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Posted in: U.S. track coach Salazar gets lifetime ban for sexual, emotional misconduct See in context

The world has changed underneath his coaching style.

Emotional abuse is very subjective. Physical abuse is much clearer.

I've had coaches screaming at me and calling me names trying to get me to learn. Not every day, but sometimes it would be a few weeks where I hated going to train. They'd tried everything else first. As I look back, I'm thankful to those coaches. They got me over a trailing hump that was holding back my skills. I also know that some of the stretches we did would appear highly sexual to the uninformed. There was nothing at all sexual about any of it - from either side (stretcher or stretchee).

The public at large isn't really able to judge what is emotional or physical abuse within a sport, but for people in the sport, I have high confidence in their ability to judge, provided the truth is shared.

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Posted in: Videos show march in Iranian capital amid water protests See in context

A struggling Iranian govt is good for the world. Keeps more weapons out of terrorist hands.

Someday, I hope the good Iranian people get to have open and far elections.

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Posted in: Man given religiously forbidden food at Nagoya immigration center See in context

If nobody said anything, would have have known?

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

Platform diving, arm stands. Gender doesn't matter.

I can't think of any sport where men wear less. The suits allow full range of motion, which is very important to winning. At lower levels of the sport, some men will wear knee-length suites, but they aren't usually competitive with the top athletes. Too constricting.

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Posted in: Recovery key for water polo teams at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Water polo is brutal, below the water. Bruises are common from kicks, grabs, and sometimes fingernails will draw blood.

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Posted in: With virus surge, U.S. to keep travel restrictions for now See in context

I'd say that travelers who's govts can prove they are fully mRNA vaccinated AND have passed the typical covid pre-flight tests should be allowed, assuming all other aspects of their travel would be allowed.

For US citizens, any approved vaccinate inside the US should be allowed to travel between states.

Intrastate travel is up to each state to decide.

Do you advocate turning them into an apartheid like second-class citizen?

No, but they wouldn't be allowed to travel into the US or between different states until 80% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Your body. Your choice. There is no right to travel during a pandemic. There is more of a right to complain, prey, and have a firearm.

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Posted in: NBC mum on Chinese complaints about map during ceremony See in context

NBC can simply ignore the CCP-Chinese and their tantrum. Let them complain to themselves inside their personal echo chamber, as usual.

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Posted in: New Zealand to accept alleged Islamic State militant, 2 kids See in context

Some crimes are unforgivable. Crimes have repercussions. It would be different for the kids. Normally, I'd say that splitting a parent from their kids should be avoided, but not from terrorists. Their kids should all be taken away and raised by other parents, with no written records of who their parent was to ensure they never meet - not in 5 yrs, not in 20 yrs and not in 50 yrs.

Let her live in Syria or Afghanistan.

Australia was right.

NZ is only right if she is placed in prison and her kids are raised by someone else.

Harsh. Definitely. How else would the terrorist line be broken?

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Posted in: Israeli judo star perseveres after 2 opponents' withdrawals See in context

If withdrawal for political reasons is allowed, why is Myanmar, Russia, China, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Japan, or the USA having any matches? There are many countries that dislike all of those for recent actions.

If an individual or/and coach or/and country are doing this for politics only, then the penalties are not harsh. 1 yr ban isn't sufficient. The country's entire program should be penalized, perhaps for 2-5 yrs. Minimal slaps don't work. Blatant political withdrawal is unsportsmanlike.

Should Israelis withdraw whenever they are set to compete against Islamic opponents? Should atheists withdraw against anyone who believes in 1 or more dog?

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Posted in: Skateboarders hope Olympic gold changes minds in 'strict' Japan See in context

Skate parks can be put on roofs. Just sayin'.

Suga knows he is out in a month, just after the Paralympics ends. He's main goal was 100% sacrificial - to hold the Olympics at any cost. If he doesn't retire completely, he will get some honorary 10 yr position in the IOC as a "consultant".

There shouldn't be any question about whether skaters are athletes. They are at least as much as ice skaters and freestyle skiers are. There is a beauty in the sport. Perhaps it is an acquired taste, tainted by the poor skaters make noise on the streets and sidewalks.

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Posted in: Frenchman's hunger strike over 'abducted' kids enters third week See in context

If he is a danger to the children, then supervised visits should still be possible in controlled environments 2x a month. It is barbaric to keep a parent away from their children, especially when they are small kids and don't really understand what is happening.

If there is no danger to the children, unsupervised visits should be the minimal and at least monthly weekends staying with the parent who is disconnected seems like a civilized compromise.

Cutting of half a family due to a vindictive Japanese parent is wrong. Parents, cousins, uncles and aunts all miss the kids.

It is clear the woman is vindictive since she lied about abuse.

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Posted in: Russians top Biles, Americans in gymnastics qualifying See in context

I thought the Russian team was banned from the Olympics? Only unaffiliated athletes are allowed to compete.

Wouldn't be bad if the American team doesn't win Gold.

Congratulations to all the women who do their best and provide great entertainment.

