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Posted in: Immigration authorities prevented Turkish man with appendicitis from seeing doctor See in context

Amazing the number of dislikes to perfectly reasonable and compssionate comments and just shows how may people, mostly Japanese I would assume, actually support the inhumane behviour of the Immigration Departmment.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist referred to prosecutors over record speeding of 239 kph See in context

Both the Triumph and the Dodge had another 100kph in them if they really wanted it.

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Posted in: Locals remember 9-year-old Vietnamese girl murdered last March See in context

I do not agree with the death penalty but will make an exception for this case.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life in prison for murders of 2 women See in context

That is like saying if somebody gets drunk and kills somebody the person who sold the alcohol should be jailed or in Singapore executed. What the person does when under the influence of anything is completely and totally their responsibility.

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Posted in: 18-year-old mother arrested for killing 2-year-old son See in context

No pity and no excuses for blatant evil. The woman has killed a defenseless child, has anyone missed that part. The only pity I have is for people making excuses for her and for those that have even the slightest amount of sympathy for her. She has shown her true colours and she has show the sort of person she is. She is a selfish and evil killer.

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Posted in: Fukuoka city to recognize LGBT couples from April See in context

Amazing and big ups to you. Please now recognise racial and ethnic diversity.

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

I would love to see more foreigners as it is kind of lonely here but then I think it would be very lonely for the immigrants too as they would not have people from their own communities to associate with and they would find it almost impossible to assimilate. I think it is much better they apply in Europe, Australia or America. Better for them. If they are accepted here it is good for Japan though as it will add much needed diversity.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over death of woman, son in Saitama See in context

Yes. If thats they did.

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Posted in: At least a dozen U.S. sailors under investigation over drug use in Japan See in context

If stationed IN Singapore waters they would all be facing the death penalty.

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Posted in: Cryptocurrency stolen from Coincheck sent to 9 separate addresses See in context

I registered with them and that took 2 weeks and was all set to invest but it all seemed to complicated and unpredicatable and really it is not my style to make money from money in this way. Maybe it will go through the roof but I will not be there to enjoy the proceeds. I am not a gambler and never have gambled except with love.

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Posted in: Japan refutes U.S. denial about flight by helicopters over school See in context

The Japanese trainer jets fly low over Kitakyushu all the time. I do not see the problem.

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Posted in: Man admits murder of woman, but denies abandoning body See in context

That makes it ok then. Yes.

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Posted in: Japanese woman publishes book about being groped on trains for six years, from age 12 to 18 See in context

Maybe I should publish a book about being physically abused and emotionally abused everyday and almost killed by my step father from the age of 5 to 14......but nobody would read it because nobody cares about little boys. Disgusting.

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Posted in: Japan eyes introducing plea bargain on June 1 See in context

Basically its a gamble. You admit to something you may or may not have done for a guarantee of a lesser sentence in the fear you may be found guilty of something you didnt do and get a higher sentence. Welcome to the corrupt shambolic American judicial system.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl, two other teens arrested for forcing girl to jump off bridge in Fukuoka See in context

Looking at pure evil. Punishment or no punishment, they need to be locked up in a secure institution and removed from society. For a very long time or at least they can properly assessed.

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes in Japan hits record low in 2017, but cybercrime up See in context

For such a safe country and for such a low crime rate, still a lot of heinous, strange, barbaric and morbid crimes. A lot as in relative to none.

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl abused by mother, grandmother See in context

Big ups to the store employee for showing that level of awareness, empathy and compassion. Who knows it may have saved the little girls life in the end.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

Very dangerous to use white line crossing here because not all drivers stop. Some do but it only takes one not to. Usually children are crossing alone as well so that makes it more dangerous. Instruct your child if possible, even if it is a longer walk, to use a crossing that has lights.

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Posted in: Size matters - in your face See in context

Wow, I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Men can get away with it because of their bigger bodies size, but women cannot. Some of them look like cartoon characters. Even more so with their tiger teeth, bent legs and waddling walk. I have noticed as well in the last 9 years, heads are getting bigger. That said some of them are still in proportion and are nice and petite and very pretty. Why heads are getting bigger I have no idea. Obviously the genetic predisposition is there but what is causing to be expressed I do not know. Diet maybe. Arrogance. Lol.

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Posted in: Man beaten to death in car; wife, son arrested See in context

Seems to be culturally acceptable here to kill another family member. Barbaric.

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Posted in: Newborn baby dies after being found floating in Ibaraki canal See in context

While the chances of survival at 20 weeks is very low, babies can survive if born at 20 weeks if they receive treatment quickly and are not born prematurely because of pre exisiting health condition and the neo natal care facilities are adequate. However I doubt the mother knew any of this and even if she did it is no excuse for not calling an ambulance and throwing the baby in a canal. Barbaric.

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Posted in: Japan faces greatest danger since World War II due to N Korea: Abe See in context

My wife is Japanese and she has lived in France and NZ and my son is a Hafuu. We need a new Japan. Ready for the new world. Not this archaic mindset.

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Posted in: Woman, daughter found dead in separate residences in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Have problem, suicide and kill children as well. I would like to say I am becoming desensitised to it after 9 years here but I am not.

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Posted in: Japan's traffic deaths drop to record low under 3,700 in 2017 See in context

Very lower rate than most other countries too, considering a lot of people do not wear seat belts and children are hardly ever restrained and drivers seem to be constantly texting. I do not know why. Maybe because the Japanese drive more slowly and more sensibly in comparison to elsewhere. Maybe that is it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for murder of mother in Aomori See in context

I am not sure and I do not have any statistics but while Japan does have a very low murder rate, I have a sneaking suspicion that a higher percentage of those murders are occurring within the family unit, than in most other countries. The total is still much lower than most other countries though.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

Certainly was very insensitive but looking at the bigger picture suicide in Japan is a big problem and is something that needs to be publicised and this is what has happened. With the international spotlight turning on Japan in the lead up to 2020 it is a chance to look at the both positive and negative aspects of Japan, not just the stereotypes and start addressing the negative ones in a more effective manner. International attention can sometimes expedite that process.

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Posted in: No. of death row inmates in Japan stands at 123 See in context

We only have to look at America to see that the death penalty is wrong and ineffective. America executes a lot of people but still has a high rate of homicide. So its effectiveness as a deterrent is questionable to say the least. It is also common knowledge many innocent people are executed, as the justice system is not perfect and never will be. Not there, not here, not anywhere.

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Posted in: Japanese chef nabbed for sex with underage girls in Jakarta See in context

Children everywhere need to be protected from all types of exploitation and abuse. I do not differentiate, as all types of abuse and exploitation are just as evil and just as damaging. In this particular case in Indonesia, with the age of consent being 18, the girls would obviously have been under aged. This makes the offence much more egregious and heinous. The problem is that age of consent varies all around the world and even in some European countries it is as low as 14 or 15 and essentially that is a child. I am not sure which age governments from Australia or UK use to prosecute, the age of consent in the offenders country or the age of consent in the country the person has had sex.

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Posted in: Kindergarten teacher arrested for abusing 2-year-old boy See in context

That is disgusting too say and just wrong. It is hard enough being an abused child as it is without people like you labelling them as abusers or potential abusers as well. Not all and very few abused children end up becoming abusers. They often are more sensitive and empathetic to the the pain, trauma and destruction abuse causes. Also do not make excuses for this women. There is no excuse for abusing a child.

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Posted in: Zama serial killer charged with 2nd murder See in context

It did not send shockwaves through Japan. Nothing does. These are an unreactive, expressionless, emotionless and so called stoic peoples.

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