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US military isn't for use INSIDE the USA. There's a pesky law from Civil War times - Posse Comitatus Act. All the lefties can thank your southern states for this. The South didn't want Federal northern troops enforcing laws in southern states post Civil War and got the act passed in Congress.

The law states that federalized military personnel cannot perform civil law enforcement functions.

US Military can help with law enforcement but not actually arrest anyone. Think support.

States have "National Guards." But National Guards are under the control of their respective Governors, unless the Feds call them up. Then they are also restricted to "support" or "passive" roles on the border. Both Obama and Bush deployed national guard troops to the southwestern border areas.

I like that these 2 people have heated discussions about border control. These sorts of actions shouldn't be easy or without lots of consideration. It would be best if the representatives in Congress could pass a clear set of laws for how the nation should deal with illegal immigration. Lacking that, we are stuck with whatever the President can get away doing until some judge, somewhere, gets a case to shutdown whatever he did, which doesn't actually solve the current problems that allows over 100K people into the USA illegally every year.

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Police the world or mind your own business?

Getting the facts first is new for Trump.

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Women filmmakers with speak about issues inside their industry. #MeToo is a big issue currently, so they need to talk about it and make sure that all women know they don't need to put up with unwanted advances. Clearly reject them so there isn't any possibility of misunderstanding.

Just because you are tired of it, that doesn't mean it is over. It will never be over due to human nature.

The same applies to men. Unwanted advances need to be clearly rejected. No need to be mean, at least a first. While fewer women feel they have to approach men, some definitely do and lay out exactly what they want from you. Whether you want to hear it or not.

Complaining about how women dress or wear makeup doesn't solve anything. Most women aren't trying to attract EVERY man in range. Sometimes a nice, fitted, dress is just a nice dress. Most women wear makeup for other women, not men. Men are easy to please.

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Trump wouldn't have all the blame for any GOP losses, but he would have a large part in it.

I've been looking at the choices for the races. 1st is the person running, their stance on things they can actually do something about and their record on those things.

Which party they align with is about 5th on my list of considerations.

Sadly, the people I most aligned with over issues didn't win their primaries, so I'm forced to vote for my 5th pick of the people left in the race this election cycle. The person running for Governor here is my 5th pick (54% aligned), not my first. The opposition for that race is on the list, but only aligns with my positions about 30%. Both of the people left running are running slimy attack ads that aren't totally true. Typical, slimy politics on both sides. I wouldn't trust either as Governor if I had any other choice.

Trump has ZERO to do with most of these races, for me.

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

Australia is doing the right thing to apply pressure on Palestinians.

2 more rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel today. More Israelis dead.

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Posted in: Italy brands France a 'disgrace' after police dump migrants across border See in context

under EU rules they are meant to apply for asylum in Italy and not allowed to move to a third country.

If their irregular immigrants came through Italy, sending them back is legal.

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Posted in: Trump calls porn star Stormy Daniels 'Horseface' and Sen Warren 'Pocahontas' See in context

Calling people names is childish. Use your works, President Trump. But he started the name-calling, so we all get to be entertained.

Certainly Congress could pass a law specific to Trump that takes away his access to twitter until he is out of office with at least 2/3rds voting to override any possible veto.

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Posted in: MeToo, Kavanaugh topics of talk at women filmmakers' event See in context

Anyone suffering any sort of abuse should speak out early and loud.

But that doesn't mean that proof won't be required before the other person is legally charged or their job is impacted.

For the last 10 yrs, it has been trivial to record audio which would provide proof of someone harassing another person. Get the proof and bring the proof. You will be believed.

I was sexually harassed in the early 2000s and captured electronic proof then provided that proof within a few weeks of the harassment starting. My statements were believed and the other person was disciplined, then fired.

Capture the proof, speak up loudly, you will be believed. Don't wait decades without some proof then make claims.

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Posted in: At U.N., Cuban diplomats shout down U.S. event on political prisoners See in context

130 in Cuba


1M in China?

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

Just announce Jerusalem as both their capitals, and let them sort it out

That already happened. Palestine claims Jerusalem as their capitol and there is a section for Muslims/Palestinians, another section for Christians, Armenians and one for Jews.

The Jews aren't going anywhere and they won't be lenient towards any adversaries using violence towards them. Have 6-12M of your people treated like trash and killed, then see how your culture changes and won't let that happen again. Violence will never succeed it will always be met with violence. Any organization producing weapons to be used against Israel will be opposed too.