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Posted in: Asylum-seeking Myanmar soccer player to join Japanese club as trainee See in context

Wasn't 3 fingers used in a highly popular scifi film series a few years ago?

I'd always assumed it was the way to get an obscene gesture passed PG-13 movie censors.

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Posted in: Nicaragua arrests 7th presidential contender in Nov 7 vote See in context

Seems that Ortega needs to be placed under house arrest so fair elections may be held.

The next President should push for

a) term limits on Presidents

b) political rival protection laws

Rivals in politics should only be tried based on proper evidence by an independent judiciary. I have doubts that the judiciary in Nicaragua is independent from the President.

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Posted in: Punch-up See in context

Iranian fighting dirty? I didn't see, so it could have been a slip and an honest mistake.

Did catch the Taekwondo match between Columbia and Iran. I'd never seen Taekwondo before in an organized match. Very disappointing. Looked like a game of tag, stop, go, tag, stop, go, tag, stop, go. Yawn. Shouldn't fighting arts actually have ... er ... fighting?

I recall seeing a story about the Iranian Olympic team and their struggles to train when their coaches were out of the country and blocked from entry and how the athletes were self-funding everything due to some political changes in the last year inside Iran.

Boxing should be banned.

Boxing is an art. Like all forms of art, it takes a specific eye to appreciate. Look at it like ballroom dance.

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Posted in: Olympic-related COVID cases now 127 See in context

I was disappointed when seeing the US team in the opening ceremonies without masks on the entire time. Sure, they wore masks as they walked in, but then a few took the masks off. This little thing risks their being able to compete in their sport. Foolish.

The IOC rules are that if a test comes back positive the day of your competition, you forfeit and get quarantined. If you are quarantined, you can't compete.

Athletes - If you aren't inside your room or actively training/competing, keep the mask on until your last event of the entire trip. After that, risk whatever you like, but still follow Japanese laws. I'd be tempted to wash my hands immediately when entering my room too, since the doorknob could have Delta on it. Even if I don't get sick, I could test positive and be out of all competition.

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Posted in: Hanoi goes into lockdown as virus cases soar See in context

China has lockdowns and testing of 1M+ people almost every week.

Guangzhou and parts of Beijing were locked down last month too.

Smaller cities are probably less able to get the news out due to the CCP total control over news distribution in CCP-China. I'd bet hundreds of smaller cities have been in lockdown for a few weeks each there.

It turns out that the Chinese-made vaccines aren't very effective against the delta variant.

Enough references?

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Posted in: Airport echoes with sobs and farewells in Hong Kong exodus See in context

I wouldn't put it past China to shut down air and sea links if the number of people fleeing ramps up, unless it wants them to self-deport. You can rest assured that they know the names of the family members they've left behind, as well.

Yep. Beijing does want them to leave, since that will make leasing a flat (nobody really owns their home/apartment/flat in China) much cheaper for the mainland people who seek to move to Hong Kong for the greater "freedoms".

I'm surprised that Taiwan isn't more popular. Imagine how great a country CCP-China would be if it was like Taiwan with all that freedom, history, culture? THAT would be amazing to see and experience.

Average Chinese don't realize how much they lack freedom and won't, until they are in the group being hunted down by the CCP. If you don't stand up for the freedoms of others, then there won't be anyone left to stand up when your freedoms are taken too.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel is planning changes to the political asylum system making illegal to land on British soil without permission. Refugees would be suppose to claim asylum from their own countries first. Complete nonsense.

This is brilliant. The USA needs a law like that too. Organized asylum would mean that resources are available for the day a family arrives with a place to stay, help finding work, help locating a good area of the country to settle. A million people can't show up with a plan to wing it. Govts need time to plan, in advance, for new arrivals, especially those with children.

Hong Kongers all have internet and all are educated sufficiently to file for asylum in advance. For those who don't end up in a huge city, the added culture shock will be hard. Does the typical HGr know how to drive?

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Posted in: Numerous websites briefly go down in widespread outage See in context

AT&T has 1,000+ websites and 1 wasn't available? I don't know about the other companies.

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Posted in: Amazon's mission: Getting a 'key' to your apartment building See in context

Amazon has lockers. Use those if your apartment, condo or house aren't good for deliveries.

If I'm having something expensive delivered, it would be shipped to work or I'd arrange to be at home to accept delivery.

The real issue is that amazon routinely doesn't deliver package on the day they say they will. They do a terrible job of managing expectations. Too early is just as bad as too late, Amazon. The last year, Amazon has a habit of delivering the day before they were suppose do. This is just as bad as delivering the day after.

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Posted in: Vaccinations rise in some U.S. states with soaring infections See in context

Since the vaccines don't stop transmission but merely make the symptoms less noticeable, vaccinated people are catching Covid and not self-quarantining.

False. Studies show that vaccines drastically reduce the number of of people becoming infected.

The people ending up in hospital are unvaccinated. In places where vaccines are easily available, there isn't any good excuse for not being vaccinated at this point. No line. No waiting at almost every grocery store in the USA.

