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Election in America is not over yer, there is still recounting going on , the Highest Court will decide who won,

doesn’t work that way Grace. People decide on the presidency. Not the courts! The Gore decision was illegal. They were still counting some 15,000 votes when Pam Bondi (the GOP operative) said “Screw it. Lets just send in GOP electors.” they try this again, politicians will taste the people’s fury!

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Thank GOD! No more being waterboarded by that nasal monotone as he bullies, insults individual Americans, praises yes-men, engages in corruptions, slimes allies, takes a sharpie to show YES the dang hurricane went to Alabama because I said so and then to bully the agency on weather reports to say that it did, or to rationalize how it is a-ok for him to bring in a prostitute into the WH and commit adultery, and state, yes, it is just fine to keep kids in cages! And a 1000 other bad speech acts like whining, commanding, sliming, demanding, ordering, etc. We are FREE of this monster, but as one conservative dude said “But how did that hurt you!? What’s the problem?” Hahaha

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Just in, shows what fascists Republicans are! “Stop counting the votes!!” Not how a democracy works, you know.

”A federal judge denied Republican congressional candidates request to stop the counting of mail-in ballots in Clark County, a critical seat in the key battleground state of Nevada, saying they would not succeed on the merits of the case. 

After a two-hour hearing, Judge Andrew Gordon said, “The public interest is not in favor of disrupting the completion of the process of the counting of the ballots” that could disenfranchise hundreds if not thousands of mail-in ballots legally cast.

The judge also noted that a similar case that is ongoing in state court is the better venue, noting that questions about the review of signatures on ballots are issues “involving state laws and should be interpreted by state courts, particular Supreme Court justices elected by state of Nevada citizens.”

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This is hilarious! Trump DOES hate the Troops. He wants their votes nullified. Maybe he is sore about them being upset after HE called them losers.

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we could counter that with Bidens business dealings in China and our new CIC with a son who got kicked out of the USN for a serious crack habit 

YOU do REALIZE longtermer, that Biden was already a PRIVATE citizen as was his son at this time and all of that damning evidence that Tucker-Bucker claimed to have suddenly disappeared! Like magic! As for his son, so what? He got stressed out with SERVING. You remember Trump’s claim that military soldiers and dead ones at thst are LOSERS. And as for how have I been harmed by Trump! GOD! That is wild! So it is ok for Trump to screw a prostitute while in office, his wife lying about her work visa and having lesbian photos of her, of Trump’s family on the payroll, Trump’s Chinese connections and MOscow Mitch’s too through his wife, and Obama is still the bad guy? Wow!!!!!!

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They seriously need to take the nuclear codes away from Trump in these 77 odd days left of his “presidency.” It will be very much like him to blow up parts of the country or world, unleash a whirlwind of chaos so as to stay in power. I mean he is a socio and psychopath. 240,000 dead Americans and all he can recommend is to drink bleach!? Use a malaria drug and NOT wear masks, as the US now has its second day of 100,000 new infections!!! I tell you frankly, each time he speaks with that nasal monotone, it is like being waterboarded! But he 20,000 lies and endless corruption are no problem for conservatives! If Obama had had a secret bank account in China, asked for China to intervene on his election like Trump did on CNN and Ukraine, and had put his OWN black relatives in cushy jobs in the WH, had Michelle Obama pose in lesbian porn photos, well, they would have had a lynching party!

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I respect his opinion.. but I won't respect that woman who accused him! She should resignated her role from Aquaman too!

So the younger Japanese males (using my deduction from your lexical and syntactical complexity) think that abused women have no rights. Wow! Or.....or is it that any abused woman is a liar and my "action movie idols are all gods, incapable of harming others? So much for progress from generation to generation in regards to basic humanity!

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Amazed at how quickly they can count the first 98% of the votes but the remaining us taking days and days to ‘count’. But at least Trump is a goner but going through some posts and right wing blogs, these people are out for BLOOD! Beheadings, war, rape, killing! They want power and they are NOT going to have it taken away from them. Stand back and gape folks: here is the conservative unmasked!

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So, go do something else. Pick another profession. Otherwise, suck it up and deal with it.

Shogun36, WHY is it so impossible for you Conservatives to feel a LITTLE compassion. Why does the world have to be so Dicksonian? Why do you object to like making changes to how such actors are managed. I heard AKB48 singers are allowed 4 hours of sleep and can not have boy friends, sorry, Japan feels that a SLAVE is a SLAVE and will manage everything from the time you eat and poop. No wonder no one here us happy and the suicide rate is one per 15 minutes. For conservatives, a suicide economy is just fine!

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Wow, at of 12:52, Trump is about to LOSE Georgia. 1,775 vote difference with 99% of the vote in and most of the mail in ballots are from Democrats. BYE Trump. Get ready for Prison, and for your precious Ivanka too!

