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Posted in: Saudi airman in U.S. for training kills 4, wounds 8 in shooting at Florida navy base See in context

America is in a collapse, and Republicans are to blame.

No its not. 266 000 jobs created last month. Economy on fire. yeah, I know, this is Obamas contribution, Trump had nothing to do with it.

This shooting was done by a Saudi; under a program thats been in place for a long time. The US should stop training these people and let them sort out their own business.

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

I have to disagree with the Prez on this one. Japan is already paying an enormous amount to host US military here and allot of that goes, lets be truthful, to recreational facilities, schools, pools, and GS workers who, shall we say, might not be doing too much? Im not talking salaries (unless your MLC/IHA) but the facilites in Japan are world class. Better ranges, wing support and facilities for single Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen, no more GOJ built commisaries, schools or base housing.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy contractor may have dumped wastewater in Japanese ports: report See in context

Yes the title seems to be misleading or a misrepresentation of the facts. A Japanese contractor is not a US contractor.

Having seen Japanese do things like this in the field, I think its common practice. The culture is, as long as nobody is looking, do it.

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Posted in: White House says Trump won't participate in Wednesday's impeachment hearing See in context

its a good move by the Prez, he should tell weirdo Nadler to shove it up...yeah but the minute you appear to give any legitimacy to this farce, they explode any minuscule amount of "evidence" because the whole thing is about kicking Trump out.

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Posted in: Japan considers withholding tax system on casino winnings by foreigners See in context

i could see Yokohama benefiting from a casino, it already has a large foreign population, easy port call access and long history with international events.

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales post sharpest fall since 2015 as tax hike hits demand See in context

Most Japanese are already paying upwards of 50% of their salaries in taxes, health insurance, the pension scam and all these taxes will increase next year.

Not only those taxes, Japan is the land of fees. Pay for parking, now even at many restaurants. pay for reikin, atamakin, pay for toll fees, pay to have your non combustible trash hauled off, pay for hokin and shakkin. If you own any business, so many fees and registrations.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters say 'Thank you' to Donald Trump See in context

well at least some people in the world appreciate Trump

Hoping someday HK is independant

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Posted in: Saitama man arrested after calling telecom provider 24,000 times to complain See in context

having worked in a similar enviroment and callers asking the same trivial question over and over, just to harass, I totally agree that this Dbag should of been arrested. I actually had a caller who would try and set me up, if I didnt respond in a happy voice or some other harrassing technique, they would complain to the supervisor.

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Posted in: Trump makes surprise Thanksgiving visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan See in context

Good, we agree - endless Repub wars - all advocated by your hero Bolton - who since he wants to stay is part of the Washington establishment swamp...

so whats your point? Trump campaigned on the fact that GW Bush and his team started all these wars. Powell Cheney Rumsfield and allot of all this started. Powell seems to have changed his tune and responsibility, typical, as did Mattis, who are both heros of the Dems now.

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales post sharpest fall since 2015 as tax hike hits demand See in context

Disillusioned makes allot of valid points. Japan sometimes has a way of surprising but I think in this case the writing is on the wall. Im seeing the continuation of shuttering businesses, but perhaps there is development in Azabu, Roppongi Hills or Odaiba or somewhere else. Perhaps a war or participation in one, defense industry and increased tourism campaigns will spark something, who knows. In Japans case, extreme protectionism seems to have sputtered out. Maybe some radical deregulation of the real estate industry, more incentives for cheap foreign labor and international communities.. I dont know.

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales post sharpest fall since 2015 as tax hike hits demand See in context

according to many, Corporations are sitting on record levels of cash. Figure out a way to get them to disperse? or will the savers just hoard it? I have no idea how to fix this place

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales post sharpest fall since 2015 as tax hike hits demand See in context

I see allot of the same anti-Trumpers commenting on the tax increase in Japan, and its effect, but if the Dems win, expect the same thing to happen in the US.

They will just return to their old ways

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Posted in: Long hours of gaming adversely affect daily activities: survey See in context

To an extent, this has always happened, even with Pong and Space Invaders

True but in the good ole days, we had to pay for it at the arcade. I can still remember when pac man came out. I used to go through allot of quarters, but that would limit your time, and addiction.

I think the games in those days were more interesting and less dark than what they are playing now

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Posted in: Giuliani calls Trump to tell him he was joking about having an 'insurance policy' See in context

Trump can hold a rally like no other. I never seen such charisma. People like a winner. Biden is has been, a loser, he represents what everybody hates. Same for the rest of the Dem pack.

Trump has issues, but I take him anyday over some discrepant looking tell me this then get nothing done Dem.

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Posted in: Giuliani calls Trump to tell him he was joking about having an 'insurance policy' See in context

I only watch CNN on tv because its the only cable news I can get, for my plan.

All I hear 24/7 is Fredo and Don Lemon demonizing Trump, with their team of "experts"

Its all day every day


Its become ridiculous, and lost all credibility. At least Fox (watch on youtube) has some unbiased reports and they will allow Trump accomplishments. If I trusted CNN, Trump is a criminal that has accomplished nothing!

I like the finance guy, the lady in HK, and some of their over seas reporting, only because its unbiased and news. Their domestic channel has become a joke.

