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"That’s because neither their Japanese nor English levels reached maturity, and they can’t speak persuasively in either language." This is nonsense. An adult raised partially in both countries will usually be highly functional in either one or both languages. This fool of a CEO doesn't know what he is talking about. What position is he to comment on such ability? Is he perfectly fluent in both languages? Yes, there will be some minor gaps in knowledge here and there, but in general such an individual will be 90% fluent in at least one. That does NOT equate to "can't speak persuasively" at all. In my experience as a university language professor and a language researcher, usually they are very highly functional in one. What does he think they are, like some Tarzan raised in the wild? Give me a break!

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I hate it!!! One of the main reasons why I would go to Japan Today and NOT Japan was because of the layout, having everything on the left like before. Simplicity is always best for websites. Why is it necessary to have pictures on the front page? This is a newspaper, its about reading! I don't know who came up with this trend of website layout, but many sites have gone with it (ebay, etc.) and its just confusing.

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