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Mr. NoidallToday  08:43 am JST

Imagine how the economy would roar back to life if people didn’t have to spend 800 dollars a month on private health insurance and spent only 250 dollars,

Imagine getting what you pay for 

having 550 dollars of SHOPPING and PARTY money each MONTH? 

Good thing health insurance will be cheap; especially after all that partying and shopping which will most likely include drinking, vaping, gorging ourselves... Ans since it will all be on the gram and other outlets, hopefully they’ll throw in free mental healthcare too to treat the depression that comes with constantly being offended and not getting enough likes. 

550 dollars of SHOPPING and PARTY money each MONTH? But in weirdo conservative land, that would be a crime!

Truly youth is wasted on the young.

hahaha, funny! Well, the young and old will spend their extra money on whatever they like, better than WASTING it on private health care insurance PROFITS. And frankly, what is to complain about healthcare here? My wife’s filipino sister has cancer and has gotten great treatment. And it is not bankrupting her. My old bucho had a heart operation that cost around 2 million yen but he paid only 200,000. My own experience had been positive. Why are you people so invested in wasting your money on huge and wasteful enterprises like private health insurance companies. A brother in law in Georgia details his frustrations about small bill after small bill being contested or not paid. A girl that needed a kidney transplant was rejected as it was too experimental even though this operation has been around for 30 years—she died. But in YOUR WORLD Noidall, NO PROBLEM! Profits before people!!

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The government can’t even run an election properly; yet, most likely, people just voted to hand over healthcare to the government’s responsibility. I need a cutting torch to get through the irony.

OH! THE HORRORS, national health care, like we have here, Noidall, which you might be enjoying. Almost EVERY single developed nation has national health care, is in the nations interest that its slaves and workers are healthy enough to WORK! And if they are saddled with HUGE bloated, ginned up bills for the crime of getting sick or injured or shot by the gun happy police, TOO BAD, but then they can’t have the money to go shopping!!!! Imagine how the economy would roar back to life if people didn’t have to spend 800 dollars a month on private health insurance and spent only 250 dollars, having 550 dollars of SHOPPING and PARTY money each MONTH? But in weirdo conservative land, that would be a crime!

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I love it how Trump voters want the vote to be counted when they are behind (democracy forever!) but want the vote to be stopped in places where they are behind! (fascism forever—banana republic style) and then sending in DOJ officials to mess with it, which is against the law! And the meme—falsified votes! Ok, sort those out and ask the voter did you vote this way, is this your vote? But seriously, I hope this corrupt clown show is soon over. Everyday and every time Trump speaks it is like being waterboarded!

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The CCPs best hope is to get Biden as president. In that case, we go back to bad old days of subservience to China

oh, Zaphod, this is like shooting fish in a barrel! TRUMP has a chinese bank account! Can you imagine the impeachment hearings of a Democrat if he or she had one!? Clutching pearls the GOP would be, but repigs have no such values or principles. Law-breaking is a-ok! And Trump has many,many, many times his own crap made in China—his dang hats are all made there!! And then he gets his Ivanka knock out stuff tariff free. Tell me who is China’s friend!

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The problem with a huge navy or army is like a Porsche or new Telsa car, you want to take it for a spin. All armies and navies have throughout history been used or used up!

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Conservatives in Michigan (STOP counting the votes) actually black votes. Conservatives in Arizona, COUNT THE VOTED. Hahaha. Such consistency. Really at the end of the day, they HATE democracy, at least for poor people or blacks.

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A few seconds ago, I checked CNN, Biden is gaining in Georgia and areas in which they are still counting ballots are large urban areas (BYE TRUMP) and so J. King said, as long as Biden holds Nevada, and Arizona, it is 270, with Trump getting the rest, coming out at 268.

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Funny, how Trump was against mail in ballots in Florida until he realized that older and conservative voters would use them. BUT, SERIOUSLY, conservative posters, this meme that mail ballots are evil, and corrupt is like beating a dead horse! Give it up! I FAXED in my vote! WHO cares how it was delivered!! You are just upset that these votes are going against your man, otherwise, you would be ALL FOR THEM! And the meme would be count the votes! Notice in Michigan the area that they are still counting is primarily BLACK so of course, Trump wants those votes NOT COUNTED! Conservatives are racists!

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Exactly. It is the "red mirage" scenario that has been predicted by many. I.e. Trump wins on election day, and then the miracle mail votes for "correct" candidate keep trickling in. This will be an extended drama that will go to the courts.

And Zaphod, the supreme court will appoint the next king, why have elections then, as the GOP will dispute any election result? And on WHAT legal basis do you disenfranchise a voter, and his ballot, after it met all legal standards. Like my faxed vote in Florida is to be declared null and void, EVEN though the law states that it is OK? But, Dictator Trump might not win if we COUNT all the votes, so stop counting the votes? How is this logical or legal? Zaphod, you are NOT a democrat or a true American!

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Jailing a 77 year old. Hmmm, how does that make any sense? And how is she going to function in jail?

