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Posted in: Strange phone call directs police to Nagano crime scene See in context

Suspicious is a given, Potsu. That's where we get the word "suspect"...

Anyway, this is really weird. And it is probably more than just some man not being a man. It's too weird. Too obvious.

First, it's weird deaths like this...

Next thing you know, Kira will be the number one headline on every newspaper in the world.

Have fun with this one, guys.

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Posted in: High school boy commits suicide in Saitama park after argument with father See in context

That's so sad. What a tragedy, really! I feel bad for his parents, too! It does not sound like he was being bullied by his dad. He was reported to be quiet. Probably wasn't the most social person ever, but his dad isn't a bully.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shooting ex-girlfriend and her father in Tochigi See in context

Is it just me or does he seem to be smiling in his picture? Almost a smirk.

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Posted in: 14-year-old Saitama girl commits suicide after being bullied online See in context

She left a note in which she said she wished she could get revenge on the classmates who posted insulting messages on her online profile site.

I hope she knows she can't get revenge when she's dead. Unless there's some sort of crazy Japanese curse I haven't learned about yet.

The education board officials denied that the cause of the girl’s suicide was bullying.

Are you SERIOUS?

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl hit with axe in Ibaraki; older brother on the run See in context

The suspect is believed to be the older brother of the injured girl.

Soo... they don't know? OK. I can understand the scenario where she might not have seen her attacker, but I think the rest of her family, i.e. her dad, would notice that one of their relatives was missing.

Good luck with that.

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