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Posted in: 17-year-old boy stabs 14-year-old sister to death at home See in context

Death sentence. He's as adult as he's ever gonna be.

At 17 I knew full well what I was doing. I chose not to kill the people who bothered me.

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Posted in: Woman trapped inside Osaka subway car for 4 1/2 hours See in context

Did no one else think to kick her foot and be like 'Hey lady last stop' ?

People in this country are so frickin helpless and retarded sometimes.

Anyway you put it, this is not the drivers fault, but someone's gotta take the blame, poor fella.

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Posted in: Police probe under way after dog found buried up to neck on canal bank in Toyama See in context

Animal abuse is a problem world wide. I find this kind of thing especially disturbing; animals are just as capable as humans of suffering from mental abuse as well as physical abuse. The fear, confusion and abandonment felt by that innocent dog is saddening. I too would like to see the person who did this buried up to their neck and left for a while. They should taste what it's like to be abused. It's the only way they'll learn.

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Posted in: French seize pirate ship as threats mount on U.S. ships See in context

I must be missing something here. If it's a pirate ship with no hostages or any innocents on board, just.. blow it out of the water? Few torpedos and be done with it? No?

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Posted in: United Airlines to charge obese passengers double on full flights See in context

tmv123: If you're thin then congratulations, you've paid for 100% of a seat and since you're so small it's nice and roomy and best of all you're not inconveniencing anyone else. Get it?

Fat people pay for being fat, end of the line.

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