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In five years or so, we will have Trump TV and Trump history channel and Trump news and a government agency that says Trump is a celestial god or something, I mean north Korea is the model.

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Since Roe V Wade in the 1970's American women have aborted over 50 million babies that's more than all the soldiers killed in American wars since the war of independence.

Right....Andrew, MUCH better to have 50 million unwanted and unloved babies who become dysfuntional adults, and WHERE are you conservatives when it comes to actually FUNDING pre-school and schools and school lunches. NOWHERE! You are only pro-life for fetuses and embryos....only as a method of controlling women.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

Burning BushToday  06:53 am JST

There is no right to take the life of another person

So Burning Bush, so you are all burned up with that crazy GOP governor signing EIGHT execution decrees and killing eight people, right? Oh no, that can’t be. This is just a power game, keeping women under your heel, having them under threat of bearing YOUR child. Keep in mind, none of the GOP’s wives or daughters in Alabama will ever have to bear a rapist’s child. Never! Amazing how that works.

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

a large spike in gas like before the GFC will unlikely happen again. Consumers can now purchase affordable electric vehicles and the solar panels to charge them. Also shale gas from the US Russia Australia countries not bound by OPEC can ramp up production should OPEC raise prices considerably. OPEC tried to kill of shale but failed now theyre struggling to make a profit

There is no way for a society to switch to electric cars in a month or even in five years, and they make up only three percent of all cars. Solar is good but not enough homes are connected to it. So, just like last time, in the last energy crisis in the 80s, Japan’s economy TANKED, and tanked seriously. EFL might benefit as many people, unemployed will be looking abroad for work. Otherwise, this country will be toast.

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Question is you neocons and conservatives, are you WILLING to pay 1000 yen for a liter of gas IF you can find it for this precious war. Also, looked at one war scenario with Iran, guess what the US loses. Yeah, considering that we lost to North Vietnam, and basically to Afghanistan (40 percent of that country is controlled by the Taliban), it is easy to see. Basically they would need a MILLION soldiers (just like North Vietnam) to hold the country and hold is used loosely here. They would need a draft. It gets more complicated as more Muslim countries join in the fight against the US, and it gets real nasty when some bombs go off in the US and they (we) start doing to all muslims like we did with the Japanese, internment camps or outright deportations, even if they are American citizens, which fuels more countries to fight. Get it? Thanks Bolton! Thanks conservatives.

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Welcome boys and girls to the next big war, involving those Sunnis against the shiites. The Straits will be closed and blocked due to sunken ships, oil prices will increase ten fold, Saudis will be laughing all the way to the bank. As will Trump and Kushner Inc. Major food shortages also as there will be gas for farm machinery. Stock up on food now. THANKS conservatives!

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Posted in: Group referred to prosecutors for bed prank at Shibuya crossing See in context

“Can be considered dangerous” but no danger actually was caused, so a person’s perspectives are now valid in making an arrest. Again, no harm was done! No property was damaged. What is next, I put on a costume with a bed sticking out in front of me and back of me, I stop for 30 seconds to tie my shoes, and they arrest me? It just gets more and more ridiculous. The moral here is that these prosecutors can spend an unlimited amount of money chasing after everyone. There are no limits!

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This story is outdated introducing the situations of Japanese companies in the past.

Ah, Schoperhauer, are these horrible working conditions a thing of the past? What a hoot! Travel to most parts of Japan, Fukui, Niigata, parts of Hokkaido, Osaka, and you will find that a HUGE majority of firms are still stuck in the Showa era, with people going home at 10, 11, or 12. Gosh, I did some part time here in Kitakyushu a while back and that was when they were leaving, and ARE leaving. A really acute labor shortage has to hit before wide spread change for the workers comes. But as a conservative you don’t like that, huh Schopenhauer?

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Posted in: Teacher’s verbal abuse, threats blamed for 15-year-old girl’s suicide See in context

Never ever put your kids in a sports club or even the band. The sport coaches are bat crap crazy (win at all costs and more misery means more winning!) and both will eat into all of your kids time to study and pass exams. My son was injured on the junior high school volleyball team (which I thought was more lower key and less stressful—wrong), and needed stitches in his head due to another player banging him on the head with the volleyball bag, and the crazy coach wanted him to play the next week when he was supposed to get the stitches out. When I told him NO, he had another teacher call and try to pressure me. When I had a little “chat” with the principal the next day, I was told that I did not understand Japanese culture!

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Look around the globe and you'll find Putin's hand trying to undermine US interests; the Middle East, Ukraine Venezuela, Cuba, now Korea. And then we have that "sweeping and systematic" influence campaign during our election in 2015/16.

Yet our President has a nice, friendly chat with him today.

Putin leads Donnie around like a dog on a leash...

A poodle....

Uh-wee, Lincolnman, you have touched a nerve with all of those downvotes. But your points are rock solid. Amazing how these conservatives are in bed with the RUSSIANS and have no problem with a love fest between one of the most despicable, evil dictators of all time, Kim, and have no problem with Trump signing off and giving two million for the torture an American received. Crickets on THAT one from these patriots!!!

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Kim needs a few lessons from Putin in how to "manage" Trump, Putin is like an expert puppeteer who knows which string to pull and when and this goes for all of the conservatives who post here. Just tell us your Russian handle you comservative posters, will you? Your moderator seems to be so WORRIED about you all.

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According to Didier Gascuel, a researcher at Ifremer, which monitors the health of oceans, global fish stocks "could fall so low that it's no longer viable to go fishing

This is what will bring change, when the profits disappear, then the overfishing will too, but as SimonB notes, it will be LONG LONG time for the fish stocks to recover and how they will recover in acidified sea water that is polluted beyond imagination is beyond me! For conservatives, not a worry!

