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Posted in: Sumo shows its hypocrisy See in context

Actually MJ can enhance yopur performance as it relaxes you and that can be an advantage in many sports.

As a MA we always try to be as calm as possible and not let the adrenalin kick in as the rush has bad effects too.

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Posted in: Kitanoumi lost the plot with sumo scandals See in context


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Posted in: Kitanoumi lost the plot with sumo scandals See in context

Maybe yes, maybe not. You seem to know him well. Pls, give me the address of his restaurant and an introduction. ;)

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Posted in: Kitanoumi lost the plot with sumo scandals See in context

The following quote:

He says, “Roho and Hakurozan frequently came to my restaurant and often said they felt lonely. Then they would often go to nightclubs and discos where undesirable foreigners gather. Their master should have more carefully taken care of them.”

Is from the russian restaurant owner not kitanoumi.

But yes, many other foreign wrestlers are also lonely.

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Posted in: KFC shoring up security for secret recipe See in context

To be honest I can get tastier fried chicken at my local combini(Circle K) and cheaper too.

Now how about the formula for the extract that they use to make coke?

Still wonder why the hell KFC in Japan don't sell Mash&Gravy, I love that stuff.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in coin locker at train station in Tokyo See in context

Might have been a still-born or another teen giving birth and abandoning the baby.

A few years back there was another sick case, where a station-attendant heard mewing from a coin-locker, they found a bay inside. The parents decided they wanted a romantic dinner just the two of them and thus placed the baby in the locker for the duration.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in coin locker at train station in Tokyo See in context


The baby-hatch is run by a religious(catholic methinks) hospital and is a private venture.

But I agree we need more. Baby-Hatches been around for centuries and exist in many countries. Even countries where they are forbidden(USA, etc) they have so called "Safe Haven" laws where mothers can leave their kids.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in coin locker at train station in Tokyo See in context

Sad news. RIP little one.

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Posted in: Cow Parade Tokyo Marunouchi 2008 See in context

Only cow I care for is the lilac one aka "Milka Cow".

I know it won't mean much to most posters here: http://www.freakingnews.com/pictures/25000/Milka-Cow-25254.jpg

Same way we got a cow for a famous cheese.

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Posted in: Making online auctions easier See in context

I know lots and lots of overseas people that use auction/bidding services for Yahoo/Japan, online shops, etc mostly due to the language and payment barriers. Not all payment methods are global, very little paypal in japan, nor are cheques accepted, etc. This is just a reversal of same.

Their biggest competitors will be japanese services that been around for close to a decade and got a VERY large customer base overseas.

Ebay/Paypal initially flopped in Japan due to the business culture being different, now apparently Ebay and Y/J will setup some sort of systems that will allow people on Ebay bidding on Y/J and vice-versa. Not sure how they will handle the language translation for every auction going up.

I can name atleast 12 companies that over such services without having to think hard.

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Posted in: Freelance TV presenter Mari Watanabe announces marriage See in context

For me freelance means a person that is not directly employed nor send via an agency. But self-employed.

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Posted in: WWE wrestles for greater share of Japanese market See in context


And much more open, some released by the WWE too.

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Posted in: WWE wrestles for greater share of Japanese market See in context

Nah,I would take them on. Yes, they are athletic but not real fighters, same as the guys.

Check YouTube on how the fights and moves are done, than try to go back and enjoy it again. Once you seen those videos you will know much is acted and scripted.

They got my respect they are doing a tough job and face many possible injuries but in the end it is all acting(including the fights).

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Posted in: Sapporo to end beer coupon sales in Feb See in context

There goes my free beers, we used to get a lot of beer-coupons from clients.

Those are bassically like any gift-voucher and can be used to by beers or other goods, most liquor stores and supers accept them as a form of payment.

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Posted in: Tourism trend: Halloween is now its own season See in context

Halloween sucks period, just another money-maker like Feb 14th, etc. You guys are being taken, buying into a fantasy. Same for other so-called holidays.

Do you really need a special day to remember/appreciate a loved one or one that passed on.

Heck, if you can't remember/acknowledge a loved one daily or need a special day to remember a gone buddy/etc what is the purpose?

I remember them daily because if no-one remembers them than they are truly gone. Heck I love my wife who recently passed on(last week) but what I remember are the good times(15yrs worth) and that is what matters.

Yeah,we had fights, etc but those don't matter in the long run.

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Posted in: Transsexual celebrity Ayana Tsubaki introduces Coppola's new film See in context

I see ColAmerica as trying to make a true effort and respect him for it.

Looks to me as he changed his viewpoint after getting more info. And that is all we can ask for, may it be religious, political, etc. In short look at both sides than form your opinion.

