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Maybe she considers herself “woke” and thus a new standard of morality for everyone? (very common recently)

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Its only one of Disillusioned many tales.

But they all end with Japan and the USA being bad, and Europe being so much better.


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Cmon man, you’re agreeing with me.

In my comments, I highly dispute disillusions story where he is almost killed and the cops chose to be racist instead. I find that a little ridiculous, and a little too close to his usual comments.

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Japan is as a whole far less used to having immigrants and foreigners live here.

Since outward behavior and conforming is really important here, I think that most people don’t know how to react to seeing another lifestyle.

Not to mention that media, literature, movies, music, it’s all in Japanese here, so actually I’d say that less people than other countries have exposure to a wide source of info.

The general trend towards some Asian nations is negative (besides the pop world) and if what you know of the world is via NHK Japan really is a safe and sane little haven, and the big foreign world is a crazy place (sometimes lol)

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Now the rain comes to Osaka liddite. Since a bit after 4. The worst tonight.

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had a positive day over here

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Koreans are safe on the streets in Japan. Its interesting how many people apparantly have the time to shout at the sky.

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Actually I am very fit and have great coaches and we aren’t freaking out about the green and brown teas as they are 99% water.

I’m actually not very hot at all in the summers here, probably due to conditioning myself through exercize, going to the sauna all year long, and not confusing myself with fiction (saying tea dehydrates me and I will doe for example).

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Just like a bad relationship...its apparent whos moved on and who has not.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man dies while sunbathing in his home garden See in context

These peeps who claim teas and coffee are

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I’m Japanese American and am used to being stereotyped by anyone not used to mixed nationalities.

In Japan I am never looked at as Japanese walking around, as I don’t look it.

95% of people everywhere are usually “shocked” in some way. Westerners are amazed at my perfect English, and here I am a Japanese who nobody would guess was.

I use it to my advantage.

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Posted in: How much water have you been drinking a day during the current heatwave in Japan? Are there any other drinks you prefer to quench your thirst? See in context

I try to chug as much healthy green, brown, and black teas as I can throughout the day. Some water too of course.

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Posted in: Abe unlikely to meet Moon at U.N. in September See in context

This is a big big deal, in Korea.

If Korea wants to get further away from Japan and closer to China...ok.

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”Send them to...”

Wow, you see the problem is that although you are Chinese and feel HK is yours, it’s also their land and has been for as long as anyone has been alive.

You cannot call them criminals for asking for rights, unless you admit that you are a complete dictatorship.

Aren’t you? A read through recent history shows why modern humans fear dictatorships as evil and against humanity.

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For me this stuff is only edible freshly cooked.

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea clash at WTO over trade dispute See in context

And also, if Japan re-apologizes to Korea and China, will that be the end of it?

Can we all move on?

Fred Wallace is outraged by my attitude, but I am freaking innocent man. Never did anything except nice stuff to my Korean and Chinese friends.

So, do you believe that if the government (obviously since this generation didn’t) re issues a state apology, would that end China and Korea’s identity crisis?

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Fred Wallace

You say that forgiving and forgetting instead of seeking revenge and pouring hate into future generation is cause for outrage?

And the globe does not consist of your several western nations either.

The victors write history and whitewash themselves. The British were way worse than anyone for example. They killed everyone for centuries. How come we don’t hear much about that? I lived in India and Pakistan and they didn’t blame the British for everything that goes wrong now.

If the issue is with Japanese textbooks, then that should be brought up correctly, and if they are full of nonsense, I agree they should be re written.

But Japan has apologized and normalized relations, many many times and many years ago. Throwing a fit whenever you don’t get your way, and using the past to legitimize your actions is what’s wrong.

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Let me get this straight by you? This whole thing was triggered by one decision? Korea has been cool and keeping by agreements, and for the sake of our future(s), at least trying to be civil, and now one court decision has derailed the last 50 years?

Yeah I think you and Moon alone believe that.

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Taehong Kim

Sorry buddy, but Koreans are far more indoctrinated and spoon fed exaggerated history points.

I am Japanese American and I dont doubt that horrid things happened in war. But my grandfather wasn’t even old enough barely to remember and I am in my 30s.

Its incredible that young Koreans are still filled with hate the need for revenge. Hate and bitterness will ruin your life! Check your own house and put it in order!

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea clash at WTO over trade dispute See in context

Korea getting more and more pathetic by the day. Also getting poorer, less job prospects, and opportunities for its youth.

Stop banging the right wing political drum you always do and fix your own house.

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Firing rounds is not Japans style and thankfully so.

Did you know that Russia in the 80s or 90s shot down a Korean Plane with over 200 Koreans and killed them all? It also supported the North in the war.

Its not cajones. Its knowing history.

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Oh please, Japan is a rushed nation and I like zooming by the slowpokes anyways

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Posted in: Man shot after pub fracas in Tochigi See in context


Lol, thanks for the local explanation man. Now I understand my own nation better

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Posted in: Man shot after pub fracas in Tochigi See in context

Wow! In Japan this is very rare

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea row over history, trade deepens as man dies of immolation in Seoul See in context

Sad that someone with obvious mental problems also bought into all the right wing rhetoric and hate and revenge filled politics and felt he had to do this.

South Korea should consider the negative effects of raising a generation of people hell bent on blaming my dead grandfather for what he did when he was 15.

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Posted in: Former Mitsubishi workers seek assets sale for forced colonial-era labor See in context

This would be bite following the bark as far politics and PR goes.

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Posted in: Japanese women running for Diet seats in record numbers, but face many obstacles See in context

Women need to stand up and speak, and say what happens to them if they want real change.

She is speaking and stating her experiences and thats fine, I will listen. Why does everyone have to have a definite opinion.

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Posted in: S Korean leader says Tokyo's trade curbs will hurt Japan more See in context

So this latest political thing has “undermined 50 years” according to Mr Moon.

Overreacting much? And no, Korea has a lot more to lose than Japan in general.

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Posted in: S Korean business owners call for boycott of Japanese goods See in context


Ok ok Korea, here you go again, we get it.

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Posted in: Japan-South Korea trade dispute threatens global tech market See in context


Lol. Simply claim WHAT?

There is nothing to claim and grab from anything international. What is this fallacy? If there was a “poor victims of Japan” fund set up, wouldn’t the Korean and Chinese governments be in it like Pooh Bear?

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