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Posted in: Crypto crash threatens North Korea's stolen funds as it ramps up weapons tests See in context

Hey wait I was told here that the Sanctions on North Korea worked.

Sanctions only work if they aren't bypassed by close neighbor countries with names that rhyme with "Ida".


NK internet connectivity goes through China. We know that the CCP has a complete hold on all aspects of their internet, so acting like NK is doing any cyber stuff without the approval of the CCP is stupid. After all, a popular Chinese man, Li Jiaqi, selling lipstick had his livestream taken offline in a few minutes after a co-host handed him an ice cream cake shaped like a tank on June 4th. He missed a number of scheduled live streams in the following weeks.

Li Jiaqi doesn't know anything about 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre. He's too young and the CCP has scrubbed it from all history and the Chinese filtered internet.

The point is that the CCP govt approves and aids NK in their cracking efforts. Most people in the world have no idea how bad these attacks are. I see thousands every day and that's after I've already blocked huge swaths of the internet from any access at all. To be fair, I also block lots of companies located in Northern Virginia and Maryland if they become abusive too. MSFT corporate has been blocked over a decade when they got hacked and had their corporate servers used to launch internet attacks too.

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Posted in: Two gunmen killed, six officers wounded in shootout at Canadian bank See in context

I blame the bank robbers. Imagine that. The people who started the illegal activity should be blamed, not inanimate objects.

I've never, ever, seen a gun shoot without a human responsible. First principals.

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Posted in: Dozens missing after Russian missile strike on mall kills 18 See in context

Looks like Putin misjudged many things.

He wanted less NATO and his actions just added 2 more, strong, members, Finland and Sweden.

He wanted Ukrainans not to be trained on NATO equipment. The UK committed to training 1000 Ukrainians daily.

He wanted less NATO devices and the US is sending defensive anti-aircraft batteries to Ukraine capable of defending against 72 concurrent targets. This system is used at the US White House.

US is sending 2 destroyers to Spain.

He wanted fewer next-gen aircraft and the US is sending 2 more F-35 squadrons to the UK.

Moscow has swapped about 144 war prisoners with Ukraine. Why?

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Posted in: G7 water down key pledge on ending fossil fuel financing abroad See in context

Nuclear is the cleanest, densest, energy we have going forward. Environmentalist have finally realized that wind turbines are killing endangered birds and relocating desert turtles so land can be cleared for industrial solar power is crazy. 1M bats/yr are killed by wind farms too. Seeing an endangered bird burned to death by solar concentrators at industrial solar-steam plants will make any one sad.

Germany is the world leader in solar and wind. They spends nearly 2x what France spends (DE: 30 cnts/kWhr vs FR: 16 cnts/kWhr) and are much more dependent on oil fuel. Why? France is 91% clean energy with 75% coming from nuclear power.

Solar power on a small scale costs over 2x what industrial-scale solar costs and that isn't likely to change.

Nuclear power using newer, already designed Thorium MSR can remove all sorts of dangers. The Thorium nuclear cycle can actually use spent uranium and plutonium fuel to generate energy while also converting the highly radioactive waste that needs to be stored for millions of years into waste than needs hundreds of years of storage. Also, there's no need to evacuate people near MSR failures. There won't be any explosion or radioactive leaks. The radioactive atoms are chemically bound to the salts in extremely stable configurations. They don't want to break apart.

Every other non-nuclear type of power generation results in dumping something into the environment with an infinite lifespan. Burning wood, dung, coal, natural gas directly put methane and CO₂ into the atmosphere. Solar panels have a 25 yr lifespan. What happens when those panels don't work anymore? They will end up just like our old TVs and computers - in a dump somewhere.

Wind is extremely dangerous, even more dangerous than nuclear based on human deaths alone.

MSR uses chemistry to engineer safety by default. It is high temperature, but low pressure, unlike water cooled nuclear. If anything bad happens in Thorium MSR, we end up with small salt rocks that can be picked up and disposed, not nuclear waste water.

Old nuclear was driven by the US Navy, who had really great reasons for wanting water cooled reactors (clearly). We are using effectively the same engineering from the 1950s today in water cooled reactors and adding multiple engineered failsafes. As we've learned, that isn't sufficient. We need to have mother nature and her chemistry working for us. MSR does that.

Forget nuclear == weapons. That's a historical bias across the world.

Push for MSR as the "green" solution for our power needs. Thorium is 3x3x more plentiful in the Earth's crust than uranium. Idaho has huge thorium deposits.

