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Posted in: 14 million more uninsured under Republican plan in 2018: U.S. budget office See in context

“Nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we’re going through,” Price said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Indeed, as long as they don't fall ill. The conservative Republican party is rife with lying demogues.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya, Japan’s biggest beef bowl chain, now serving fried chicken in Tokyo See in context

I would love to be in Tokyo enjoying this experience similar to locals that I suppose would love to experience the tranquiltiy of the horse and farm country in the wide-open northwest of the Garden State of New Jersey.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese words with cool ancient origin stories See in context

So "alternative facts" are baka.

Thank you for this enjoyable read and your hard work.

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Posted in: Noritake Garden - taking ceramics to a whole new level See in context

I was taken aback by the US connection to an honored brand. I would have enjoyed this piece bit more if it had a historical aspect. Now I am left to wonder if the tradtion/btand is older than the US connection? I say this after being overwhelmed by the Joseon baekja on display in the Leeum museum. Nevetheless, thank you for your hard work.

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Posted in: Ramen romance — 5 things to remember if you don’t want to blow your noodle date See in context

I have still not mastered the art of slurping as my mouth is sensitive to heat. Maybe it is like working out and it eventually becomes rote but at this point it is no gain because pain.

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Posted in: Pence offers 'unwavering' NATO pledge, leaves open questions See in context

To be sure, Mike Dense had to be introduced to what is NATO before he shot his mouth off.

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Posted in: Reese Witherspoon says 'things have to change' for Hollywood women See in context

I love the womenfolk and sympmathize with their plight. However, those that I have married have not reciprocated in kind. I beseech you to advise me, wherein lays the problem?

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t treat earwax without seeing a doctor See in context

I may be wrong but this advice rings a bit hollow coming from a country where the removal of ear wax is a bit of a fetish.

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Posted in: Despite redesign, Toyota Camry’s reign as top U.S. car in jeopardy See in context

Long time driving/motorcycling enthusiast and I proclaim that my well-maintained 2002 Subaru Forester can hang in there with the lot of them newbies.

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