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Posted in: Thai king is officially crowned, boosting his regal power See in context

Must suck to have all of this power and money but to be so controlled by customs and politics and to have no personal time as well.

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Posted in: North Korea fires several short-range projectiles into sea See in context

Kim needs a few lessons from Putin in how to "manage" Trump, Putin is like an expert puppeteer who knows which string to pull and when.

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Posted in: 2 teens arrested after woman on moped injured by rope across road See in context

The really sad part of this aside from kids getting pleasure out of someone’s pain and injury (and possible death and how parents and society has somehow allowed this to happen) is the fact that a 77 year old woman is delivering newspapers at two a.m. Bet she has no other choice, other than starving to death. I don’t think that I could do this and I am only 59!

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Posted in: Trump, Abe cap visit with golf outing See in context

Watch out Abe, Trump cheats at golf too, just like everything else he does!

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Posted in: Stubbed out: Japanese university stops hiring smoking professors See in context

Thanks Nanny state! Who's next?.

At what POINT is your freedom to a drug, tobacco, and your right to pollute the surrounding environment AND to raise my health fees due to YOUR cancer more important than my RIGHT to being free of your toxic second smoke which us far more cancer causing than when the smoker inhales his own smoke. You people need a nanny because of your irresponsibility.

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Posted in: Reporter sues government after his passport invalidated See in context this logic any journalist covering a war zone or terrorist attack like the one in Sri Lanka can have their passports revoked. I say let him go but don't expect help from the government. In a way, they are preventing him from earning a living and the USA doesn't do this to CNN reporters.

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Posted in: Suzuki recalls 2 mil vehicles in Japan over faulty data, improper inspections See in context

Is there ANY Japanese company that doesn't cheat nowadays?

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Well said PTownsend. It is amazing how Trumpeters eat up all of his lies, now over 8,000 without a single complaint. And how Trump can cheat on his wife (imagine the sackcloth and howls of pain if Obama did this) and PAY off a porn star too, and NOT A SINGLE complaint!!! And here we have the intent to obstruct an investigation, but again, no problem. Such LOYALTY! BUT what are these conservatives getting out of a Trump presidency? It ain't money because that tax law that was passed screwed over the middle class big time.

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Posted in: Redactions heavier on Russian meddling than on obstruction See in context

Exactly, if Trump's staff had acted on HIS orders, he would have been brought up on charges of obstruction, not that this would HAVE MATTERED to the GOP or conservatives,, they would slavishly defend Dear Leader at all costs....just like the North Korean punk. So, its funny, Trump's inability to have his own staff OBEY him is what saved him! Welcome to the world of conservatives!

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Posted in: LDP calls for law to tighten regulation on IT giants See in context

Yeah, but if these have been Japanese companies, no such request would have been made. When did the LDP EVER make a similar proposal about Toyota?

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Posted in: OECD says Japan's consumption tax rate should be more than doubled See in context

How about this IDEA: Toyota (and many other large corporations here in Japan) start paying TAXES on their income. Did you know that Toyota pays ZERO taxes. Tax google for any services that they also provide, etc, etc, etc. Problem goes away.

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Posted in: Tributes and pledges as N Korea marks Kim Il Sung's birthday See in context

WtfJapan, you would THINK that our DEAR LEADER would have taken the time to plan out the peace treaty in detail instead of WINGING it at the last moment, and expecting positive responses. Trump is an idiot. Kim is smart by comparison, but in the end both are evil.

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Posted in: 31-year-old man arrested for abusing 9-year-old son See in context

Well, dislussioned, that is the problem. The kids believe it is their fault, get married and the cycle repeats itself.

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Posted in: 1st exam held in Japan for foreigners seeking new work visa See in context

Good for them, this is how you do it.

Not just let in any Tom, Dick, and Harry that wants to seek 'asylum' in your country.

Immigrants that actually have skills that benefit, not drain, society.

You realize old man that the applicants that pass this exam will be in the thousands. If we are lucky. Japan if it is to get out of this demographic slump needs MILLIONS of immigrants. You may give a bigoted 'so what' but maybe this will change when you find there is no one to change your diapers at the old folks home, no clerk at 7-11, no food on your table as the Japanese farmers have all died abd the young ones ain't EVER doing this work.

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Posted in: Police knew woman had problems with U.S. serviceman before their deaths See in context

Could have been the other way around. But I doubt it

Yeah, Bugle boy, it is so easy and common for a Japanese woman to kill a soldier, a trained hit man. Piece of cake, so we should wonder about this possibility. Right.

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Posted in: Major showbiz agencies urged to address long working hours See in context

More urging, more warning and nothing happens. In five years we will read the exact same thing. Welcome to kabuki, welcome to Japan Inc.

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Posted in: U.S. charges Assange after London arrest ends 7 years in Ecuador embassy See in context

I remember when conservatives wanted this man dead for exposing the nasty garbage going on with our military, even CNN’s Wolf Biltzer was foaming at the mouh. Then...To upend the US some more he works with Trump to get him elected. Trump and conservatives NOW love him. Quite the contrast, but now when he needs help they are no where to be found. Such is what you should expect when you help evil

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Posted in: Trump says he made Golan Heights decision after a quick history lesson See in context

Trump is a blithering idiot who isn't going to be happy until he starts WW3 with one of his moronic tweets.

Well, that will be coming soon when Trump finally withdraws from NATO and allows the Russians to sweep in the Baltics, and down to the Middle East. Not that I am the LEAST bit religious, but it is described in Revelations. Anyone thinking that this last "emperor" isn't short a few cards, hasn't been paying attention.

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