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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

Did you call them primitive though?

Primitive can mean different things.

To outsiders, our behavior would definitely have seemed primitive. People who live in swamps sometimes do things out of necessity that outsiders wouldn't understand without explanation. After a little study, they would learn it was "clever" or "crafty", not primitive.

Someone calling others primitive is usually showing their own limited views.

The same can be said for people in a new country with unfamiliar surroundings, tools, utensils, toilets.

I remember thinking how primitive those floor-toilets with kick flush were in Tokyo the first time I visited. Or trying to eat using 2 sticks? Is that not primitive to some people? Is that statement offensive towards most chopstick-using Asians or does it just show how little I understood at the time? Either way, I don't see it as offensive. Sometimes primitive man solutions are best and being called a primitive man isn't offensive at all.

But since everyone is allowed to be offended over whatever they like, even when it wasn't directed at them, fine. Stay in the "politically correct" cage and limit freedom of expression because you are sensitive.

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Posted in: Academy reverses plans; will air all awards live at Oscars See in context

I'm ok with the awards, but my football team doesn't have 3 hrs of network TV coverage for our annual banquet.

Does anyone actually watch it? Seriously?

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Posted in: Democratic presidential candidates introducing themselves to voters See in context

I look forward to hearing where each candidate stands on the issues important to me.

As long as they aren't too far left or a "progressive", it is worth hearing their messages and beliefs.

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

Negative words only hurt if you let them hurt or take them in a negative manner.

Just this week, in describing myself and some childhood friends, I used the term "little monkeys", because we were running and climbing on everything in the environment, like little monkeys. Nobody was offended.

Humans are animals. We are primates, just like other ape, monkeys and chimpanzees. If you choose to be offended by those terms, that is your business. I would not. Treat people as you would want to be treated.

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Posted in: U.S. military planes land near Venezuela border with aid See in context

Legally elected representatives have control over the Venezuelan money in the USA now.

BTW, most Venezuelan oil is heavy crude because they mis-managed their lite-sweet oil fields over the last 20 yrs.

The Venezuelan economy has been hurting for 20+ yrs. Sanctions on oil have been used only the last 2 yrs. Their economy was failing a long time, which their Russian, Chinese and Cuban friends haven't help to resolve. Nice work.

And Costa Rica is throwing out Maduro's diplomats. When was the last time CR did anything this political internationally? The Ticos think something terrible is up in Vz.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia defends app allowing men to monitor women relatives See in context

The law needs to be corrected in Saudi Arabia. This is the first step.

Preventing Muslim women from travel without approval and tracking their location everywhere is fine in SA, but tracking Muslim men outside SA is not? Isn't there a clear, concise word for that?

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Posted in: Venezuela's Maduro blasts U.S. for 'stealing' billions and offering 'crumbs' See in context

Speaking on Friday, Maduro said six million families had benefitted from subsidized food boxes and claimed to have bought 933 tons of medicines and medical supplies from China, Cuba and Russia, his main international allies.


Cuba has vast shortages, always.

China is keeping a tab/loans. They will demand to be paid.

Venezuela sends China 400,000-odd barrels a day, for example, Beijing considers them repayment for Caracas’s debts.

Folks know that mismanagement has Caracas buying lite oil from other countries to mix with their dark oil, correct? They still have some lite-oil, but production has dropped due to govt mismanagement of that resource over the last 20 yrs.

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Posted in: Russia detains prominent U.S. investor on suspicion of fraud See in context

If found guilty due to real evidence of wrongdoing, he should feel the full force of law.

If this action is due to political abuses, that is a different issue entirely.

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Posted in: After Auschwitz visit, Pence accuses Iran of Nazi-like anti-Semitism See in context

Religious fanatics are a problem for the entire world. Christianity has their share, just as Islam does and other religions do.

Joeintokyo - Pence, as an individual, is free to practice his religion in the USA, no matter what others think about it. Fortunately, he doesn't have any control over someone else's afterlife (or lack of afterlife) at all. Does believing that their isn't a god make someone anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu, anti-Christian? Nope. It just means that person believes all those people are wasting a bunch of time, when they could be concentrating on being a good, kind, productive humans without all the bearded man behind a curtail aspects.