Like carash not sure if he will be successful, but his attempt alone gets him points from me. Said that looks to me now like he is willing to face opposition.

Myself have many gay/lesbian and a few transsexual friends.

Anyway kudos to him.

P.S.: I had a bad view on him but this earns him points in my book. And I am as hetero-sexual as they come. Can't get into a MMF even. ;)

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Posted in: Saudi cleric says celebrating birthdays un-Islamic See in context

Austria also has a very large muslim (and jewish/both pre and post WWII) population and we got cited as a model for their integration.

I remember when the Vienna Goverment build a mosque for them, big hubblah about unbelievers doing it/etc/yaddah. When it was finished they found it fit 110% their rules and beliefs.

In short they integrated well as we are open to most religions and faiths. heck we got a jewish synagoge right next to a russian orthodox church.

Myself worked with Muslims and many other faiths and they are just like us, just want to raise their families, etc.

Eye-opener for me was during the gulf-war(1st) and listening to my muslim co-workers. Their sons(teens and uni guys) wanted to join the jihad and asked for guns/planes, etc to kill the US infidels. Their parents/co-workers slapped them and told them to ease off as violence is not the answer. Nor would they know which end of the gun goes towards the enemy.

In short the majority of the guys/gals are just like us prefering to avoid confrontation/violence.

Also many forget that Islam is the third religion after Judeo-christan, they also follow the testaments, etc but accept jesus as prophet same way as christians accept moses, etc.

In short all 3 religions pray to the same god, yeah scripture interpretations vary. But all 3 religions are part of the same parcel.

Dons asbestos suit.

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Posted in: McCain warns Washington big shake-up is coming See in context

Why does a politician need to strike fear in his opponents? Sounds to me like you are too much focused onto the macho/my d@*k is bigger than your mentality.

Time to see past the party-lines/propaganda if you want to elect a true leader. Cut out all the hog-wash.

I was involved in a merger a few guys displayed their "employee of the months" etc awards from last company. They were told to take them down, because past achievements/etc mean nothing only what they can do now for the company. Same should count for politics, who cares if X smokes Y or had a good time with Z.

What can the guys deliver NOW and in the future should matter not because he belongs to party X or Y. A good leader will go beyond the party-lines and shine as a true leader not as a stooge/doll of party X or Y

And a true patriot, IMHO, holds no party affiliation but will vote for the best candidate.

Just my view.

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Posted in: U.S. Army suicide rate may hit new high See in context

I am with adaydream.

The soldiers should get the adequate/care they need as should their families.

Going back to WWII the german army was well fed during peace-times but during war-times they suffered/starved and moral, etc hit the bottom. This is one of the reason why they failed in the long run. In short look after your soldiers pre/during/post wars.

Nothing to do with patriotism or jingoism(as shown often on JT).

Same as a corporation if you want your workers to perform the need to have access to the tools/materials/resources to do so.

Right now the Vet situation is bad, I speak to many and get their stories. Guys being fired because they sustained a major injury, etc.

If I as a non-american can get them so can US Citizens. Most of the vets are hurting badly right now.

Also getting lots of updates from people in-country. This is not from media outlets from the guys and their family direct.

Just my view.

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Posted in: Woman, 23, held for kicking 1-yr-old daughter to death in Saitama See in context

Saitama is a major bed-town right now for many workers in tokyo. As with any bed-town you will find a fair share of nutters.

Just a fact.

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Posted in: Temple burns down as monk attacked by hornets See in context


Myself not that familiar with "religious" Buddhism, but familiar with Zen-Buddhism. Might sound weird but true buddhism like confucism is a philosophy and not a religion. Yeah plenty of cults out there. And you can be a buddhist as well as christian/muslim/etc at the same time too. Most asian religions/beliefs simply say if you follow our rules you are one of us. Hence why the majority of japanese can follow buddhist and shinto rites, there is simply no conflict.

Also why one of my martial Dojo's was in the basement of a Zen-Buddhist temple. We trained 2 styles there, one japanese and one chinese.

Buddha & Confucius were living persons not gods. There is no concept of creation or miracles in either, just a following of the teachings of an enlighented person. Like Gandhi, etc.

AFAIK, to become a buddhist monk you need to take certain vows(all are optional). So you can have a buddhist monk that eats meat or has sex depending on their vows.

Said that I have known some monks here that drove mercs, etc and we got 2 monks that stand outside my station with a bowl and traditional garb.

Temples and shrines were always places of study, most schooling before public schools(both academic and martial) was done there same for east and west.

As for the hornets, etc you need to smoke them out, than get rid of the nest. Taking fire to a wooden or hatched structure is NOT a good idea. I myself took out 2 wasps nests in my parents garden.

