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Posted in: Hong Kong police shoot protester as activists block streets See in context

 The rail operator, MTR, suspended service on several lines, and public broadcaster RTHK reported that a fire had been set inside a train at Kwai Fong station.

Wow! I was just there yesterday in Hong Kong over the weekend for a conference and was at a hotel right near Kwai Fong station and took the MTR around and did not see ONE single protester, and saw only ONE cop exiting from one van. Amazing how one day can bring some change. I was actually disappointed, wanted to show some solidarity with them.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten foreign investment rules for national security See in context

Well, Japan is far "safer" by having rich Japanese oligarchs manipulate stocks and policy than some wiser and more objective foreigners ever would. (Sarcasm). Nothing like having particular stocks roped off only for Japanese to play with: no more Nissan issues.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. has reached trade deals with Japan; no word on cars See in context

And tomorrow, we learn that this is all wrong! When are we going to learn that Trump's approach to politics is to create chaos with all if its allies, which makes Trump's master, Putin, very happy.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

Vlad's scenario: US attacks Iran getting US involved in a third middle east war taking up even more of its military resources, Russia sells military hardware to Iran, Syria and Turkey, the region's oil output drops and Russia picks up slack, after all Russia's objectives met, it steps on to play peacekeeper further enhancing its image.

Exactly right, Lincolnman. It is all kabuki. Buy oil stocks.

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Posted in: PayPal cautious about future of Libra cryptocurrency See in context

Wow! A Facebook currency. On one hand, definitely needed as currency by governments can swung wildly due to the idiots in charge, but do we really want to give Facebook and Paypal more leverage over our lives?

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Posted in: South Korea files WTO dispute with Japan on export curbs See in context

Taking things to a new level. What will Japan do when it loses? Throw a temper tantrum?

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Posted in: S Korean beer imports from Japan plunge 97% See in context

This is all so primitive, it is like an Asian Brexit. The Koreans have had an issue about war time slavery. Deal with that issue like Germany has. Tearing up trade just hurts workers and if you posters think the Japanese brewers can make up for this loss, you are crazy! Who is going to buy lackluster beer. Any German or Belgium Pilsner knocks them flat. But go ahead and wage war on workers in the name of patriotism, trump would be proud!!

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Posted in: War at the dinner table: Hong Kong families divided over protests See in context

Heard from one Chinese language colleague who hears stuff / rumors generated from the ulta rich in China that invasion plans for Hong Kong and Taiwan are being finalized. And to think I will be presenting there in November. Could be a real memory.

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Posted in: Biden clashes with Warren, Sanders on healthcare in Democratic 2020 debate See in context

so Trump can tear it up in 2020.

Well, longtermer, I think Trump is tearing things up just fine right now. Like the long-time tradition and law of applying for asylum on reaching American soil. GONE. Uh, clean water, GONE, EPA pollution standards GONE.

Uh, decency, and class at the White House (Now, trashy fast food is served, and insults are routinely given to anyone who might displease Dear Egomanic) GONE, Uh, having morality (hiring a prostitute--getting away with soliciting, getting away with LYING about paying off prostitute 150,000 dollars--which would have let an an impeachment of any other president and JAIL TIME), GONE, and the economy is now GONE with his temper tantrum trade wars, and him now pushing NEGATIVE interest rates. GONE, GONE, GONE. Did I leave anything out?

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Posted in: UK court: Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament unlawful See in context

Russia wants chaos, and Brexit was one of their ideas that they pushed relentlessly through social media. And boy, ole boy, are the Brits playing along with spectacular theater. Making it far more complex than originally designed. Yeah! Get out your popcorn for in October, there will be a out and out breakup, and the borders will be closed. Chaos will reign and the Russians will laugh. Tariffs, and import duties, and lines and lines of trucks at the border getting inspected. BUT...the conservatives will say, "no problem" and the economy will SOAR. This will teach the EU a lesson or two. I wonder how many years of misery the Brits will put up with before they get on their KNEES to beg back in. Any ideas?

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

Ahh.....Trump didn't like Bolton's objection to his lovefest with the TALIBAN on 9-11 at Camp David. No one objects to DEAR LEADER. I mean this gets more and more surreal. Inviting the taliban on 9-11??? But to our conservative posters, this is BRILLIANT. And thing is....little known fact....Trump continued discussions with the Taliban after they killed 10 people and one American soldier. Trying to keep it going, see, whereby they sign another bogus peace treaty, and he gets to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and be on Time Magazine. And Bolton, who like the OTHERS, found a way out of doing his service to his country (bonespurs?) is more than happy with bombing, and bombing and bombing, no matter how many women and children are killed. "Thank you for your service Mr. Bolton" (from Bass4funk)---what sheer nonsense!!! What service, counseling war, war, war, as if America hasn't had enough of it, and where has war gotten us? 12 years in Afghanistan, more bombs used than in WWII, and still the Taliban run 40% of the country!!!! Which is why we are at the peace table. "Thank you for your service," WHAT A JOKE!!! And these conservative posters, because they can never ever criticize dear leader (God, what they would have done to this man had he been a democrat!!!), is to rationalize the 9-11 Taliban love fest. Too comical.

