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Posted in: Japan to postpone plan to extend Hokkaido shinkansen line by 2031 See in context


There are more countries in Europe then just the UK. The UK is an outlier to begin with as they currently don't have many high-speed railways.


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Posted in: Germany latest country to pass 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 See in context


I understand what you're saying, but that's just the way it's counted, and there are enough reasons to do it that way. If someone has passed away in an ICU in the end due to multiple organ collapse which was caused initially by a Corona infection, shouldn't that count as a death "in connection with Corona"? It's similar with HIV, many of the deceased have passed away due to pneumonia or other infections, but the connection with HIV is there.

So no "muddying the waters" here from my point of view. No idea if you have been following German media, but there have been plenty of debates, various opinions, an outrageously stupid tabloid campaign journalism and so on.

If you have any culprits who have been muddying the waters, please name a few, I'd be interested who you're referring to.

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Posted in: Germany latest country to pass 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 See in context


My understanding is that there is no differentiation between "with" and "of", if the person who has passed away was Corona positive it counts as a "death in connection with Corona". And for a majority it's quite plausible that a Corona infection doesn't help with any other pre-existing conditions or whatever you might have at the same time...


Care to elaborate what "authoritarianism" you're referring to here? There never was a similarly strict lockdown as in Italy or Spain, nor are mask mandates or other rules really enforced. It all played out rather to the contrary if you ask me.

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