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Posted in: Radioactive ash causes Kashiwa incinerators to shut down See in context

Why doesn't the government use the 10km area around daiichi as storage space for all the radioactive crap. Nobody is going to be living there anyway.

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Posted in: Hermitage cuts short Japan exhibition tour due to radiation fears See in context

Just replace harmful rumours with radiation in any article about fukushima accident and things make more sense

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Posted in: Sony to stop paying theaters for 3-D glasses See in context

Good night 3D - I hope you never come back

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Posted in: Radiation found in rice from Fukushima Pref; more tests planned See in context

So if rice has 499 becquerels of cesium it's considered ok to eat? And not only that - the government is urging people to buy products from Fukushima where levels may be this high? What kind of bizarro world has Japan turned into?

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will not turn inward after disaster See in context

Japan has been turning inward for years now

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Posted in: Japan whistleblower goes to highest court See in context

Japan has such a bizarre working culture. I remember working somewhere and noticing that coworkers suddenly stopped talking to me, so I thought 'ok I must have done something wrong but I have absolutely no idea what it was'

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Posted in: Commission names Saga governor as fake email scandal ringleader See in context

Boy these politicians are absolute scumbags

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Posted in: Industry minister resigns after 8 days over 'town of death' comment See in context

God the LDP are pathetic

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Posted in: Hosono says all of Japan should help with Fukushima's contaminated debris See in context

So what he is saying is, all of Japan should take some radiation - if Fukushima suffers, everyone has to suffer.

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Posted in: 120 Gusto restaurants closed over dysentery outbreak See in context

This kind of thing seems to happen a helluva lot in Japanese chain restaurants

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Posted in: Husband, wife die after falling into pit on Ishikawa beach See in context

It's so bizarre I can barely believe it. But the old hole in the ground gag is a favourite on Japanese TV.

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Posted in: Ridley Scott to direct new 'Blade Runner' film See in context

My favourite movie. Don't destroy my memories, Scott.

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Posted in: Hawkers 'pleased' with life sentence for Ichihashi See in context

They only expect him to live another 10 years? Well, with all that radiation around...

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Posted in: Radiation concerns for Japan's beef supply intensify See in context

Just wait till the rice harvest - there are gonna be a lot of food scandals to come

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Posted in: Japan can't say when nuclear reactors will restart See in context

Just drag it out a bit longer and hope the people get bored and stop caring, and then business as usual

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Posted in: Nokia abandons Japanese market See in context

Nokia are all but finished in today's phone market

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear power plants to undergo stress tests See in context

I bet these 'tests' will only have two results: A or B - like their 'tests' on the safety of swimming water.

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Posted in: Reconstruction minister resigns over offensive remarks; Hirano takes over See in context

When they say he "resigned," does that mean he's out of a job, resigned, or does he still have some function and salary and office?

He still has a job, just not reconstruction minister

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Posted in: Reconstruction minister resigns over offensive remarks; Hirano takes over See in context

What a clown. Where do Japanese politicians come from? They all seem to have no common sense, and just the most bizarre things come out of their mouths all the time.

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Posted in: Ichihashi admits to raping, strangling Hawker, but denies intent to kill See in context

He's gonna get the death penalty

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Posted in: Tide barrier See in context

About 2 metres high? Well, safety measures finished there

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Posted in: Woman living in Fukushima shelter burns herself to death in apparent suicide See in context

Bloody horrible

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Posted in: Haruka Ayase to portray Yaeko Yamamoto in NHK's new drama See in context

She's hot

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Posted in: Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid to include quake-hit areas See in context

I guarantee that no athletes will want to be going to Fukushima

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Posted in: Lineup See in context

plastic surgery generation

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Posted in: IAEA says nuclear safety must be improved; criticizes Japan for being lax See in context

Speaking for Japan, Economics Minister Banri Kaieda pledged that his country “will take drastic measures to ensure the highest level of safety” for its reactor network.

Didn't he just say two days ago that all the nuclear plants in Japan are now safe enough to turn back on? They sure did quickly get up to the 'highest level of safety'

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Posted in: Water cleanup system shut down at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

It also wouldn't surprise me if they didn't order any backup cartridges, because they expected them to last a few weeks

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Posted in: Water cleanup system shut down at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

What a disaster

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

Standards have dropped a bit...

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Its ok. I don't need to see the most popular articles though, just the newest.

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