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I’ve never once seen an article interviewing someone who has it explaining how they’re making their symptoms better and keeping their chin up.

Exactly, long articles from "long haulers" without any stats as to the real level of incidence of this (inevitably some will be true, some hypochondria), all designed to strike fear into people and hasten the demise of civil liberties.

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Posted in: 86-year-old man admits killing 16-year-old granddaughter but says he was drunk See in context

I can't find the part where he is actually using his drunkenness as a defence. He seems to be saying it contributes to his lack of clarity, not that it justifies the crime. This appears to be reader projection. Not helped by the opening lines and the use of "but" where "and" would have done.

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Posted in: Do you think employers should be required to tell workers when someone in the workplace has tested positive for the coronavirus? See in context

No. Everyone should carry on regardless until the last person is standing.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted rape of teenage girl suspect in similar crimes See in context

A lot of Japanese men can’t seem to “control their sexual desire[s].”

Is it because they are raised by overbearing mothers?

Is it because their fathers are rarely home?

Is it because of the rape manga/anime?

Is it because of the hyper sexualization of females from a young age?

Is it because women are looked upon as merely objects here?


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Telling us how many new 'cases' there are feels really misleading. It depends on the number of tests in the first place. If there were 0 tests there would be 0 new cases. Would that be worthy of an article? Of course not, yet incorporating the same bizarre logic here we are with yet another 'update'.

Pointless publishing it.


The article is 3 paragraphs long. It tells you the number of tested. It also tells you that 23 people in a hundred and some million have serious symptoms as a result of having the virus. It is informative enough to tell me that the virus is meaningless compared to all the problems it has created.

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Posted in: Johnson lashes out at EU as he clears first hurdle for Brexit treaty breach See in context

A Google search for Boris the charlatan returns 1,050,000 results.

A search for Boris the clown returns 5,470,000.

I'll take the road less travelled.

A Google search for Boris Johnson Prime Minister returns 67,500,000 results.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 276 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 692 See in context

So, let's wait and see what those who always deny everything have to say this time.

People, for the time being we have to live (hopefully) with this virus.

And that's quite some increase compared

with the previous numbers!

Less than 30 people seriously ill with it. Good news!

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Posted in: Peach plane diverts to Niigata airport to offload passenger who refused to wear a mask See in context

Seems like he wasn't breaking any rules by refusing to wear a mask, but the people piled on and he was treated illegally.

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Posted in: Actor Iseya arrested for alleged cannabis possession See in context

This bubble country is about to burst, Hopefully, Iseya san will be the pin that starts the awakening.

Hope not. The great awokening isn't turning out too well in the USA and the UK.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after shooting crossbow arrow at man See in context

I know there's a lack of information on the news but I'm guessing the man was probably dogging the woman for something and the girl got fed up of it. We need more evidence

No we don't, it's attempted murder.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sand on woman who rejected his advances at beach See in context

Bit of a creep but the white knightery and general putting down of Japanese men on here says a lot about a lot of the posters too.

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Posted in: Tokyo to extend request for bars to shorten hours until Sept 15 See in context

have three of the biggest hospitals in Osaka right on my doorstep, and all three of them REFUSE access to even suspected Covid-19 sufferers, let alone admit any.

Maybe it's because Corona cases are so rare compared to the multitude of other sicknesses people need treatment for. Why would you risk spreading Infection in such places when a small centre will do.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 250 new coronavirus cases; nationwide total 837 See in context

The reason people are not tested is because positives require hospitalisation by law, thus it makes perfect sense to only test those with persistent symptoms.

The government is thinking of downgrading the classification of the disease so this is no longer the case, which will allow for wider testing.

If only people would recognize this and accept that testing doesn't change anything.

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Posted in: Gov't says 98.6% of households received virus relief cash handouts See in context

Spent it in hostess bars, pachinko and on whisky, the rest I just squandered.

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Posted in: Japan reports 1,021 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday; 260 in Tokyo See in context

Why on earth are they still not making testing more widespread? Are they scared of publicizing the real situation?

Because unless you have serious symptoms, going to a test centre increases the likelihood you will most certainly become infected and / or infect others.

Because a positive result often causes hospitalization regardless of the severity of the symptoms. Beds are needed for serious cases.

Bearing in mind "contact tracing" is pretty much out of the window by now, these are good reasons to avoid mass testing, which would give the doom mongers numbers, but tell us little about the impact on health and lives.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 197 new virus infections; nationwide total tops 50,000 See in context

It's good here though innit.

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Posted in: Japan's daily coronavirus cases top 1,000 for 1st time; Iwate reports first cases See in context

Stay healthy, boost your immunity, so that when you do eventually get it, you'll get over it with no problem.

Stay healthy.

There's no such thing as "boosting" your Immunity. It's a myth. If your system is deficient then possibly ok, but otherwise any thing that boosted your Immunity would make your actual symptoms worse.

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Posted in: Trump's coronavirus retweets spark claims of censorship See in context

The real issue here is that the mainstream media and establishment have decided to refuse a promising drug simply because Trump mentioned it. THAT is the scandal.

Identity politics again. Bolsonaro fully recovered, also used it, also scarcely reported in the MSM. Plenty of noise / thinly veiled gloating when he caught it though. And no I'm not a fan.

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Posted in: Virus surges worldwide as public loses faith in authorities See in context

system and which has been proven to help protect against Covid19 is our vitamin D levels. The authorities should be telling us EVERY DAY to keep our vitamin D levels high through our diet and/or by going out in the sun (NOT STAYING HOME!!!).

Trouble is I'm beginning to wonder if the sun has gone into lockdown too.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges residents to stay home over 4-day weekend as virus surges See in context

Blaise Pascal, who noted 400 years ago: "All of humanity's problems stem from Man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone".

True but we'd all have poor immune systems if that's all we did.

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Posted in: Japan reports record 795 new daily virus cases amid resurgence See in context

The only problem at the moment is hospitalised asymptomatics and mild cases. Should be housed in hotels.

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Posted in: 70-year-old man, wearing stolen woman’s underwear, arrested at her apartment See in context

He could have at least waited until he got home before putting it on.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 168 new coronavirus cases Monday See in context

Still a lot of comments banging on about more testing but to flush out the threat people would need to be tested on a daily basis symptoms or no symptoms. This is totally impractical and would disrupt people's lives more than they are already.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 168 new coronavirus cases Monday See in context

It seems clear that on Mondays people have got other things to worry about.

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Posted in: Experts meet on how to prevent Go To campaign from spreading coronavirus See in context

Just kick back with a few beers and go on a virtual tour of wherever takes your fancy. Spend time in front of the screen taking selfies and the experience will be complete.

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Posted in: Japan reports over 600 cases on Thursday; 286 in Tokyo See in context

Furious urging on the horizon

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Posted in: Robot to clock in at a convenience store in test of retail automation See in context

Hope it washes its hands and disinfects surfaces.

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Posted in: Violators, beware: Police finally put some teeth in cycling laws See in context

Cyclists should be licensed not the vehicle, anyone riding a bicycle should be required to wear a hi-vis vest with their individual licence number front and back. Then they can ride legally any bike. Also should be insured. That way the minority who break the rules can be identified and prosecuted and not must ride off unidentified.

That'd be fun on a hot summer's day when popping to the conveni.

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