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Posted in: Kono denies S Korean account of talks; calls for appropriate response See in context

SK throwing a hissy fit in the same vein of their current employers...China.

Nice and classy Korea, making the 40s an issue 80 years later.

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

She felt like she was communicating with primitive men...

Wow, so your lack of ability to acclimate with another culture (and a group of athletes) made you assume they were monkeys? Epic fail

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Posted in: Age limits - whatever you’re doing, you can’t do it forever See in context


If you have money and / or are good looking (have game) it negates 70% of this dribble.

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

It’s clear that all the sour pusses up above just aren’t getting any.

Personally, love Valentines and the ladies that come with it. Next year!

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

On this day every year in Japan I find out who likes me.

Adorable and hilarious...and massively expensive come March 14.

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Posted in: Gut feeling: Study links depression to digestive bacteria See in context

Theres a lot of truth to this. Most people don’t realise that most of their immune system is in their gut.

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Posted in: Japan cancels port call by warship in South Korea amid row See in context

Korea doing China’s bidding under uts new right wing government. Beware of whom you ally with.

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Posted in: If I were Prime Minister Abe, I would call the general election after the 2020 Olympics. Then he could claim to have made Japan great again, win the general election and the possibility might emerge of staying on for a fourth term as LDP president. See in context

Lol, just glancing over the comment induces laughs.

Abe did not make the Olympics happen, money under the table from the right bidder clearly did!

”Then he can claim to have made Japan great again”


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Posted in: Special delivery See in context

If there are no places for cyclists in Japan where are the lanes for automated vehicles going to be placed.

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Posted in: Labor ministry officials knew of improper wage survey since 2006 See in context

The western term is

Institutionalised corruption

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Posted in: Hundreds gather near Japan's embassy in Seoul to mourn S Korean 'comfort woman' See in context


Im Japanese and I find that over apologizes sound insincere and are always doing it.

Your logic is if something occurs you should apologize a million times??? That’s not logical.

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

Horrifically negligent. They are somewhat responsible for her death! Shame on you as a human being.

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Posted in: Hundreds gather near Japan's embassy in Seoul to mourn S Korean 'comfort woman' See in context

What a joke!

why don’t you just admit you are headed towards totalitarianism and catering toward your right wing government who’s also doing China’s bidding now.

This is a political game, not anything to do with real victims or historical problems. It’s right wing.

The North Koreans, South Koreans, and now Chinese have more and more of common ideology. Blaming Japan for their problems and getting their populations motivated by hate and revenge.

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Posted in: Come to Nagoya See in context

Those girls look completely average to me. How on earth did they manage to get into an esteemed pop group.

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Posted in: Osaka downplays dispute over skin color in anime See in context

Very nice of her, but if it was meant to be a portrayal of her then it is pretty shameless.

But she has no reason to pick fights with the cash cow. Japan will still be kinda xenophobic and she will still be a mixed kid.

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Posted in: Sponsor of Naomi Osaka retracts ad videos over skin color dispute See in context

And that’s the official interpretation of Naomi Osaka folks. She’s in the club since she’s a champ, so now she’s officially Japanese!

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

Regardless of what was being said, you cannot dent that the teacher was wrong. You cannot strike out in anger with your fist as a teacher.

I understand that the dynamic really changes when theres another male who is about your height and insulting you, but you are the one who has to know better.

That also does not mean that kid didnt deserve a smack. Looks like a typical pampered brat who’s on the fasttrack to nowhere.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin on collision course over islands See in context

Its news to Russia that Japan is against them and now China and their buddies in the World Order???

Lol! Yeah Russia, if you are shocked then perhaps your the one whos far behind the times.

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Posted in: Suicides in Japan down for 9th straight year to 37-year low in 2018 See in context

Much better than before so that’s excellent news. In general things and work conditions, and also equality and harassment are much better than before as well.

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Posted in: 10 Halloween revelers referred to prosecutors for overturning truck See in context

Well dunno if its newsworthy besides having some foreigbers involved. If you flip someones truck over you should pay for it, and be held accountable.

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Posted in: Osaka subway drivers win court case over right to grow beards See in context

The city probably never received any complaints about their beards. Thats the go to lie in Japan “we have received a complaint from a customer”...

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sauce on young woman’s kimono on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

Wow, police for sauce splashes and the police actually found the saucer lurking near the station. Quite something else....and what a naughty boy man.

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Posted in: JOC chief Takeda denies corruption allegations See in context

Ahh that settles it then, I’m sure NHK and the media here will report him as innocent as Japanese always are.

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Posted in: Japan's youngsters prefer coming-of-age celebration at 20 rather than 18: survey See in context

Says who? You cant possibly speak for all kidz and make a statement.

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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese women say they hate the company they work for in survey See in context


You define yourself as “cool” and your willing to jump on anyone’s random friend? You got issues dog...

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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese women say they hate the company they work for in survey See in context

Many young ladies here have mommy and daddy fixing their meals, get money literally handed to them on the reg, live in their parents house, etc.

Then you have to pop into work where you get bossed around (and have to take it). The only hope and way out is to grow older to the point where you can in turn bully the newbies cause it’s now your right....

I’d get depressed and just live for my hobbies and look to coast along too lol.

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Posted in: Abe says world does not want no-deal Brexit See in context

I want Japan, the UK, and the US allied and united in the current world order.

The alternative and challenging order is one of totalitarianism and even bigger governance and less human rights and freedom.

If the majority of people in the UK wanted out then the EU should let em leave without consequences. If they fix their house then maybe the UK would consider rejoining.

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

No need to tell me how to feel or what to think. I think everyone knows that in Japan you will be discriminated if you are different.

Its quite obvious that heads of other companies who have done worse than Ghosn (is being accused of) get off with no investigation and simply have to bow and mutter a few lines.

I don’t even need to name companies do I? Everyone knows this.

I’m Japanese, was born here, but mixed blood and so I look western to most.

There is no doubt you are and will be judged from a different pedestal and held more accountable, and be prejudiced against simply because people fear what they don’t understand. Most have been told by their parents, teachers, and TV their whole lives that Japanese are different, special, and literally ethnically, morally, and culturally superior.

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Posted in: Moon urges Japanese leaders not to politicize forced labor issues See in context

Ever seen a guy or lady sitting around moaning about what someone sometime at someplace ever did to them and why they are a loser now?

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Posted in: Moon urges Japanese leaders not to politicize forced labor issues See in context

No Wallace Fred, I don’t mean that.

I’m talking about whining and living in the past. Japanese are aware of their past, and also that it was almost a century ago.

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