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Posted in: Britain's Johnson vows to fight on despite Brexit blows See in context

When they crash out and tariffs hit, and exports crash, and food shortages hit, I will get my popcorn. Just wonder how many years it will take for insight to happen. The pain will be immense, and only a fool would discount that fact!

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters call on Trump to 'liberate' the city See in context

Serrano, if you don't know of Trump's love relationship with Putin, passing notes back and forth with all American diplomats told to go away, of Trump owing millions to the Russian mob because AMERICAN banks realized he was a con artist, and how Putin is running things in America, then you just don't know much. Or you are such a loyal pet who brooks no criticism of Dear Leader.

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Posted in: Police unsure why man went on shooting spree in West Texas See in context

The reason we have this problem is because of BRIBES from the NRA, one politician got over 4 million for his campaign money. This buys a lot of "not caring about dead people" and these conservatives think this is all about values, the second amendment. Posh. These reptiles care only about the money and as long as the NRA pays and fills the coffers of both parties this slaughter will never end. Amazing how conservatives are just fine with that, never taking a slight loss in Freedom (regulating assault weapons of mass destruction) which might allow 50 people a month to like... Live! Why? Because they are selfish!

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Posted in: 5 killed, including gunman, 21 wounded in west Texas shootings See in context

At the end of the day, conservative posters, will defend and defend the 2nd amendment which allows well regulated militias to exist only, not unregulated WMDs, and declare their freedom to have WMDs is precious than life itself. Of course if their wife or sister or parents or children were the victims, they would be singing another tune. Easier when someone else's DNA bites the dust, see.

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Posted in: Bahamas braces for hit as Hurricane Dorian roars toward Florida See in context

Heading right for Marco Rubio territory, time to clean out the deadwood! Karma! And watch Trump throw paper towels at the homeless people again, but hey, these people are republicans, so that should be sufficient!

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Posted in: Brexit: Johnson faces mounting legal, political, diplomatic challenges See in context

Well, it seems that Russia and Mossad have already posted their nonsensical comments, especially like the one where Britain holds all of the cards against EVERY EU country, who so desperately need Britain's exports......of what? Nasty English sausage? I can't wait for the lines of trucks backed up for miles at the English border waiting to psy tariffs and for British tourists now having to get Visas. And then when the supermarket shelves to get emptied! What a hoot, and then the fights over the last bit of food and wine! Maybe, for act 2, england will build a wall around themselves, and then each town can seal themselves off from each other! That should solve the problem.

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Posted in: British PM to suspend parliament before Brexit; opposition denounces 'coup' See in context

Must be a good news for Mr.Putin! The crumbling European union is good for Russia to get back those lost lands of the Soviet Union !

I have heard stories about Russia's involvement in Brexit. And, once the UK leaves, and the problems (the real ones, in which the towns and hamlets were being left in the dust by capitalism 101--the same problem here in Japan) don't go away by this, who then to blame, what to do? Maybe England will put up a wall between Wales and Scotland, that might be the solution. Hah! These people are so benighted that they can't discern what is really the source of their problems and lash out and blame others. I am getting my popcorn ready for October, when the UK self-destructs, and there are lorries (trucks is the correct word, I believe) lined up at the border, the English tunnel, waiting for inspection and visas, (HA HA HA), and then these tariffs have to be levied, (HA HA HA) and then the Brits are expelled from their permanent residency status in SPAIN (HA HA HA) and so on and so on. The fun will NEVER end, and let us not get into the IRISH question. That too will be a howl. Brits can be so stupid, but the Americans are NOT far behind!!!

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Posted in: N Korea solidifies Kim Jong Un's 'monolithic' power See in context

Seems like he's really a beloved leader. At least the DPRK citizens love and respect their head of state, more than we can say for our societies!

Well, it helps when you have a gun pointed at your head, and you are told and also brainwashed from birth to love DEAR LEADER, there is that. Like having no choice in the matter, and even having to love DEAR LEADER when some of your own family members have starved to death. Just reading Jasper's "Hungry Ghosts" of Mao's famine which wiped out 9 million in one area of China, and how through enough propaganda, people carried on, despite having to feast on family members to survive the winter, (HUGE problem that is often not reported, but his details and sources are quite thorough), and really, this is the same thing. Moral: People can be convinced of about anything. Like Donald Trump is a great President. LOL.

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Posted in: U.S. approves $3.3 bil sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan See in context

Glad you're so optimistic. God forbid Japan is prepared to defend itself.

