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TheTiger comments

Posted in: U.S. has 'wrong' expectation for dialogue: Kim's sister See in context

America has its own views and perceptions on the world and often these are shaped by American National interest. America First.....

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Posted in: Japan to donate AstraZeneca vaccines to Thailand See in context

They should donate it to Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea divided over wartime history, Fukushima water release See in context

Fukushima water should be shipped to America, only America has the technology to handle this type of radioactive water.

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Posted in: Australian TV editor suspects Hanks' wife gave him virus See in context

Why? What was he doing with Hank's wife?

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

Japan is a first world country, yet every year hundreds of people die from natural disasters and the government spends so much money on defense against enemies that don't exist. When will the people rise up to demand the Abe government to put the Japanese people first!

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Posted in: Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack See in context

Sounds like an American drone attack on a Japanese Oil Tanker! Act of war by the americans!

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Posted in: Trump hints he won't push Japan for trade deal before summer election See in context

Possibly after the July elections, Trump will hit Japan with an unfair trade deal which he'd done onto China. Restrict Japanese industry the way which he'd done to the Chinese. Its lawlessness!

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

I don't think it's right for them to be practicing battle scenarios and war maneuvers at a friendly neighbor's doorstep. Perhaps Japanese don't care but it still doesn't make it okay to do so.

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Posted in: Campaigns begin for Okinawa governor race; base transfer in focus See in context

It is such a national shame for a foreign military force which cause such devastation to the Japanese people be allowed to station itself in Japan. I never understood this! They need to be removed entirely from Japan.

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Posted in: Crown prince says royal visits key to friendly ties See in context

A visit to China perhaps would be good.

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Posted in: Typhoon forces Britain and Japan to cancel historic beach landing drill See in context

Well our old friend the British did assist us in developing the biggest Naval presence in Asia during the WWII.

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Posted in: Majority of A-bomb survivors want Japan to join nuke ban treaty See in context

We should listen to them, they know first hand. We also need to urge our American counterparts to do the same.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea unite on N Korea; Pompeo brushes off 'gangster' claim See in context

Time for all to denuclearize! Why have weapons of mass destruction, it should be a one on one match between the presidents and then we call it a day so ordinary people don't need to pay the price of war.

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Posted in: Northrop Grumman angles for role in Japanese stealth fighter program See in context

We just had the biggest flood in centuries and now we need jets? What for? Plus Trump would not allow high tech out of the country, after payment, we might not get the technology.

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Posted in: Body of executed Aum cult founder Asahara cremated in Tokyo See in context

How did the americans deal with Bin-Ladin's body? Dispose of it at sea! They wont setup a shrine to worship him then!

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Posted in: Ex-head of parents' group gets life in prison for murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

Perhaps racial harmony classes so we don't prey on racial minorities.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting two people at Akihabara Station in Tokyo See in context

How civilised....

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Posted in: Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth next week despite chorus of discontent See in context

What an occasion, Republican meets the Queen who the former sort independence from, such an irony....

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Posted in: Japanese Princess Kako-brand diapers to go on sale in China, without permission of course See in context

Wow news like this really provoke some anti-Chinese sentiments, does anyone really know whether these diapers exist in China? There are no photos of the product but anyway using the Princesses name on is not a way to go, its a few Chinese who are senseless that shames the majority.

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Posted in: Monk sues temple at Mt Koya world heritage site over heavy workload See in context

Thanks to the Meiji Restoration, monks in Japan live a very different life than other Buddhist monks. There are rules and order in Buddhist institutions, I'm sure Kukai would not be pleased if he was alive today!

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Posted in: Suntory needs time: Whisky casks dry up for 2 premium products See in context

The best whisky..... Suntory and Nikka!

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Posted in: Trump would be 'honored' to meet N Korea's Kim, if conditions right See in context

The pleasure would be all Trumps......

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Posted in: Man drops lawsuit seeking deletion of arrest history from Google See in context

A picture, name and details of this man should be posted everywhere in Japan based on the crime he has committed.... "Child Prostitution" I'd consider is as severe as murder!

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Posted in: Japan's new passenger plane completes flight to U.S. on third attempt See in context

What happened in the first two attempts?

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Posted in: Cold Stone set to offer its first-ever soft-serve ice cream in Japan See in context

Wow cant wait!

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Posted in: Democrats in disarray on eve of convention to nominate Clinton See in context

Dont nominate Hilary, shes a very hateful lady....

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Posted in: Holiday trip See in context

Such a lovely couple.....

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Posted in: Trump says America in crisis - and he'll fix it 'fast' See in context

Your not wrong, thanks Trumppy!

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Posted in: Oliver Stone warns of Pokemon Go 'totalitarianism' See in context

Isnt Oliver a part of this as well or is he trying to ride off the popularity of the new craze!

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Posted in: Australian conservatives edge ahead in Brexit shadow See in context

Now Australia should hold a referendum on whether to be a REPUBLIC!

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