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Posted in: Diplomats walk out as Venezuela hits U.S. in U.N. speech See in context

he told the session, in which the United States was not participating.

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Posted in: Reporter sues government after his passport invalidated See in context

The Foreign Ministry routinely reminds Japanese media to avoid entering conflict zones. Journalists who have been taken hostage or become embroiled in problems have faced criticism as troublemakers who deserve punishment. People who act independently in Japan are often considered selfish and receive little sympathy.

from the article above.

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Posted in: Reporter sues government after his passport invalidated See in context

He should have become a dual-citizen and gotten another passport. Perhaps he is out of touch with Japanese culture?

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Posted in: U.S. eases effects of sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guard See in context

Anyone else feeling whiplash?

How about thinking BEFORE acting, and checking in with Halliburton first?


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Posted in: Democrats voice horror over Saudi mass executions See in context

Republicans, the people, are outraged by beheading too. Unfortunately, our representatives aren't showing it.

I'm not against the death penalty in all situations, but if you aren't a mass murderer, it shouldn't apply.

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Posted in: In camp of diehard IS supporters, some women express regrets See in context

It isn't like they threw a rock and broke a window. Life choices have repercussions. Some good and some bad. Anyone over 12 knows this.

I can have sympathy for 12 and younger, but after that point the pond is muddied.

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Posted in: New Zealand, France announce bid to stop social media being used to organize terrorism See in context

I don't use social networks, but perhaps limiting the number of people in each network to, perhaps, 50, would be a first step? This is for the free accounts.

After all, how many friends and family do normal people really want to keep up with?

Paid accounts could allow more, say $1/yr/follower to start. A non-trivial amount. Do we really want millions of followers watching the Kardashians, really?

Clearly, the tech companies don't want this, so expect a flight and sneaky attempts to water any laws down, like they are doing with the California Data Privacy laws right now.

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Posted in: How China is replacing America as Asia's military titan See in context

I'm wondering when the Chinese People's Liberation will happen?

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Posted in: Trump meets with Twitter CEO amid bias complaints See in context

Appears Trump lost 5,000 followers: when twitter shutdown a 5,000 strong Saudi-backed twitter botnet.

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Posted in: 6 Hollywood ripoffs of Japanese anime and manga See in context

Hollywood feels the need to "Americanize" the Japanese stories because they think a wider audience wouldn't appreciate some of the cultural queues.

They do the same thing with popular British TV and it seldom works there either.

Best to be true to the copied story and let the popularity be cross-cultural, if it works.

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Posted in: China lashes out at U.S. over Iran oil sanctions move See in context

Sometimes China is correct.

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Posted in: Democrats weigh contempt vote after White House defies subpoena See in context

She was 18 yrs old. What supervisory responsibility?

I'm a little confused as to why someone with such limited experience would be placed in that role.

The quicker President Trump is gone, the better, but these side-attacks aren't helping.

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Posted in: Democrats subpoena former White House lawyer McGahn See in context

It is a waste of time, just like the impeachment of Clinton was. But it makes money for news organizations, since they get to cover it 28 hrs a day.

Congress should get back to work, solving problems they can actually solve.

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Posted in: Half of Americans back stronger role of religion in society See in context

The Founding Fathers were all religious men. They knew about the dangers of religion too.

Many people find comfort in their religions and those beliefs don't cause any harm. As long as they don't harm anyone else, it is their time and money to waste.

Morality and religion aren't tied together.

Personally, I'd like "freedom from religion" to be in the Bill of Rights, not "freedom of religion."

We've never lied to our kids about gods, God, Santa, Tooth Fairy, storks, or the Easter Bunny. Kids being kids, this has causes some uncomfortable interactions with other adults because most people seem to assume everyone believes in some bearded guy pulling hidden strings.

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Posted in: Cain withdraws from Fed consideration, citing lower pay, influence See in context

Mr. Cain showed why he would be good in a govt position. Surprised it took this long.

OTOH, it is much easier to talk on a radio show than to actually do something for the country. He already knows this too.

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Posted in: On staff following orders, Trump says: 'Nobody disobeys me' See in context

"President" should be capitalized. I don't care who is in office.

Like him or not, he meets the required qualifications to be President. He is alive over 35 yrs old, and born on US soil. Pretty low barrier, I agree.

I can show respect for the office, even when the man doesn't deserve that same level of respect.

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Posted in: FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico See in context

Most states in the USA has a law about "Citizen's Arrests" when a non-law enforcement officer witnesses a felony being committed. The specific laws vary by state, but they all are similar. Felony or disturbing the peace seem to be the key aspects. Quietly walking across a border wouldn't fit either of those terms - so it is illegal for non-law enforcement to arrest anyone.

Improper crossing of a border is a misdemeanor and it is classified as a civil offense, not criminal.

Crossing a border law:

Citizen's Arrest laws by state:

If you don't like a law, then get it changed. Don't break other laws.

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Posted in: Vulnerable House Democrats tread carefully in wake of Mueller report See in context

If they can get enough illegals to vote, they might just do it. is the worst of this claim and only 1500 people were improperly registered. There were about 23,000 other errors with the DMV system.

