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Didnt notice when it happened, I can believe. Sometime on the weeks after she didn't figure it out ... BS.

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@Black Sabbath - Are you saying that a government might alter what is being taught so that the government doesn't look unfavorable? That a school system might want to teach things based on their own desired perceptions, instead of the truth? Shocker, I think it is completely unbelievable that any world government, any school system would want to teach anything but absolute facts based.

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Maybe these same people should apologize for rounding up US citizens that have Japanese decent, putting them in camps, and stealing their belongings? Maybe they should apologize for dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan? Maybe we should remember that while we demand apology, maybe we should offer one:

Maybe we should remember that the Japanese government that committed these acts no longer exists. The government that is in place now was created by MacArthur. Maybe we should remember that even after 70 years Japan still has US forces stationed there.

Maybe we should remember that Japan has apologized on multiple occasions and fully met all of it's obligations and that the Korean government decided to keep the money for itself and failed to give anything to the private citizens

There is no doubt in my mind that Japan did horrible things during the war - and while they were not the only country doing these horrible things that isn't justification for them, nor is it justification for the horrible things that were done to Japan. At what point do we recognize that Japan has become a significantly different, better country than it was in WWII? At what point can we say it is no longer reasonable to hold Japanese citizens accountable for acts that were committed decades before they were born?

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