And Thorium doesn't create weaponized by-products and Thorium is much more easily tracked, so if someone steals any, they are very likely to be found.

Learn more about "LFTR" Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors.

TEDxDanubia talk: Https:// This presenter thinks nuclear will be cheaper than burning any fossil fuel and developing nations will skip the massive solar and wind farms directly to energy dense nuclear. Not sure I agree on that.

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Posted in: Instagram and Facebook remove posts offering abortion pills See in context

As abortion pills are legal in some states, for folk in those states, FB was breaching the first amendment by censoring their posts.

It is impossible for any company to "breach the 1st amendment". Allowing unlimited speech (writing, art, music, sculpture, etc) only applies to the govt, not companies. The 1st amendment only applies to local, city, state, and federal govt. It doesn't force companies or private citizens to allow others to speak when located on their property.

In short, claims that facebook or insta-whatever violate the 1st amendment are completely bogus. JT can censor our posts at any time, for any reason, period. It isn't any different than facebook. They may have a policy, but they don't actually have to follow it. It is impossible for any social network to violate 1st amendment, unless that social network is being run by the govt.

States have checkpoints for commercial vehicles of certain sizes entering their state, but those are often closes. Informally, they are called "weigh stations" because trucks roll over scales to be weighed. Commercial vehicles pay road taxes not just through fuel tax, but also by weight. It is unclear to me how this is actually handled. Trucks that cross between states have DOT - department of transportation - certificates.

It would be impossible for a state to stop every vehicle entering or leaving. Freedom of movement, especially for interstate commerce is part of the US Constitution.

Some states have fruit checkpoints where they try to prevent dangerous insects crossing into their state by preventing any fruit transport into the state. California, Florida and Texas did it, but I've never been stopped entering or leaving Florida or Texas for fruit inspections. I have been stopped entering California, but we were in an RV at the time.

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Posted in: Iran applies to join China and Russia in BRICS club See in context

China isn't an emerging market or a developing nation. They have nuclear weapons, a vibrant space program and nuclear power. Any of those should be sufficient to remove the "developing nation" status.

The point of sanctions is to make hardships for the people and hope they will overthrow their govt. Once difficult sanctions are applied, those countries basically cannot make war and become impotent in the world. Does anyone worry about Cuba? Nope. The sanctions take time to be effective - decades - but when they are done, those countries and their leaders live very different lives than before sanctions.

I feel bad for the average Argentinian. Their govt has been full of bad leaders the last 40 yrs, so much that the companies and people have methods to deal with hyper-inflation and avoid leaving their savings in Argentinian Pesa for expenses more than a few weeks out. If you visit Argentina and speak with the locals, they love the country, but know their leaders all suck. China will eat up Argentina and spit them back out with huge loans they won't be able to service.

Iran and Russia have little choice for trade, except to use other dictators for trade.

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Posted in: Turkey lifts its objections to Sweden, Finland joining NATO See in context

Bosporus access is covered by the 1936 Montreux Convention which requires free access to all civilian shipping and limits military ships by size, number and black sea origin country with prior notification required. Other military ships can traverse the straits also with prior notification, but Turkey can refuse access. There is a size limitation which prevents most (all?) NATO aircraft carriers access to the black sea.

Turkey has thousands of years of practice in threading the political needle, just right in international relations.

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Posted in: Hong Kong burnishes China ties as global hub luster fades See in context

HK has been killed by the CCP. We used to look forward to yearly trips to the SAR, but ended that when the CCP changed the make up of the city's elections and mandated pro-CCP people. We have no plans to ever visit Hong Kong again or to do any more business directly with China.

The CCP are liars. They signed an agreement to leave Hong Kong's system of govt in place for 50 yrs, which they didn't do.

They will try to do the same thing elsewhere, if they can get away with it.

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Posted in: Instagram and Facebook remove posts offering abortion pills See in context

Going around state laws is illegal. But abortion procedures aren't the same as Plan-B pills that have to be taken within a few days of the sex act.

The longer working abortion pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) that can be taken within 70 days of the sex act require a prescription. Due to COVID, the FDA changed some rules around mail-order access to the 2 types of drugs required to end early pregnancies at home, though doctors, clinics, and other places that can accurately date when the responsible sex act happened can get licensed to prescribe and deliver the drugs. It is too early to know what impacts the recent SCOTUS ruling have on this method. Other countries don't require a prescription for these drugs within 10 weeks of gestation. The US does require a prescription, with tests usually required before they will be prescribed.

Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I don't buy drugs off ebay, facebook or any other social networking website. I have bought collectables and even laptops off ebay, spending thousands across multiple transactions, but not using any privacy-sucking social network that is known for liars.

I wouldn't buy a firearm either off the internet either, though I have bought ammunition over the internet from reputable dealers. When it comes to a firearm, there is still sufficient differences in manufacturing that getting a "lemon" is possible. Some family members ran into this. The company replaced the gun, twice, attempting to make them happy. They'd used one at their local gun range and loved it, but the ones they bought and had shipped weren't the same in ways that can only be found during shooting.

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Posted in: They danced and died: Tragic teen party mystery in South Africa See in context

Carbon Monoxide?

Signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

Dull headache



Nausea or vomiting

Shortness of breath


Blurred vision

Loss of consciousness

and death.

They didn't say how many people survived.

It is winter in Cape Town, so burning stuff to keep warm without proper ventilation is possible. I haven't checked the weather in the area, but it is a bit chilly overnight, not freezing but chilly.

Just something else to consider. Alcohol poisoning would be the first thing to test.

What is anyone under 16 doing out at 2am?

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Posted in: Roe ruling shows complex relationship between court, public See in context

Nobody is talking about murdering babies. This is about aborting groups of cells, before there is a conscious brain - i.e. before it is a human. Claiming a clump of cells are a human being isn't science, it is emotion.

When people talk about violence on this issue, I can only remember threats and violence towards people using their rights in prior years. Usually, it was religious people doing harm to adults legally performing medical procedures. It was so bad that the US Justice department wanted it classified as terrorism.

Saying that someone can just travel to a different state to have an abortion isn't a viable option for many of the poorest Americans. Access to medical procedures needs to be easy, convenient and local. Or the Pro-Life people need to put their money where their beliefs are and pay for long-term contraception and commit to adopting all babies that mothers aren't able to raise for any reason.

Anyone else had 3+ of their posts on this topic purged from these recent stories?

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Posted in: Bear literally gets its butt kicked by Japanese man after sneaking into his house See in context

safety of his car and mother


safety of his cat and mother

is more correct?

Attacking a bear can be a very bad idea, but depends on the size of the bear.

I've had multiple close encounters in the wild with different types of bears from small black bears who were more afraid of me than anything all the way up to huge male Kodiak brown bears (~700kg) less than 4m away, but mostly fully grown adult brown bears who aren't afraid of humans in the least. They know who's in charge between a single man and a single bear. Two big people and the bear will think twice, unless there are cubs.

Bears are driven by their noses and stomachs more than any dog. If we can smell something, they definitely can smell it from 100m away.

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Posted in: Biden aims at China in new illegal fishing policy framework See in context

Packaged fish in the US have tracking barcodes which can usually be traced back to the origin where it was originally processed. That can be a boat or a processing location.

This is a step.

Accountability is important for everyone.

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Posted in: 8-year-old Florida boy accidentally shoots and kills baby See in context

Released? That doesn't seem right. Felon with a firearm should get automatic jail time. Not having trigger locks - 1 yr. Storing a loaded firearm where a minor can access it - 1 yr.

I hope the woman is smart enough to dump this loser.

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Posted in: Toxic gas released in Jordan port kills 13, injures 250 See in context

Chlorine is nasty stuff. The pool where I worked had a Chlorine tank leak and they cleared all the homes for 4 square blocks around the pool, just to be safe. It was only a 5ftx2ft tank, so I can only imagine how much would be going in to a ship. Probably hundreds of tanks.

Chlorine is heavier than air, so it will stay near the ground and seek out low areas. People on the ground floor can really help themselves just by moving to a 2nd story or higher.

Hope nearby Jordanians aren't harmed while the gas dissipates. Let's hope for strong winds too.

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Posted in: Russian missile strike hits crowded shopping mall in Ukraine See in context

One more war crime by Russia.

I still can't believe anyone is trying to blame Ukraine for a Russian invasion and war.

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Posted in: Roe ruling shows complex relationship between court, public See in context

What the SCOTUS did was remove the national abortion right and left it up to the states. Some states will try to be as restrictive as possible and others will still have restrictions, but become more open, since the SC isn't mandating things.

A few of the "trigger laws" passed years ago by mostly southern states to immediately make abortions illegal are being challenged in court already. The Louisiana law for that has been stayed by a judge there because it was too restrictive and didn't allow current voters the right to choose. Florida is also being challenged, since they have a State Constitution that makes abortion a privacy right.

