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TheRat comments

Posted in: 'We must end this uncivil war,' Biden says, taking over a U.S. in crisis See in context

Tell that to Bannon who is calling for a civil war and to Flynn and his brother who supported a coup.


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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

Folks, he is lying! WHY would you believe him now? I say he will cause major death and chaos in order to stay out of jail. 21 indictments are going to hit him in his face on Jan 21st, so nothing to lose.

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Posted in: Q&A: Clooney on 'Midnight Sky' and his twilight as an actor See in context

Watching it now but this tendency in movies to not identify the cataclysmic event is annoying. I know it opens the director up to criticism that “no xxx doesn’t happen that way” but doing things this way whereby no one talks about exactly what is wiping out the planet is lazy.

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Posted in: Wearing someone else's face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan See in context

Great, someone buy a Trump mask, wrap a pillow around your waste to look obese, wear a suit, red tie, and then go around saying “Yes, Biden did win. I lost. I am a loser and a con artist, it is who I truly am! I have suckers to please and to fleece.”

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Posted in: Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost See in context

I am watching George Orwell 1984....I suggest you all watch it" This is what the media and the left is looking to do"

Seriously? Really? If there is any Big Brother, it is TRUMP. With his hate sessions (I call them whine sessions) and his brown shirts going around shooting people and tearing up BLM signs, yep, you better watch 1984 because it is TRUMP who wants to play dictator. Not Biden.

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Posted in: Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost See in context

Well, I guess that leaves our conservatives no other choice than outright domestic terrorism. But that is what their politicians have been doing, denying stimulus checks to people and only to corporations, and to those who donate to their campaign. And of course, voting against clean air, water, and violence against women, etc, etc. etc.

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Posted in: Mayor defends councilwoman's ouster over sexual assault claim See in context

If she made it up then she shouldn't be a councilwoman in the city government.

Well, 99.99% of women do not go around making up these allegations as the push back, as we see, is so horrific, plus the toll on the family of the women. Saying that, if there was a rape, and I am not clear on this, she should have gone to the police and had a DNA sample taken. But, a lot of questions remain. Where did this take place? Most offices are busy. Anyhow, this reaction from the mayor and his BOYS is making the town and Japan look like a bunch of throwbacks. It makes it difficult for women who do have serious allegations to come forward! The best hope for Japanese working women is just to leave Japan for safer and greener shores! Many are already doing that!

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Posted in: Japan to suspend Go To Travel campaign for whole country from Dec 28-Jan 11 See in context

How many meetings you all think it took (and for how long, how many experts?) were needed to make this call?

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Posted in: Hayabusa2 capsule returns to Japan for analysis of asteroid samples See in context

Yes, and NOW all of our problems will be solved. Thanks JAXA. As I tell my own space engineering students, if they work with space, try to find some solutions or breakthroughs that help people down here on Earth. Most of this data will indicate how SOME asteroids are formed or what they are made up of, but not much else can be extrapolated, and even that data will be of use to a microscopic number of scientists. It was a great engineering feat, but it will have little impact on our lives. It would have been smarter to see how the moon could be colonized.

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Posted in: Japan compiles ¥73.6 tril new stimulus package to fight pandemic See in context

how much of that total would go to subsidize things that are going to spread the virus. 

spot on Dagon! How much will be spent on spreading the disease with stupid GotoTravel, GotoOlympics, GotoGym campaigns! All in the name of economics! money, money, money, as if they can somehow monetize this virus, and still earn some tax dollars from it!

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Posted in: Suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind killed See in context

Amazing how EVERY TIME the republicans lose, they have to set the world ablaze and destroy the place, and then whine about democrats trying to fix it and balance the budget (note, both trade deficit and our debt has gone way UP under Trump). Bush I, got us into Somalia with no exit plan or even a strategy there, then his stupid son got us into Afghanistan (and they were willing to hand over Bin Oladen if we only showed them proof, just like every other country would have asked) and so Obama spent years cleaning up those messes! Now Iran. I am sure this time they will use nukes because it will be far more “fun” and far more difficult for Biden to get out of!

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Posted in: Company donations to LDP down for 1st time since 2012 See in context

If LDP are always in power, What’s the point of donating 

Exactly! It is always a done deal, isn’t it, the LDP having control. Indeed why give a yen?

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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

Amazing the number of freaks that want a Kim Jung Un family tyranny over a real democracy, as if in that dictatorship under Trump, they would somehow benefit! COVID19 is racing out of control and Trumpy can not do a SINGLE measure to slow the spread or tell people to even wear masks! Cult!

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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

Thing is that the Supreme Court ruled last week unanimously that electors can not be faithless and have to respect their state’s choice. Too bad Trumpy!

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Posted in: Virus surge causing concern for Japan's strained medical system See in context

But what about those face-to-face classes at the university level that MEXT wanted? Gone? Seriously, these Japanese politicians are THIS stupid to not FORESEE that winter season brings on more flu cases. Why do these fool always REACT instead of preventing problems?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Many rules, no partying, no hanging around See in context

Sounds like it will attract SO MANY athletes, like “perform and get the hell out” will resound with so many nations. Seriously, don’t Japanese understand that their can be a middle way. Like, here are our designated watering holes, socially distance yourselves now! And besides, these people will have all tested negative so what is the issue?

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach confident Tokyo Olympics will be safe for athletes, fans See in context

Sure they will! Him and his family! They count!

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for killing brother with hammer See in context

Free time is dangerous, free time kills! Put that slogan in the subways, just to remind the masses!

