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Hmmmm. Well, I'm gonna go with the theory that he's dead and he was murdered

Well, Serrano, as he was taken off of suicide watch for now reason, the camera on his cell was for some STRANGE reason not working, and the warden was mysteriously transferred the next day, I would say it SMELLS like murder. Can't have him spilling the beans on his best friend who also ENJOYED underaged girls....named Trump. Who had parties with them lined up for inspection!

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The key thing here is that people are arrested for doing weed, which is LEGAL in ANOTHER country. So can we arrest Japanese who are 20 years old and test positive for alcohol? Do we collect urine from all young Japanese who come into the states, because laws are laws and American law is well WORLD wide. And for Chinese, well there is that communist related activity that keeps one from entering the states so background checks of ALL Chinese. Two can play this game.

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Trump is trying to stop illegal immigration, the dems are for open boarders. I think this guy was insane and responsible for his own actions.

Oh, Mr. Noidall, (by the way, what is your Russian name?) do REALIZE that Trump had the House and Senate for TWO YEARS, and nothing seemed to change on that there border. Huh? For a guy that says, "The buck stops here!" I kind of think that the GOP doesn't want things to change so that they can continually use this as a wedge issue and to stoke up hate for the Democrats. I mean....if the border issue was solved and ZERO border crossings (legal or otherwise) [and maybe we can stop this here intermarriage between the races too], what would the racists rant about then? I mean....besides gays, women, and ....the disabled?

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Amazing how the white guy who kills 30 people is never ever called a terrorist, but a brown guy yelling Allah is. Funny that.

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Funny thing, it is never terrorism until the shooter calls out Allah, but if it is a white guy with a Nazi manifesto inspired by Trump, it is just a crazy. Funny, the GOP will never ever call a white guy a terrorist.

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So Jeff, protectionism works then? Must be SOME middle ground here otherwise we are stuck drinking piss-poor Japanese wine (or wine beverage) while a burgundy wine is kept out of the country along with every other countries wine. It gets so ridiculous that some of my younger Japanese colleagues refuse to shop at Costco, which would give them cheaper and far more varied food than Aeon EVER would, because it is an American-based store.

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So says the man that has made hate a hallmark of his presidency, insulting individual citizens with petty and junior-high school remarks, MOCKING a disabled reporter, and saying, yes, there are some good people that have aligned themselves with Nazis and fascists. AND, how do you explain, conservative posters, two of these or more of these mass killers wrote manifestos which were inspired by Trump, they referenced TRUMP. Too bad he won't ever leave because he knows if he did, he will be indicted for obstruction and put in jail.

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It always amazes me that right-wingers would rather spend thousands of dollars on guns, hours in training, go through endless hours to get a right-to-carry permit, or a concealed weapons permit, and to be extremely paranoid each and every time they go out, (instead of just having serious gun control laws) so that they can cope with this madness or enjoy this freedom! have dozens of people killed each and every week as a by-product of this freedom, just as long as it is not anyone they know. BETif these conservative posters had their own wives, girlfriends, and offspring wacked, you might see a change in attitude. MIGHT, that is. This cult is deep and complicated.

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Ridiculous idea that you have to have black hair to be educated in schools. What about skin color? Are my "Hafu" children not Japanese enough looking, are they too white, should they get cosmetic surgery to alter their "Gaijin" shaped eyes? I love Japan but some of the rules and social mores are just silly.

Well said Hawkeye, and I am amazed you got downvotes on this!!!! Can you imagine the sh-tstorm if some administrators told some Japanese students that their eyes were too slanted, or their skin to yellow, and to use some whiting lotion, so that the student body can help work towards orthodox American values, and thus be productive to the collective student body’s academic development. HAH! THAT would make national news. I remember the daughter of my Norwegian friend and his Japanese wife, that she had to dye her hair black (which is naturally brown), when she worked at Space World in Kitakyushu. And to think they do not recognized this underlying racism. And then they will wonder why they will have no immigrants applying to work here in the future too!

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Such mindless loyalty for the Dear Leader from these conservative posters. Kind of wonder WHAT WOULD IT TAKE for them to flip, to say, "enough." Scenarios please, or are you all just so without any values or principles that you would follow this creature off a cliff? Just asking!

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Funny thing, if Trump wasn't president, he would be in jail with all of the rest of his cronies. How do your "conservatives" explain how Flynn, Cohen, and all the rest are in JAIL or soon to be in jail, unless there is rampart corruption. And, of oh, that entire mob family is soon to be indicted in a pyramid scheme--oh this is from one of your OWN conservative rags: Daily Beast.