A few Republicans in NC did more voter fraud last November. They redid that election and the Rep candidate in Nov wasn't on the ballot because of a few bad people thinking their illegal actions wouldn't be noticed and would help. Both were wrong.

I'm having issues with illegal immigrants getting driver's licenses. Can't believe that is allowed.

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Posted in: Mexico warns of deep concern over armed groups on U.S. border See in context

If Americans weren't buying illegal drugs, then there wouldn't be any shipped from Mexico using any means possible.

The best thing that America could do to help out Mexico is legalize recreational use for the commonly trafficked types of drugs, tax the purchase to help combat drug abuse, and let the open market decide how much is needed and where it should come from. Also, the FDA can setup testing for THC content so buyers actually know what they are buying.

After all, God put these plants on Earth for use by humans. Doesn't that make it ok?

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Posted in: 5 members of Bad Lobster biker group arrested See in context

gang riding minibikes

Thanks for the chuckle. Appreciated. I was worried they were stealing take-away packages.

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Posted in: Vulnerable House Democrats tread carefully in wake of Mueller report See in context

Democrats need to be clear.

"We think he is guilty of this and more, but impeachment won't get him out of office due to the Senate, so we'll be working FOR the American people instead of wasting time. We'll do our part. We need for the voters to do their part too."

Then the Dems need to put up a candidate who doesn't scare the middle voters with far left agendas.

That is how they will win the White House in 2020.

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Posted in: Ex-Marine arrested over North Korea embassy attack in Madrid See in context

I fear this man has read too many Clancy books that have altered his judgment.

The FBI is a US domestic law enforcement agency. Contacting them for anything outside the USA was a mistake.

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Posted in: Mexico warns of deep concern over armed groups on U.S. border See in context

If you seek asylum, go to an official border control point.

Crossing into the USA anywhere else is breaking US law.

Section 1325. Improper entry by alien

(a) Improper time or place; avoidance of examination or inspection; misrepresentation and concealment of facts

> Any alien]( who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the[ United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned

Whenever someone sees this sort of act, they need to let CBP know. Because some people crossing the border between official control points aren't just families, I can see why someone might want a firearm, but only if the land owner has given permission.

Trespassing on private property is illegal for both these "militias" and the illegal immigrants.

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Posted in: Putin ally tells Ukraine's probable new leader: Do deal and get territory back See in context

It's a trap.

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Posted in: Redactions heavier on Russian meddling than on obstruction See in context

'Limited'? Once again the Trump regime use their own definitions of words, just like the leaders of totalitarian states did

"Depends on what the meaning of the word is is."

The same will happen to this President.

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Posted in: Iranian President Rouhani says floods revealed 'vicious' nature of U.S. See in context

"The United States stands ready to assist and contribute to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which would then direct the money through the Iranian Red Crescent for relief," Pompeo added.

So, the US isn't blocking IFRC. Those pesky facts getting in the way of pro-Iranian news? International politics is hard with so many lies.

BTW, America doesn't have any colonies. There are 5 territories where US citizens live. I'm surprised they haven't voted to become states, so Congress would have a chance to decide if they are a good fit or not.

Homophobia mentioned with any Islamic nation is just a laugh. Lavat is a capital offence and people are frequently executed for it in Iran. Forced reassignment operations too. You get that, right?

Pollution? Srsly? Like a flooded nuclear reactor leaking into the ocean for 5+ yrs?

What about domestic violence against Iranian women?

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Posted in: President who cried wolf? Real border alarms now seem hollow See in context

Comprehensive immigration reform? More judges and lawyers to speed up the asylum process? Extra walls in exposed areas? Better tracking while they wait for their immigration decision?

More status quo solutions. THAT is part of the problem. We need solutions that don't reward the 80% of failed asylum seekers to get into the system. Then the current number of judges and lawyers would be able to handle the case load.

Fewer carrots. Repercussions for not entering through border control points.

Hold everyone accountable for providing jobs to anyone without a right to work in the USA with a job. Heavy fines at the minimum. Jail time AND fines beyond a certain point for the employers/owners. Deportation for the workers or jail time + deportation if they don't voluntarily agree, just like under Obama.

There are other laws to be changed, but those aren't possible with the current group of representatives.

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Posted in: President who cried wolf? Real border alarms now seem hollow See in context

Yea, I get that there is a problem. I think most people do.

Exactly. There are 4 parts to the solution, but NONE of them are doing anything.

Half of them want the current non-solution and are fighting to keep it. Very frustrating. 1 quarter are too busy kissing backsides and the last quarter is a lying idiot.

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Posted in: Iranian President Rouhani says floods revealed 'vicious' nature of U.S. See in context

How many times have the people of Iran chanted "Death to America?"

When Iran uses the slogan “Death to America,” the country’s supreme leader said on Friday, it is specifically wishing death on President Trump and two of his senior officials.

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Posted in: President who cried wolf? Real border alarms now seem hollow See in context

There are 50,000 homeless in Los Angeles.

Once again, people want to help the world when they can't help their existing neighbors. Invite another 100,000 in. That will certainly help.

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