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The social role of males used to be the sole household breadwinner. Two unsustainable things changed this: (1) the rise of independent, breadwinning females and (2) government spending more money than it takes in to support the elderly and poor.

These are unsustainable. For women to displace males from breadwinning careers, they had to stop having children. Japan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and twice as many 60 year olds as babies. No society can exist without children. Female education is inversely correlated with number of offspring. This is simply biology folks. Fertility is a narrow window.

I propose a solution. Kick females out of the work force and give their jobs to the hikikomori. Then the females need to get married, and the hikikomori have value and a respected social role as the breadwinner once again. Suddenly, babies start appearing again, and the females have a respected social role as mothers, males have a respected social role as breadwinners, and everyone is happy and the economy is growing.

Problem solved. How many will listen?

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And Japan's birthrate continues to spiral towards zero...

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There's a recipe to stimulate chemistry between men and women in a way that results in babies. It's a simple formula, it's foolproof, and it's worked for tens of thousands of years. It goes like this:

Financially secure man + young woman = babies.

Neither of the ingredients exist anymore in Japan.

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