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Posted in: 3 women found dead in Tokyo hotel room in apparent suicide See in context

Good. Three less weak minder individuals walking the earth. Tired of people taking their lives. If they were terminally ill, I can understand but if not, see ya!

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I read almost all of the comments here and biy, they are just amazing. Just like the Japanese government, the comments don't address the issue here. The issue here is that a woman was raped. Does it matter by who? What about the victim? I guess it would be alright and brushed under the rug if a Japanese raped a girl. That never gets headline national news. I've been here for over 20 years and this propaganda is disgusting. Not one mention of how it is wrong to rape. It is just wrong for Americans to rape. IT IS WRONG FOR ANYONE TO RAPE A WOMAN!!!

"come up with measures to eradicate the problem so that crimes like this are never repeated again" Hey defense minister, what are you doing for the rapes that happen from Japanese men? Don't the need to be eradicated?

Bottom line is that crime will always happen no matter what you do. It is a very small percentage of ANY country's population. Stop making these victims a political issue!!! It makes me sick to my stomach. Furthermore, let the military prosecute these offenders so they can get some real time in jail and not a slap on the wrist from the all might Japanese court system.

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Posted in: Woman, 20, admits stabbing 78-year-old grandmother over living expenses See in context

And she is just old enough to go to jail! Woohoo that she didn't do it when she was 19!

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