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Posted in: Former U.S. President George H W Bush dies at 94 See in context

"Read my lips. No new taxes."

Then he raised taxes at the demand of Congress. I was young and dumb. Sorry President Bush for how I voted in that election.

I remember how surprised Bush Sr was that lasers could read prices at a grocery checkout machine. He hadn't shopped in decades by that time, showing how out of touch he was with average Americans. Appearing out of touch isn't good for a President.

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Posted in: Countering China: U.S., Japan and India push for open Asia See in context

The goal is to use soft power from all major trading countries with China to convince them to become more open, less protectionist, and hopefully let the Chinese people gain control over their govt, which they do not have today.

Nobody wants a shooting war, but economic difficulties can help to apply pressure to dictator Xi.

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Posted in: Hostess club manager arrested for running prostitution racket See in context

What exactly is the law that has been broken?

If you need a law reference:

Lots of loopholes for the 2 people involved. 3rd parties have it harder, based on my reading. INAJL.

Morality is something each person has to find on their own. There are many legal things which are immoral.

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Posted in: White House staffers admonished for posting political tweets See in context

Not good, but it isn't like Trump's people were the first.

Under Obama ...

HUD Secretary Julian Castro is the most famous. He received ZERO punishment.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was another. No punishment.

Ken Salazar, Interior Secretary did too.

There are many outside the white house as well, like VA and IRS employees. The IRS was caught campaigning during official IRS calls. And don't forget how conservative organizations were targeted for audits. That was almost certainly overzealous IRS employees, but it was under Obama's watch.

Regardless. Nail them all to the fullest extent of the law. 1 week without pay would be the minimum punishment to make the point, but they won't be punished at all.

Politics in the USA is extremely partisan. No surprises there.

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Posted in: Hostess club manager arrested for running prostitution racket See in context

STDs wouldn't be rampant if men used condoms.

Or were faithful to their wives.

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Posted in: Kansas stops issuing license plates with offensive term for Japanese See in context

There is no freedom from being offended.

I'm offended all the time, but I don't expect others to stop sharing their wacko opinions or showing their ideas on vehicles.

Vulgar should also be removed.

Saw that pool players can't use 8-BALL either. The PC world has gone crazy.

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Posted in: Kansas stops issuing license plates with offensive term for Japanese See in context

So much for freedom of speech. If you don't like it, look away.

John Allen Peterson won't be happy. Using initials with a number is fairly common for license plates.

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Posted in: Central American migrants in dire conditions dig in at U.S. border See in context

More opportunity in the US. Safer in the US.

Safer? Really? But the USA has guns, guns, guns!!!!

For Costa Rica, total crimes per 1000 are 4x less than in the USA.

For Panama, total crimes per 1000 are 6x less than in the USA.

Both those countries have plenty of industries that are growing. Both skilled and unskilled people are needed.

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Posted in: Kobe government worker fired for lying about having LESS education than he really does See in context

If they liked this person, I'm sure they would have looked the other way. It is just because he caused trouble that he was fired and the education aspect was just used for a technical reason.

I often leave off unrelated education on my CV because I never want a job doing those things.

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Posted in: Trump can rail against Fed chairman Powell, but he can't fire him See in context

So why did the market just go up 600 points?

Most of the indexes were up between 1.8% and 2.9% for the day. A nice ride.

Is the "correction" over? I can't say, there are more elections happening next week in the USA - runoffs.

But 1 day doesn't mean anything, just like 1 hot day in winter doesn't prove pr disprove climate change. We need a few weeks of data to say what really happened today.

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Posted in: Central American migrants in dire conditions dig in at U.S. border See in context

"If they don't come, I'll return to my home," he said, saying that salaries in Mexico were too low for him to stay and send money home to help his family. "You don't earn well here."

Economic migrant. Why leave his family in another country if it is so dangerous?

I'm certain there are real asylum seekers in the crowd or at least people willing to wait in line before they jump ahead of everyone else in their country who is also waiting in line to migrate to the USA.

I don't understand why they didn't go to Costa Rica or Panama instead? The culture shock would be less, they are both nice places with little violence and Spanish is the native language in both. Heck, I've considered moving to both CR and Panama myself.

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Posted in: JAL raided over pilot's heavy drinking before flight from London See in context

Is that necessary? I think they already have a vested interest in not allowing drunk pilots to fly their planes.

If it wasn't an issue, the pilot wouldn't have shown up to work drunk.

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Posted in: Trump tests presidential limits with threat to General Motors See in context

GM should have failed. No buyout.

Lacking that, the buyout should have come with 50% profit sharing by their new silent partner, the USGovt, with a slow buy-back possible after 20 yrs and capped total pay for each GM exec at $500K/yr - no bonus allowed.

In 2017, the GM CEO was paid $22M. The CFO was paid $7.1M That's a bunch of pay to fire middle class workers at a profitable company. In 2017, GM stock earned $6+/sh. The same amount in 2018 is expected.

Average GM factory workers earn under $42k/yr, over 500x less than their CEO.

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Posted in: As Trump renews border wall demands, U.S. government shutdown looms See in context

Screw the wall. Just fix the incentives to illegally cross into the USA in our laws.

Heavy fines for businesses/individuals employing anyone who doesn't pass the federal right-to-work checks. I don't expect a company to be expert at recognizing false paperwork, but I do expect them to compare photographs from the border, passport, and work authorization within reason.

Asylum requests can only be made if a legal crossing occurred.

Automatic deportation for illegally crossing.

No American citizenship to children born from parents illegally inside the USA.

If you can't work inside the USA, it isn't worth coming without a strong reason to believe either a work visa or asylum will be granted.

