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Posted in: Air China flights cut over vaping pilot emergency See in context

Only 7500 bucks? The 10% flight cuts would probably cost them a lot though, but still.

I also read that the co-pilot was fired from the company. I wonder if criminal charges should be pressed in cases like these.

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Posted in: On eve of Russia summit, Trump calls EU foe See in context

"I didn't really mean to lump you with the EU and China, master. Sorry. Also, thank you for my presidency."

-Trump to Putin

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Posted in: Producers plan movie about Thai cave rescue See in context

The movie is probably going to be centered around a Caucasian rescuer.

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Posted in: U.S. firms doing business in China mostly oppose tariffs, survey shows See in context

That's why we have public sector policymakers. 

Good luck with Trump vs Xi.

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Posted in: At NATO, Trump slams Germany as Russian 'captive' See in context

So he just accuses others of being what he is. My god, really, 6D chess stable genius right there. I don't know how he comes up with such kind of like smart strategies.

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Posted in: U.S. to slap tariffs on extra $200 billion of Chinese imports See in context

Rather than address our legitimate concerns, China has begun to retaliate against U.S. products ... There is no justification for such action,


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Posted in: Tesla moves first to hike prices in China as trade war hits car makers See in context

So now, time for payback.

...generally applies to the one with the bigger IOUs

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Posted in: Pompeo wraps up talks in N. Korea without seeing Kim Jong Un See in context

 let’s hear it or can you go and talk to Kim? I mean without appeasement or concession.

As the title of this article says, "Pompeo wraps up talks in N. Korea without seeing Kim Jong Un". Unless you meant Kim Yong Chol, however, who is the guy that NK felt was the man from the US deserved.

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Posted in: Asian economies discuss trade pact amid rising protectionism See in context

Japan seeks to take leadership in shaping the pact as an alternative to a Pacific Rim free-trade grouping that Trump abandoned early this year.

That doesn't show much confidence in the TPP, compared to before....

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Posted in: Protesters across U.S. call on Trump to reunite immigrant families See in context

They should do this in front of his golf clubs.

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Posted in: Trump says he'll bring up election meddling with Putin See in context

Trump says he'll bring up election meddling with Putin

To thank him. He couldn't have done it otherwise.

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Posted in: IOC plans esports forum as it weighs video games in Olympics See in context

japan hardly has any footprint in esports, as players or producers

That's not true. Some of the most legendary fighting game players are from Japan.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

 People hoping that Japan loses to Belgium, hold on to your horses. Japan played their second string team against Poland, resting key players. Belgium also brought English fans back to reality.

People aren't hoping Japan to lose because of their skills and talent as a team.

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Posted in: Trade war or not, China Inc already reining in American brands See in context

The sooner Europe faces that reality like the U.S has, the better.

It won't be better for them. That's why they'll appease to get inside their market, like they always do.

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Posted in: IOC plans esports forum as it weighs video games in Olympics See in context

I don't mind if the IOC opens a separate E-Olympics event, but it shouldn't be part of the Olympics proper.

Why not? It'll probably one of the few things I'd be excited to watch in the Olympics.

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Posted in: Trade war or not, China Inc already reining in American brands See in context

Those who can't compete put tariffs. They'd also be dumb to do that to a country that has one of the fastest growing middle class consumers in the world. By then, their domestic companies will take all the cake.

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Posted in: Mattis seeks less contentious dialogue with China See in context

Matt Hartwell

Other than having a conversation about North Korea, I fail to see the point on pretending the relationship between China and the U.S is anything other than adversarial.

No one is arguing against that. Sometimes, you got to stop listening to the voices in your head.

Other than North Korea, there's trade issues, environment issues, and etc. There's plenty to talk about.

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Posted in: Trump adviser Kushner says he will publish Mideast plan soon: newspaper See in context

How does the USA expect that the Palestinians will view a Jewish mediator (Kushner) meeting with Netanyahu (rabid Zionist) and U.S. Ambassador David Friedman (another Jew known for his hard-line pro-settle position) to discuss the fate of occupied Palestine? May as well not even bother with the pretense that the USA cares about the whole would be more honest.

Well, that's the thing. The US can say "We're willing to talk to the Palestinians, but they're the ones who don't want to have a mature and civilized discussion with us because they are so obsessed with hatred and terror in their hearts against God's chosen ones."

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Posted in: White House piles pressure on China after Trump tariff threat See in context

Navarro? The guy who condemned Trudeau to a special place in hell?

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Posted in: Osaka gov't warns of baseless rumors on social media after quake See in context

Among the rumors were Twitter posts saying foreigners in Japan will start robbing convenience stores and others warning of possible terror attacks by foreigners following the quake.

It wouldn't be the first time Japan made these rumors against foreigners. The Koreans and the Chinese are common targets of these, as if they actually need to loot to get stuff there lol.

I saw a Vice documentary where right-wing groups believed (most likely also spread) such rumors.

"Yakuza, Organized Crime, and the Japanese Right Wing", around the 9:00 minute mark:


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Posted in: 72-year-old woman arrested for fatally beating disabled 46-year-old daughter See in context

There should be governmental agencies that should help take care of the disabled more and relieve such social pressures from people.

But this scenario may also stem from a cultural factor of not wanting to burden others.

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Posted in: China says N Korean leader Kim Jong Un visiting Beijing See in context

This public showing of Kim visiting China, again, is just for show.

If there was a master plan devised by these two countries, it has already been done in secret a long time ago, most likely.

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Posted in: Demand for foreign workers may soften Japan's immigration rules See in context

There are legitimate questions about the negative impacts of immigration and diversity, be it legal, or even worse, illegal. There shouldn't be any knee-jerk reaction to this, as it doesn't, or not necessarily, mean it's about racism or xenophobia.

However, people shouldn't use the immigration-skeptic argument to turn a blind eye on the abuses that foreign laborers face. A government is responsible to keep a healthy balance, and they can't just go "I want cheap foreign workers, they're good for business!" one day, then say "They're ruining our society, vote for me because I'll kick them out!" the next. These workers are scapegoats.

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

The Europeans should have not leaked the meeting. They stabbed Donald Trump and the US delegation in the back with that.

They were just acting like the typical Trump's White House staff.

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Posted in: Father of slain Vietnamese girl demands death penalty See in context

Death penalty is same as murder.

I don't agree with the argument of "why would you murder (death penalty) people to teach people not to murder?" because it equates innocent victims with people who commit such heinous crimes like rape and murder. Those types of convicted criminals should receive the ultimate punishment to teach people not what to do.

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

"Shinzo, you don't have this problem, but I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you'll be out of office very soon,"

Shinzo, uncrossing his arms, "But, but, senpai..."

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Posted in: Trump believes N Korea will denuclearize; says he gave up nothing See in context

Well, I don't believe that NK would fully denuclearize. I'm pretty sure Kim doesn't want to be the next Gaddafi. We all know these American "guarantees" are useless.

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Posted in: Malaysian PM urges TPP renegotiation in Tokyo speech See in context

Countries need to stop signing into agreements, and then later pulling out or trying to renegotiate it because of an election. It's not good or business.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

@ Texas

Looks like President Trump just stole a nation of 25 million consumers, none of whom own a smart phone, flat screen TV, refrigerator, washing machine or car from Chinese control.

Thanks to Trump, now China can sell those things to NK without its companies being penalized. I mean, they already provided Kim an "Air China" jet to fly to Singapore....

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Posted in: U.S F-15 fighter jet crashes into sea off Okinawa; pilot rescued See in context

Nah, it was just hunting for Chinese submarines.

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