The solution for peace seems obvious to me. Disarm. Show peaceful demonstrations without any hint of violence. Take the higher ground than the opponent, Israel. Don't throw rocks. Don't fire rockets. Don't throw fire bombs, and don't send your people into Israel with bombs strapped to their bodies.

Show peace and show Islam as a peaceful religion. 100% non-violence for a few years, without Iran, Hamas, or other outside violence and Palestine will have the high moral ground.

And don't take your kids to places likely to have violence, like protests sponsored by terrorists on the Israeli-controlled border.

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Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel.

Embassies should be in the capitol city.

What is so hard to understand?

If the USA decided to move the capitol to St. Louis, wouldn't all the countries place an embassy there? The country gets to decide where their capitol is located on land they control. Simple.

Palestinians have had decades to move the peace process forward. They haven't. Israel didn't start the conflict with Jerusalem, but it appears they will be ending it.

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Posted in: Warren accuses Trump of 'creepy' comments about her DNA test See in context

What does racial heritage have to do with being a Senator, especially when the only tie is genetics at 1/32nd or less? NOTHING. It is purely an attempt to highlight race by this Senator. No other purpose.

DNA samples are taken by scrapping the inside of a cheek (mouth). Creepy? Eh. Useless comment from POTUS, certainly. He shouldn't bother commenting on what every ant does in his yard.

I have ZERO native American blood, not that it matters and I wouldn't expect anyone to care, unless I lived with other native Americans or had grown up with that culture.

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Posted in: China says internment camps are 'free vocational training' See in context

We can never forget with whom we are dealing with in China.

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Looks like my family's health insurance prices are going down this year thanks to Trumps's efforts to roll the ACA back some. I won't know the details for another 2 weeks, but a news show said prices are dropping yesterday.

I'm certain they won't drop back to pre-ACA costs, about 1/3 what we pay now, but here's hoping.

Got my absentee ballot last week. Need to mark it and mail it in.

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Posted in: Protecting nature the best way to keep planet cool: report See in context

Read a report that hops will become more expensive due to climate change. THAT freaked me out. We have to stop this IMMEDIATELY! TODAY! NOW!

Can't have beer prices going up.


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Posted in: Trumps meet hurricane survivors in devastated Florida Panhandle See in context

Showing up and not saying anything dumb is enough.

FEMA should be shipping in mobile homes ASAP, thousands will be needed. If I-10 is clear, getting stuff to the FL panhandle is pretty easy. Usually less than 20 miles from I-10 to the Gulf.

I've always wondered why people would choose to have their main home on the beach when storms like this happen every few years destroying the surrounding area, if not your home too.

For the people in middle Georgia, I have much more sympathy. They didn't live in a clearly dangerous place, unless you count the alligators, snakes (Water Moccasin, Coral, copperhead and a few species of rattlesnakes) and heat. I lived about 18 months on Robins AFB. Came across 3-4m alligators a few times there. Fun times.

Here's hoping the missing are found staying with family farther inland and are just fine.

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Posted in: Koreas to break ground on inter-Korean railroad See in context

Guess I was the only person thinking of the movie Train to Busan when they mentioned connecting train lines?

It is clear what North Korea gets from this. I'm not sure I see how this helps the south.

I haven't seen anyone saying they'd follow the German example for reunification.

As for western imperialism, not sure how South Korea would feel about that with their very high standard of living and personal freedoms.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce electronic system for tourist visa applications in April 2020 See in context

Saw an article elsewhere yesterday that Japanese passports allow visa free or visa on arrival access to more countries than any others now.

As of October 2018, Japanese citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 190 countries and territories, ranking the Japanese passport]( the strongest passport in the world in terms of travel freedom according to the [Henley Passport Index.

Very cool.

I never considered passport data confidential. It isn't like I didn't hand over my US passport to China for weeks to get a visa to enter the mainland. Sure, visa on arrival for Macau or Hong Kong, but not the mainland for any non-transit stay.

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Posted in: Sears files for Chapter 11 amid plunging sales, massive debt See in context

Sears was the Amazon of their day. You could call a phone number and order things from a catalogue to be delivered to the store in a few weeks.

Totally Amazing!

As a child, I remember the Sears "Wish Book" for Christmas dreams. Much of it was even in color! This was decades before other catalogue-based companies existed.

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Posted in: Jared Kushner 'likely' paid little or no income taxes for years - NYTimes See in context

Tax laws don't care about your political affiliation. Never confuse legal requirements from moral requirements. One is the same for everyone in the jurisdiction and the other is different for every individual in the world, based on their personal compass.

