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Posted in: England tops Euro group but disappoint again in Slovenia stalemate See in context

When you are managed by the worst manager of all time, what do you expect? Even Messi or Ronaldo under GS would become a J league player, lol. Just feel sorry for the players playing under such an incompetent manager.

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Posted in: Man City make case to be ranked as England's greatest-ever team See in context


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Posted in: Man City win historic fourth straight Premier League title See in context

More people lined up the street for Klopp's last game than Man C winning the PL. So strange. Also cannot understand how a club with 115 charges can continue without having points deducted, like Everton and N. Forest. Absolutely corrupted.

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Posted in: University of Tsukuba to open 1st Japan college campus abroad in Malaysia See in context

I think this is a great move for UT. Malaysia is famous for twinning programs from all over the world, meaning you graduate with a local degree plus a foreign degree but spending way less money. It has proven to be very successful with many students who couldn't afford to study overseas. A lot of Japanese are already studying at local university such as Taylor's or Sunway but they will graduate with double degree. I am sure with this move more and more people will get to know UT and it is definitely a good move for them.

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Posted in: Liverpool win League Cup as Van Dijk strikes late to sink Chelsea See in context

I'm so glad that Jurgen is a Red.

I'm so glad he delivered what he said.

Jurgen said to me, you know. We'll win the Premier League, you know. He said so.

I'm in love with him and I feel fine.

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Posted in: Iran beats Japan 2-1 to reach Asian Cup semifinals See in context

Time to change the coach. Those defenders were out of breath and even the mid, he should have subbed them. And he is right, the whole defence is not up to standard. The goalie is a clown can't save a ping pong ball, the defenders are headless chickens. Iran played their hearts out. They totally deserved it.

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Posted in: Liverpool sink Chelsea to bolster title charge; Haaland returns in Man City cruise See in context

Many LFC haters here.

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Posted in: Kishida grateful to N Korean leader for quake sympathy message See in context

You kidding me? Wow, Kish has no backbone.

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Posted in: Liverpool sink Chelsea to bolster title charge; Haaland returns in Man City cruise See in context

Amazing game by Liverpool.

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Posted in: Japan to issue 3 new banknotes See in context

Wow, got hit by the ugly stick!

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Posted in: Japanese students climb to 3rd in OECD ranking of reading ability See in context

2022? We are almost in 2024. Old news. Yawn.

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Posted in: Six teenagers to go on trial over beheading of French teacher See in context

2.5 years? Is that a typo or is it 25 years??

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Posted in: VAR was supposed to cut out errors. Now the integrity of the Premier League is in question See in context

It is too obvious. The PL, FA, PGMOL, would do anything to help that one team to win year after year. Even with 115 charges against them, they are allowed to keep on playing and winning. It is not jealousy or bitterness, it is just too obvious now. It is not only Liverpool but every team has suffered in some ways in order to benefit that one team. The PL is so rigged and corrupted. It has come to a point where you almost cannot watch it anymore.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver, stealing taxi after refusing to pay fare See in context

What's new? I don't remember anything. Lol.

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Posted in: Toyota to offer Century SUV in bid to win more wealthy customers See in context

Is it possible to make it uglier? That takes a really skilled designer to create that. Amazing.

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Posted in: Women's World Cup Golden Boot winner Miyazawa joins Manchester United See in context

Why go to a club at old toilet and called manure? There are better clubs around.

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Posted in: Spain soccer chief faces emergency meeting as reports say he will resign for kissing a player See in context

Eeewwwwww, disgusting jiji.

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Posted in: Japan to give Hawaii $2 million in aid as wildfire death toll tops 100 See in context

2mil is nothing these days, but better than nothing.

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Posted in: Malaysia festival canceled over gay kiss seeks $2.7 mil from British band See in context

Never even heard of this band.

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Posted in: Japanese pop star Shinjiro Atae says he's gay See in context


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Posted in: Japan to issue new banknotes See in context

Can't they find more handsome ones? It's going to be around for some time and what an eyesore.

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Posted in: Umbrella manners See in context

Surprisingly, this is really true. I always thought why in Japan some people hold their umbrellas like that, not knowing it might poke someone behind? Even on the road, I also realized people here tend not to look behind or the side while driving. They don't care what's going on behind.

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Posted in: Onitsuka Tiger now sells shinkansen sneakers that cost more than a trip on the bullet train See in context

Looks horrible. They can keep it.

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Posted in: S Korean experts say officials carefully answered questions on plan to release radioactive water See in context

OK, so they said "...... the water stored in the tanks needs to be removed to prevent accidental leaks in case of another disaster...", then why is it OK to be released into the water, if the leaks are deemed dangerous (radioactive, etc.)? Anyway, I am not going to eat any seashells from that area. Better safe than sorry!

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Posted in: Singapore firms scramble to soften blow of soaring rent costs See in context

Who wants to live in Singapore lah? From East to West it takes only 30mins by car. It is like living inside Yamanote-line your whole life. Even if you have the money, it makes you crazy. And all the Singrish will make your head spin, mah!

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Posted in: Mysterious fireballs seen crossing sky over Okinawa See in context

Is that Elon's spaceship?

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Posted in: Japan to mobilize $1 billion to help nations around Ukraine accept refugees See in context

How about helping its own people a bit more first???

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Posted in: Japanese people urged to travel abroad to help airlines, tourism industry See in context

Who is going to help me then? What bollocks is this?

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Posted in: Gov't to pitch safety of Fukushima water release to S Korean experts See in context

Less harmful does not mean harmless.

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Posted in: Move aside, maid cafes — this Tokyo cafe has actors who pretend to be your friends See in context

I think this is a great idea. The world is different now compare to 10-20 years ago. I am actually touched by whoever came up with this idea, although at the same time I feel a bit sad. Will check it out.

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