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Posted in: Japan's big mobile carriers say roaming needed during network outages See in context

As long as the company that needs to use the network from the other company is paying a fair price, what's the issue?

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Posted in: Model fearing Myanmar military heads to asylum in Canada See in context

Too bad she has to flee. Millions of others cannot. The easier fix would be to deal with Myanmar govt problem directly. China is the local power who should be pushing for fair elections, but the CCP doesn't want fair. They want a single dictator who can be pushed around. Myanmar is on the way to becoming another NK. Sad for the good people there.

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Posted in: Russian annexation of Ukraine territory expected within days See in context

Any election with only single choice (or 20 choices) running where the willing person gets over 80% of the votes is election fraud. This is been shown over and over and over around the world. There are studies which prove it. The last 2 elections that Putin won in Russia ... it was proven to be fraud with multiple methods deployed by Putin's team. shows how 17M ballots in Russian elections last year were actually only cast by 2M people. Putin has election fraud down to a science ... but not enough to actually make anyone think the elections were fair.

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Posted in: Cuba without electricity after hurricane hammers power grid See in context

Since Cuba is aligned with Russia, China, and Venezuela, the aid should be flowing from those countries first.

The US will be busy helping Puerto Rico, Florida and GA, SC, NC in the next few weeks as the storm impacts 49M US citizens, at least.

The US never helps the Caribbean US Territories enough after storms. St. John island, part of the USVI group, didn't have power for over 6 months after the underwater power cable broke due to a hurricane in the 2000s. It didn't get fixed until the govt there refused to allow a wealthy private island owner who wanted power, unless the power link included St. John too, which was slightly out of the way.

These days, people who can afford it will rebuild with solar and wind power plus battery storage to make lots of micro-grids. Cuba should follow this model. China could easily donate tens of thousands of solar panels to Cuba so emergency services have power.

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Posted in: Banana thrown at Brazilian players in friendly in Paris See in context

I like bananas. I've thrown things onto the field at matches, but would never throw a banana. A ref made a really, really, bad call. It was about that ref and the call, not any of the players.

About 200 other people in the stadium threw things onto the field too. The items thrown were provided at the gate when we entered, which was really convenient. A soft seat cushion.

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Posted in: Meta says China-based campaign aimed at U.S. election See in context

Meta said it was unable to determine whether the Chinese government was linked to the campaign, only that it originated in China.

The campaign used fake accounts at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, posting on both sides of politically divisive topics such as abortion and gun control, Meta said in a report.

Gee .... the sources are from China. Facebook, Instagram, twitter are all blocked in China, but somehow these posts were possible?

Of course it was the CCP. Let's not be stupid.

Using a VPN is illegal in China. When caught, if the govt doesn't approve, people go to jail. It is pretty clear - the CCP approved and funded this effort.

When I see my servers attacked by Chinese IPs thousands of times an hour, I know the CCP is tacitly approving those attacks, probably as training. Mainland Chinese University networks are commonly used as the sources, but sometimes they are traced to corporations and others to govt buildings in China. They are sloppy.

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Posted in: Pop singer Shakira to face trial over tax fraud in Spain See in context

I could be wrong, but my guess is she doesn't complete her own tax returns but has some expert do it for her.

She has at least 5 people handling her taxes, since she works in different jurisdictions and has to pay taxes in each. The location of her "home" has the most complex taxes, so a few people will be handling those.

Each country has different tax laws. We never hired any accountants, but had our lawyer do it for added protection in our country. I suspect she would have gotten similar advice. Of course, advice can be ignored and people don't follow instructions as their clients intend all the time.

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Posted in: Iran says U.S. attempting to use unrest to weaken country See in context

It is the Russians doing it, not the US. Russia is trying to start and keep the middle east in turmoil, so Iran and Syria will keep buying weapons. Russia needs the sales to fund their war in Ukraine.

Iran is being played by Russia and they are so focused on the wrong players, it is sad.

At least Iran isn't worried about being attacked by Iraq anymore. Gee - who did that? I forget.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's expulsion of official; denies spying See in context

If you want to transfer secret information,put it on a burner phone,and send a Bluetooth files with the information and secretly transfer it without any trace

If you are using any RF transfer method, you are foolish when secrecy is required.

Bluetooth is terrible for security and using it always leaves a trace on the sending and receiving devices.

