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Posted in: How to get a driver’s license in Japan See in context


What country are you from?

I'm from the UK. It's just because we drive on the left side of the road too. They just ask if we ever had any kind of traffic infraction or road accident and that's it.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for leaving newborn baby girl to die in car in Gifu Prefecture See in context

Sick of hearing these kinds of stories in Japan

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Posted in: How to get a driver’s license in Japan See in context

Took me 10 minutes in the licensing center, no tests or anything LOL

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Posted in: Nintendo surprises fans by announcing new 'Zelda' game See in context

Can't wait for another Breath of the Wild rehash for the worst piece of gaming hardware in decades!

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Posted in: Russian food shop in Ginza to close as war in Ukraine drags on See in context

A shame. God speed to the good Russian people.

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Posted in: Nikka whisky maker ramps up investment to increase exports See in context

Nikka, please

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Posted in: Japan defense chief considers Britain trip in July to keep ties on track See in context

Britain is a dying country.

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Posted in: Man arrested for entering women’s toilet in park, says he wanted to see their buttocks See in context

Does he think that they just walk around showing them in there? I don't get it lmao

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Posted in: Israel's army says it will pause daytime fighting along route in southern Gaza to help flow of aid See in context

And then they will start bombing that area again when the people move there.

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Posted in: G7 summit opens with deal to use Russian assets for Ukraine See in context

UChosePoorly - There's nothing wrong with his opinion. We don't all think the same like the media would have you believe.

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Posted in: Germany braced for Euro 2024 kick-off with France, England favorites See in context

It's coming home

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Posted in: G7 summit opens with deal to use Russian assets for Ukraine See in context

Everyone flying across the world just to hear

"We must support Ukraine"

"We must support Israel"

i sleep...

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Posted in: Ukraine, Japan sign 10-year term security agreement See in context

I cringed.

But alas, we must support the current thing...

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Posted in: Hezbollah vows to intensify attacks against Israel after senior military commander is killed See in context

Now THIS is podracing

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Posted in: U.S. needs Japan's help to boost military production, ambassador says See in context

It's okay when daddy USA tells us to do it!

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Posted in: Barrier at viral Mount Fuji photo spot to be replaced after holes found See in context

"We even put the signs in English!"

Because not Japanese = English

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Posted in: Gov’t honors war dead at Chidorigafuchi cemetery See in context

Good. Japanese military deserves to be honored as much as all others.

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Posted in: North Korea informs Japan of satellite launch plan See in context

The UN bans anybody from anything that the US wants them to. Who even cares?

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Posted in: Trump says Putin will free jailed U.S. reporter Gershkovich for him See in context


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Posted in: Comedian Dave Chappelle calls Israel-Hamas war a 'genocide,' urges Americans to fight antisemitism See in context

History never repeats, but it rhymes.

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Posted in: Kishida plans to attend Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland in June See in context

I think everybody knows he will just repeat whatever the US wants him to lol.

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

I don't see why people care so much.

It's not like they're putting a dome over the mountain.

Just take photos from somewhere else lol.

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Posted in: UK Parliament approves Rwanda deportation bill See in context

Too little too late. Oh well.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister Takaichi, more than 90 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Good for them!

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Posted in: AI's relentless rise gives journalists tough choices See in context

Won't somebody think of the poor journalists?

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Posted in: ‘I’m going to take your head:’ Man arrested for sending threatening message See in context

Let's hope they never come across any video game lobby.

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Posted in: Apple pulls WhatsApp and Threads from App Store on Beijing's orders See in context

Bing Chilling

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Posted in: U.S. military copter makes emergency landing on remote Japanese island See in context

What?! Again? What's going on here? The frequency of these incidents is really unusual...

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