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Posted in: Men being outperformed by women in workplace See in context

@ ReformedBasher

At one place that I worked at, nearly all of the female staff trooped out the door at 5. Fair enough, they had families to take care of. The men stayed on and without them doing overtime, we would never have enough stock to send our customers.

Now I don't mean to sound dismissive of your experience but are you comparing staff of the same level and responsibility? Perhaps they went home at 5 because your company simply doesn't have female sales, engineers or managers? Instead they have "Office Ladies", which are given little to no responsibility other than photo-copying, answering phones and pouring tea, which is un-necessary after hours, perhaps the males manage to pour their own tea after hours, I don't know.

Now if you were comparing a male sales agent to a female sales agent you might have a case, in which case I think you'll find the male will be given a run for his money. Why? Because the institutionalized entitlement isn't a factor when it comes to female workers and they have to work that much harder to maintain their position and status. Competition is a healthy thing.

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