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Posted in: Osaka gov't workers' emails screened for evidence of union, political involvement See in context

Hashimoto is a huge fascist

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Posted in: Fukui 'Nuclear Alley' conflict: reactor danger vs economic reality See in context

You couldn't pay me enough to live in that area

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Posted in: Kodak sues Fujifilm as stock slumps See in context

What a joke of a company Kodak has become. If the only way they can make money is by being patent trolls, they should just give up.

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Posted in: Gov't to set up 7 panels to deal with abduction issue See in context

Pay day for some lucky politicians

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Posted in: Feline fans See in context

Imagine if you could find a way to charge these idiots a dollar each...

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Posted in: Japan's response to disaster confused, full of errors, report says See in context

If you're operating a nuclear power plant, no emergency situation should be 'outside our imagination.' That makes them look completely incompetent.

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Posted in: Genkai No. 4 reactor shut down; only 6 reactors now operating in Japan See in context

If Japan continues to be able to operate on only 6 nuclear reactors, why do they need 54?? Seems like a huge number of plants for such a small country. Do they just keep building them to spend construction budgets and get more kickbacks?

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces pregnancy to fans during performance See in context

That was quicker than I expected

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Posted in: Noda says Fukushima reactors have reached state of cold shutdown See in context


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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces upcoming marriage to KENJI03 See in context

She says she isn't pregnant, but in 4 months she will announce she is 6 months pregnant

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Posted in: Radioactive water leaks inside Genkai nuclear plant See in context

What the big earthquake this year has revealed is that Japan's whole nuclear industry is dodgy as hell.

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

What a pr*ck

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear industry must heed lesson of Fukushima, says NRC chief See in context

Why should America worry about nuclear disasters? The Japanese govt. says you can decontaminate areas by hosing them off with water. So easy.

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Posted in: Olympus top management was 'rotten': 3rd-party panel See in context

Of course two ex-employees are responsible. And they are no longer with the company so let's move on, right Olympus? Nothing to see here anymore.

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Posted in: Japan looks to giant washer to clean Fukushima debris See in context

The government sure is thinking of a lot of creative ways to spend their budget money these days

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Posted in: Edano says Japan's corporate governance on par with U.S. See in context

lol is that supposed to be good?

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Posted in: Japan economy faces 'severe situation,' warns BOJ chief See in context

Japan's economy has been in a severe situation since 1990.

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Posted in: Ex-Daio Paper chairman arrested for using billions of yen on gambling spree See in context

He might become a politician soon

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Posted in: Future cancers caused by Fukushima radiation may be hidden See in context

Just the way the government wants it

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Posted in: Aya Ueto wins Fur of the Year award See in context

These tarentos are soulless. They will shill anything.

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Posted in: Stress test results for nuclear power plant in Ehime released See in context

Let me guess, this reactor and all the other reactors will be assessed as 'safe for operation'

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Posted in: Sapporo Factory See in context

Sapporo is a great city

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Posted in: More details emerge over 6 bodies found in burned-out car See in context

my god this is so horrible

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Posted in: Big anti-TPP rally held in Tokyo as deadline for decision looms See in context

Japan should just shut itself off from the world once more. That's what they really all want.

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Posted in: Japan's new crisis: radioactive waste disposal See in context

All the concrete buildings in Tokyo are now irradiated too. What will they do with them in the future?

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Posted in: Forestry Agency to test Fukushima cedar pollen for radioactivity See in context

And if it is radioactive? Stop going outside?

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Posted in: AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda demonstrates 'snow karate' in g.u. commercial See in context

She looks anorexic

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Posted in: Olympus ousts British CEO after 6 months due to conflicts See in context

Trying to run a big Japanese company must be truly horrible

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Posted in: Fukushima starts thyroid tests for children See in context

Local doctors carrying out the tests? So I'm guessing nothing will be found and the kids will go off with a bag of medicine to take.

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Posted in: Contaminated soil found outside Fukushima no-go zone See in context

It is an absolute crime that the government is telling people it is ok to live in these areas

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