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Posted in: Robert Redford warns of 'dictator-like' Trump See in context

what I want to see from Redford Madonna Denerio Looney and the rest of the people we have to listen to as "experts" do an overnight documentary in Chicago during a gang shooting, a 6 month documentary in some South American country about the corruption and gangs, a documentary on LA skid row. Then give us commentary and advice how to fix all that. Otherwise I could care less what they have to say.

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Posted in: Giuliani calls Trump to tell him he was joking about having an 'insurance policy' See in context

The Dems love to preach to all of us like we cant think. I knew this was just banter between two guys. These people are relentless. CNN is going bizerk trying to get this man out of office.

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Posted in: Robert Redford warns of 'dictator-like' Trump See in context

glad to see lincolnman is a supporter now!

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to double consumption tax to 20% by 2050 See in context

wow. insane.

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Posted in: Robert Redford warns of 'dictator-like' Trump See in context

Uh oh. Another Hollywood elitist that has an opinion, so we should take notes. Doesnt have a clue how the world actually works, but how he thinks it should be. Shut up already.

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Posted in: Grocery-carrying robots are coming. Do we need them? See in context

what would be more practical in Japan is to have the supas that are on the bottom floor of many mansions, be automated and online access to products that could be delivered to rooms by a kind of automated dumb waiter system. The selection of products be done by automated pick robots in the store.

Perhaps some mansions have this but I have never seen it.

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Posted in: Humiliated at polls, Hong Kong's Lam acknowledges discontent with government See in context

got her behind out of there. Great. Now lets see how much the PRC respects the new government

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Posted in: Democrat Warren accuses rival Bloomberg of trying to buy U.S. presidential election See in context

Always entertaining to watch the Dems cannibalize each other :-)

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Posted in: What’s next in impeachment: A busy December, and on to 2020 See in context

The Dems dont care about any of the issues you posted. If they did, they would of already tried to solve them. I dont think anybody really knows what they care about, unless its corrupted officials and dystopia

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Posted in: China calls U.S. world's biggest source of instability See in context

Basically Japan Korea and Japan all follow the same model; let the West spend billions on the R&D on innovation and game changer technology, then copy/change that technology, then tell their people they invented it.

Im sure there will be a version soon of a quantum computer in Japan, but only after some company in the US has spent millions developing the technology.

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Posted in: China calls U.S. world's biggest source of instability See in context

The stuff about the US creating instability everywhere, under Trump, is true.

Well for people like you, Trump is the reason the weather is bad, and everything else that is wrong with the world.

What Trump is doing is amazing to me. You see these recent uprisings in Chile and other South American countries. I believe this is long overdue; that is countries holding their corrupt leadership responsible and checking their own polices of sending their citizens across the border to provide nothing of value and congregate in sanctuary cities, inviting more illegals and chain immigration. Instead of continuing this, by any other countries logic, weird policy, we should instead force those countries to hold their leaders responsible.

The same goes for China, Japan and others. They have gotten away with for decades, their manipulation of currency, protecting their own markets while taking over complete sectors of ours. There are no politicians who have stood up to this. Regardless of Trumps misdeeds, he deserves enormous respect for what he is doing.

Given that China's never been involved in any regime change wars, I believe this statement is warranted.

Kyle Bass made an interesting statement about China...something about there are kinetic wars and then there is economic and political warfare. China has been winning the economic war.

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Posted in: The new visa program for specified skilled workers in 14 sectors was launched in April 2019, yet only 376 people received this visa in the program's first six months. The fact that foreigners are not rushing to embrace the program should alert Japan to two critical questions: Why would non-Japanese want to work here? And once they come, how can they be successfully integrated? See in context

as expat has posted, there are good lifes in Japan, you just have to find or make for yourself, the job, then locate away from Tokyo, buy a house etc. These immigrant people dont have that luxury however. I see allot of elites from hollywood etc., come to Japan, just smiling and in heaven, of course heaping praise on Japan. The people living out in those rural areas, picking vegetables, making bentos, welding etc. for them its a kind of a isolationist hell. Their story should be investigated and told. You can go to those places and just be forgotten. Anyhow, that was the plan to begin with, for some Japanese

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Posted in: Mountain of impeachment evidence against Trump beyond dispute See in context

There is no mountain of evidence. Let the charade go on for a month or so longer, its already loosing steam.

You keep pumping it, but its dying.

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Posted in: Mountain of impeachment evidence against Trump beyond dispute See in context

Im counting on the Repubs to circle wagons, so far indicators are telling they will

If this prez gets removed or has to resign, it will not be a good day. He has done allot, and allot of people, that count in the US, will be mad. They better think this through.

These worthless Dems are the joke of the world. I was watching this loon Warren, talking about "who is this Sonderland guy?" suggesting the Dems if elected would appoint qualified ambassadors to post with state dept experience.

Interesting. Seems her team has already sent 2 already to Japan with no experience.

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Posted in: Trump accuses impeachment witness of lying, defends use of Giuliani See in context

what I think happened is this:

Trump came out with guns blazing, never thinking before opening his mouth (not a crime, and no criminal intent, but he needs to stop doing that) and some residual swamp creatures from the Obama era were plotting. They found their opportunity and jumped on it. Lesson learned; purge all swamp creatures, not just some of them.

Judging from the character and look from the witnesses, this is what happened.

None of it is impeachable, and there will be nothing more to add to it. Just unwind it all in the Senate, and let the Dems have their fun while they can.

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