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Without this giving more exposure in schools and in the newspapers (constant), little progress is made. It is almost impossible to highlight labor or women’s issues in EFL textbooks much less textbooks for L1 learning of Japanese for reading or writing. The army of male editors and owners of these publishing houses and the BOE will see to THAT!

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Never before have we had such a buffoon as a “president” and one that is thin-skinned and lashes out with junior-high school insults, lies and taunts. And no matter how “low” he gets he plumbs new lows all of which make his mouth-breathing cave-men followers all the happier. Indeed, our conservative posters will (a) deflect these comments, ‘ah it is just a bunch of nothing,’ (b) dig down and repeat the lies and reinforce them, (c) do the both-siderism, ginning up fabricated comments from democrats. I wonder which one they will resort to as they will brook NO criticism of their dear leader. They themselves are incapable of criticizing him (or should I say IT, as him confers personhood, and that might confer humanity which he has NONE.

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You would think that with this statistic and with other such information, that the government would fire or at least not recruit any more police, but OH NO! A police state is a police state, and so more cops will be hired in the next few years to watch us!

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Live in denial much? Booming economy, record low unemployment, people getting off welfare and food stamps, better trade deals being done, ISIS decimated, steps being taken to get us out of Syria and Afghanistan, a great First Lady in the White House, I could go on and on.

Record low unemployment? Read about yet another corporation laying off more workers, and getting out of Afghanistan? LOL! Really? How naive you are. And as for the First Lady, I particularly enjoyed her nude lesbian-like photos that she took and all of those shots of her partially naked too! Of course, when Michelle Obama had a sleeve-less shirt on one time, it was foaming at the mouth on Fox “propaganda” channel.

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It also depends on what is being watched, one study years ago pointed out that watching violence suppresses the immune system and (though this was not in the study), probably increases depression and paranoia. Also, watching Fox news can make you STUPID, so much so that one can believe that Hillary Clinton was running a child-sex ring from the basement if a pizza restaurant, or that there were airplanes during the revolutionary war (think about how many Trumpteers were nodding their heads when this was said). Just saying.

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Sodas, sodas, sodas: coke and mountain dew, of all things (kind of a reference to the movie, “Idiotocracy.” One American professor I met talked to me about the poisonous work relationships at American universities nowadays, (and how it was only slightly better in the private sector as everyone knew that sooner or later they would be given the boot), but he also discussed how everyone was overweight and how everyone was drinking, yes, Mountain Dew. Too wild, but people eat not because they are hungry but out of stress. It must be hard to live in the “empire” nowadays.

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Right-wingers are so stupid! My god, do these people pushing for war still don't know the difference between Shiite Iran and the largely Sunni members of al Qaeda, and they've had 16 painful years to learn it. But Pompeo's not clever enough to pull off the full Wolfowitz yet. The CIA claiming a link between these TWO groups who despise each other? What, last year the sunnis, maybe Al Qaeda planted a bomb in Iran killing a bunch of Iranian troops, and the crap hit the fan in that country. Seriously, HOW STUPID these conservatives are, can’t do simple history or sociology in their run up to war. I guess those military-war stocks have plateau-ed out and some of these conservatives are pissed about not getting more return on their dollar the end...who cares about Iran? Oh, Japan does! It is buying Iranian oil!

Oh, and Shimon Masada, Iran a threat to you? The USA shot down a passenger plane filled with civilians, the US never apologized and all of the sailors got METALS for their “service.” It is the Iranians who should be afraid. Boy, Mossad is busy trolling sites lately.

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The mullahs want the American public to be afraid of war thus pushing for the government to to lift the sanctions.... CNN and its crows of believers falls for that. Luckily for us, currently the adults are in charge

HAHAAHAHAHA. LOL. Dang, Willi, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Trump—AN ADULT? Not an hour goes by without a temper tantrum, and one time it was reported in the first few weeks he wanted to blow away some country, and was told that is not how it works, you can’t just drop bombs on a country, and he FLIPPED OUT. Adults in charge, dang that is good!

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The Slaves were freed

Really? You DO realize that someone earning minimum wage, often with two jobs can not buy or rent an apartment and pay for food, gas, electricity, etc. etc? So...isn’t this another form of slavery? And the for profit prison system is just another form of outright slavery!

Iraq?! LOL? That place is a beacon of peace and stability? HOw many lives lost, how much sectarian violence did it cost to get ONE MAN?

Oh, bassy, your distain for these “entitlements” that keep people from begging in the streets so that you can throw nickels and dimes at them is pathetic, let’s talk about the entitlements and “subsidies” to the oil and gas “trusts” which DWARFS food stamp outlays, and the fact that the top ten “trusts” like Amazon anf GE pat ZERO taxes. Where is your outrage? uh?

