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Posted in: Man held over death of girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter in 2009 See in context

I agree mindovermatter hitting a small child is a terrible act that anyone could ever do.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman dies after being dragged 6 kilometers in Niigata See in context

In Japan granparents who suffer from Senile Dementia are considered a problem in most families because they can take up most of the children's time and money. That is why most prefer to put them in a home where they can get the constant care that they need. But to go out this why is unbearable, and the police believe that more than one care was hit him, what is wrong with this country? When you see someone get hit by a car do you stop or continue on your way?

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Posted in: Man arrested over knife attack on 8-year-old girl in Yamaguchi Pref See in context

Here is my take on this, either this man is mentally handicapped or is just a violent man, who has no respect for human life. Sure the little girl survived the attack but she is now scarred for life and will have to live with that fact for the rest of her life because someone decided to attack a defenseless little girl.

Bullies are one thing to worry about in this life but in order to evolve as a species we must learn to respect each other, and to help and stand up for those who can't defend themselves.

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Posted in: Sting meets dolphin advocate Ric O'Barry; advocates debate See in context

O'Barry was a trainer for the TV show flipper and he enjoyed his success, but the house that was featured in the TV show was his. What changed his view on Flipper was the fact that one of dolphins, (I think that her name was "Cathy") died in his arms because she commited suicide. Dolphins have to think about breathing, we as humans do it automatically, so when she died that changed his life from being a trainer to being a defender of dolphins. I for one admire this man and I do hope to meet him in person. As for myself, I hate going to sea parks that have dolphin shows.

Yes, we are a higher form of life and the most dominate species on this planet, but don't you think that we should respect life in all forms?

One last thing, the dolphins that are hunted in Taiji are wild and free dolphins not farm animals. Dolphins have also been known to save the lives of humans. I know them to be an intelligent form of life in the sea, and I respect them and I love to see dolphins swimming in the ocean swimming around boats and jumping though the waves. Dolphins love to have fun like we humans do.

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Posted in: College dropout arrested over website threat to kill over 30 students See in context

Strange thing about this is that he was 32 years old, and not being mature enough to handle rejection. As was stated by KakiOko I agree, it is refreshing to hear about them getting to this before it turned ugly.

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Posted in: Mother held for allegedly drowning 12-day-old son in bathtub See in context

even in the our times of greet personal hardships taking the life of a child because you fear that you can not raise them properly is no good excuse, if you feel that strongly then but your child up for adoption where at least they will have a chance to survive.

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Posted in: Stone thrown at moving Seibu Shinjuku line train; two passengers hurt See in context

still I find it hard to believe that I person had the strength to break a trains window while the train was in motion. No if they launched the stone using a slingshot or something similar, that would make more sense because it might of had the power to break the window, all in all this smells kinda fishy to me.

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Posted in: 8 youths arrested for 'hunting old men' in Yokohama See in context

goddog at 12:10 PM JST - 12th January 40 is a kid. He should have whipped their butts

He had 8 different youths attacking him it would have been hard to fight back but he could have gave them a good butt-kicking. The other factor is this, have you seen how out of shape most salarymen are these days? These are kids that have nothing better to do with their time than to terrorize salarymen and take their money to play freaking games.

sengoku38 at 09:34 AM JST - 12th January Okay, where are the parents of the six junior high school kids? How come crimes like this almost always involve construction workers?

Some of the construction workers that I have known here were once my students that didn't go to High School or they dropped out and found themselves a job in construction.

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Posted in: 27-year-old man dies after being found beaten, stabbed in Tokyo park See in context

I think that when he called his friends he was being followed and took the precaution of calling a trusted friend. It is sad of the state the world is in these days.

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Posted in: Sendai man arrested for spitting at taxi driver over 20 times See in context

Since the guy was drunk, was he spitting when he talked? I know this has happened to many people who are drunk.

At least he didn't try to grope the man.

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Posted in: Gunmen attack Japanese consular car in Pakistan See in context

You have to be careful no matter who you are or where you are.

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

I have been to a HOOTERS in the US about 10 years ago and they do have some really good food and I enjoyed my food, but the waitresses surely got a raise out of me. I want to go there during the holidays and take my wife there too.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing used condom at woman See in context

well, the man is obviously disturbed and I can't understand the thinking, other than the fetish of spreading genetic material all over a lovers face or back or where ever they want it.

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Posted in: Man found beaten to death; police questioning eldest son See in context

Was the 45 year old son mentally handicapped?

