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Posted in: More details emerge over 6 bodies found in burned-out car See in context

How could anyone possibly believe this ridiculous story? Even the children aside who didn't have a choice. Hw could 2 adults willingly burn themselves alive even to include one person just related to the supposedly crazy one? This is a good reason why the Japanese police have a reputation for buffonary. Very suspicious indeed and my money is on the husband having something to do with it.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 12 years for Pink Panther thief over Ginza heist See in context

gogogo - Because they put a monetary value on life. I would hate to be in Japanese prision as a gaijin.

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Posted in: Adam Scott leads Ishikawa by a shot at Firestone See in context

Ishikawa is going to be huge. To do this at age 19 is quite an accomplishment. He is a class act guy. I was at the practice round of the U.S. Open in June and I watched him go down the line of at least one hundred autograph seekers and sign an autograph for EVERY person. Meanwhile Rory McDowell blew by everyone without even so much as looking at them. Well, we'll give Rory a pass since he won the whole thing, but he should remember that the only reason he is here is for the fans!

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

Looking at all the disliked articles, I'm seeing a trend as all the disliked articles have the same theme. It looks like anyone the slightest bit critical of this man and anyone who seems to suggest that he should take responsibility for his actions is beat down immediately by the masses. Well this proves why there will always be leaders in the world who are not afraid to take a stand no matter how unpopular it may be. Please let me have it now! You'll just prove my point more.

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

I'm sorry he died apparently because of these buffoons in the Japanese immigration system. However, I lose sympathy because of the fact he was resisting. I think the relatives should be compensated for their loss, but not at that high level when he also had something to do with the situation by resisting. Puting all the blame on the immigraiton officials is not fair. I want them to claim the man has a little responsibility in this. None of this would have happenned if HE wasn't resisting......

He was married to a Japanese woman for crying out loud. He should have just went home and they could have sorted it out and would have eventually been allowed to return. His wife, I could understand. Him mother, not so much. SHe claims she misses him, yet apparently he would rather be bound and gagged before going home to presumably be with her.

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Posted in: Debt deal will do little to help Obama get re-elected See in context

And addendum to Smorkian's comments..."And don't shove nationalized Health Care down our throats!".

If Obama manages to get elected again, we're all in the happy place of the magical world of fairies. However, there has not really been a break out Republican candidate as of yet. We'd be better of if some of the more fiscally responsible Dems challenged the Obaminator.

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Posted in: Japanese rocker, arrested for unruly behavior on flight to Saipan, hangs himself See in context

Medically speaking...I think the term is "Whacked out of his brain on drugs". Or something like that.

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Posted in: Mom acquitted of daughter's murder leaves US jail See in context

Thre's no justice...like mob justice. Actually, I don't agree with that, but I couldn't miss an opportunity for a Simpson's quote. This is a done deal. The jury has spoken. I wish the news media would talk about something else..anything else! I don't want to hear about her until I hear about her making first Adult movie or posing for her first Playboy spread which is almost inevitable as she seems to be that type of person. I'm not saying I want to see it, but I'm trying to make the point of that being one of the only things I'll consider newsworthy at this point.

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Posted in: China of 2011 isn’t the Japan of 1980s See in context

The Teddy Roosevelt era Monroe Doctrine has nothing to do with modern Japan trade. Yes, China is "free" to manipulate their currency which is effectively cheating the world markets and giving themselves an unfair advantage. Yes, China is also "free" to put people in jail or house arrest for simply speaking their mind. And oh yes, China is "free" to fill their college students' heads full of senseless propaganda. If their students had access to free speech and free media, they wouldn't constantly embarrass themselves by making such aggregously wrong and ethnocentric comments. From my experience, they always include a thinly veiled undertone that China is superior to everyone else. I guess you're right. Japan is not "free" to do those things.

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Posted in: China of 2011 isn’t the Japan of 1980s See in context

It's certainly refreshing to read a more straightforward article on China rather than the dribble coming from most of the other media. The way some of these agencies portray China, they would have you believe that the Yellow Dust coming out of there is made of gold!

I have serious doubts taht China will give any other countires a fair crack at their consumer market. Did you know they are starting to make airplanes now? If they are going to the trouble to start an industry that they don't even have yet, why would they go out of their way to allow other foreign consumer goods in to the market? They're as protectionist and they (bleeping) come and it's not giong to be better as the government becomes richer. And By the way, does writer realize that Chiang Kai-shek was not a communist? Using the fact that the White House treated him as equal has nothing to do with the current Chinese Government.

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Posted in: U.N. says Congo rape victims suffer reprisal attacks See in context

It's official now after reading this. The U.N. is the most worthless organization on the planet. They can't agree on anything, they can't accomplish anything, and it's just a money sucking vortex. After Rwanda, after Darfur, and countless other African conflicts, why have they not beefed up their manpower and funding for helping these African people who can't help themselves. I'll bet they have plenty of money and timefor wining and dining themslves in the New York Headquarters, though!

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Posted in: Chestnut picks up 5th hot dog title; Kobayashi stages separate contest See in context

"I am disgusted watching them, in a world where we try to do our best not to overeat and become obese,” said contest viewer Eve Harrison, 42, a New York City art dealer who lives in North Salem, New York."

Then what the heck are you doing there watching it? Glad to see they donated 100,000 hot dogs to the food bank, but this is still a ridiculous "sport".

