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Posted in: Ozzy Osbourne to play one concert in Japan Oct 27 See in context

Why is Donny Osbourne dressed up like that? Must be his wife. But seriously...

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Posted in: Pregnant Megumi has to contend with husband's partying See in context

Guys... GROW UP! How deep and profound do you expect bikini models and J=Poop singers to be be? Was there anything "classy" in their image to start with? Garbage breeds garbage. Shi-t doesn't shine.

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Posted in: It’s time for emperor to rev up his own sound truck See in context

I was just commenting on the topic "1 in 30 babies born in Japan (come from non-Japanese parents)". Imagine what the rightwingers in this article would do if NHK announced that.

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Posted in: Branson unveils space tourism craft 'WhiteKnightTwo' See in context

I love this guy. Anybody else been watching "Rebel Billionaire" on J-Com? Great show. Wish they made a second season.

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Posted in: Fish shop owner arrested for putting sewing needles in fish at rival supermarket in Osaka See in context

Sounds fishy.

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Posted in: U.S. hospital provided liver transplants to 4 Japanese gang figures, including gang boss See in context

Was worth a try from the FBI. Unfortunetly they couldn't successfully follow -up on it.

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