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Posted in: How to check what Facebook hackers accessed in your account See in context

FB tracks anyone even if they don't login using those "Like" buttons. Just allowing the "Like" button to be displayed means you are being personally tracked.

Then they watch anywhere you login and have mappings for those other logins back to the FB login. SuperCookies are real. Local objects from either HTML5 or Flash are stored between sessions, but for each browser profile. If you don't want to be tracked by any online system, you'll need to use a different OS and different MAC on the network card AND block the 150 different domains that each tracking company uses.

The EFF has a tool that will show own unique your setup is around the world. For a population like Australia, my browser was 1:12 unique. How hard would it be to fix that to 1:1? Trivial, based on public IP subnet or 3-5 browser tabs.

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Posted in: Jared Kushner 'likely' paid little or no income taxes for years - NYTimes See in context

Every game has rules. If you know the rules, you can succeed at the game. If you are ignorant of the rules, then you will likely not succeed.

In the USA, anyone can create an LLC for $50 and move assets into that legal entity for all sorts of purposes.

Taxes are the largest expense for most people, so learning as much about tax laws is more important than the time wasted on sports or picking out a new car or doing almost anything else besides things directly related to earning income. Income can be from labor, appreciation of assets, or inheritance. Each is taxed differently. Inheritance is taxed differently in every state, so be selective about where you live!

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Posted in: Jared Kushner 'likely' paid little or no income taxes for years - NYTimes See in context

Taxes in the USA aren't on a family. They are on an individual (or husband+wife) if they choose to file "jointly."

When you own a business, it is very possible to control your personal income. I do. It makes sense not to show any income many years.

You can have increases in wealth, but no income pretty easily if most of the income you might have is in appreciation of capital items or included in your retirement portfolio. Items held in a Roth-IRA which appreciate and are sold don't cause any taxable event. If the items are in non-retirement holding, until you sell, there isn't any taxable transaction and that is if you personally own the asset. Kushner would have a company own those assets, so the company would have multiple options for limiting/reducing taxes. All perfectly legal.

Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, but not 1 penny more. It isn't like he's moved the money offshore trying to hide it.

The Times report said that nothing in the documents reviewed "suggests Mr. Kushner or his company broke the law."

But none of this helps with nepotism shown by President Trump. Kushner should be still be working in real estate, not govt.

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Posted in: How to check what Facebook hackers accessed in your account See in context

It's facebook. Nothing there is private.

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Posted in: What if they had an Olympics, but no one would host? See in context

Without the bidding, how would the IOC members keep their 3rd and 4th homes?

If you've lived in a city hosting the Olympics, you see how much of a hassle it is and what I'd call opportunistic theft there is by hotels hours away from any venues requiring reservations with no refunds at least a year in advance. Apartments required full year leases without allowing cancellation too (except for death or military). Being stuck in a lease in a city where you can't change jobs (non-compete employment clauses) is terrible.

The only way I'd travel to see Olympics, is if I have friends near the venue for my favorite sport.

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Posted in: Australia assigns warship to enforce North Korean sanctions See in context

Satellite coverage from the USA, China, Russia, Korea and Japan should have that region pretty well handled. Just need to share the info quickly enough so positive actions can be taken.

Oh - scratch China and Russia. They only claim to be following sanctions.

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2 things.

$20+T in US National debt. No attempt to address that.

If you ever played Sim City, Trump is the mayor that builds one new park while building 10 factories.

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So, how many cats would it take to kill and consume 10,000 rats?

The cats here don't eat what they kill. They prefer the food provided by their humans over "game."

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NBC lost viewers because they blockaded all the coverage to require a Comcast subscription.

eSports are a skill like chess or cribbage. When will those be added to the Olympics? Or a Beer-Bike race? Or 5-beer bowling? If they drug test, 50% of the top players will be out.

Younger people don't have CATV. They have netflix.

Younger people are used to watching what they want, when it fits their schedule, not when it is broadcast.

Younger people HATE commercials.

I waited 1 day after my favorite Olympic sport ended in 2012 to cancel my CATV subscription. Sometimes I miss it, but not $130/month of missing it.

eSports are a better fit for the X-Games, IMHO. Dude.

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Posted in: Tokyo braces for potential rat infestation after Tsukiji fish market closure See in context

I had a chipmunk problem. Huge colony digging holes all around the yard. I'd guess 30+ individuals. New neighbors moved in with 1 cat. 8 months later, I see maybe 3 chipmonks.

Good kitty.

Now I just need a bobcat to deal with the squirrels.

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