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thetoleratedone comments

Posted in: Vinicius Junior says Spanish league ‘now belongs to racists' after enduring more abuse See in context

Spain is not a racist country like Japan. These are just random football punks.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 2 children die of heatstroke when left in car See in context

The mother as most Japanese women are nothing but children themselves add to the Japanese lack of empathy and voila

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Posted in: Japan health experts urge gov't to speed up review of COVID measures See in context

Its all about money and staying foreigner free.

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Posted in: Japan reports 238,735 coronavirus cases; 35,339 in Tokyo See in context

My Japanese wife says fudged figures to support the banning of foreigners and the renewed age of isolation.

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Posted in: Search continues for missing fighter jet crew in Sea of Japan See in context

@Meyowenti. Maybe you could purchase Chinese copies if you apologise for your WW2 attrocities. Hehehehe

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Posted in: Public schools in Japan short of over 2,500 teachers last year See in context

@Antiquesavings. My hafu Australian son is doing amazing well at school and second in HS at one of the best schools and his dream is to be a teacher will be sad to tell him he cannot but that's this racist theme park for you

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Posted in: 33% of major firms listed in Japan have no female executives See in context

And............ how many foreign or black or other minority executives do they have. Even American companies are mostly J. As with women in Japan they are both not comfortable in each others presence

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Posted in: Japan will no longer allow foreign students to buy duty-free goods See in context

No not to sell at higher per se but to to under cut the inflated price the greedy J company has set for the official overseas distributor just look at camera companies. So does that mean I cannot buy a Sony camera duty free in English now since I am a resident and will have to an exorbitant premium. On another note why do I see products on Amazon being brought from O/S by greedy J and sold for 5 times the price. Japanese abuse of capitalism is worse than any I have seen not to mention abuse of their own labour... precious perfect people U. Anyways the problem regards Chinese students being asked to by container loads at the duty free and take back there to the seller. These practices are why J camera companies stripped the menu languages

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Saitama Prefecture See in context

The extent to which Japanese run red lights is disgusting and something I have never seen anywhere else in the world. Their is a several second delay before a pedestrians signal goes green yet they still run through that too. Only in Japan

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Posted in: Mother suspected after 9-year-old son fatally stabbed See in context

I live in Fukuoka too would be happy to sacrifice my life as a sign of love to children and a mere precedent and present towards justice that these precious pernicious industrialised peasants seem so far above

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Posted in: Mother suspected after 9-year-old son fatally stabbed See in context

They all pretend to suicide. She will be back with the brother and father soon go about life as normal now the the nest is a little more cheap to keep. They should not be allied with us with this sort of abuses towards children. It is an abuse of human rights tolerated by the country and condoned and so they are complicit to it

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Posted in: Premier League players to continue taking a knee this season See in context

Arsenal forever. Always multicultural.

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Posted in: Do you think that the state of emergency in Tokyo has become a state of complacency? See in context

A fine line between stoicism and stupidity

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Posted in: Sydney police call for military to enforce lockdown See in context

Meanwhile Japanese go around with gay abandon into bars and drink like a pirates parrot and into restaurants and eat like pigs at trough all without a mask and yet oh these perfect peoples wear their mask for everyone to driving in their cars alone. Of all the world the Japanese have adhered to Covid restrictions or implemented or enforced them or carried out vaccination the LEAST. This country is the ultimate contradiction and deception

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Posted in: Is setting targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions an effective way to reduce the adverse effects of climate change? See in context

Will always be a fight against the feudal lords now turned industrial capitalists. They havent changed and abuse their population as peasants on the fields or dumbed down worker drones in the hive The Japanese represent the biggest abuse of capitalism I ever seen it has its place but not in the expediency to be a m race

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

Athletes are sexually attractive and thats just a biological and human thing which is maybe hard for some here to understand and that combined with the fake facade and obsession with how one comes across and what others think has lead to this stupidity and not surprised by the support of the PC brigade and white knights

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Posted in: Sebastian Coe backs reviewing marijuana rules in doping See in context

Tokyo-m. Very naive and simplistic comment for the sheep and PC masses. Legality has nothing to do with performance enhancement. WADA are not there to uphold societies laws. They are not police, judge and jury.

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Posted in: Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics without a rival bid See in context

The winter weather in Brisbane is so nice

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Posted in: Who do you think will light the Olympic cauldron at Friday night's Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony? See in context

Naomi Osaka. A good statement for the fight against xenophobia. Made on a stage that brings more cultures and countries together than any other apart from earth itself. How ironic then the Olympics are in Japan

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Posted in: Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics? See in context

A neutral country like Switzerland with a nice summer climate and put the winter Olympics there too.

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Posted in: What's your situation concerning vaccination against the coronavirus? See in context

I am fully vaccinated and had absolutely no side effects. Good Japanese hospital and doctor I know personally. Now I am a Pfizer fighter. I still where my mask to be safe and sure and for politeness on the streets and in the shops

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka won't be required to talk to press at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Japanese in general dont like openly expressing themselves or being around people they do not know and she is no exception and the world and its media should understand this and stop hassling her as fans dont care only want to see her play and perform

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

@ Biggest and Hustle. Exactly, that was incredibly selfish of her but let me add a lot of mothers here make a paltry pretend attempt to suicide and then kill their children but luckily the innocent ones are ok this time so I will giver her credit for not harming them.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman as she walks home See in context

Plenty of establishments will lots of ladies, especially now with Corona job losses, waiting for a mans custom. What a cheap skate and that is a form of assault as far as I am concerned. Be a real man and either get a girlfriend or pay your 150 USD equivalent

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context

They just partying on and having fun as usual far as I can see. Wish I had such a sense of invincibility and superiority.

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Posted in: 2 Americans held in Ghosn's escape say they won't flee U.S. See in context

The only crimes committed here are by the Japanese justice system and Nissan

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Posted in: Kanye West's erratic behavior puts spotlight on bipolar disorder See in context

Absolutely awful for someone you has been through severe trauma and as a result has PTSD and BPD to be then mistakenly diagnosed or even just suspected and accused of having NPD. Must be like being punished and condemned twice but sadly it seems to be in vogue now to judge everyone as evil and having NPD.

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Posted in: Mother who drowned 11-month-old daughter in bathtub ruled mentally fit to stand trial See in context

No excuse for that sort of evil. She should be executed.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten regulations on dangerous bicycle riding See in context

The most dangerous thing I see are the mothers on bicycles with helmet less children that scream down a hill and across roads, I really need to look along way back up the street when I am turning left or right in my car because they are coming so fast. I saw one mother doing just that texting at the same time. I think just as dangerous are the mothers that drive without strapping their children in and of course text. Seems to be acceptable here to put your child in danger.

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Posted in: Japan wants U.S. to extradite Americans who helped Ghosn flee See in context

These narcissistic peoples cannot seem to realise they are the ones in the wrong.

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