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Posted in: U.S., Australia, NZ 'disappointed' over Japan whale hunt See in context

Yawn another article about the same old topic. Doesn't the world have enough problems, real problems to worry about that a dispute over whales? Maybe its the explanation for these problems, people just loose their focus of what's important. Yes they hunt whales, since hundreds of years, and yes we don't, Get over it!

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Posted in: Japanese whaling: Why the West is in the wrong See in context

finally an article that goes beyond the usual whiny tone of standard anti whaling opinions. Whether you like it or not, even some of us foreigners go to whaling restaurants in Japan. I chose to live here, no one forced me to, and I try the things that are different from my own country on my own choice. The whaling issue is more about cultural understanding and overcoming ignorance than about anything else. I wish people could just relax and appreciate the good time we have getting to know the Japanese culture than picking something out to randomly bash about. chill people, peace out!

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Posted in: Rice shipped from Fukushima Prefecture See in context

the big problem is that just looking at the labels and making sure it's not from Fukushima won't protect you. I have friends in a trading company, they are Japanese, and for instance with radioactive milk, a lot of them are expecting a mix of 'clean' and radioactive milk to cover up. also, there is a lot of radioactivity outside of Fukushima. The best solution is not to buy ANYTHING that comes out of Japanese soil or Japanese waters. I am not afraid to say that, we live in extreme times, and they require extreme measures. (well not so extreme, just buying foreign food should be doable)

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Posted in: Rice shipped from Fukushima Prefecture See in context

Its a sad thing to say, but the best answer to this farce is: DON'T BUY JAPANESE PRODUCTS. Rice from California, Beef from Australia and the US, vegetables from South America. PS does anyone know about COSTCO in Japan or any Supermarkets that sell import stuff? Does COSTCO sell mainly import food or also Japanese-originated food?

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