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Posted in: China coast guard confronts Japanese politicians in disputed East China Sea area See in context

These islands were supposed to be returned to China after WW2 by rulings made at the Cairo and Potsdam declarations by the Allies.

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Posted in: Kishida addresses Congress amid skepticism about U.S. role abroad See in context

So with Japan joining, AUKUS will become JAUKUS ? Sounds like and will be a JACKASS.

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Posted in: Kishida addresses Congress amid skepticism about U.S. role abroad See in context

Sad day for Japan and the remainder of the Pacific. If I was a foreigner in Japan I would seriously think of leaving.

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Posted in: The logistics of war: How Washington is preparing for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan See in context

The headline should read "The logistics of war: How Washington is trying to provoke a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

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Posted in: Tensions run high in New Zealand ahead of national day over government's relationship with Maori See in context

The headline is complete rubbish. Any tension was localized and completely drummed up by media who seem to be off on their own crusade.

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Posted in: U.S. promises consultation with Japan before Osprey flight resumption See in context

Consultation ? Yeah right, of course the US will stop flying Osprey's if Japan objects.

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Posted in: Iran directly involved in Yemen Houthi rebel ship attacks, U.S. Navy's Mideast chief says See in context

I'm starting to have those deja-vu feelings with flashbacks to the 'manufacture of consent' prior to the US invasion on Iraq. Back then it was all about fictious yellowcake from Niger, aluminum centrifuge tubes, anthrax and mysterious connections to Al Queda. Amazing to see history repeat again and again.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees told to undergo contraception to work in Japan See in context

Something all the same lines seems to happen for foreign workers in Israel. They need to sign pledge not to have sex with Israelis.

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Posted in: What's at stake in Taiwan's elections? China says it could be a choice between peace and war See in context

Taiwan is part of China according to the 1972 US - China communiques, this established the One China Policy which is still respected and supposedly adhered to by the US and most of the world. However the US has not adhered by to the agreement by continuing to arm Taiwan, interfering in Taiwan politics and establishing what is actually a de-facto embassy in Taiwan. If it all goes south from here, you now know who to blame.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree to work closely on China issues, for Taiwan peace See in context

Everyone looks so calm, happy and relaxed despite the situation in the middle east spiraling out of control and the war in Ukraine being well and truly lost.

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Posted in: U.S., British militaries launch massive retaliatory strike against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen See in context

Got to admire the Houthis, they've got a lot of guts.

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Posted in: Meet Japan's female marines who are training for war See in context

'Training for war' heavily emphasized in this headline. Yeah of course training for war is what soldiers, sailors and airman do but is the purpose of this 'article' supposed to send a message that war with China is a given?

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Posted in: Blinken urges Israel to engage with region on postwar plans that include path to Palestinian state See in context

Textbook case of US smoke and mirrors.

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Posted in: Japan's frontier islanders decry lack of gov't plan to aid Taiwanese fleeing attack See in context

Hysteria level is reaching fever pitch on the subject of Taiwan. Step out of the propaganda feed and look back, I hope you can spot it.

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Posted in: U.S. military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban See in context

I feel sorry for the US servicemen and women who now need to eat contaminated fish, I bet Rahm isn't. This story sure sounds like a load of codswollop.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Bucha seeks ties with Hiroshima after Russian massacre See in context

There has been no independent investigation or confirmation that a massacre took place in Bucha, we are expected to believe everything Ukraine tells us without question, I don't.

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Posted in: McCarthy calls China's position on Fukushima water discharge 'unfair, 'false' See in context

Awh, it's unfair, so sorry, have some sashimi Kevin while in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan calls Russia nuclear threat 'unacceptable' on Hiroshima anniversary See in context

The ex-president of Russia state that nukes could be used if an attempt to take Russian territory is made. France, UK and the US would do the same. But let's not forget which country dropped 2 nuclear weapons on Japan, it wasn't Russia.

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Posted in: What the Vietnamese Barbie movie ban tells us about China's politics of persuasion See in context

Who in their right mind would pay money or dedicate their time to watch this movie ? More absolute empty -headed so called entertainment from Hollywood.

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Posted in: Yellen appeals to China for cooperation on climate and other global challenges See in context

I don't believe that this was the real reason for her visit. More likely it was to convince China to buy more US debt and not to dump US treasuries.

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Posted in: Biden dispatching Sullivan to Tokyo for talks with Japan, Philippines, South Korea officials See in context

Blinken, Sullivan, Biden and Nuland, they are all a rotten bunch.

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Posted in: Ukraine claims new gains in early phase of counteroffensive See in context

The counteroffensive is not going well, Crimea is a long way away.

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Posted in: China's air patrols with Russia spark Japanese security concerns See in context


No I said Canadian aircraft in the SCS, but I believe that they are also operating out of Japan. For 70 years ? I don't think that most of what I said has been in place for 70 days let alone 70 years. But you bring up a good point. For 70 years that agreement between the US and China over Taiwan has kept the peace, if peace is important to the US, Japan etc, why then are they changing the status quo ? And no, China has not threatened to invade Taiwan but they have said that use of military force is an option should Taiwan declare independence.

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Posted in: China's air patrols with Russia spark Japanese security concerns See in context

Quid pro quo - US bases in Japan and Korea, Canadian and Australia aircraft and ships in SCS, US sail throughs of the Taiwan Strait, new US military bases in the Philippines, US nuke sub visits to Korea, US B52 bombers to be based in Australia, Nato office in Japan, AUKUS, Quad - everybody is worried including me and I live in the South Pacific

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Posted in: China's air patrols with Russia spark Japanese security concerns See in context

Japan's air and sea patrols with the US worry's China.

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese, Philippine coast guards stage law enforcement drills near South China Sea See in context

Whose coast is Japan supposed to be guarding ?

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Posted in: 1.5C of warming is too hot for the world: study See in context

Let's now worry about achieving the 1.5 degree target. It doesn't seem possible therefore I propose that we focus on living the good life instead one filled with anxiety, guilt and worry. Say no to fighting climate change, live life instead.

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Posted in: After dangerous encounters, U.S. accuses China of military 'aggressiveness' See in context

If the US really wanted to de-escalate tensions with China it would not be sailing through the Taiwan strait. Good on the Chinese for having the guts to stand up to the US most of the rest of the world would not. I see that Germany now believes that it needs to send a warship to the Indo Pacific, this is becoming farcical, whose next Iceland ???

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Posted in: Ukraine trying to end battlefield stalemate in what may be start of counteroffensive See in context

I find it strange that the media have now reported a significant loss suffered by Ukraine. Up to now losses were not reported of spun differently. As for the 'stalemate', this has been a war of attrition in which Ukraine has incurred massive loses at the hands of Russian artillery, drones and missiles - this has not been reported of course.

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Posted in: Interceptor missile in position See in context

The Patriot system is absolute junk and no match for modern weapons, this is paraphrasing Andrei Martynov.

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