As soon as any file is transferred over a network of any sort, including peer-to-peer, there's a trace that can be followed. Just because airlines can't figure out who is posting lewd images from their iphone via bt or airdrop (that's peer-to-peer wifi), it doesn't mean everyone cannot. It is actually trivial with a tiny bit of knowledge. Slurping all RF traffic is possible today. A buddy has a project that's been doing it for nearly a decade. He's a former signals spook, now doing infosec work, but decided the legal ramifications were too gray, so he stopped advertising the project after a number of talks about it at world known security conferences. The impact of the tool was similar to the wall-of-sheep that completely changed google, facebook, twitter and almost every website in the world. His RF tool has changed how many organizations look at any RF-based networking.

Better to use extremely strong encryption, like gpg, then using a tool, add the gpg encrypted file to a video or image on the SD/microSD. Plain sight is probably best with 5 other microSD cards ... perhaps in a phone, just with the contacts to the phone disabled? IDK. I've thrown them into a single plastic case with camera equipment and vacation snapshots. One customs service copied everything over, but never asked me anything about the contents. It wasn't like they were gonna gain access to the gpg encrypted data, even if they saw it. After all, Mom's recipes are worth keeping secret!

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Posted in: Russia gives citizenship to ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden See in context

If Snowden is drafted he won't be sent to the front but could be a top-flight info warrior.

Snowden does know much about infoSEC, but I don't think he created the tools he used, so without those, he's just a user.

All govts are aware of the cracking tools commonly used and available for $0-$2M on the open market. Certainly Snowden knows the $0-$2K tools, as any competent infoSEC professional would. He would be able to pick up the tools used by Russian cyber teams quickly, but I seriously doubt he would help against NATO or Ukrainians or any other friendly-to-US country. From my reading, that isn't his nature. I doubt he provided Russia with any sensitive information beyond what he turned over to the newspapers in 2013 either.

Mr. Snowden should return to the U.S and face the music, there are laws and rules to protect all whistleblowers and I believe that he will have a fare trial considering the publicity of his case.

No way would he get a fair trial. It would all happen behind closed doors, in secret, with gag orders on everyone involved. The USGovt would come after him with 200 different charges and 20 lifetimes of sentencing on the table. He wouldn't be allowed to face the people who setup the illegal programs which are still running today, just under different names - heck, the new program names have probably been changed twice since 2014 already. The US representatives have been stonewalled and lied to by the spy agencies for decades ... for our own good. That's their honest belief. They think preventing any terrorist action of any level is more important than following US laws on privacy and these spy agencies work tirelessly to weaken any proposed privacy legislation that would hold any level of US govt accountable. There is little-to-zero risk of a govt manager ever going to jail for violating the rights of millions of people in and outside the USA. Further, if they tell anyone about these programs and the violations of constitutional law, they are charged with treason.

There would never be any fair trial for Snowden in the US and all the claimed charges will be sealed for at least 50 yrs, to prevent embarrassment.

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Posted in: Japan bans export of chemical weapons goods to Russia See in context

You just can't keep saying this all the time. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Sure they can, but making demands won't get them anywhere ... er ... until they have some nukes to threaten as back up for their wishes. /s

Are people really so naive as to think wishing for peace can make it happen when they don't control anything? There is evil in this world. Real evil. There are people who are happy to kill anyone to get what they want. We see their actions in the world news daily, unfortunately.

Russia isn't likely to listen to Matsuno-san, so this was just for the news people in the room. Nobody else will listen, not seriously.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's expulsion of official; denies spying See in context

Asking about the effectiveness of sanctions is a secret in Russia? Sensitive much? What would have happened if he asked for the location of the nearest indoor toilet? Life in prison?


When someone does work for you anywhere in the world, it is customary to pay them for that service, right? I'd be offended if someone asked me to work for free. It is just good manners being displayed.

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Posted in: Russia gives citizenship to ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden See in context

I suspect this is Putin's way to be able to draft Snowden, if he agrees to accept Russian citizenship. It isn't like Snowden can return to the US, or allies of the US, until a Presidential pardon happens.

I think he was a huge patriot providing a necessary check on the secret govt agencies run afoul of the rights of people all around the world, including US citizens. I can think of no other method attempted has worked better and even his steps failed to clean up the international govt illegal spying that is still happening. Nobody in charge of the illegal spying programs went to jail, lost their jobs, or was punish in any significant manner. That's too bad that Snowden has to give up his freedom for the rest of us to become aware of how far over many lines these govt agencies stepped and are still stepping today.