Unvaccinated catch all versions of the virus 90% more often than vaccinated people. Then spread it because they refuse to wear masks and behave like there isn't any COVID.

Really would be nice if we could block specific posters and never see their comments. Other article publishing sites allow that capability. Or at least limit the number of comments per userid per thread to some number, perhaps 3.

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Posted in: AP looks inside China's largest detention center in Xinjiang See in context

I'm curious. How would the Chinese population change this within the Chinese legal framework? After all, doesn't the CCP claim to represent the people?

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

So, everyone 30 yrs old and older is guilty and needs to be fired. That's a great way to ignore the last 20 yrs.

Should the US still hate Japan over Pearl Harbor?

Should Japan still hate the US over the nuclear bombs?

Or can we have a truth-based historical view and move forward, learning from those mistakes.

The world is drastically different today than just 5 yrs ago, much less 10, 20, 40 yrs ago.

I told Polish jokes as a kid. Should I be fired from my current job over that? I told very similar jokes about engineers. The real problem is that the jokes weren't funny, not that they were offensive.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police arrest 5 trade union members for sedition See in context

Authoritarian govts are afraid of ideas. Wonder what Pooh Bear thinks of that?

The association published three children’s books

To the CCP members, what is the legal way for people in Hong Kong to get their govt back to the way it was before the authoritarian laws were forced? After all, China claims that some representation is possible.

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Posted in: Sweden stuns U.S. 3-0 in women's soccer; Japan, Canada draw 1-1 See in context

Always good to see the Yanks lose

I'll cheer for the better team, but always hope the Americans win. A good match with world-class skills on display is what we like to see.

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Posted in: Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases causing alarm, confusion See in context

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has said 99.5% of all deaths from COVID-19 are in the unvaccinated.

Just to highly the key point of this entire article.

If everyone who could be vaccinated actually was, then the asymptomatic cases wouldn't matter. People who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, are keenly aware of their risks for all sorts of infections and diseases already.

Fauci said vaccinated people who develop asymptomatic infections have "considerably less" virus in their nasal passages compared to unvaccinated people with asymptomatic infections.

"I think one can make a reasonable assumption, based on the level of virus in the nasopharynx, that it would be less likely that that vaccinated breakthrough person would transmit compared to an unvaccinated person," Fauci said in the briefing.

Get vaccinated.

Any questions?

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Posted in: 4 killed during robbery at Texas home; 3 arrested See in context

The handgun used belonged to one of the victims. Hmmmm.

So the next question is - was the firearm locked up/trigger locked BEFORE the robbery or not?

Was a trigger lock found?

Was a gun safe found?

These things are available for as little as $25.

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Posted in: Medal count: Prediction has U.S. heading a wide open Olympics See in context

I never understood this obsession with national medal counts. Fundamentally, it just reflects the size of countries. Do we need a reminder that the US is bigger than Luxembourg?

Then the medal counts should be









11 - Japan.

UK is 21st by population.

I think it comes back to the availability of free time in the society to train and concentrate on a single purpose, outside the need to work to live.

Of course, countries who pay their athletes full-time to be expert have a leg up ... China, Russia, NK.

and for sports that can be funded by professional competitions - baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer.

It should be noted that the USgovt doesn't pay for training, flights, anything related to Olympics. I think only 3 countries do not pay. Last time I looked, $50K was paid by the US-IOC for each Gold Olympic medal and that is funded by sponsors.

Communist countries pay their athletes like full-time workers.

Distance running is not very popular in the US, so anyone training for that will need outside funding - a job, parents, or a large group of donors so they can train and compete. There are accountants, firemen, landscapers, janitors, trash collectors, restaurant workers, university counselors, DJs, teachers, farmers, actors, writers, sports coaches, plumbers, travel agents, lawyers, nurses, construction workers ... chef, police. Basically, they have normal jobs and might live with family to reduce their cost of living expenses.

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

Had you been following the story, you would know he is already married back in Uganda.

Polygamy is legal in Uganda. To him, taking a Japanese wife would be absolutely fine, especially if he gets to stay in Japan. Some women are highly attracted to "different", regardless of what that is. In Japan, I've experienced this directly with very shocking behavior by a few Japanese women.

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

There are two types of unvaccinated people. Those who choose not to be and those who will likely have a serious, negative, reaction to the vaccine based on prior, actual, negative, vaccine reactions.

The first group is being selfish and trying to kill the 2nd group.

The first group should stay home, effectively in quarantine until COVID is gone like polio is gone. Their health insurance rates should double or triple. It is their choice.

The 2nd group got a bad genetic lottery and is well aware of their risks in public.

Unvaccinated by choice people are terrible at weighing abstract risks, not only for themselves, but for society.


99.992% of fully vaccinated people aren't getting COVID.

Breakthrough COVID infections happen, but they are rare

How many billions of people need to be vaccinated before the group that chooses NOT to get vaccinated will finally believe they are safe, effective, and have minimal risks? Remember, even with the vaccines that have the worst side effects, it is 1 in 1,000,000 for that to happen.

Yes, we are all special, just like everyone else.

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