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Posted in: 60-year-old woman arrested for threatening to kill all students at Tokyo school See in context

I don't mind the kids so much, what gets me are the old guys/gals peddling down the road a high speed ringing their bells and expecting everyone to move out of the way. Quiet a few times I didn't move deliberately, they lost the argument afterwards too.

I live fairly close to a big station so we get tons of bicycles. Salary-men and OL trying to catch a train, lots of people concentrating more on their keitai than the road and don't even ask about a rainy day when the umbrellas come out and the speed picks up.

Seen one lady texting and steering while holding an umbrella.

To be honest I found students and mothers taking/fetching their kids to be better behaved than your average Salary-man/OL or pensioner.

As for getting kids to respect for that you need to be an authority figure, actually true for all situations. This don't mean being tough and using strong-arm tactics either. It all boils down to confidence and showing it.

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Posted in: United drops planned meal charges on Europe flights See in context

In my last job I have had to travel quiet a bit. We been to all the corners, never mind the annual company trip that went as far as Cuba.

I can do without United and AA, their food and service was bad. Same of the stewardesses scared me and were very unfriendly. For a flight from Tokyo to Bangkok with United they plopped some sandwiches and peanuts down as a meal. Never mind that my Wife had booked a vegetarian meal which never came.

For good service I must say that the Asian airlines in general are were good. Also flown Aeroflot and a few charter & minor lines in my time. The best service I have ever had so far was on Lauda Air and he was a pilot on 2 flights.

For private I tend to use economy and business of course is business class.

All the new charges, fees & airport hassles are really putting me of flying privately. Add bad service into that and I rather find a local destination to safe money and spend my money there.

My company hasn't send anyone to the states in 5yrs now, most of our trips are to europe now even for US business partners who got european offices. I don't mind as I got an EU passport.

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Posted in: U.S. Army suicide rate may hit new high See in context


I agree, but it is too late now to say "what if ..". Like I said we can only improve for the future soldiers.

Side-note: For the "What if crowd":



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Posted in: U.S. Army suicide rate may hit new high See in context


That won't work as the article states many of the suicides are related to problems back home. Relationships breaking down, divorces, job-related, etc.

Read it often a soldier gets back home, wife and kids are gone and he is divorced now or similar. Those types of problems.

Stopping the war will only benefit the soldiers that haven't been to the front yet. The suicides even if the war stops now will be going on for some time.

Apart from improving services/benefits for soldiers and their families I don't think there is much that can be done. But again those changes will be for the future soldiers not the current bunch.

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Posted in: No longer lost in translation See in context


Chinese characters were developed to create a free exchange of information, etc. China always had lots of tribes and thus many languages and dialects.

The Goverment created a unified writing system that was/is used by all, readings/pronounciation is regional but everyone can communicate using the written word. As the meaning don't change

Kinda like using High German or Queens English.

I can travel to any place that uses kanji and by writing down in kanji a place-name, food, etc I can communicate. No need to actually speak the language. Same way I can read most signs, yeah not perfect but good enough to get the meaning.

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Posted in: No longer lost in translation See in context

Actually I used to struggle a lot with Kanji till a friend recommended the J.W. Heisig Books and Study method.

Once I started on it I threw out a lot of my study aids and books.

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Posted in: No longer lost in translation See in context

I find trying to read japanese in all romaji makes my head hurt. Especially with the spelling used on that site.

Once I also thought that kanji were a waste till I learned more Japanese and found that they have their uses. Japanese has many words with the same pronounciation but the Kanji make their meaning immediately obvious. Example: Kami can mean God/Spirit, Hair or Paper. You can get it if you see the whole context but as a word alone its meaning becomes unclear.

As for the advertised device, IMO, good for the tourists and novice learners but like with any language aids may they electronic dictionaries, Furikana, etc they will hold you back if you rely too much on them.

Look at what has happened to the average japanese learning to speak english they pronounce everything in Katakana english as they rely on the Furikana for pronounciation.

Those aids are nice but nothing beats language mastery like studying and learning it.

Just my view.

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Posted in: Man slashes two men with cutter knife after attempting to steal 91-year-old woman's bag in Tokyo See in context

Not sure if Japan has it, but in my country you can make a "Citizens Arrest".

Works well too.

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Posted in: Adventurous Brit plans to skate down Mt Fuji for charity See in context

I would go for a downhill board, myself.

Used to have a very nice wooden one, got some wicked speeds with it. The carver should work but I would change the suspension rubbers & Tires to make it a bit more responsive.

I often had to start weaving to prevent too high speeds, hence why I don't know how he will control the speed as he can't with the board shown.

Also hope he will upgrade his protective gear from the one shown.

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