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Posted in: Venezuela's Maduro blasts U.S. for 'stealing' billions and offering 'crumbs' See in context

Maduro blames Venezuela's woes on U.S. sanctions, claiming they have cost the country $30 billion.

Venezuela's problems began in the 1990s and have consistently gotten worse and worse due to mismanagement by the govt. The country has been on the way to collapsing all this time.

Some history:

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Posted in: U.S. judge issues gag order in trial of former Trump adviser Stone See in context

If found guilty, nail him to the fullest extent of the law.

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Posted in: Trump gains weight; now considered obese See in context

Fat-shaming is not ok, unless you are a republican? Good to know.

We all know people who have been obese their entire lives. It doesn't matter what they eat or don't eat. Their bodies store fat very efficiently and gets better at it over the decades.

I'm still trying to figure out how "golf" is considered a sport. Just go for a brisk walk toting some stuff on a wheeled cart and call that "a sport" too.

Also, President Trump needs some alcohol, most definitely.

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Posted in: S Koreans declare start of Japan firm asset sale over wartime labor See in context

The Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea was signed on June 22, 1965.

Japan provided South Korea with $300 million grant in economic aid and $200 million in loans together with $300 million in loans for private trust, a total of $800 million as "economic cooperation".[5] By this Agreement, problems in regard to property and claims between Japan and Korea have been settled completely and finally.

Call me stupid, but ... settled completely and finally .... in regard to property and claims means - that's it, no more, to me.


In January 2005, the South Korean government disclosed 1,200 pages of diplomatic documents that recorded the proceeding of the treaty. The documents, kept secret for 40 years, recorded that the Japanese government actually proposed to the South Korean government to directly compensate individual victims but it was the South Korean government which insisted that it would handle individual compensation to its citizens and then received the whole amount of grants on behalf of the victims.

So, once again, settled already.

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Posted in: Trump to sign border bill, but also declare emergency seeking wall funds See in context

Trump should forget the wall and follow Japan's and Australia's immigration policies.

Declaring this a national emergency is an abuse of power, though I'm generally happy when funds are diverted away from DoD/TSA/NSA budgets.

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Posted in: Amazon drops New York headquarters plan amid protests See in context

Any tax break given to the new company must be paid by the local taxpayers.

And payroll taxes for 25K knowledge workers are $0? These weren't warehouse jobs. Getting out of NYC area and the high taxes there seems like a win for Amazon.

N. Va and Nashville will happily accept the extra workers.

Cities are in competition, just like companies and workers are. NYC just lost .... or won, depending on your perspective.

Hope they are happy, since other large companies will look at this treatment when they decide where to expand.

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Posted in: China's Huawei soft power push raises hard questions See in context

FizzBit - true, but smartphones are only the tip.

Huawei is a huge switch, fierwall, and router vendor. People using normal computers, from reputable sources, well-outside the Huawei realm might have all their data transmitted places they wouldn't know due to network infrastructure.

The USA has warned others about the poor security in Huawei's network gear. Being easily hacked is a major problem. Not getting patches to fix known holes for multiple years is also a systemic. Even Huawei's firewalls have been hacked.

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Posted in: Suicide attack on Iran Revolutionary Guards bus kills 27 See in context

Really? So when a country executes a criminal for their actions you call them "weak-minded" for doing so?

People aren't usually executed for non-violent crimes, therefore the state didn't start it.

Sometimes the only viable response to violence is violence because the people who started it cannot be talked out of harming others.

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Posted in: Police investigate multiple incidents of lasers being focused on U.S. military aircraft near Yokota base See in context

30 seconds of temporary blindness can easily cause a crash, especially in rotor aircraft.

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Posted in: U.S., China open trade talks in Beijing See in context

The U.S. is demanding far-reaching changes to Chinese practices that it says are unfair, including theft of U.S. technology and intellectual property, and myriad barriers that foreign companies face in the Chinese domestic market.

That is much more important than tariffs. Fair treatment for foreign companies is the goal. No requirement to have "Chinese Partner" companies, no more being forced to train them, no more stealing of processes and IP mandated by Chinese law.

If a foreign company gets sued by the govt for doing "A", then all the Chinese companies do "A" should sued equally. No more highly selective enforcement.