People suggesting that asylum seekers come to the USA need to do better about explaining the process, timeframes and fees involved. Sure, filing for asylum is free, but filing to work inside the USA legally has a $410+ fee and can only be done after 150 days (5 months) inside the USA.

We need a clearer guest worker program in the USA. There are a number of these programs currently which are used by some industries. Some are highly abused, like the H1-b visa program, but others for long term ranch work don't appear to be abused nearly as much.

Fix the laws.

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

Actions speak louder than propaganda.

Isn't VOA still a thing, though pretty much every administration since 1993 has tried to reduce funding. I suspect Trump doesn't like the "accurate and objective" part of the charter.

VOA will serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of news. VOA news will be accurate, objective, and comprehensive.

VOA will represent America, not any single segment of American society, and will therefore present a balanced and comprehensive projection of significant American thought and institutions.

VOA will present the policies of the United States clearly and effectively, and will also present responsible discussions and opinion on these policies.

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Posted in: Lawmakers in several countries slam Facebook's effect on politics See in context

All social media can be abused. Use it only to remain in contact with family and friends, assuming direct contact isn't possible. Hard to fake news about people you know well and who would bother?

Ignore all "news" or political stories on those platforms.

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Posted in: JAL raided over pilot's heavy drinking before flight from London See in context

Hold the entire crew liable for anyone even tipsy if the issue isn't reported ASAP.

Fire the guilty and reward the person who first reports the issue.

Perhaps a 24 hr ban on any alcohol pre-flight is needed to begin that can be relaxed to 12 hrs after a few successful months? There's also the 0.04% blood alcohol level limit that other countries have.

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Posted in: GM to slash jobs and production in Canada, U.S., drawing Trump's ire See in context

The Volt and Bolt didn't sell? Call me shocked. OTOH, I've never seen and ads for a Volt or a Bolt.

The Volt and E-Golf had huge sales drops recently.

But it appears that Americans prefer to buy larger, taller, vehicles, so GM's sedan lines are taking a sales hit.

Just like in Japan, the manufacturer has to make products that the customer wants.

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Posted in: Stranger returns lost wallet and adds extra cash in South Dakota See in context

Gotta love those mid-westerners.

This sort of stuff happens daily in those states, BTW.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

PBS said it was 1500 people rushing the border fence, 80% young men with carpets and tools to defeat the new razor wire.

Seems they forgot the gas masks.

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Posted in: NASA's InSight lands on Mars for unprecedented seismic mission See in context

Mars is hard. Over 50% of all Mars missions have failed.

Congratulations, not just to JPL, but to the Germans and French teams as well for getting to mission DAY-1. After all, the mission isn't about flying to Mars, it is about doing science ON THE PLANET. That will take a few years of daily data gathering before the best science comes in.

The micro-satellites included in the effort are doing some groundbreaking stuff too.

With all these planetary missions going, NASA needs to beef up their deep space network to handle the bandwidth requirements.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

Why did Democrats win the last two elections, and yet not end up in power?

For President, a misunderstanding of the Electoral College workings?

Democratic arrogance towards the center of the country and only winning on the SW and NE coasts? shows that almost all of the country is Republican by area.

The reasons the rest of the country cares about California are many. It is part of the USA, united. Many things that Californians are willing to put up with decades before the rest of the country is ready are great. Over half my extended family lives in California and has for 50+ yrs. There isn't a controlled border between California and the rest of the USA. The USA isn't like China - 1 country, 2 systems.

BTW, I've been tear gassed when visiting Turkey. Not fun.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

Charges should be dropped on the driver unless the drug tests showed impairment.

Sad for the parents, nothing more to be done. They already know.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

In no other land than Trumpland would the spectacle of 500 unarmed people trying to push their way across a border be seen as an "invasion" that the 325 million inhabitants of the country needed to be afraid of.

I guess you haven't crossed many land borders full of refugees with very different economic standards on both sides.

It isn't about the 500+ this time making the attempt.

It is about the 11+million already inside and the 5+million more from around the world who will see these stories and think - gee, that looks easy. We should go too.

I have a really hard time understanding why JT readers think the USA should have nearly open borders for Cuba and other Latin American countries for immigrants, but Japan allowed only 20 asylum seekers in last year? Why doesn't Japan allow NK people to enter? Seems that would be a similar moral request. NK is certainly worse off than the average Cuba or Mexican.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

As of Tuesday, 40 migrants with the caravan have been deported, out of 57 detained for offenses such as drug possession, fighting and public disorder, city officials said.

But the vast majority are families with good intentions and “they tell us they can help identify those people (gang members) and turn them over to be deported,” said Diaz.

Another woman explained, "the process of asking for asylum in the United States is slower and more complicated than she expected."

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Posted in: U.S. judge orders former Trump campaign adviser Papadopoulos to jail See in context

14 days? Srsly? Did they take away his ball too?

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Posted in: Ukraine-Russia tensions soar after Black Sea naval incident See in context

Between Ukraine and Russia, who do we believe?

My next door neighbors are Ukrainian immigrants and nice people, so ... it isn't Russia.

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Posted in: Democrats to probe Trump money ties to Russia, Saudis: lawmaker See in context

Probe away.

Nail him if stuff is found. Embarrass everyone involved, especially outside countries.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

Amid growing desperation on Sunday, a group of about 500 migrants - who had been taking part in a peaceful protest demanding to be allowed to cross - made a run for the border.

They aren't helping their case for asylum.

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Posted in: Incoming Mexico gov't: No deal to host U.S. asylum-seekers See in context

Seadog - I get what you are saying which seems to be lost on the others.

Seems they (US and Mex govts) are trying to find a way to not have catch and release inside the USA. If those seeking asylum want to be inside the USA, they will be placed into camps until their hearing in 180+ days


they can file the claim and return to Mexico to live with their families until their asylum hearing in relative freedom.

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