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This is most apparent on expressways, when they drive right up your rear to try and bully you into moving over.

Then get over and stop slowing traffic.

People that think the passing lane is just a regular lane they can tool along in just because they want to really irk me.

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This article is only important to those who have a preoccupation with race (ie. Liberals and the Democrat party).

But it was important enough for you to post, wasn't it?

I guess Republicans are only preoccupied with race when they're trying to suppress the minority vote?

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Seriously where do you get your facts? That statement is just soooo not true.

Try starting with the nutrition label on any bowl of instant noodles.

That statement is soooooo true.

Instant noodles are garbage.

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They could have at least had their shorts pressed.

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Calling the police who do not follow the legal codes "criminal" may be viewed by many as too argumentative. But what other word can we use to describe police who do not follow the established procedure for law enforcement...?

Illegal, unlawful, felonious . . . They all mean the same thing and are applicable. When you break the law, it is a criminal act.

I'm just curious whether or not those that have no problem with unwarranted searches of their person would object to the same searches of their homes.

After all, they have nothing to hide. Shouldn't be a big deal, right?

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Good point Cleo. I concur. Also, being hassled or searched by the police -- if it happens -- is the price we have to pay for increased public security in this day and age. That's just a fact of life.

No, unwarranted search and seizure is not necessary for increased public security.

If living in a police state is necessary for your own personal sense of security, move to a less civilized nation where that’s the norm and live it up.

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white rabbit - nice shot.

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As Nessie said . . .

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