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Posted in: U.S. military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban See in context

I feel sorry for the US servicemen and women who now need to eat contaminated fish, I bet Rahm isn't. This story sure sounds like a load of codswollop.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Bucha seeks ties with Hiroshima after Russian massacre See in context

There has been no independent investigation or confirmation that a massacre took place in Bucha, we are expected to believe everything Ukraine tells us without question, I don't.

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Posted in: McCarthy calls China's position on Fukushima water discharge 'unfair, 'false' See in context

Awh, it's unfair, so sorry, have some sashimi Kevin while in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan calls Russia nuclear threat 'unacceptable' on Hiroshima anniversary See in context

The ex-president of Russia state that nukes could be used if an attempt to take Russian territory is made. France, UK and the US would do the same. But let's not forget which country dropped 2 nuclear weapons on Japan, it wasn't Russia.

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Posted in: What the Vietnamese Barbie movie ban tells us about China's politics of persuasion See in context

Who in their right mind would pay money or dedicate their time to watch this movie ? More absolute empty -headed so called entertainment from Hollywood.

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Posted in: Yellen appeals to China for cooperation on climate and other global challenges See in context

I don't believe that this was the real reason for her visit. More likely it was to convince China to buy more US debt and not to dump US treasuries.

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Posted in: Biden dispatching Sullivan to Tokyo for talks with Japan, Philippines, South Korea officials See in context

Blinken, Sullivan, Biden and Nuland, they are all a rotten bunch.

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Posted in: Ukraine claims new gains in early phase of counteroffensive See in context

The counteroffensive is not going well, Crimea is a long way away.

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Posted in: China's air patrols with Russia spark Japanese security concerns See in context


No I said Canadian aircraft in the SCS, but I believe that they are also operating out of Japan. For 70 years ? I don't think that most of what I said has been in place for 70 days let alone 70 years. But you bring up a good point. For 70 years that agreement between the US and China over Taiwan has kept the peace, if peace is important to the US, Japan etc, why then are they changing the status quo ? And no, China has not threatened to invade Taiwan but they have said that use of military force is an option should Taiwan declare independence.

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Posted in: China's air patrols with Russia spark Japanese security concerns See in context

Quid pro quo - US bases in Japan and Korea, Canadian and Australia aircraft and ships in SCS, US sail throughs of the Taiwan Strait, new US military bases in the Philippines, US nuke sub visits to Korea, US B52 bombers to be based in Australia, Nato office in Japan, AUKUS, Quad - everybody is worried including me and I live in the South Pacific

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Posted in: China's air patrols with Russia spark Japanese security concerns See in context

Japan's air and sea patrols with the US worry's China.

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese, Philippine coast guards stage law enforcement drills near South China Sea See in context

Whose coast is Japan supposed to be guarding ?

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Posted in: 1.5C of warming is too hot for the world: study See in context

Let's now worry about achieving the 1.5 degree target. It doesn't seem possible therefore I propose that we focus on living the good life instead one filled with anxiety, guilt and worry. Say no to fighting climate change, live life instead.

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Posted in: After dangerous encounters, U.S. accuses China of military 'aggressiveness' See in context

If the US really wanted to de-escalate tensions with China it would not be sailing through the Taiwan strait. Good on the Chinese for having the guts to stand up to the US most of the rest of the world would not. I see that Germany now believes that it needs to send a warship to the Indo Pacific, this is becoming farcical, whose next Iceland ???

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Posted in: Ukraine trying to end battlefield stalemate in what may be start of counteroffensive See in context

I find it strange that the media have now reported a significant loss suffered by Ukraine. Up to now losses were not reported of spun differently. As for the 'stalemate', this has been a war of attrition in which Ukraine has incurred massive loses at the hands of Russian artillery, drones and missiles - this has not been reported of course.

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Posted in: Interceptor missile in position See in context

The Patriot system is absolute junk and no match for modern weapons, this is paraphrasing Andrei Martynov.

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Posted in: China warns 'NATO-like' alliances could lead to conflict in Asia-Pacific See in context

Chinese are 100% correct, this must be the motivation behind opening a NATO office in Japan.

