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As a hopeful independent traveller, I have absolutely no problem wearing a mask. I'll be doing so regardless of the rules to lessen the risk of contracting covid on my travels and having my holiday spoilt with illness and a quarantine period in a hotel room. I don't know why people think travellers won't want to wear a mask, particularly in crowded places. Covid is here to stay for a while yet, so taking as many measures as I can to guard against it is my own mandate for my independent travel in Japan. Bring it on - ready to come in autumn and there will be a lot of Aussie snowboarders and skiers ready to come in winter. Drop the visa, open the door for independent travellers - make it a lot easier for us to visit and assist with Japan's economy.

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I don't mind masks - I'll wear them anyway to lessen the risk of my holiday being spoilt by Covid. I just want the freedom to choose my own itinerary and travel independently with my partner. Ready to travel for the Japanese autumn. Passport ready, triple vaccinated. Knocking on the door!

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The whaling migration season has just begun in South West Western Australia where we see four species - humpbacks, Southern Rights, Minkys and the mighty Blue Whales - often very close to the shore in Geographe Bay near Dunsborough. I once was privileged to see a pod of five blue whales swimming only a few metres just after dawn from the Bay's best whaling observation area of Point Piquet. My camera is ready for this season! The only way to 'hunt' whales! You don't need to go out in a boat to see them - although whale watching cruises are available in this magnificent bay. The whales come into Geographe Bay to rest on their journeys, very often accompanied by their babies. It's an amazing sight - even better when they start 'singing' - one of the most impressive experiences nature provides. The season goes through until Nov/early December. Volunteers and scientists monitor and study the whales here without killing them, using many of today's advanced technologies.

Once you witness this migration through Geographe Bay, I doubt very much you will ever again support a whale kill. Japan is a smorgasbord of other wonderful foodie treats without needing to resort to whale meat.

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I'd like to know how these people were recruited at such short notice. I don't want to be part of the test, but out of curiosity, I've been scanning various sites on the net including the Japanese Government and the Tourist people, but can't see anything requesting interest from Australia.

Roll on the next test - couples who plan and book their own trips in Japan! I'm ready for that one! Quadruple faxed, yen already at hand, passports up to date, and rough itinerary ready to fine tune and book.

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Western Australia has been free of any community spread Coronavirus since last April! The State has hard border lockdowns internationally and with other Australian States, but people within WA have very few restrictions and are able to travel around freely.

The WA State economy is also doing well, with the State Government's budget papers this week predicting the state will record a $1.2 billion surplus over the next year. It's a good news Covid story!

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The lockdowns have worked very well So far in those Australian States that enforced them quickly. Western Australia locked down both its State and regional borders to great effect. WA has had NO community spread since last April. Western Australia is in an enviable position thanks to our lockdowns and hard borders. The only cases being detected are among returning Australians and they are held in quarantine. Our regional borders are now open, and residents can travel freely within our vast State. Most restrictions have been lifted. Restaurants, schools etc are open. Businesses are operating. We can gather in reasonably large groups . weddings and funerals can be attended. To date, WA residents have not been advised that they need to wear masks. As a Victorian friend commented to me a few days ago .. “how lucky are you living an almost normal life in WA”. The main problem with CV is in Victoria and NSW .. not the whole of Australia.

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