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Posted in: Trump, stewing over election loss, silent as virus surges See in context

just to show you how evil Trump is, he wanted to replace ALL of the electoral college electors with loyalists, who would vote for him no matter what their state’s certified! Luckily he missed the supreme courts UNANIMOUS decision on this, that they can’t do this. https://guce.yahoo.com/consent?brandType=nonEu&gcrumb=HaEacMc&done=https%3A%2F%2Fnews.yahoo.com%2Ftrump-asked-aides-could-pursue-113507375.html%3Fsoc_src%3Dsocial-sh%26soc_trk%3Dfb%26tsrc%3Dfb

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Posted in: Princess Mako expresses strong resolve to get married See in context

This bullying of the potential spouse (before and after marriage) is a tradition with this “Royal Family.” I read that wife of the former emperor really got it from his mother who unleashed everything but the kitchen sink at her! And even after the marriage too. If my mother did that to my fiancee or wife, she would have been disowned. A little class is necessary if you are to be “royal” or even if you are a commoner. Geez!

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Posted in: Critics speak out on Tokyo Olympic costs, pandemic, fairness See in context

The problem here is that once the visitors flow, and the covid19 spikes, it will be just a slew of anti-foreign rhetoric and endless blaming and smearing. STUPID. Move on. Save it for the next one, in three years.

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Posted in: Hokkaido town deploys 'Monster Wolf' robots to deter wild bears See in context

Somebody cleaned up on this! Being next to a conservation area, literally in my back yard, boars are a common nuisance. Their babies slip under my gate and wreck havoc. My neighbor installed blue flickering lights as his property is really attacked. Nothing happened. Boars are smart, smarter than dogs. They will know this thing ain’t moving, and is not a threat, but kudos to the inventor and marketer who conned this city into buying it! You think the city would be smarter!

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Posted in: ASEAN summit begins online meetings with regional leaders See in context

This should be fun! A bunch of conservative, unimaginative, lazy, good-for-nothing, OLD, nationalistic leaders sit down and discuss.......WHAT? A common currency? Nah! United defense treaty? Nah! Common labor practices that would allow workers to enjoy similar levels of worker protection and safety? Nah! Environmental and CO2 reductions! Nah! What a joke this is!

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

zichiToday  04:18 am JST

Trump is considering starting a media outlet strong enough to take down Fox News. He's very vindictive.

Don’t worry Zichi, he can’t run a company from JAIL!

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Posted in: Biden moves forward, names longtime adviser chief of staff See in context

Put in Hillary into DOJ and go after Trump! That will be sweet to watch. Pack the courts! Add in Obama to the Supreme Court, and a few others. Watch heads explode.

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

BlacklabelToday  08:58 am JST

The challenging part for Japan will be getting phone calls from Biden claiming he is President when he actually is not. 

that will be confusing on both sides.

it must be so painful Blacklabel to not understand math and how state after state have already certified the count anf found NO fraud other than rumors and of (hahaha) one postal clerk claiming he say fake ballots and after collecting 130,000 dollars from conservative suckers, he RECANTED! Geez, THAT is what I call a good and profitable and fun con job! But frankly there is always parler.com for you people, the place where it is ok to say the ni—word. Hahah

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

Conservative posters, HOW LONG are you going to recycle this nonsense. BIDEN WON.


Biden is innocent then why he is afraid of the investigation? Why he is afraid of investigation? Let allow an international team to look into this election fraud.... This is the way it happened in many countries.

New York Times already had a banner headline and article about the certification process. Republicans were even allowed to see the count, so WHAT are you whining about. Besides trying to mess it up (police caught one person with fake ballots in a Hummer), and others trying stupid stuff, this election was clean! Trump is so far behind that it is ridiculous to think a second count will change things, but go ahead! You pay for it!

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Posted in: Japan sees near-record 1,547 coronavirus cases in possible 3rd wave See in context

BUT, still MEXT is pushing for face to face classes at the university level. “MAN UP TEACHERS, to the TRENCHES!” Stupid government!

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

trump will never ever concede, it is his MO. His guiding principle. Cheat. Steal. Break laws! No problem. The article states that if Moscow Mitch, who might be tired of Trumpy, and he tells his GOP to “stand down” (womp womp) then they will but MITCH has never done the right thing ever. So, civil war we come!


The article ends with this: "I think the best case scenario is eventually the lawsuits go away, Trump never concedes, but Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20," he said. "And then Trump spends the next few years trying to take down America through the media conglomerate he's going to create. That's not a great scenario either. So either way, we're in for rough seas. And we're not even talking about the pandemic, or climate change, or racism!"

I disagree, he will be in jail!

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Posted in: Refusing to concede, Trump blocks cooperation on transition See in context

In the case of the 2000 election, once ALL of the votes were finally counted, Al Gore won the popular vote in Florida. Regretfully, the Supreme Court decided to stop the counting of legally submitted ballots. It is an unfortunate piece of our collective history.

This is a crazy conspiracy that was disproven by the media who paid for, and conducted, their own statewide recount under the auspices of Florida public records law. Gore lost. If the media could have proven otherwise you would have heard about it. This is an example of disinformation likely buttressed by bad actors in order to sow discord and disunity among Americans.

Actually, that was the PLAN all along with Pam and Jeb Bush. They literally STOPPED the counting, and even though 11,000 more votes needed to be tabulated. So, it was a STEAL from the beginning. Gore won Florida. I have no problem with counting the votes in Georgia, and North Carolina but ALREADY Trump has lost. Give it UP! The only ones sowing discord are the republicans as always. They may even still try to take this to the supreme court. and try it that way, but then why have any elections, when you will just say, "HEY, confusion, like there was some fraud." Stop Whining, dude!

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