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Pretty good pitching form. Much better than Obama`s golf swing (giggles and snickers).

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Why all of you guys were gawking at these lovely ladies, I had the hard work of being a judge on the panel. Jobs dont come any tougher than that! Wont happen Livvie but you are right on the money rosujin. Blue Tiger has an excellent point as well and also a potential professional dilemma, but I am betting Blue Tiger is making his point under an assumed profession. Now, now, now . . . .

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Posted in: Sony to launch PlayStation with bigger hard drive See in context

Think I saw Sony with the new stuff out at Shinjuku last night. Free demos and all! Japan has turned me into a complete geek and otaku. I rarely leave the apartment anymore! And when I did, I saw the new stuff! I should have stayed inside?

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Posted in: Pakistan sets its sights on Taliban sanctuary See in context

The US should supply Pakistan some of those monster MOABs weighing in at 30,000 pounds penetrating to a depth of 100 meters.

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I think Beyonce is contributing to the objectification of women and I am against that one hundred percent!

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