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Posted in: Japan to make unauthorized downloads of all copyrighted work illegal See in context

No limited fair use exception for schools?

What about web search engines that have an image, but link to the official source?

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Posted in: A year after Florida school massacre, gun control remains elusive See in context

Handguns are the main issue according to FBI data. By far, handgun are used in murders. We need to

Mandate detailed, standardized, reporting on any crimes or accidents where a weapon is used. Need facts to make good decisions.

Remove any background check loopholes.

Mandate that private sales go through a registered 3rd party for a nominal fee. These legal transfers already exist, but aren't mandatory in many situations.

Have mandatory notification for mental issues.

Require trigger locks and/or gun safes for all firearms.

Mandate training and certification at least as strict as drivers licensing for all firearm, with much more training required for models likely to be used in crimes, like handguns. The data is clear about handguns.

Hunting rifles and shotguns are seldom used in any criminal activities, based on FBI data. Sharp objects like knives are many times more likely to be used than those 2 types of firearms.

Repealing the 2nd Amendment isn't likely, since 2/3 of voting Americans would need to agree. Together, we should work to make things better. It will require some compromise.

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Posted in: China's Huawei soft power push raises hard questions See in context

How many times has the Chinese (or any) Govt asked Huawei to provide access inside any network where the company refused?

We know that AT&T has refused govt requests.

We know that Quest has refused govt requests.

We know that Apple has refused govt requests.

We know that Microsoft has refused govt requests.

We know that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Cisco have all refused govt requests.

Cisco and Motorola caught Huawei stealing their intellectual property.

Huawei Admits Copying Code From Cisco in Router Software

Secret Back Door in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, AnalystsSayThis one impacted a number of Chinese handset makers. The Chinese software company who made it claimed that it was created for a specific Chinese customer and never should have been deployed on phones sold any where else.

Facts matter.

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Posted in: Democrats question T-Mobile-Sprint merger deal See in context

If there are fewer than 10 competitors, buyouts like this cannot be allowed. Hasn't the US regulators learned that already by the AT&T and Comcast purchases that harmed consumers?

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Posted in: EU adds Saudi Arabia to dirty-money blacklist, upsetting Britain See in context

Sometimes facts are unpopular in selected parts of the world based on their spectacles.

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Posted in: Suicide attack on Iran Revolutionary Guards bus kills 27 See in context

Terror attacks of all kinds are wrong.

Killing is the solution for weak-minded people, if they started the violence.

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Posted in: Venezuela opposition takes steps to seize oil revenue as Maduro issues threat See in context

The proposed Citgo board would be composed of Venezuelans Luisa Palacios, Angel Olmeta, Luis Urdaneta and Edgar Rincon, all of whom are currently living in the United States, plus one American director.

This is just wrong, if true. The owners who had their company stolen need to be in control as it becomes privatized again.

The same should eventually happen to all the other "Nationalized", formerly private companies, as they are returned to their rightful owners.

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Posted in: Trump says China trade talks going 'very well' See in context

The tariffs are secondary issues.

Let's talk about force intellectual property transfers, the removal of mandatory Chinese corporate partners to do business in China and equal treatment under Chinese law by all companies without unwritten laws being enforced at the will of police or govt representatives. If a law is enforced only against foreign companies, then that is selective enforcement. Cannot allow that.

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Posted in: Lawmakers optimistic as border talks back on track See in context

So you’re blaming the democrats for something that’s not part of their platform. Got it.

Why not? Don't you agree with EVERYTHING Clinton or Bernie or Obama or Pelosi or Biden or Stacey Abrams has said the last 50 yrs?

What about Governor Gavin Newsom?

Why expect the same from republicans?

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Posted in: Lawmakers optimistic as border talks back on track See in context

The Democratic party has never included in its platform the elimination of ICE or for allowing criminals to enter our country

If 1 democrat said it, even just once, then they all believe it. Say it last month, last year, 10 yrs ago ... all the same. It was definitely used in the mid-term elections last fall. So they are liars?

That's the logic you use for republicans, so it has to work for dems too.

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Posted in: Separated migrant families demand millions from U.S. agencies See in context

Will Stanton Jones sign over all awards to help illegal alien causes or will these families learn that only the lawyers get paid with cases like these in the USA?

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