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Hahaha! Smart power. I have had PHD graduates and Japanese doctoral students from Kyushu University #4 in the nation that did not know how to EDIT and PROOF their English essays that they turned in for their job application / interview at my university. Some 26 errors, horrible academic writing, and one individual (who actually had worked as a part-timer at my university) even got the name of the university wrong! A previous Kyushu University graduate also misspelled my university's name wrong. I have a part-time university position at a private university near here, and 40%-50% of these students are so LAZY that they can not even turn in their EASY homework. The academic level for passing here, even at my national university, is 60% where as abroad, it is 69% and no one ever gets that score. Too shameful. I had one Chinese exchange student inquire about my advanced English course some 15 years ago, and he said, "Nah, we did this stuff in junior high school!" My own son, who was selected to enter Kyushu International University High School's "Nankan" (a position for those top 28 students from the city of Kitakyushu) realized that Japanese university education is a joke, and is just an extension of high school. Even though he was able to pass Tokyo Foreign Studies University, he passed it up and entered Washington State, which accepted him as an ordinary student. There he found he was BEHIND other students who had taken computer science courses since junior high school! And Japan thinks, actually, thinks it is going to compete on the global scale against China or the US. GOOD JOKE!!

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She looks hungry. Soon she will protect Japan from China. We need more subs like. Well done Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd

> Oh to see our war mongering alpha males cheer this crap on! Question, how many MORE of these whales do you need to feel safe, to teach CHINA, those nasty people, a good lesson in Japanese dominance? 300? Is that enough? No? How about 3,000 more? Yeah, not enough, 30,000! Thing is as Japanese builds one, China builds TWO or more. They have more capital, more resources and a LOT more people. So we end up in another pointless arms race which just impoverishes us all, and then like the USSR, its game over. But these alpha males here will never recognize this. Cognitively challenged they are!

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THEY NEVER STOP. I was thinking this issue was put to rest a few years ago, but these politicians' quest for power is endless.

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You could if you had your own money and a money printer that you could use at will and were able to issue IOUs that you could buy back using your own money. And if the accumulation of IOUs under your control were too much of a worry, you could burn them, and no one would care, because they belonged to you anyway. 

The budget is numbers on a spreadsheet and little else.

Well, Jeff Lee, on one hand I agree with you, but on the other it is the "faith" of foreigners in the value of the "yen" that will determine things. IF the foreigners say, tomorrow, "Hey, your currency is like Zimbabwe's and it is garbage, then they will rattle the markets, the yen falls, and imports sky rocket. Then the whole show comes tumbling down, because Japan is VERY dependent on fossil fuels and food imports. But, hey, we get that Abe and Suga inflation that they dearly wanted.

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And you WOULD THINK that at my national university there would be serious talks of cutting the budget. Right? I mean a HUGE deficit. GDP down 29%. Nope! Business as usual.

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I remember a Shinto Shrine in Hiroshima that did this. Basically, it was for WOMEN, married in the 40s, 50s and 60s that were in sexless marriages and just needed a little action, or "cleansing" of their thoughts. So, the shrine stepped in and helped them. For a donation "from the women" they were allowed to meet men discreetly who then were NOT paid, but had free sex. The act was done, the shrine got its donation, and the men got sex. Win-win. Nothing illegal about it. This is what Mr. Murakami needs to do. He needed to set up a SHINTO SHRINE. Then, no problem.

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What makes Japan a safe and unique country is that it is homogeneous

Really? Then, assuming you are a foreigner, you had better leave. So, what about Switzerland, made up of four ethnicities. It is safe and unique but NOT homogeneous. Or Malayasia. I could go on. Your "ethnic supremeism" is showing. How ridiculous, to say diversity is weakness, and chaotic.

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Waiting for folks here to defend the TV and tell this “here” woman to “suck it up” and learn that “this is how things are down, here in this dystopian, Dicksonian “workers paradise” that we find ourselves in! This is why we need unions! For me, my union came in quite handy, when my university raised the standards for being promoted to professor FIVE times higher than usual, (I still met that requirement) and then forced me to go through TWO interviews, DO TWO different powerpoint presentations, revise my resume 18 times, and then do a year project to show my worth. Then my union stepped in and now monitors all promotions! Note: afterwards, they lowered the standard to now only SIX Published articles for Promotion as all of the Japanese associate professors are not that keen on working so hard and would never meet that standard of 50 articles! But in right wing cult world, there is nothing like abusive treatment of workers. Never!

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Uh, zombies don’t listen. WHEN did this zombie club, LDP, EVER listen to sound advice or to the people! He will go right ahead with this plan. That is what the munitions people want!

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WHY would ANYONE would listen to Ms. "Canceling the Olympics is UNTHINKABLE" despite the fact that at that time, it was pretty apparent that no one was going to risk coming, AND it was insane to start letting people come into Japan in July and August? Talk about blinders and stupidity. WHY is this pathetic woman still in politics?

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