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Posted in: Japan to explore possibility of Abe having summit with N Korea's Kim See in context

Flip flopping is weak.

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Posted in: Trump proposes U.S. military space force See in context

Trump's brain is in a galaxy far, far away.

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Posted in: Putin faces midnight deadline to explain nerve attack on former spy to UK See in context

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States had "full confidence" in Britain's assessment that Russia was likely responsible. U.S. President Donald Trump has not yet publicly commented on the attack.

Annnnnd he's been fired.

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Posted in: China shrinking steel industry, but too slowly for West See in context

They think that since they eventually made huge steel furnesses and made jobs all is ok. Not true.

So what they did instead was produce more steel, jobs, and food instead.

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Posted in: Putin faces midnight deadline to explain nerve attack on former spy to UK See in context

Russian President Vladimir Putin faces a midnight deadline to explain to Britain how a nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union was used to strike down a former Russian double agent who passed secrets to British intelligence.

There's the explanation right there in the first paragraph. No need to set a deadline that makes people worried over what eventually will lead to nothing anyways.

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Posted in: Japan association allegedly ripped off pay from Vietnamese interns See in context

I always love the names of these "organisations"

Japan Asia International Friendship Association

or "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere"

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump favors bilateral trade negotiations over multilateral ones. Which do you think are more beneficial to a country? See in context

Trump not being the president is beneficial for the country.

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Posted in: Trump says he is prepared to meet N Korea's Kim See in context

But what about Abe's boogeyman?

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, in Tokyo, says China's military budget lacks transparency See in context

The U.S. has military surveillance satellites that can find out and report what they're building anyway. For example, that nuclear aircraft carrier China intends to build will be hard to hide from the spy satellites or the much-rumored SR-72.

Nowadays, aircraft carriers are just a symbol, and a nice distraction. When China builds it, they know full well they're being watched. You don't even need a spy satellite. It's in a shipyard, it's big, and it's slow.

The ones you don't see being built outside, now that's the one people have the most concerns about. They're usually smaller, faster, stealthier, and cost way less.

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Posted in: Japan wary of N Korea's summit agreement with South, overtures to U.S. See in context

Japan is weary of peace between the two Korea, and in turn, peace in the region. It's harder for them to justify their militarization.

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, in Tokyo, says China's military budget lacks transparency See in context

Keeping your potential foes in the dark costs $0.00

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Posted in: With eye on N Korea, Japan takes low-key approach to U.S. steel tariff threat See in context

I completely agree, but unfortunately, the precedent of making up rules without anyones approval was set by our previous president who loved tossing out executive orders any time he wanted to do an end run around congress like they were candy.

So it's Obama's fault again?

But wait, even if that's true, how come Trump isn't being the better man of not abusing the power of the presidency?

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Posted in: South Korea to send envoys to North on Monday See in context

Any open communication and meeting between the two is a positive move, which can allow the final peace treaty between N and S Korea. Then, there is no real incentive for N Korea top continue its military build up except to protect itself from its two major neighbors, China and Russia with US represented by Japan. That will open the door for Trump to "talk" with N Korea.

Where did you come up with that conclusion? If you ask me, a united Korea will be a bigger entity, with a bigger voice, to express their grievances towards Japan over the past. This time, it'll be a nuclear entity.

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Posted in: Asia fears trade war after Trump plans hefty steel, aluminium tariffs See in context

We continue to seek clarification. I don’t think exports of steel and aluminum from Japan, which is a U.S. ally, damages U.S. national security in any way, and we would like to explain that to the U.S. 

Not all of US' allies are as unbelievable petty and brown-nosing.

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Posted in: Japan suspects yet another N Korean sanctions breach at sea See in context

Do people really expect (or want) North Korea to starve to death?

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Posted in: U.S. general: Russia is both 'arsonist and fireman' in Syria See in context

Where as the US just plays the arsonist.

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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

The gun nuts' "freedom militia against tyranny" argument is the most absurd. The state has more advanced weaponry than the people do. It's no longer the 1700s for goodness' sake. In this day and age, if there is truly tyranny like they talk about, one tyrant can just press a button and nuke all gun-wielding rebels to oblivion. Does that mean civilians should have the right to bear nukes?

So idea of the people being as armed and dangerous as the government to create a balance is nothing but wishful thinking. Well in this case, that idea is just an excuse that they say instead of admitting the truth: they just like having guns. It's a violent-minded culture.

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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

That a person would make that decision, not an inanimate object/firearm. A psychopathic person.

Yeah, because that psycho saw an easy opportunity: GUNS EVERYWHERE

Hopefully, someone will have seen something, AND said something BEFORE that would happen. 

....many people have, but with guys being paid by the huge gun lobby (like Trump, who repealed a law that banned people with mental disability from buying guns), they make it quite easy for psychos to arm themselves with guns.

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Posted in: Gov't to dispatch A-bomb storytellers in Japan, abroad See in context

"Oh the past is the past. Just move on already!"

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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

They're trained, they didn't react properly under pressure or they were a coward," Trump said, calling out the school resource officer Scot Peterson by name."When it came time to get in there and do something he didn't have the courage or something happened," Trump said. "But he certainly did a poor job. There's no question about that."

Which debunks the "more guns in schools to prevent massacres" argument. A trained and armed deputy couldn't even do his supposed job, and now they want want to arm teachers? There''ll be inaction at best, or more massacres at worst. It's not inconceivable to think a deranged/resentful student could just steal a teacher's gun and start a rampage. That's just one likely scenario.

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Posted in: Japan highlights claim to islets disputed by S Korea See in context

Why wont it go to the ICJ and get this officially resolved?

Maybe because SK believes there is no dispute over these islets, kind of like how Japan believes there is no dispute with the Senkakus.

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Posted in: Russians get 1st gold thanks to 15-year-old Zagitova See in context

The title of this article is wrong. Russia is not at this Olympics. An Olympic athlete from Russia got the 1st gold for the Olympic athletes from Russia. Russia has no medals and will get no medals at this games.

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

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Posted in: Japan highlights claim to islets disputed by S Korea See in context

Regulate and split the amount of fish that can be fished from there equally between the two countries and also any other natural resources they may find there in the future.

Why would Korea opt for splitting when they can have all of it, as they are right now.

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

"Nontariff barriers" aka they don't want to buy American cars. It's called the free market.

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Posted in: Florida shooting suspect returns to court for hearing See in context

He deserves to live among bars and bars of soap...

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Posted in: Student survivors slam Trump's comments that FBI missed signs on Florida shooting due to Russia probe See in context

These students will prevent another Trump-like candidate from getting into office in the future. Heck, a few years from now, many of them are eligible to vote in 2020.

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Posted in: 17 killed in shooting spree at Florida high school by expelled student See in context

It was the 18th shooting in a U.S. school so far this year

Goodness, it's only February.

Gun control. End of.

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Posted in: Trump threatens 'reciprocal tax' on trading partners See in context

Did Trump just bring up the eras during and after WW2 and the Korean War to ask for a repayment for their work during that time? How petty-sounding is that?

Not to mention, it was actually during the post-wars days where America's economy grew so much to be the biggest. Didn't hear the country complain then. You even forced Japan to sign the Plaza Accord and destroyed their economy for you.

So to act like this is so pathetic and weak. My goodness did the US "choose" the worst possible guy to be their President.

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Posted in: Trump lawyer says he paid $130,000 to porn star linked to president See in context

Man, the lawyer paid his own money to her out of nothing but the goodness of his own heart. Such great Christian values!


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Posted in: Russia is targeting 2018 U.S. elections, U.S. intel chiefs say See in context

Liberal reality, probably not.

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias".

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