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Uh, these have existed for over two years now that I'm aware of...

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@rickyvee, what's with the chopstick stands in their own site's photos, then?

Way to tell a news site off for their fact-checking when you can't even fact-check your own statements.

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Create a merit system for registered flyers and have in-plane isle monitoring cameras. If a given passenger is found to be doing something unreasonable that holds up boarding, give them a demerit. If they continue doing the same thing and accumulate enough demerits, begin to fine them. If the fines don't dissuade them, penalize them on future flights. If the penalties on future flights don't dissuade them, blacklist them and distribute their name among other carriers so that they can't fly anymore.

If someone wants to spent 5 minutes trying to stuff an obviously-oversized bag into the overhead, not getting out of the way for other passengers to board and possible preventing the plane from taking off, they shouldn't be allowed to fly since they're causing an inconvenience for everyone else by trying to force a convenience for themselves.

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What if the guy just didn't make the connection between the jet's number and the unit? I mean, I've previously learned about Unit 731, but it's not the first thing that comes to mind for me seeing the number...

Who knows, he might not have noticed the number at all, nor anyone else; or if anyone did and made the connection, they might simply not have thought to or were afraid to remark on it and recommend he sit in a differently numbered jet.

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As a guy, I guess I must be an oddball for finding most of this reasonable...? The only two items that might be questionable are a desire to frequently be taken to do special things or see special places, since time and/or finances mightn't permit that, and having surprises arranged.

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