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Posted in: Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine must be maintained, Japan says See in context

Japan did buy oil from Russia this year at a price above the official price cap so I think this talk from Japan is just that, talk. The sanctions are not working and are causing massive blow back on Europe especially, which might be what the US desires.

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Posted in: Chinese comedy group punishment sends chills through arts sphere See in context

OK China never claims to be liberal western democracy with our definition of free speech, so why are the media focusing on this story. Meanwhile in Germany, a member of the liberal western democracy, citizens get arrested and imprisoned for posting dissenting opinions about the war in Ukraine of social media. Almost no coverage in the media on this issue. Citizens throughout the UK and EU face punishment for posts that are deemed to be 'hate speech'. The EU continues down the path of requiring social media companies to censor content. The US government also censors social media content and uses it spread disinformation supporting their narrative. These are issues which we as citizens of what we claim are free democratic and open societies with free speech rights enshrined in law, should be fighting against, think about it.

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Posted in: Berlin police investigate Pink Floyd's Roger Waters over Nazi-style uniform See in context

This is a beat up on Waters openly questioning the official narrative on the Ukraine war. Oddly enough those making the accusations against him say nothing about the support of real life and real time unsavory characters currently fighting on the side of Nato in Ukraine. Germany is becoming a totalitarian state, some are being imprisoned for make statements and posts that don't support the official narrative. This is not an exaggeration and can be verified easily online.

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Posted in: Japan, China ministers make first call on defense hotline See in context

No doubt the US will listening in as usual.

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Posted in: Ukraine says it downed Russian hypersonic missiles during attack on Kyiv See in context

Extremely unlikely to be true.

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Posted in: 15 diplomatic missions call on Japan to protect LGBT rights in video See in context

It seems that Japan objects to taking the 'medicine' that her friends and partners in the West prescribe. The concept of national sovereignty is a myth.

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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez anchors the action pic ‘The Mother’ See in context

Yawn, Hollywood continues it slide with movies like this.

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Posted in: U.S. debt standoff overshadows G7 finance leaders' meeting See in context

Why is the Yellen using an international venue like this to talk about an internal US issue ? Is this somehow a veiled threat to other members of the G7 or global community ?

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Posted in: Ukraine says counteroffensive delayed; Britain sending cruise missiles to Kyiv See in context

The Ukraine narrative is falling apart, that is obvious. What we need to hope for is that Poland does not decide to do something stupid like claim part of Ukraine. If that happens nothing is off the table in what happens next. For those advocating for the war to continue think about that means for the average Ukrainian who has been press ganged into the military.

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Posted in: China's return to global stage checked by national security focus See in context

Extremely biased against China and pro USA article. 'Escalating tensions over Taiwan', how ? Is this supposed to refer to their stance of reserving the use of military force if Taiwan declares independence ? Surely the US is raising tensions by selling more and more arms to Taiwan which is something they promised not to do during Nixon's presidency. Does the US sincerely believe that visits by high level figures to Taiwan will reduce tensions ? Its clear to China and anyone that can think objectively that the US is using Taiwan to provoke a military conflict with China.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to watch developments of investigation against Putin See in context

What a farce this all is. In reality this is all the West can do.

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Posted in: 20 years after U.S. invasion, Iraq far from 'liberal democracy' See in context

What a complete disaster you would think that the US and friends would learn but I don't think they have. Today the population is proving just as easy to manipulate into provoking and initiating wars as it was 20 years ago. There was no investigation after the war to determine why it happened and who was responsible and that's part of the reason why history is bound to repeat itself again and again. Today our leaders are probably even more corrupt and inept that they were in 2005 so watch out.

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Posted in: A global mystery: What's known about Nord Stream explosions See in context

Well it's obvious that Nato/US did it. They have started to run a narrative that 'pro-Ukrainians' did it after Sy Hersh released his Substack expose. The US narrative involves a yacht and reminds me of the french bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland NZ back in 1987. Pro-Ukrainians, well the US and Nato would fit this description so maybe in a roundabout way that are telling the truth.

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