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Posted in: Tokyo’s Shibuya district bans public drinking on New Year’s Eve, cancels countdown celebration See in context

Wow we have gotten so old that this is the norm now.

Imagine NY, Paris…but ok yeah we will hit the lights at 11 on new years eve.


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Posted in: Divers find wreckage, bodies from U.S. Osprey aircraft that crashed off Japan See in context

The deceased should be receiving condolences and their families!

Poor people, imagine not knowing what happened to one of yours.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl riding bike seriously injured after being hit by car; driver arrested See in context


Really? Imprison non helmet wearers?

Its a good thing you aren’t in charge buddy.

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Posted in: What's the best way to salvage your day after a bad night’s sleep? See in context

Using a watch with a sleep sensor has greatly helped me to be more aware and mindful of my sleep.

I now see my patterns and when I get deep, rem, and light sleep.

Also your interruptions and things you don’t even remember sometimes occur in the middle of the night.

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Posted in: 3rd release of treated water from Fukushima nuclear plant ends safely, TEPCO says See in context


Its highly diluted before its pumped out so maybe thats most of the tonnage?

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Posted in: Kishida rules out dissolving lower house this year See in context


Is this an annual multiple occurrence?

Why yes it is! Every year the PM (regardless of who) threatens to or not to dissolve parliament because of his job rating.

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Posted in: Neuse, Aoyagi lead Tigers to 1st Japan Series title in 38 years See in context

Congratulations to the Tigers

There were thousands of Police and barricades to stop anyone in Shinsaibashi from jumping into the river.

It was actually the tightest security event I’ve ever seen here.

Kind of perplexing, but it was funny to see.

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Posted in: Buffaloes beat Tigers 5-1 to send Japan Series to Game 7 See in context


Have you ever been to the Osaka / Kobe area?

Your comment is quite bizarre.

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Posted in: One man dead, two others wounded after stabbing attack in Yokohama See in context


Wouldn’t it be highly likely that theres many knives in a restaurant?

It’s almost a certainty, interesting analysis though.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district raises alarm against unruly Halloween, even caging Hachiko statue See in context

This mayor must not have many thjngs to do as he has spent a month campaigning against Halloween.

I don’t think you should wreck your streets but he could spend half the time money and energy on making it happen better instead of trying to ban it forever.

Anyways, come to Osaka, its much more chill and a better metropolis for living.

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Posted in: Train gropers who fall to temptation intentionally targeted by extortion squads See in context

Why would it be impossible to track them down and return the money? They are in a train station with cameras and now the train has cameras too.

If these gangs dont find a guy who falls for their plots, they will target innocent people.

What kind of article ends with an assumption that it’s impossible to catch them?

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

I am referring to actually planning the event Yubaru.

Is your logical plan to ban Halloween forever then? Downtown Osaka is gunna be transformed on the Halloween weekends, I’m glad I live here.

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Posted in: Is "overtourism" a problem in the part of Japan where you live? See in context

Smack downtown Osaka?

No I don’t like the term “overtourism” as it refers to the NHK definition of the word.

Stop complaining and have some appreciation for the tourists that help keeping the economy sputtering along.

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Posted in: Gov't floats ¥40,000 income tax cut a year to ease inflation pain See in context

What is a low income household?

Many families have both parents working but make under a million yen a month.

Some may even struggle to break half a million a month in salary too.

It depends on expenses and actually who needs it wasn’t addressed in the last handouts.

Are handouts a post corona government incentive?

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

Raise train fares on the weekend and to the good spots?

If you want the hundreds of millions that tourists bring, it comes with the good and the bad and the crowded and the shocked local at the sight.

The punishment doesn’t even fit the crime or solve the problem.

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Posted in: Japan to promote security camera use to curb child sexual abuse See in context

Will probably encounter a lot more physical than sexual abuse in that case then.

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Posted in: Kishida to deliver policy speech as gov't maps out new economic stimulus package See in context

This guy must be so busy…

If everyday I cosplayed being an engineer, dressed up as an agricultural expert, and now today, he inspects the supermarkets so we can live our lives

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Posted in: Nagasaki police OK use of sunglasses by officers See in context

omg Japan sometimes you are soooo funny…

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Posted in: Kishida, in U.N. speech, vows to spend ¥3 bil to help achieve world without nuclear weapons See in context

Yeah I get it.

With that 20 mill we can obtain all the nukes on earth, erase the ability to make more, and turn what we got into fireworks

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Posted in: Japan broadcasters issue rare apologies for past silence over J-pop agency sex abuse See in context

Oh cmon NHK, you aren’t sorry, you are sorry you got caught.

Theres a big difference.

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Posted in: Japanese educators want to allow students to use robot substitutes to attend school See in context

Remote Robotic learning.

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Posted in: Japan, Indonesia expand cooperation over maritime security, energy See in context

I guess the photo is suppossed to be funny? Cause it is!!!

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Posted in: Head of Johnny's talent agency quits over abuse scandal See in context

Whatever, shes quit to lessen the pressure on them to pay out monies.

Now that their main focus of attention has been diverted, the company will try to not pay out anything.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to steal a Coke from pachinko parlor See in context


Make no mistake that the media here prints these kinds of “crimes” even though theres plenty of crime going on.

A top police official in Osaka just recently admitted they undereported 50,000 crimes because of government pressure.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 17-year prison term for ex-Chiba police inspector over 2 rape charges See in context


It states in the article what the prosecution have asked for. A reduced sentence was only mentioned by you.

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Posted in: 'It hurts my heart': Japan's Kanto massacre, 100 years on See in context

What a horrific story.

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Posted in: Japanese turn to wearable tech to beat the heat See in context


Better that than some “tech” that turns out being bad for you.

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Posted in: Kishida vows safety over Fukushima water release during on-site visit See in context

Charming costume and helmet.

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Posted in: Over 50% of seniors in Japan wishing to be in work unemployed: survey See in context


Actually its a rule at companies to be employed until 60 usually, but its being pushed back to 65,

Many people already know their exact remaining amount of employment days.

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Posted in: Over 50% of seniors in Japan wishing to be in work unemployed: survey See in context

All this is also masking the real issue…that welfare payments are to be delayed at all costs.

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