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Posted in: Suga to make decision on state of emergency on Thursday See in context

Suga, oh Suga-boy.

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Posted in: Death penalty ruling finalized for 'Twitter killer' See in context

What a devil. Time to rot in hell. Don't let him die too fast or easily.

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context

Obviously no balls!

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Posted in: Tuna goes for cut-price ¥20.84 mil at Tokyo fish market's New Year auction See in context

Cut-price of ¥20.84 mil for a dead fish? Stupid waste of money.

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Posted in: British singer Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers dies at 78 See in context

Thank you and this is for you, Gerry:

1:44:27 You’ll Never Walk Alone

You will always be remembered by many people and YNWA.


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Posted in: Novelist Yu Miri says Olympics not helping Fukushima rebuild See in context

She is right. This is really the sad truth. The gov here would rather spend money on something new than helping their own people who paid a lot of taxes for many years but yet to recover from 311. The country has abandoned them. How sad it is. Maybe this is karma that Olympics got stuck in this pandemic.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict Abe over dinner party spending See in context

Of course not! They are in cahoots!

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Posted in: 'Twitter killer' drops death sentence appeal; wants to get married See in context

This guy is extremely sick in his mind.

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Posted in: Premier League pretenders seek to prove title credentials See in context

Those 7 goals LFC scored against Palace were all quality goals, not a single fluke. Bobby was exceptional throughout and some outrages touches. What a player and what a game today!

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Posted in: Mayweather to stage exhibition against YouTuber Logan Paul See in context

I hope Mayweather punch Logan to half dead.

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Posted in: Apple unveils headphones that cost twice as much as AirPods See in context

Guys, check out Janpara. They are everywhere and also online. You can find "new-used items" for really good price. Bought a few Bluetooth earphones and the deal was amazing.

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Posted in: Study links Go To Travel campaign to increased COVID-19 symptoms See in context


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Posted in: Passengers confined to cabins after Singapore cruise ship detects COVID-19 See in context

Well, they asked for it.

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Posted in: Starbucks' sole sign-language outlet in Japan reaching out to locals See in context

Not a coffee drinker but I was there in the first opening week. I was actually touched by what they were doing. It gave everyone a chance to work. I never felt like that going into a coffee shop. The decor was also really nice and the atmosphere is wonderful. Really hats off to SB.

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Posted in: Singer 'Matchy' Kondo suspended from work after admitting to affair See in context

Is this even news?

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Posted in: Masked hostess See in context

Does it mean I get 50% discount off the bill? Can't be paying full price for half the face.

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Posted in: Have you used the Japanese government's Go To Travel campaign? If so, did everything go smoothly? See in context

Tokyo to Niigata, round trip green car and ANA Crowne Plaza hotel for a night, total under 19,000yen. Amazing.

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Posted in: SpaceX with Japanese astronaut aboard blasts off for space station See in context


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Posted in: Lewis Hamilton: The world champion some find hard to like See in context

Amazing achievement. Lots of haters but even more supporters out there. No one can take away what he has achieved. It does not mean I would beat you in a 911 even if you are driving a 86. You need skills, courage, control, car management and so on to consistently be no.1 in the world. Big congrats to one of the best in history.

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

If you are so afraid to even show your photo, how are you going to work in that company then? Not indicating a gender does not mean after you are hired and you won't face the same situation. If you are trans, just tell them you are. It is up to the company they want to hire you or not. If they don't, then the company is not for you. There is no meaning to "force" a company to hire you by not giving out certain information (when it is required by the hiring company). Just find a company that can accept your gender. You can't blame it on others when they think differently from you.

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Posted in: F1 pencils in record 23 races for 2021, including Saudi Arabia See in context

All for the love of money, not sports.

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Posted in: Virus-prevention measures tested at near-full baseball stadium in Yokohama See in context

Guinea pigs!

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Posted in: Actor Kentaro Ito arrested over hit-and-run incident in Tokyo See in context

He should be pissing in his pants now. He deserves to go to jail and a big fine. A broken leg will never be the same again. Really feel sorry for the victim.

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Posted in: Resurgent Everton face acid test in Liverpool showdown See in context

It was a draw. VAR destroyed the beauty of football. You don't even know if a goal is a goal until those dumbass VAR check. What's the point??

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Posted in: Woman fatally hit by train; impact sends her flying into teenager on platform See in context

Just last week I got onto the platform and as I was listening to music I did not realize what was happening. I saw the train staff in front of me looking at the halted train 10 meters away from my back but he did not stop me. As I past him suddenly I saw something in between the track. I quickly turned away and realized a "human accident" just happened. I could not take a second look. I know what I saw. I was furious why the staff did not stop anyone from getting close. About 10 people were still on the platform and I have no idea what they wanted to do. Some were crying. I went downstairs and I was shaken. I went out and sat down near the station and I couldn't hold my tears. I sat for over 1 hour as I watched all the fire engines and police cars pouring in. No ambulance, just a gray van. It took me that long to get myself together. Finally, they came out with the body but they did not block the view with plastic sheets. The just pushed the body out on the stretcher all wrapped up in a bag. You could see it was a person. Some moms with kids were there as it is a busy station. I heard some mom saying to the kid not to watch. It took me a few days to finally get over it. But I really wish the staff and some of the procedures could have been better. Oh, and why they won't build barriers and doors on the platform? Is JR poor or what? Almost every week someone die along Chuo line alone.

Back to this news, seeing it happened with your own eyes and followed by being hit with a dead body? I cannot imagine that. I really pray that she will not suffer any post traumatic stress disorder. I hope she's strong and will be fine. Until now I still have not taken the train from my station yet. I still feel bad.

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

Sub aside, rising sun flag? Come on! Give me a break.

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Posted in: The Buddhist monk and make-up artist seeking LGBT+ equality in Japan See in context

Does he actually know and understand what Buddhism is??

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Posted in: Bubble Kings: Lakers run past Heat for 17th NBA championship See in context

King James, what can you say? Congratulations to the Lakers!

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Posted in: 'Will you shut up, man?' Repeated interruptions, insults mark fiery debate between Trump and Biden See in context

Hontoni, God save America.

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