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Posted in: Japan bans export of chemical weapons goods to Russia See in context

Seems like a loophole if any countries all the export of chemicals or processing equipment to mass produce chemical weapons. Can't see anyone in any western/free country thinking this ever was a good idea. Good to close it and not just for Japan, but for all countries.

Asked if Japan approves of the possible use of nuclear weapons by the United States against Russia, Matsuno refused to comment on the grounds that it was a hypothetical question.

Well handled. Hopefully, nobody wants any large scale nuclear weapons to ever be used anywhere, especially never as a first strike. I don't think anyone "approves", but it is required to appear willing as a deterrent.

News people asking these questions are trying to undermine defenses for their country. They can ask, but don't expect an answer.

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Posted in: Amazon to hold holiday shopping event in October See in context

Often, these sales turn out to be where amazon dumps last year's Amazon-Branded stuff. A few other sellers also raise prices, so they can lower them on these special events. Often a good time to get a TV, tablet, or new-to-you phone.

Was shopping for a new phone today and it seems that a 2020 model fits my expectations and price. Newer versions of the same phone have worse specifications - lower resolution, less internal storage, and worse cameras. Seems they are trying to push people to spend more for higher end phones, sorta like how the sub-compact Honda Civic has been expanded and resized to be a mid-size sedan over the last 40 yrs. Phone makers seem to make 15 models yearly when 5 would fit the market very well. All the specialized branding based on the carrier to ensure the exact phone model can't found elsewhere, though one with the same specs is very common on 4 other cell carriers. It's a big joke in the telecom industry, but as long as it is legal, they'll keep doing it like other home appliance/TV brands do the same thing.

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Posted in: Japan’s newest potato chip flavor: Convenience store fried chicken See in context

I really miss the unusual potato chip flavors in Asia. Angry Spice Prawn is good. We can get them back home, but only at 10x the price in a specialty international foods market.

Hard to call any potato chips "food", however.

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Posted in: Iran denounces Western support for 'rioters' See in context

I thought Iran was rather a liberal Islamic Country

it was, before the Islamic leaders took over. As long as there are any "morality police" and old men deciding what is moral with how people choose to look - hair, clothing, nail coloring, the govt will not allow freedom. This applies to every country, not just Iran and other Islamic countries.

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Posted in: Swastika-wearing gunman kills 13 at Russian school See in context

Sad, but it does appear that Russia has found the Nazis they claimed were in Ukraine back home. Perhaps Ukraine should invade Russia to put down the neo-Nazi movement there?


Killing children is cowardly.

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Posted in: Hong Kong replaced by Singapore as Asia's top finance center See in context

One of the most unnerving things I experienced in Singapore was the potty monitor.

I had a similar, but different experience in a Japanese corporate toilet. Was "going" when a cleaning lady and another man entered. She cleaned, he stood next to me. They chatted the entire time. This wasn't a coed toilet. It was at a huge, multinational, company.

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Posted in: Canadian PM Trudeau cancels trip for Abe's state funeral See in context

It's not like he can actually do anything. The disaster relief and social support mechanisms are already in place. This is just another photo-op for him, when he's sliding down in the polls.

Actually, he can. He can break down any barriers to aid flowing into Newfoundland. If there are any barriers and he isn't there, it would be bad.

BTW, Abe isn't a sitting govt official. He's retired. This is about friends coming. If Trudeau were in the region already, that would be different. Perhaps it is a cultural difference.

Didn't he die 2+ months ago? Over 2 months ago - 8th of July. Today is Sept 25th! Seems the body should be corpsified by now. When someone dies, aren't they buried within a week?

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Posted in: Iran will act decisively after biggest protests in years, president says See in context

The old men leaders in Iran are out of touch with the younger generation. That's what these protests/riots are showing. As long as Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is in power and has to approve candidates for public office, this will be a problem.

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Posted in: Iranian state-organized marchers call for execution of protesters See in context

The problem with morality police is they claim to be doing dogs will, so there is no discussion or ability to get the charges dropped and laws modified as the people become more liberal.

We have govts to help everyone get along with each other, not to allow the ruling 0.5% to get what they want. All the people of the world need to remember this and force their leaders into knowing they are in a temporary position by throwing them out every few years.

Having a Supreme Leader for life is a huge issue. If that job must exist, it needs to be changed at least every 10 yrs with a different person and no returning to office. Change is good for us all.

