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Posted in: 82-year-old man with dementia killed by 'stressed out’ wife See in context

Jailing a 77 year old. Hmmm, how does that make any sense? And how is she going to function in jail?

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Posted in: U.S. influence in Pacific wanes; Japan considered 'smart power' by think tank See in context

Hahaha! Smart power. I have had PHD graduates and Japanese doctoral students from Kyushu University #4 in the nation that did not know how to EDIT and PROOF their English essays that they turned in for their job application / interview at my university. Some 26 errors, horrible academic writing, and one individual (who actually had worked as a part-timer at my university) even got the name of the university wrong! A previous Kyushu University graduate also misspelled my university's name wrong. I have a part-time university position at a private university near here, and 40%-50% of these students are so LAZY that they can not even turn in their EASY homework. The academic level for passing here, even at my national university, is 60% where as abroad, it is 69% and no one ever gets that score. Too shameful. I had one Chinese exchange student inquire about my advanced English course some 15 years ago, and he said, "Nah, we did this stuff in junior high school!" My own son, who was selected to enter Kyushu International University High School's "Nankan" (a position for those top 28 students from the city of Kitakyushu) realized that Japanese university education is a joke, and is just an extension of high school. Even though he was able to pass Tokyo Foreign Studies University, he passed it up and entered Washington State, which accepted him as an ordinary student. There he found he was BEHIND other students who had taken computer science courses since junior high school! And Japan thinks, actually, thinks it is going to compete on the global scale against China or the US. GOOD JOKE!!

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

She looks hungry. Soon she will protect Japan from China. We need more subs like. Well done Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd

> Oh to see our war mongering alpha males cheer this crap on! Question, how many MORE of these whales do you need to feel safe, to teach CHINA, those nasty people, a good lesson in Japanese dominance? 300? Is that enough? No? How about 3,000 more? Yeah, not enough, 30,000! Thing is as Japanese builds one, China builds TWO or more. They have more capital, more resources and a LOT more people. So we end up in another pointless arms race which just impoverishes us all, and then like the USSR, its game over. But these alpha males here will never recognize this. Cognitively challenged they are!

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Posted in: Campaigning starts for 2nd referendum on Osaka metropolis plan See in context

THEY NEVER STOP. I was thinking this issue was put to rest a few years ago, but these politicians' quest for power is endless.

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Posted in: Budget requests hit record ¥105.4071 tril, fueled by pandemic spending See in context

You could if you had your own money and a money printer that you could use at will and were able to issue IOUs that you could buy back using your own money. And if the accumulation of IOUs under your control were too much of a worry, you could burn them, and no one would care, because they belonged to you anyway. 

The budget is numbers on a spreadsheet and little else.

Well, Jeff Lee, on one hand I agree with you, but on the other it is the "faith" of foreigners in the value of the "yen" that will determine things. IF the foreigners say, tomorrow, "Hey, your currency is like Zimbabwe's and it is garbage, then they will rattle the markets, the yen falls, and imports sky rocket. Then the whole show comes tumbling down, because Japan is VERY dependent on fossil fuels and food imports. But, hey, we get that Abe and Suga inflation that they dearly wanted.

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Posted in: Budget requests hit record ¥105.4071 tril, fueled by pandemic spending See in context

And you WOULD THINK that at my national university there would be serious talks of cutting the budget. Right? I mean a HUGE deficit. GDP down 29%. Nope! Business as usual.

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Posted in: All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested See in context

I remember a Shinto Shrine in Hiroshima that did this. Basically, it was for WOMEN, married in the 40s, 50s and 60s that were in sexless marriages and just needed a little action, or "cleansing" of their thoughts. So, the shrine stepped in and helped them. For a donation "from the women" they were allowed to meet men discreetly who then were NOT paid, but had free sex. The act was done, the shrine got its donation, and the men got sex. Win-win. Nothing illegal about it. This is what Mr. Murakami needs to do. He needed to set up a SHINTO SHRINE. Then, no problem.

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Posted in: Japan plans to release refugee status seekers from detention See in context

What makes Japan a safe and unique country is that it is homogeneous

Really? Then, assuming you are a foreigner, you had better leave. So, what about Switzerland, made up of four ethnicities. It is safe and unique but NOT homogeneous. Or Malayasia. I could go on. Your "ethnic supremeism" is showing. How ridiculous, to say diversity is weakness, and chaotic.

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Posted in: Woman sues Tokyo company after having to work 48 days in a row with limited bathroom breaks See in context

Waiting for folks here to defend the TV and tell this “here” woman to “suck it up” and learn that “this is how things are down, here in this dystopian, Dicksonian “workers paradise” that we find ourselves in! This is why we need unions! For me, my union came in quite handy, when my university raised the standards for being promoted to professor FIVE times higher than usual, (I still met that requirement) and then forced me to go through TWO interviews, DO TWO different powerpoint presentations, revise my resume 18 times, and then do a year project to show my worth. Then my union stepped in and now monitors all promotions! Note: afterwards, they lowered the standard to now only SIX Published articles for Promotion as all of the Japanese associate professors are not that keen on working so hard and would never meet that standard of 50 articles! But in right wing cult world, there is nothing like abusive treatment of workers. Never!