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Posted in: Fukuoka cop arrested for filming up woman's skirt See in context

Has anyone thought of the fact that this cop might have been selling the photos/videos that he was taking? He could have a history of gambling and is in dept, but this guess still does not condone the fact that he is

a policeman WAS in a position of power held the public trust (cough, cough)

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Posted in: Couple who put 6-year-old girl in washing machine overnight had history of abuse See in context

What a moron Mariko Hayashi is.

Hayashi told police, “Using violence to discipline children is completely normal.”

This is not discipline this has crossed the line from discipline to child abuse, I have 2 children of my own and I would never ever have done this type of abuse to them. If you want them to do certain things before you start to eat and they make a mistake have them do it over again, this is just wrong on so many levels.

This is why some people should never bred.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing woman says he wanted her underwear See in context

If you think about all the crime that Japan has due to underwear theives this was of course bound to happen sooner or later (I would have prefered never). There are men in every country like this, but in Japan and others women hang their knickers out to dry and they are up for grabs by these pervs, but to steal the knickers off of a woman after a hard days work smells kind of fishy don't you think? If he was arrested before because of things like this why wasn't he being watched by the J-cops?

@isthistheend I agree young ladies are always the target of sexual predators, they should be taught at a young age to be more careful. But here in Japan the people have the mentality that "It would never happen to me", and "Japan is the safest country in the world". Women and children need to understand that there are men in this world that will hurt them or worse kill them for no reason at all.

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Posted in: Man who 'fished' underwear from balcony arrested in Kobe See in context

People do strange things for their fetishes. But this is the first time that I have heard about them using fishing line and hooks to get it.

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Posted in: Man arrested after trying to lure 2 school girls to his home See in context


I couldn't agree more, the "Don't talk or go with strangers" is some of the most sound advice that a child can be given and also to add onto that I was taught "take take presents from strangers, that includes candy" I wish that Japanese parents would teach their kids these lines of advice it might save children years of torment.

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Posted in: Ibaraki man arrested after daughter's body found in apartment See in context

Never fails in this "SAFE" country doesn't it?

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Posted in: Police probe under way after dog found buried up to neck on canal bank in Toyama See in context

People people people, the fact here is that the dog was neither wanted anymore, a lovers dispute, or the dog was dognapped. IMO I think that the dog might have been dognapped and buried after the dog was drugged, while the dog was out of it, it would have made burying the dog by one person even easier, but this is just guess work.

I'm just glad that someone found the poor animal before it was too late.

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Posted in: Two men steal Y37 million from pachinko exchange center in Saitama See in context

The brandished a handgun, which could just have easily have been a n air gun those darn things are everywhere.

Gotta give the 2 kreds though, they robbed the robbers.

Also, I think that they would choose to rob the pachinko places more than the banks because the pachinko places have more money.

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Posted in: Man attacks high school girl with stun gun in Fukuoka Pref See in context


I agree with you when you said that it might have been something else

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Posted in: Murdered schoolboy's last act was to save female companion See in context

the was brave to the end

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Posted in: Students told to write ransom notes as part of moral education See in context

If the last thing bring 8000 yen to the school grounds or your homeroom teacher will recieve a huge "KANCHO" would have been funnier.

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Posted in: U.S. walks out on Ahmadinejad U.N. speech after 9/11 remark See in context

The Iranian President is a major A-hole.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for selling porn images of 4-year-old daughter See in context


Reading this article disgusted me seeing that a mother of such a young little girl would do this. But as you stated maybe she was between a rock and a hard place, hard-up for money. If you are that hard-up for money don't sell your children go into the oldest profession.

One more thing to add, which I feel is a very important question to ask; Where was the father as this was taking place?

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers pressure Japan on child custody rights See in context

@Klein2 and herefornow

I myself have children here in Japan and my wife is Japanese, if we were ever to get a divorce I would not allow her to deny me the right to see our children. And I believe that all loving parents say the same thing. The other thing here is this; if a Japanese woman who has kids from a previous marriage remarries then her new husband's family will look down on the children from the previous marriage. Not only that, by reading reports here and watching the news the children from previous relationships are more likely to be abused or killed all together. (This happens all over the world but still).

The other thing that has come to mind is this, it isn't only American fathers that are wanting to see their kids, it's also fathers from other countries as well, their families have been torn apart not because of one parent but by the selfish acts of the other.

Japan is a country of hypocrisy, meaning it wants North Korea to admit and return the people they have kidnapped in the past, now not only is the US but other countries as well (the US is just taking the lead because the US is Japan's closest ally) wanting Japan to return the children that were abducted by their Japanese parents and brought to Japan unlawfully.

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