> You conservatives have so MUCH paranoia and fear. OMG, the North Koreans invade Japan. OMG they will unleash thousands of missiles on Japan---for WHAT purpose? They wouldn't be able to hold South Korea for five minutes without becoming nuclear ash, the only real result of a war. So, this is all game-playing, in ten more years it will be yet another system and a few billion more and Japan never gets out of debt! All to support big military industries and big muscled idiots in the army who are too stupid to get a real job. And.....really "anti-ballistic" system, some of us have real lives and who don't STUDY this crap and hover breathlessly over the news of yet another weapon of mass destruction. Really, there a LOTS of people like us.

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Posted in: U.S. approves $3.3 bil sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan See in context

3.3 billion that could be used for the pension system or ANYTHING else, but wasted on an antimissile system. What a waste.

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Posted in: Epstein autopsy report finds broken bones in neck: Washington Post See in context

Hmmmm. Well, I'm gonna go with the theory that he's dead and he was murdered

Well, Serrano, as he was taken off of suicide watch for now reason, the camera on his cell was for some STRANGE reason not working, and the warden was mysteriously transferred the next day, I would say it SMELLS like murder. Can't have him spilling the beans on his best friend who also ENJOYED underaged girls....named Trump. Who had parties with them lined up for inspection!

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Posted in: Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China See in context

The key thing here is that people are arrested for doing weed, which is LEGAL in ANOTHER country. So can we arrest Japanese who are 20 years old and test positive for alcohol? Do we collect urine from all young Japanese who come into the states, because laws are laws and American law is well WORLD wide. And for Chinese, well there is that communist related activity that keeps one from entering the states so background checks of ALL Chinese. Two can play this game.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

Trump is trying to stop illegal immigration, the dems are for open boarders. I think this guy was insane and responsible for his own actions.

Oh, Mr. Noidall, (by the way, what is your Russian name?) do REALIZE that Trump had the House and Senate for TWO YEARS, and nothing seemed to change on that there border. Huh? For a guy that says, "The buck stops here!" I kind of think that the GOP doesn't want things to change so that they can continually use this as a wedge issue and to stoke up hate for the Democrats. I mean....if the border issue was solved and ZERO border crossings (legal or otherwise) [and maybe we can stop this here intermarriage between the races too], what would the racists rant about then? I mean....besides gays, women, and ....the disabled?

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

Amazing how the white guy who kills 30 people is never ever called a terrorist, but a brown guy yelling Allah is. Funny that.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

Funny thing, it is never terrorism until the shooter calls out Allah, but if it is a white guy with a Nazi manifesto inspired by Trump, it is just a crazy. Funny, the GOP will never ever call a white guy a terrorist.

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Posted in: Is Boeing too big to fail? See in context

So Jeff, protectionism works then? Must be SOME middle ground here otherwise we are stuck drinking piss-poor Japanese wine (or wine beverage) while a burgundy wine is kept out of the country along with every other countries wine. It gets so ridiculous that some of my younger Japanese colleagues refuse to shop at Costco, which would give them cheaper and far more varied food than Aeon EVER would, because it is an American-based store.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

So says the man that has made hate a hallmark of his presidency, insulting individual citizens with petty and junior-high school remarks, MOCKING a disabled reporter, and saying, yes, there are some good people that have aligned themselves with Nazis and fascists. AND, how do you explain, conservative posters, two of these or more of these mass killers wrote manifestos which were inspired by Trump, they referenced TRUMP. Too bad he won't ever leave because he knows if he did, he will be indicted for obstruction and put in jail.

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 26 wounded after shooting at Walmart store in Texas See in context

It always amazes me that right-wingers would rather spend thousands of dollars on guns, hours in training, go through endless hours to get a right-to-carry permit, or a concealed weapons permit, and to be extremely paranoid each and every time they go out, (instead of just having serious gun control laws) so that they can cope with this madness or enjoy this freedom! have dozens of people killed each and every week as a by-product of this freedom, just as long as it is not anyone they know. BETif these conservative posters had their own wives, girlfriends, and offspring wacked, you might see a change in attitude. MIGHT, that is. This cult is deep and complicated.

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Posted in: Tokyo public schools will stop forcing students to dye their hair black, official promises See in context

Ridiculous idea that you have to have black hair to be educated in schools. What about skin color? Are my "Hafu" children not Japanese enough looking, are they too white, should they get cosmetic surgery to alter their "Gaijin" shaped eyes? I love Japan but some of the rules and social mores are just silly.

Well said Hawkeye, and I am amazed you got downvotes on this!!!! Can you imagine the sh-tstorm if some administrators told some Japanese students that their eyes were too slanted, or their skin to yellow, and to use some whiting lotion, so that the student body can help work towards orthodox American values, and thus be productive to the collective student body’s academic development. HAH! THAT would make national news. I remember the daughter of my Norwegian friend and his Japanese wife, that she had to dye her hair black (which is naturally brown), when she worked at Space World in Kitakyushu. And to think they do not recognized this underlying racism. And then they will wonder why they will have no immigrants applying to work here in the future too!

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