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Posted in: U.S. to send 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East, citing concerns over Iran See in context

A 1,000 today, 10,000 tomorrow, next week 100,000 by next year, a million. Just LIKE North Vietnam. Exactly like Afghanistan, which was supposed to be a flipping cakewalk (“primitive society and all”—but 12 years later and TRILLIONS of dollars wasted, the Taliban still control 40 percent of the country). War. Does. Not. Work. Even look at the civil war, the south has come back through the GOP (joke upon jokes) and is showing off its nazism, KKKism and fascism!

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Most of this is due to Saudi Arabia wanting its Sunni-Shiite war with Iran, like we should care, with Bibi itching for a war before he is jailed for corruption—Already his wife is going to the slammer. Buy oil stocks now—the outcome is inevitable. These neocons have been itching for war ever since Iran overthrew the Shah, a tyrant that the US imposed when the CIA and the Brits got rid of Irans democratically elected president who had the temerity to ask for real money for its own oil! The Nerve! Now, for the last Act. By the way, the USloses this war, the draft, the tens of thousands of dead bodies, the hundreds of bombing throughout the US, Iraq getting involved, a larger Muslim war sucking in even more troops, around a quarter of a million, a draft, oil prices through the roof, food shortages, ethnic cleansing.....just to name some of the fun coming your way. Oh, and the 2020 elections canceled to boot!!!

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So from my perspective the biggest problem in most developed nations when it comes to being able to have a family is a) finances and b) time away from the job(s). And as has been proven over time by social economists, the lower on the income ladder a family is, the less likely it is for a child of that family will ever go above that. In most cases, they either end up at the same level, or even lower, as the parents couldn't afford college, and the financial aid just wasn't there, other than massive loans that most can't afford). Japan's schools are even more expensive in most cases, as they don't nearly have the same level of financial aid programs available in the US. Even high schools in Japan cost money. There are lots more factors other than what I've talked about with money and childcare, etc. but from my own studies and reading, I believe them to be the biggest issues.

Well said Thomas Wilson.

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Kabuki or hand wringing time, no real proposals will be put forth by the government, I mean when was the last time they actually DID something. No, if you want to solve this problem, identify those at risk, pass a law forcing them into a peace corp, or humanitarian activity or the army. The Israel army has a draft and it is looked upon as an equalizer, rich and poor. Recently they went after the draft dodgers of all draft dodgers, the ultra-orthodox, and the hue and cry. Talk about recluses!

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Why, I think it’s perfectly legit to call the mayor out, as if his title bonds him from commenting on anything or anyone. Again, we all know Trump likes to fight if provoked and the man won’t back down and if anyone thinks they can insult 

So much for class Bassfunk, huh, the kind that Obama exhaled with every breath, even when you people were calling him and his classy and EDUCATED wife (one that didn’t lie about graduating college or about getting a work visa) MONKEYS. Remember that? Not a drop of sweat from Obamas brow, not one junior high school insult from his lips. Oh, how I miss the days when a president acted presidential.

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Imagine if Trump was black, and said these things as a repuglican, imagine the backlash. Now imagine a Democrat saying these things, much less a black or woman, the repuglicans would have gone INSANE. This folks is called white privelege, and TRIBE above all. Meanwhile our conservative posters show themselves without any values or principles and excuse dear leader’s bullying, insane comments and behavior again and again. There is no LOW too low to sink to. America, as a country is dead. The yahoos have taken over.

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Bugle Boy of Company BToday  04:50 pm JST

If he gets off, that’s gunna set some pretty bad precedent.

Only if you are an ex-politician of the LDP party or an existing one. The others have to face jail time of course.

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No ADDITIONAL fee, but now NHK will come after anyone with an internet connection and a computer - or a smartphone and demand the current extortion, er, fee.

Any guesses on how long it will take them to start?

Exactly, didn’t see that at first thought, but you are right! By next year, anyone with a computer will be charged. You can imagine the money they must be dreaming that they will be “getting” but I can’t imagine the sheep Japan taking this lying down. Even the cellphone idea isn’t really being enforced because if it was, you would see the LDP lose big time. People are fed up with NHK and another 2,500 fee a month for a cellphone and then another for one’s computer would force a change.

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Again, we see one fascist supporting (minimizing the threat of another fascist) while talking to an ally. Pretty soon, in a year or two, Abe will be tired of being played like a fool and will ally himself and Japan with China. Actually, I see no other choice, Trump is too crazy, and half of America (read conservatives) are too!

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In five years or so, we will have Trump TV and Trump history channel and Trump news and a government agency that says Trump is a celestial god or something, I mean north Korea is the model.

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