Prior Florida Supreme Court decisions that extend the privacy right to abortion.

While I think that abortion should be on-demand, without any restrictions before the fetus is viable outside the body, I could easily agree to restrictions after 24 weeks, when the brain is just becoming coherent enough for consciousness according to science. I'd also have allowances for rape and incest.

Anyone heard the song by Meatloaf - "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"? That's what happens for nearly everyone under age 30. Expecting youngsters to change is like asking yourself to hold your breath for 6 minutes. They need better answers than "don't have sex." Obviously, that doesn't work. Many of the states with the most restrictions on abortions also have mandated parental notification. This will just delay and delay the choice until it isn't viable.

This fall, I have 3 goals in my voting.

Remove the liars.

Remove the people who restricted voting in my state.

Remove anyone who doesn't recognize that a woman and her doctor need to make medical decisions together, not old people who don't have to live with the consequences. The world is different from 40-60 yrs ago the last time those people had sex.

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Posted in: Abortion pills to become next battleground in U.S. reproductive fight See in context

A cluster of cells certainly isn't a human.

Crucially, the co-ordinated brain activity required for consciousness does not occur until 24-25 weeks of pregnancy

So, we don't have a "human" before that point. Adults who are brain dead are removed from extraordinary life support. My family had to choose this for a family member we loved dearly. Part of the family, the part who wasn't paying for this extraordinary care, wanted him connected forever. Fortunately, his wife and children all choose to remove the care after 8 days, to spare the body, his soul and the family. The doctors provided the facts, not the emotional arguments. In the family, we have 3 medical doctors, all agreed with the doctors providing care.

Quality of life matters, but that doesn't seem to matter at all to absolutist. The world isn't absolute. There are times when the answer isn't so clear, regardless of what the religious right-wing thinks.

But I'm not suggesting that you should have to abort all your pregnancies, just like I don't think you should force anyone else to birth any human (24 weeks into the pregnancy).

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Posted in: Abortion pills to become next battleground in U.S. reproductive fight See in context

What exactly does a ban on abortion achieve personally to any of these people.

They think they are saving innocent lives.

They are wrong, but whatever. The suffering they bring to someone else who isn't prepared for parenthood is real. Force birth is barbaric.

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Posted in: Japan is a partner nation of NATO, along with South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

I don't see any recommendation of full membership to NATO for Japan or anyone in the Asian area. We I see it democracies battling non-democracies.

If you think authoritarian governance is a good thing for the citizens of a country, don't do anything. You'll get to discover what that is like quickly enough.

Europe can easily afford more defense spending. They chose not to and to appease Russia. Look at what happened to Ukraine. To be fair, Europe is paying for the Russian war machine buying Russian fuel. I don't know that they have any other real option for the next 20 yrs.

When the USSR fell, didn't the world try to engage with all the former USSR states, opening commerce, spending money, building infrastructure? Hint: yes.

But full democracy has slipped away from Russia. Why is beyond me. A weak military that refused to oust a bad leader, but not take over political control? IDK.

Former Russian spies who wanted to return to the USSR days when they could be thugs without any legal repercussions?

Russian people who didn't see that allowing any single person in top power positions for too long is a terrible idea. They should have blocked Putin's change, but didn't.

Orderly change in power every 4-10 yrs really is a requirement for a working democracy. History has shown that over and over and over again. So much of the world is under the grasp of longer running leadership. That needs to change.

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Posted in: Putin promises Belarus nuclear-capable missiles to counter 'aggressive' West See in context

How, exactly, is the west aggressive?

Do they enter Russia and poison citizens?

Do they invade Russia or states close to Russia?

Belarus AND Ukraine both gave up all their nuclear weapons to Russia when they left the USSR. It was their choice to de-nuclearize. What the last 5 months has taught us? Ukraine should have kept a few nukes to deter Russian aggression in 2022 and in 2014.

If the west wanted to invade Ukraine or Belarus or Russia, they would have done it when the USSR fell. There's no interest, so Putin's entire premise is false. The west just wants the people in countries to self-determine their political system and have fair elections.

Japan doesn't host US nuclear anything since 1972.

Japan’s “three non-nuclear principles” which promise not to process, produce, or permit the introduction of nuclear weapons into Japan. The Diet formally adopted these principles through a resolution in 1971.

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Posted in: Japan is a partner nation of NATO, along with South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

Yes, for the shared intelligence alone.

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Posted in: Japan's top court orders Twitter to delete posts on man's past arrest See in context

As a researcher, if information is deleted Willy nilly, it makes it hard to find facts, only opinions.

