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Most Japanese people I have talked to dislike the police, think they are useless and overpaid, and the general consensus is that they are keen to give out a traffic ticket or stop someone from crossing at red light- as long as they don`t have to deal with any nasty criminals. As Japanese police are, after all, Japanese people, it quite an easy stereo-type to accept. There are lots of things that suck about Japan, and lots of great things. I like to hear that other people hate the same things as me.

As far as the attempted murder charge goes, I think the intention is the important thing. If the man beleived he could kill the police with the ags and attempted to do so, then he attempted to murder them. If he simply intended to cause discomfort then he did not attempt to kill them and is not guilty of attempted murder- ALTHOUGH HE WILL PROBABLY BE TORTURED UNTIL HE ADMITS TO SAYING HE INTEDNED TO KILL THEM, FOUND GUILTY IN A KANGAROO COURT, PUT IN JAIL, AND NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN. 99%- well done.

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