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Serrano, try 1985 at those prices. '88 it hovered in the 120 -130 range

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Of those arrested, the main offenses were sexual molestation, theft and accepting bribes

Thank goodness the "ex-cop" from Toyama arrested in Dec 2012 (double murder of an elderly couple reported in JT Dec 24) is an EX-COP. Otherwise we'd have to upgrade that main offense claim! Course he allegedly murdered the couple while still a cop.

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remember who arrested these cops

one in a million, lottery!!!

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Japan must stand firm in the face of this ongoing provocation

Japan cannot even control the Chinese massage street workers on the border of Bunkyo-ku and Taito-ku let alone all the other places inside Tokyo. Good luck on protecting islands thousands of heart beats away.

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Okimac, perhaps it used to be her bed. It's not important to me, just curious about the wording. I feel sorry for this tragedy and hope the killer is found and brought to justice.

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This artcle is so confusing. Now is it his place or hers where the body was found? He left the key to the "apartment for her" in the mail box--was it an apartment for her or did he leave a key for her to the apartment--surely if it's her place he wouldn't need to leave a key, BUT she was found in "her" bed after the man "returned home." It doesn't say after he returned to her home, yet he found her bleeding in "her bed". Guess I'll have to find the Japanese version of this.

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I treat everyday as if it might be my last.

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I have yet to figure out how to crap in one of those Old style Japanese toilets. Wow! This crop of "unique Japanese" salarymen truly have talent.

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Might have to look over my shoulder next trip (even so, still believe it'll never cause a crick/kink in the neck like constant DD forces on one here in Japan), but I will gladly visit Holland even if I'm labeld a "tourist"--sure beats the "gaijin" label no matter how long I've lived or how much tax I've paid here. Something tells me the Dutch won't lock me up and throw away the key for carrying a couple grams.

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free tours

yeah, right

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Well let's see. A Japanese DJ got a three-year "suspended" sentence for using a choke hold that did in fact kill an American who had entered the place to complain about the excessive loudness coming from the club (reported in JT a couple years ago). Will be interesting to see how many "suspended" years this manager gets.

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" It she was photographed with American-backed South Vietnamese troops, then her message would have been lost"

and she would've saved a pint of blood

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Sack him, he's in the wrong job.

HIM, does memory fail you? Why the limit? I've recorded thousands of should-be-sacks, and these are ones who actually show up on time!

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When did disabling one's own property to prevent it being used in a crime become a crime?

Fair enough, now that it is known perfectly that you'd disable YOUR OWN car. The original "your" car in the comment just before yours could have meant anyone in particular.

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I'd disable it myself.

Wow! Unbelievable. Are you really above the law?

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If you'd bothered looking at the link

Thanks for taking the time to answer my simple question. Sorry to have "bothered" you. I figured it must have been a recent change in policy.

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When you next renew your Japanese passport you will be asked on the application form

So, is this a "new" application process or has this been the Japanese process since before you even cared or thought about it? I assume coz you use the words "next renew" it means it hasn't always been that way and has recently changed; otherwise you'd've said simply when you renew.

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I have printed and saved this quote as a true keeper:

I would jump through any hoops that needed to be jumped through and break any laws that needed to be broken to keep the kids with me.

This is exactly why prisons, jails and detention centres are overcrowded across the globe. There remain those who believe they are above the law. Millions upon millions break laws for their own selfish reasons: the laws are always wrong, right?

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