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Posted in: Don't pursue strike capability or NATO-like Asia, scholars tell Suga See in context

Uh, zombies don’t listen. WHEN did this zombie club, LDP, EVER listen to sound advice or to the people! He will go right ahead with this plan. That is what the munitions people want!

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context

WHY would ANYONE would listen to Ms. "Canceling the Olympics is UNTHINKABLE" despite the fact that at that time, it was pretty apparent that no one was going to risk coming, AND it was insane to start letting people come into Japan in July and August? Talk about blinders and stupidity. WHY is this pathetic woman still in politics?

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Posted in: COVID robocop: the droid that reminds you to wear your mask See in context

Let's just call it as it is, a tape-recorder in a huge plastic robot-shaped body. Nothing else. GEEZ.

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Posted in: U.S. debt will soon exceed size of entire economy See in context

Didn't Trump say the best economy in decades?

Best economy ever until the WuFlu hit the world. That's why we had 1.37M jobs added in August despite the lockdowns in Dem sates and cities.

"I love debt." D. Trump

Yeah, and most of the current debt was accumulated by Bush Jr and Obama. Obama accumulated more debt than all presidents before him combined including Bush Jr.

Ah, serrano, there is JUST nothing that will EVER make you doubt, or criticize DEAR LEADER, is there? Why, he could shoot a bunch of liberals or Congressmen on 5th Avenue, and you would cheer him on! Thing is about this "here" economy is that you keep on stating that these jobs mean something, when in fact, they are probably hamburger flipping jobs or minimum wage jobs at Amazon. It's meaningless, especially as our trade deficit, which DEAR LEADER promised to eliminate, is wiping out manufacturing jobs and other descent jobs. And remember, Obama reduced the debt that Bush racked up from two unneeded wars, and Clinton left Bush with a surplus, which Bush eliminated.

"U.S. debt will soon exceed size of entire economy" It will soon be curtains for this old empire! Good riddance!

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Posted in: Facebook threatens to block Australians from sharing news stories See in context

I can't wrap my head around this. Posting a link to a news service somehow deprives that news service of revenue. I would think it would be the opposite. Many of such links are to paywalls anyhow, so, how are such news sites being deprived of money anyhow. Strange to have to defend Facebook or Google in this regard. Any explanations?

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

Is it possible to get the addresses of these people, Japantoday. It will be nice to pick up some of their stuff for pennies on the dollar, when they kick off.

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Posted in: Japan will respond if S Korea seizes Japanese assets: Aso See in context

Oops, I THINK this topic will drag out every single "I love only Japan and I DO hate so very much Korea and China" poster (could use another word here) and who will "stir the pot" and show to the world the smallness of their worldview. Shame as it is all "wrestling" just for show. But as the USA's GDP dropped 33% (the great depression's had a 15%) and since we ARE heading into a great depression, maybe grabbing each other's assets AND resources will be the "thing to do" because there are no other options.

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Posted in: Duterte critic journalist Ressa convicted in Philippine libel case See in context

Banger, that's rich! Even my Filipino wife thinks Duterte is an idiot, one who wish he was the first one to rape a Christian missionary who was trying to out down a prison riot, and was ganged rape! A free press is an issue for ALL countries!

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Posted in: Hello Kitty company gets new boss after 60 years See in context

New boss, ‘Please give her a mouth

My son says that is a terrible idea, having no mouth is why itbis so popular. Who knew!?

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Posted in: Hello Kitty company gets new boss after 60 years See in context

This is the BIGGEST problem in Japan, dinosaurs refusing to get off the stage and refusing to innovate or let any one younger to have any say in directing the company. Suzuki (car company) had the same problem with the 90+ CEO barging into company meetings and making a jackass of himself due to increasing dementia. Hmmm, the have a similar situation in some "royal family" that speaks....English.

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Posted in: New Zealand city removes statue of its 'murderous' namesake See in context

Very curious to see which historical figure is actually going to pass the purity test.

Oh Burning Bush, this is so like HARD, how about not glorifying a-holes who slaughtered people in the name of empire and fame. "Look at me, I just slaughtered a village"-- yeah we can begin with THESE people and honor people like those in Doctors without Borders, for example.

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Posted in: Trump pushes conspiracy theory about Buffalo protester shoved by police See in context

There’s another video of this guy talking to some local protesters before this incident, many of them black, and they were pissed. One young black fella said “this guys about to get punched in the face”, after he told the locals that he was there “just for fun”. Another black woman reacted angrily “fun!?, this sh#t ain’t fun!”.

someone can bleed quickly from a scalp injury, but cannot bleed quickly from the ear with a head injury. 

The only reason he was able to get that close to the cops was because he was a 75 year old. And it looks as if he was scanning something, and that’s what the cops reacted to. He should have been arrested, not shoved, but he put himself in that position. 

His intent was not sincere. 