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Posted in: Airlines make billions in fees, yet still lose billions See in context

I don't believe the airlines have really cut as much as they could. What they need to do is get rid of the unions. Take them out totally. The behemoth flight attendants on the U.S. carriers are almost certainly in a union and I can guarantee make far more money than an ANA flight attendant. However, we all know that you are far more likely encounter better service on ANA by a lower paid, non union flight attendant. And I won't even go in to the cold reality of the terrible ticket agents that work for the U.S. carriers who are also presumably subject to the same unions.

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Posted in: Germany decides to abandon nuclear power by 2022 See in context

For all you uninformed posters, why are you trying to make this so controversial? Germany will produce 15% of it's energy from Windpower by the year 2020.

If you've been to Germany recently as I have, you would know that every spare parcel of land in a wind zone has a power windmill. Why aren't more people supporting this? What's so bad? The fact that Germany is striving to produce clean, renewable energy while providing much needed jobs in their rural areas? I'm very happy at least one country gets it. Certainly the idiot savants in the U.S. Congress have not gotten it so far. Pickens Plan is the future!

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Posted in: New friends See in context

Hundreds more heartwarming pictures involving the US military involvment in Operation Tomodachi found:

flickr.com / photos / compacflt / sets /72157626119790243/with/5527285561/

I can fully attest that MANY Futenma Marines are busting their hump assisting with this relief effort also. Let's hope this convinces the Okinawans of the greater good of having these Marines close despite the isolated incidents that have happenned inthe past. Though I would suspect that they will continue to whine about their presence and ignore this wonderful example of the benefits.

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Posted in: 8 youths arrested for 'hunting old men' in Yokohama See in context

I would try very hard to take at least 4 of these punks out out before they got me. I'm not above groin kicking and throat punching if that's what it takes. I guess I'll start to think twice about walking around Yokohama at that hour.

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Posted in: Chiba cop arrested for allegedly groping woman on train See in context

I guess the prospect of giving up her seat on the train was far worse than the current situation. An all Japanese jury would definitely take that in to account and still the convict the guy.

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

We should task her to feed the world. Looks like she has the all the required faculties to make that happen!

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

Umm, bullying doesn't just happen in Japan. Just think about last year the Irish exchange student who caved to her relentless cyber bullying. It's a viscious catch-22. Society doesn't permit people to be confrontational, but that's exactly what you need to be to stand up to a bully. And then of course, there is the proverbial "don't get in volved" from the bystanders who witness it. I'm going to teach my son to stand up for other people who can't do for themselves.

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Posted in: TSA has met the enemy — the people See in context

I've flown out of the U.S. several times in the last few years, and aside from the ridiculous requirement of taking ones shoes off, has not been that bad. (Yes I know that requirement is related to the underwar bomber, but there's no proof that taking shoes off will stop another one.) All this talk of not flying to the U.S. as a quasi-punshiment for the security measures are obviously from ignoramasses who just don't get it. Why would you pass up an unprecedented and not likely to happen again opportunity to fly to and shop in the U.S. at rock bottom prices with the current deflated dollar?

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Posted in: Man in possession of marijuana locks himself in car in Ginza See in context

I'm assuming Tsukiji police stations is near all that good sushi at Tsukiji fish market? If so, what a great place to get the munchies!

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Posted in: Trick or treat See in context

Give me a break. Those were the best costumes they saw that night? I saw a guy dressed as the Duff man last night. Now that's a costume!

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

Hooters has great breasts, oops, I mean wings. All the talk about "setting women back". I'm bored already. Did you drama queens read the part about how many women applied vs. how many women were selected? Sounds pretty progressive to me.

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Posted in: Pakistan resists U.S. push to expand terror fight See in context

Are you freakin' kidding me? The reason the Taliban has not been completely snuffed out is the fact that they have a refuge in Pakistan. Time and time again, Pakistani officials have been caught assisting them, or at the very least looking the other way. the U.S. should give the money to Darfur or something and go in there anyway to take care of business.

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Posted in: Good moves See in context

Boom, ba bum bum! The Intel commercial jingle is playing loudly in my head now.

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Posted in: Hooters to open first Japan restaurant in Tokyo on Oct 25 See in context

I'm not overly enthusiastic about this prospect. In particular the 10 foreign girls. If I see one tip cup, I'm gone! Even the Japanese girls who speak good English are much different than the average Japanese waitress. ie, not near as friendly from what I've found as their time in the U.S., Canada, or the UK commonwealth has typically played with their mind for the worse.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

I will not speak to this case, but I had a foreigner acquaintance who was held for 21 days in Japanese prison because a girl claimed he raped her. There was zero evidence to that fact other than her word of mouth and he was released on the 21st day because of lack of evidence. Anyone can be held in jail to be questionsed WITHOUT BEING CHARGED for 21 days in this country. I would shutter this talk about Japan being a "first-world power" on the subject of defendent's rights.

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Posted in: Tokyo beats Hawaii to take Little League World Series title See in context

Congrats to Waipahu for making it that far. Much smaller population base to pick from, yet their competing with a national team. Also bet that even the Hawaii team had mostly Japanese last names at least.

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Posted in: Kobayashi leaves jail after hot dog contest fracas See in context

How can so many people watch this ridiculous "sport"? Give the food to the homeless shelters. There's plenty of those in New York these days.

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Posted in: Anzen Chitai gets another groupie for the road: Noriko Aota See in context

Ummm, I would bet she is going on tour with him more to "watch" him rather than "support" him. Lot of cute and bubbly temptations in this country and I don't mean Champagne!

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