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Can people evaluate and treasure their lives more seriously? Why people have to take another person's life or his/her own just for the reason of a dispute or disagreement? They should be thankful that they are still living when more than 10,000 people died in the earthquake/ tsunami and did not get the chance to live even though they wanted to.

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All I can say is that this is such an inhumane act because the innocent baby did not have the chance to live just because she was born in an unusual circumstance, and this news really gives me a sick feeling and grief. :(

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I am actually pretty surprised to see that many of the Japanese houses near the epicenter withstood the earthquake itself without suffering too much damage, but they were only to be swiped away by the waves of tsunami that followed the quake. :(

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I wonder how long these parents and children have to be away from their hometowns.

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Japanese people are incredibly disciplined, considering the fact that people are still following orders and most people are helping out. I wonder how badly Americans will response to natural disasters, especially those living in the cities. :(

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