We were taught never to trust nor confirm things posted on the internet, without non-Internet proof first. I'd never trust anything on Twitter or any other social network. It is bad enough when reputable news articles try to be engaging by quoting twitter posts. Nothing has me ignore an article quicker.

Social network quotes is where people get gossip, not facts.

Anyone dumb enough to use their real name on social media deserves what they get.

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Posted in: Tensions sparking change in U.S. Olympic world, but how much? See in context

There is a bad taste in international sports, partially because of political abuses by certain authoritarian govts and ramped doping from those countries no being fully held accountable.

I don't trust the Olympic organizations to provide clean competitions. The doping of a 15 yr old skater that didn't have her removed from competition immediately was the most recent huge scandal.

In the US, the state and federal govts don't fund Olympic sports. They are privately funded through advertising. Same for college sports. None of our taxes go towards these things (except at military academies).

I don't have any issue with the US Olympic committee paying for medals. I do have a problem with certain sports effectively providing 3 medals for looking left, then looking right, then looking forward. Basketball gets 1 medal for hundreds of competitors over many games, yet a swimmer can earn multiple medals for using different strokes? Hardly seems fair.

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Posted in: Japan's top court orders Twitter to delete posts on man's past arrest See in context

If the court decides to expunge his record, then I'd be in agreement. If they don't expunge it, then there are ramifications for poor behavior in society.

Having twitter remove sexually related news stories is a mistake. In other countries, any sexually related arrest places one on a sexual offenders list which follows you around the rest of your life, requiring that you register with local police departments, sometimes tell your neighbors about that arrest and restricts where you can live (not near schools or daycare businesses).

Frequently Asked Questions: New York State’s Sex Offender Registry

How long does a sex offender stay on the Registry?

Level 1 offenders (low risk) must register for 20 years, unless they have a designation (e.g. sexual predator, sexually violent offender, or predicate sex offender) in which case they must register for life. Level 2 offenders (moderate risk) and Level 3 offenders (high risk) must register for life. More information.

With a name, it is possible for anyone to lookup sexual offenders in any state or nationally.

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Posted in: Man arrested after allegedly groping woman walking home See in context

Poor impulse control. His mother didn't spank him?

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Posted in: COVID vaccines saved 20 mil lives in 1st year, scientists say See in context

Think of how many more lives could have been saved had the anti-vax people not had conspiracy theorists in power in huge countries. In the US, probably 200K people died needlessly. Probably similar for Brazil.

Had those 2 leaders lead by example and actually been pro-vaccines, think of how many more people would have become vaccinated. There should have been PSAs and videos showing the ex-Prez getting vaccinated and working the vaccine lines. Plus, not pushing pseudo-science crap would have been nice too.

And had China and Russia not cared about saving face, other countries would get more effective vaccines.

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific admiral says cooperation with Japan key to regional security See in context

I see a mask in the left hand of Kishi.

There are many keys to regional stability. If China agreed, AND honored, the international sea rules and wasn't massively spending on military build ups, wasn't doing 20 military aircraft dashes at a country every week and didn't have a huge fishing fleet routinely fishing in other country's EEZ, then there would be little need for any alliance.

Japan is a key.

South Korea is a key.

Taiwan is a key.

Philippians is a key.

And all the other countries in the area are each keys, including Russia and China. But since those other countries don't seem to care about international boundaries and are actively fighting across their borders, today, and threatening other states, there is little non-war things that can be done except to isolate and work together for common defense by all the others.

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Posted in: Nancy Pelosi's husband charged with DUI in California See in context

He was more drunk 2 hrs earlier before the test was performed. Allowing 2 hours for the blood alcohol level to drop means at least 2-drinks worth was processed. 5 days of jail, 6 months without a license, courses, and 5 yrs probation.

If the test was immediate and he blew a 0.08, that's a different story.

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Posted in: Feds search Trump-era official's home, subpoena GOP leaders See in context

In my congressional district, the GOP runoff election was held this week and the Trump-backed guy lost. There is hope.

I'd always thought most of my neighbors were way too right - to the point of crazy, but perhaps I've misjudged them. The winner wasn't backed by Trump, but his platform is very similar with the GOP for the last 40 yrs. Now I just need to figure out if he's a liar or worthy of my vote this fall.

BTW, Trump lost. Anyone claiming anything different since around December of 2020 is living in a fantasy world and needs to be on medication. They are certainly unfit for any office.

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