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Posted in: Global climate change protests demand compensation ahead of COP27 See in context

Direct compensation will never happen. If you live within 2m of sea level, you need to move. Humans walk 1,000+ miles with small children to find better economic situations, so you can too.

BTW, the US is also impacted by climate change - look at the 20 yr drought in the far west and the annual destruction caused by hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf. Just a few days ago, Puerto Rice - a US Territory - was hit hard by a hurricane.

Some areas of Puerto Rico got over 30 inches of rain. Houses are unlivable. Entire areas are flooded.

National Guard rescued many people during the flooding.

More than 900,000 are still without power. Passed hurricanes had Puerto Ricans living without power for over a year.

Hundreds of thousands are without water

The economy there will be hit with multi-billion dollar impacts from Fiona (the latest storm).

BTW, I used to live near sea level and saw flooding almost every year. After a not-so major tropical depression hit and put 2 ft of water into a neighbor's home, I found a job in a different state and moved. Now living at about 300m above sea level, happily.

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Posted in: Iranian state-organized marchers call for execution of protesters See in context

"Offenders of the Koran must be executed," they chanted.

Seems like a not-so-reasonable demand, especially from a moderate religion. Fanatics in any religion are bad for the entire tradition.

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Posted in: Hong Kong will scrap COVID hotel quarantine from Sept. 26 See in context

Nothing could get me to visit Hong Kong. Happy to have been before Xi's madness took over and the CCP violated the agreement of 2 systems for 1 country, leaving the existing systems in the SARs untouched for 50 yrs.

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Posted in: Europe faces dilemma on Russians fleeing Putin's draft See in context

So, when the Putin mandates impact them in Russia, rather than solve the problem of an invasion themselves, they flee their own country? Only a few close leaders and Putin should be fleeing Russia, not all these people afraid of being drafted.

I would support giving fleeing Russians some sort of asylum protection.

Only if they apply in Ukraine, unarmed.

Russians in Russia are impacted by Putin's folly. Solve your problems internally, please. Stop the invasion and killing.

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Posted in: Hong Kong replaced by Singapore as Asia's top finance center See in context

And just be careful, they have the death penalty for some crimes.

Lots of countries have the death penalty for some crimes, including Japan.

My last visit to Singapore had me worried over little crimes that I didn't know where crimes at all, before reviewing the warning list.

I'd be willing to go back to Singapore, but not Hong Kong. While Singapore has many rules, I was never worried that saying the wrong things would get me arrested.

What I do remember mainly is that I always felt watched due to the pervasive street cameras, that alcohol was expensive, all entertainment was expensive, and that it was hot and muggy, all the time. That's the weather at 3° from the equator on an ocean.

And don't walk on the grass there.

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Posted in: 55-year-old man arrested for assaulting 19-year-old daughter because she didn’t keep in touch with him See in context

Parents want to know what's happening in their kids' lives. Phoning at least monthly is the lease a child should do to stay in contact. Parents had over a decade to set that expectation. If they didn't, it was bad parenting. The daughter and father weren't talking, yet expected each other to know these expectations?


There's much that isn't known from the story. We don't know if there was prior abuse from either side. We don't know if the daughter was introducing her boyfriend to him for the first time seeking approval. We don't know if they were hoping to stay for a few hours, days, or months.

We don't know.

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Posted in: Unvaccinated Novak Djokovic awaiting word on Australian Open See in context

Djokovic wants to be special. He isn't.

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Posted in: Iran's Raisi warns against 'acts of chaos' as protests over woman's death rage See in context

In the Western countries, when a violent protestor is arrested, there are 20 videos of this put on social media, the cops provide water and the person is booked, give a phone call, and a court date, then released, depending on the damage done. They aren't "disappeared".

If a law is unjust, the jury system allows the jury to rule any way they like, regardless of the law. "A jury of your peers" - it matters.

Also, on a public street, you can say almost anything you like in the USA. Obviously, you can't touch others or prevent them from going about their business, but talking is protected. And in much of the US, women are free to wear nearly anything like like in public - some go topless - as part of their freedom of speech. I'm serious.

The independence of the judiciary relies on the separation of powers but, in the Islamic Republic, all three branches of government work under the supervision of the Supreme Leader.


The court’s verdict was based on confessions that Afkari said had been extracted from him under torture.

Iranian torture. That seems like a fair system of justice. Well, perhaps not.

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