Fizzbit, does it HURT to make this stuff up? Excusing the abuse of an elderly person, (and let us NOT FORGET Trump's mocking of a disabled reporter, Trump's bedding down a prostitute and getting away with it?) Excuses, excuses. The man was there returning a COP's helmet. How was this nice gesture returned? Abuse! Nazi-brownshirt style! And you are GOD, you know his intent, and even if his intent was "insincere" what difference does it make? Cops are NOT allowed to abuse and beat people. So, question: how FAR are you willing to excuse authoritarianism? Is Jung Un's gulags in which 200,000 people work and die in Nazi-level concentration camps, OK? Trump praised them, as a good way of managing people. Just asking for the rest of us anti-fascists.

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Posted in: Streaming video, online retailers escape pandemic pounding See in context

"it's not fair to all the other businesses that closed to respect the lockdown." "Retailers like department stores were pretty much forced to close and it's not fair to them that their competition is allowed to operate."

Ah, BB, you haven't realized by now that the world isn't fair?

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Posted in: G20 agriculture ministers say coronavirus measures should not disrupt food supply See in context

Proxy, oil is about zero cents a barrel, I think oil production is not an issue. Now, if you want higher prices for your gas then that is your issue alone. As for food, most liberals are for shutting down the economy but NOT the food chain supply! These "people" need to risk it and get back to work! The meme of "I want my eggs and chicken" is a real one. The issue for Japan, is when these agricultural workers start to die off, then food becomes scarce and guess what? No more food exports, like Russia is doing. Japan is only 11% food self-sufficient. So, guess who is screwed?

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Posted in: Gov't waiting for Golden Week to decide on extending state of emergency See in context

Let’s just reopen and get on with it....people need to get back to work.

Well "John" are you going to "feel" the same way after you get infected. Second, are you willing to pay for (through higher national health insurance dues) those who were irresponsible and decided to risk it and got infected? After all, treatment is not free! Just asking. I mean you seem to think a few thousand more dead is "worth" the freedom of us working hard to make our rich oligarchs even richer.

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Posted in: Japan reports 25 new coronavirus deaths; highest for single day See in context

yet no light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

usreamer, the light at the end of the tunnel is the C train, or COVID train!

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Posted in: China suffers worst economic drop since '70s in virus battle See in context

Prepare for a depression the likes we have never seen before. No way, when this is over Japan will climb out of this and ramp up exports like before. And add in the additional debt, lack of tax revenues, from the lack of exports and business activity, then you have Japan caught in a real debt trap. If they raise taxes, to pay off the debt, that will further kill any possible rebound. The economy was already heading to a recession due to the last one. So the only option by next year will be to print out a gazillion yen, pay everything off, and issue new currency, which will be practically worthless on the international market. So forget about buying imports---like food products. Just have a lot of foreign currency savings.

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Posted in: 60% still go to office despite state of emergency over virus: survey See in context

The food at the supermarket you buy everyday has to get grown, processed, transported and cleaned.

All that Netflix you're watching requires an internet connection, that means technicians, engineers, softwares guys etc. all have to work.

Wow! For once I agree with Burning Bush. I drive into work myself to an empty university and to my own office to make video lessons explaining the textbook to my students. No problem here, otherwise these online courses will be a dang JOKE. Someone has to do this and making video lessons at home isn't practical. Same with the accountant that makes sure the workers killing that chicken you want to buy at Spina gets paid. It is insane to expect all workers to stay home because you will be starving in two weeks, I assure you. Then there is just the issue of normalcy. People NEED to get out of their tiny condo prisons, so staggering work shifts so as to make sure everyone is socially distant from each other is do-able and probably recommendable. Sometimes you have to see the big picture. I don't recommend "opening up" the economy. Historical note: after WWI everyone forgot about the pandemic and social distancing laws and masks (back then in 1918, there was a law to wear masks) and everyone celebrated. The outcome of that one celebration had more people dying from the pandemic than from all of the dead from WWI. It was horrific. Same thing will happen with Trumps gambit, but you can open up intelligently, this business on this day and that business on that day and to have socially distancing take place in those businesses seems workable. But at the end of the day, there are essential workers, and sometimes the push a pen or type in a computer. They don't work, then we die.

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Posted in: IMF warns Japan against deepening negative interest rates See in context

What this means for the average Joe and Jill, is that your bank will start charging you money to leave your money at their bank to "play with"! Let that ping-pong around in your mind. Switzerland did the same thing a few months ago, and the rich said a big F this and have withdrawn their entire savings and put it into safes. So, I expect the same thing in Japan. This stupid government needs more creative ideas in raising revenue. I remember back in the 90s, during the Korean economic collapse, the government had certain retailers attach codes on the items that they were selling, and if you bought the right item with the right code, you won a refrigerator or TV. It spurred sales, and the coded items sold for a few pennies more but the campaign raised a LOT of money for a cash strapped government. But such ideas will never happen here.

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Posted in: Keep your distance See in context

For the next two years folks until there is a vaccine (which may never happen as this virus can re-activate itself at will). Welcome to the brave new world.

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Posted in: S Korea reports more recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again See in context

Probably meaning no vaccine on the horizon as their immune system have not developed a resistance. Which means a HIV / AIDS like cocktail, which could take years.

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