, sanctions U.S.-based NGOs See in context

The USA govt isn't providing any material aid. NGOs - are just that - Non-Govt Organizations. NGOs in the US are supported by donations from normal people there. The belief in democracy is something we've all come to agree as the best of the terrible solutions to govt.

The law that Trump signed last week requires revisiting human rights in Hong Kong annually broad House, Senate and citizen support.

As a US citizen, I'll happily accept any firm counter measures that China wishes to employ. The sooner, the better. It will just cut off more of the US economy from China, which is fine.

Any country with nukes or a space program shouldn't be getting special treatment under "developing nation" status.

BTW, today is the 71st year that Costa Rica hasn't had a military at all. Nobody will ever invade China.

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Posted in: Trump campaign won’t allow Bloomberg reporters at events See in context

Bloomberg has run a few technology stories and stuck by their claims even after they were proved to be incorrect. Not that those stories have anything to do with a Presidential election.

Perhaps Bloomberg News should post their leads to Twitter?

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Posted in: The internet has turned millions among us into workaholics, lugging around our laptops, smartphones ready at a moment's notice to tackle the latest digital chore. The barriers between work and family are collapsing before the relentless demands of algorithms. See in context

At 5pm, close the laptop and walk away.

Cell phone business "quiet time" is from 5pm to 7am except for family calls. This hasn't been an issue in over 20 yrs. Obviously, there are some after hours work events that need to be covered. Anything "last minute" is declined.

Once you have managed expectations a few times, it isn't an issue going forward.

I'm in an industry that has a huge shortage of qualified people and over 10 yrs of training/experience is needed to become entry level. I'm far away from production support, though deployment of new systems or system upgrades can happen only during overnight, weekend, periods. I'm seldom needed for those and never actually have to go into work.

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Posted in: China overtakes U.S. in number of diplomatic missions See in context

Great. Maybe the Chinese can now take the lead in fighting Islamic terrorism.

Serrano, They have been, by putting millions of their own citizens into re-education camps.

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Posted in: China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users See in context

But, this is for the safety of everyone. What could possibly go bad?

I'll happily keep using my pre-paid, cash-only, cell phone and leave it in airplane mode most of the time.

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Posted in: 10 wounded in shooting near New Orleans’ French Quarter See in context

New Orleans Mayor: LaToya Cantrell - Democrat

Louisiana Governor: John Bel Edwards - Democrat

Hold the elected people accountable. BTW, John Bel Edwards was just re-elected earlier this month.

CrazyJoe, Blaming a Senator from another state for what 2 individuals did in New Orleans seems a little disingenuous.

first shootings happened about 3:20 a.m.

My parents always said that nothing but trouble happens after midnight.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas as thousands take to the streets in fresh protests See in context

Lam is still there? She needs to go. She should have stepped down in July.

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Posted in: Shootouts in northern Mexican town kill 21, fueling debate on cartels See in context

Terrorist are kinder than Cartels. Terrorists have a goal that can be understood. Cartels want everything their way without any issue killing anyone who gets in the way.

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Posted in: Substitute teacher lectures Utah child over his 2 dads See in context

Utah has Christians who believe that bigomy is fine, but homosexuality is a sin. 15 yrs ago, the substitute wouldn't have been in any trouble in that school. 25 yrs ago, she would have been praised for moral teaching.

The world has change, but some places take more time to catch up, especially outside the NE and far west coast.

Stories like this help.

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Posted in: China overtakes U.S. in number of diplomatic missions See in context

Hope China can handle all the asylum seekers.

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Posted in: Taiwanese-Canadian model Godfrey Gao dies while filming in China See in context

He may have had an unknown heart defect. Every few years in the USA, some high school athlete dies paying some sport, unexpectedly.

Trying to revive someone for 3 hours seems extremely excessive. That's a long time for CPR and travel time to a qualified trauma center, isn't it?

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Posted in: China warns U.S. of retaliation for law backing Hong Kong protesters See in context

This law does NOTHING, unless human rights are violated in Hong Kong. Then, it just removes favored trading with the USA.

China is free to do whatever they want, but the US doesn't continue trading with human right's violators.

I wish the law wasn't specific to Hong Kong. It should apply to any country that violates UN human rights blatantly - but not as determined by the joke UN Human Rights Council - which often has the worst violators as members. Cameroon, Somalia, Philippines, for example.

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Posted in: Many people can recall a school teacher who had a major influence on their lives. Was there such a teacher in your life and how did he or she influence you? See in context

Dr. Becker, taught me to always check my fly. Lacking that, always wear interesting underwear.

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Posted in: Grocery-carrying robots are coming. Do we need them? See in context

Make it a beer cooler with ice that climbs stairs and floats ... then we can talk.

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Posted in: Pope wants to officialize immorality of nuclear arms possession See in context

Let me know when China, NK, India, Pakistan, and Russia have disassembled theirs.

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Posted in: China fans desert K-pop star for 'liking' Hong Kong tweet See in context

Other people say things we don't like all the time. We are disappointed and convey that to the other person, but in a few days, everything is back to normal. That's how adults get along. We don't have a tantrum, take all our toys and leave.

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Posted in: Robert Redford warns of 'dictator-like' Trump See in context

The US system of Govt prevents any dictators. Checks and balances.

Hyperbole is a powerful tool, but only when used appropriately.

There are many terms which can describe President Trump accurately, but dictator, nazi, white supremacist are not correct. Boob, man-child, bad for the US and world, letch are accurate. I strongly suspect crook fits too and a few other terms that can't be posted here would also fit.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri’s detention for drug possession extended another 10 days See in context

This is all over 1 pill??!

Just convict her and put her on death row. That seems to be what Japan is demanding.

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Posted in: Should Japan pay more to Washington for hosting U.S. bases? See in context

Actually every nation should adopt their own version of Article 9. War is a disgusting disgrace and only weirdos who love violence are in favor of it.

Agreed. The US will destroy all their weapons as Russia, China, NK, Iran, do the same. But the issue is that China can still roll over every other army in the world if weapons don't equalize their vast numbers.

When China invades anyone, who will stop them? They are trying to take as much of the South China Sea. Who is standing up without the US?

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Posted in: Humiliated at polls, Hong Kong's Lam acknowledges discontent with government See in context

Lots of silence from the 50cent team.

Lam needs to step down. That's the next step.

Full democratic elections for all representatives needs to be made into law for all SARs.

2 systems, right?

Just read about the mainland's election system. Wow, just wow.

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Posted in: Esper says Trump ordered him to stop SEAL review board See in context

Excellent article.

Well reported so people understand multiple aspects.

The Navy was correct.

Trump did the wrong thing, but it is his right, legally.

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Posted in: WADA panel recommends neutral status for Russia at Tokyo Olympics See in context

There should be no mention of "Russia" anywhere at the Olympics. None.

There is a systematic problem with Russian sports and cheating. Some time away from international competition would be good for the athletes, coaches, sports committees and Russian politicians.

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